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Those Three Little Words I Long For – "The Patient Died"

Phillip chortles over having a son, "Tyler Kiriakis... I still can't wrap my head around it." Billie searches the Internet as she sits at a table in the pub with him. She gets a hit on Lauren at a shelter for battered women in Oklahoma. That's the great thing about safe houses – they just toss all their information up on the Internet. It especially makes it easy for the raging husbands of battered women to find their wives. "Did she have a kid with her," asks Phillip.

"I don't know," says Billie, "Those women are scared and don't talk to cops. Besides, it says by the time the cops got there, she was gone." She gives him the address, but says she can't go with him to check it out. The university needs her, "I'm teaching a course on the economics of prostitution at the business school, HO-101."

Billie says she thinks he should go with a woman, however – posing as Lauren's concerned sister.

Shawn and Belle are at Bo and Hope's house. Shawn is there to look for his tools. Belle asks Shawn if he's had any luck as he walks into the living room. He says he found a few wrenches but maybe the rest of the tools are in the garage.

"That would be a strange place to keep tools," says Belle. She thinks he has to use his own tools on the job instead of Max'. She gets frisky and says she wants him to model his tool belt for her wearing nothing else. Gee, Shawn thinks that's a good idea. "You keep looking," says Belle, "While I go call Mom and Dad and see how Claire is doing over there with them."

"Claire who," asks Shawn.

As Belle leaves the room, Shawn answers a knock at the door. It's Max. Shawn tells Max his folks aren't there – he just stopped by to pick up his tools. Max tells him his mom told him Shawn was there. He says they are both going to be out of work. He's going to lose the garage.

Lucas pounds at the steam room door and rages. Sami yells through the door and tells him EJ isn't breathing. That's because she's taking up all the air in the room with her huffing, puffing and bawling. Lucas goes to get something to cut the chain.

Sami begs EJ not to die on her. She gives him mouth-to-mouth.

Bo reminds Steve he said he wouldn't freak on him. "This isn't freaking," freaks Patch. He says he's going to take the liver and give it back to Benjy. After that, Bo can arrest him if he wants to.

Phillip thinks Billie's scheme is a good one. Billie suggests he take Belle. Phillip remembers Belle-zebub raging at Shawn for always calling the shots. Phillip says Billie is right, "I doubt Shawn would let her go."

Shawn guesses the Touch The Sky side deal Max was involved in wasn't legal. Max flashes back to Jeremy's confession that he's smuggling women. Max tells Shawn he thought what they were doing was just a little over the edge. He doesn't want to tell Shawn what's going on. All he will say is its' really bad. He has one more flight left, and that's it.

Shawn wants to talk to Bo about it. Max reminds him Vegas is out of Bo's jurisdiction. Shawn assures him Bo can screw things up no matter which jurisdiction he's in. Max says he won't be able to live with himself if something bad happens to the girls, "My share of this came from mortgaging the garage and I'm going to lose it. You can bet on it. Max' garage is going down the tubes."

A doctor walks up and sees Patch cradling the cooler. He asks if that is the donor liver section. Patch says, "There was no donor involved. The guy they ripped it from is in surgery fighting for his life and he needs it back."

"Do you have a warrant," asks the doctor.

"A what," asks Bo. He turns and tells Patch they have no legal recourse and asks for him to hand over the cooler.

"I can't do that," says Patch.

Sami tries to resuscitate EJ, "Don't you dare die on me, EJ!"

Lucas pries at the door with a crowbar. The mouth-to-mouth develops into something else. Sami gets into it and then backs off, "OMG! Did that just happen? I think I'm oxygen deprived."

Lucas finally gets the chain loose and breaks into the face sucking episode, "Sami?" He pulls her off. Sami says EJ was electrocuted trying to get them out, "You have to give him CPR, Lucas!" Lucas turns green and stares at EJ.

Bo insists Patch give up the liver. "He's Stefano's son for God's sake," gasps Patch, "What do you want to do? Give him this liver so he can live a couple more months and then go to hell anyway? I say we send him now!"

Bo says he will add what happened to Benjy to the charges against Andre. Patch argues. Rolf insists Bo arrest him. Patch whirls around and grabs a bottle of bleach from a maid's cart. He holds the open bottle above the open cooler and threatens to pour it in.

Billie tries to convince Phillip to ask Belle to go. Phillip thinks this is like chasing Shawn, Belle and Claire around the South Pacific all over again. Billie tells him to move on this even if it puts him at the top of Shawn's blacklist.

Belle walks into the living room and finds Max. She asks what's up. Max puts his mouth in gear but Shawn stands behind Belle slicing his hand across his throat. Max shuts up, which gives Belle an opportunity to listen to her favorite sound – her own voice. "I know," she squeals, "You're gonna make Shawn a full partner!"

Max says, "Oh, I already consider Shawn to be a full partner."

Belle brings out her giddy schoolgirl personality, "Ooooo, so you're going franchise!" Max tells her he just got a new diagnostic system at the garage, and that was the good news. Belle's smile melts. She tells Shawn she has to go to the bookstore and pick up the books for the nursing classes she will never attend. Shawn says he will meet her at the pub later. Belle asks for cash. Shawn takes out a wad and hands her some. The giddy schoolgirl has returned. She grabs the rest of it from his hand, "You were right about moving over the pub. It feels good not to depend on someone else." She leaves.

Max smile fades. He apologies for interrupting. Shawn says no apology is necessary. Max tells him to tell Belle the truth before she finds out on her own.

Bo takes Patch by surprise and gets him in a chokehold. They wheel Stefano to the OR.

As Steve struggles Bo asks, "Are you gonna act like a rational human being?"

"Looks like I'm the only one who is," says Patch. The chokehold gets tighter as Bo tells him to slow down. He releases him.

Patch rages, "If you weren't such a damn coward, you'd do the right thing – Have me committed and throw away the key."

Lucas wretches at the thought of giving EJ mouth-to-mouth. Sami starts to do it herself. That gets Lucas' butt in gear. He slaps EJ's face and tells him to wake up. Sami says, "He needs CPR!" Lucas holds his nose and dives in.

Belle goes into the pub carrying a loaded book bag and finds Phillip. She tells him she's excited about college. She says she got his text message. He tells her about the pending trip to Tulsa and asks her to go, "They won't talk to a man in those safehouses."

"Oh," says Belle, "In that case, I'd better make sure none of my male personalities come out."

Patch wants to know what's happened to Bo. Bo insists they have to pick their battles. He didn't want to have to haul Steve in, but reminds him there are rules. Patch says they have to start making their own rules, "Fight fire with fire."

"I'm a cop," says Bo.

Steve rants, "You're hung up on the rules and the DiMeras are calling the shots while the people we love are going down. If you're too chicken we might as well dig our own graves."

Lucas works on EJ. EJ chokes and wakes up. He thanks Lucas for saving his life. "I didn't have much choice. Now we're even – almost," says Lucas.

EJ hyperventilates, "The freezer truck... By the way, your lips are as soft as rose petals." He throws Lucas a kiss.

Lucas snorts, "Why don't you kiss my..." The paramedics interrupt. Lucas tells them, "Einstein here electrocuted himself."

Sami tells Lucas he did the right thing. He asks why he feels he just shot their whole future to hell.

"Sign me up," says Belle. She doesn't have a problem with going to Tulsa with Phillip.

The paramedics tell Lucas Sami has elevated BP and a low-grade fever, but the babies will be fine. They wheel EJ out. Lucas tells Sami another ambulance is coming for her. He also tells her about her BP and the fever. He's a little surprised when Sami doesn't resist going to the hospital, but she says she's worried about the babies. She asks him why he said that thing about blowing their future.

Lucas says EJ is a virus. Every time EJ shows up she gets chills and a fever. EJ wants Sami and she knows it. Sami assures him she loves him, "I want you and I want to be with you for all the Days Of Our Lives. You have nothing to worry about." Translation: Start worrying, Lucas.

Lucas says, "I know you want me to believe that, but I don't think you believe it yourself."

Bo says with the letters they'll find out how the vendetta started and once they have Andre and the folio, they will know how to end it.

Patch is sarcastic, "And the Bradys and DiMeras will hold hands and form a human chain of happiness." Patch says they have to get Stefano. Bo says he almost had to throw him in jail, "Steve Johnson with nothing but a cot and toilet. That'd show the DiMeras wouldn't it?"

Shawn sits outside with Max and talks about how tough life is. He says he gets the feeling he just can't catch a break.

Max says after they get the girls out the cops will swarm in and take everything. He might go to jail. Whatever happens he will deal with it. He will take his punishment.

"No matter how bad your punishment is," says Shawn, "At least you don't have to live with Belle."

Shawn reminds Max about the time he was a runner for EJ. He's been through this kind of thing. Shawn says he needs to be more like Max. He doesn't understand why he didn't just tell Belle about the garage going belly up in the first place, "I keep having this fear I can't seem to shake – that Shawn Brady isn't good enough for Belle Black. Just like every other guy."

Sami asks where that statement came from. She says she doesn't secretly think she's going to end up with EJ. Lucas reminds her about his joke at the pub when he said she and EJ seemed to be destined to be together. He thinks the idea of her and EJ scares her. He's sick of all this. He thinks she can't see it and it scares the hell out of him.

Bo continues to lecture Steve. Steve says action is the only thing that counts. He wants to know what they should do, just sit around and wait for the DiMeras to get them. Bo insists he will take care of it.

The doctor comes out. "Tell me those three little words I long for," says Steve, "The patient died."

"The Phoenix has risen again," says Rolf, "The operation was a success. You will never bring him down." Rolf leaves.

Patch sneers, "You hear that, Bo, they are laughing at us. Maybe you don't want to do anything but I'm going to." Bo tells him to hold on. He has an idea. He's not just going to bend the rules, he's going to make a pretzel out of them, "Are you interested?"

"Lay it on me," says Patch.

Phillip comes back inside the pub after making a phone call. He has arranged the Titan jet for tomorrow. With luck they will be back in Salem by tomorrow evening. Phillip is worried about Shawn, "He won't like this. Let me know if he gives you a hard time." She says Shawn will be working at the garage and won't even miss her.

"You are the best," says Phillip, "I don't know what I'd do without you." Hugs. Stares.

Max insists Shawn needs to get over it. He tells Shawn Belle loves him. Shawn says he needs a paycheck ASAP. Max encourages him to tell Belle about the garage going bust right now. Shawn twiddles his phone. He doesn't want to do it over the phone.

Max sighs, "You're not gonna tell her, are you?"

Sami insists EJ doesn't have magical powers over her. Lucas reminds her he walked in and found them liplocked. She asks if she should be jealous too, since he was just liplocked with EJ himself, "He didn't lock me up to cop a feel. I should smack you for being such a jackass. The destiny I believe in starts with a teenage troublemaker who got to take a military brat to her first dance. He turned out to be the love of her life. Get it?"

Lucas gets it. There is a first time for everything. She hands him back his wedding ring and he puts it on as they walk off.

Patch says Bo's plan had better include stomping on Andre. Bo says Andre is their number one target. They will set a trap he can't resist walking into, "We off the old man."

"Are you serious," asks Patch.

"Not a real killing," says Bo, "We fake the whole thing. It will be front-page news and Andre will show up for revenge." They walk off and Patch apologizes for some of the stuff he said.

Bo says he has to pass this by Roman, Abe and probably internal affairs. "Let's get'er done," says Patch the cable guy.

Meanwhile, back at Bo and Hope's house, Shawn stands nekkid as a jaybird except for his tool belt wondering where Belle is...


Kayla tells Lexie, "If, God forbid, Benjy doesn't make it, I promise you Stefano will be next."

Hope asks, "Are you ready to take on parenthood again?" Patch holds Pocket and stares.

Shawn tells Phillip, "What you're trying to do is move in on Belle and take her away from me, and you're going to use every trick in the book to do it."


Anonymous Law STudent 2011 said...

Uh yeah, a liver transplant takes 8-12 hours, gotta love DOOL'S 20 minute drive through service.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I agree - It took all that time for Steve and Bo to get that dialogue in and VOILA! Liver transplant is done.... hehehehehe

Why do I get the feeling that Belle and Shawn are going to go thru a separation and then we'll be dragged thru that ordeal and then Belle will find out she's pregnant and it's Shawn and then they kiss and make up and yadda yadda yadda (shot gun wedding anyone?). I wish Mimi would come back and stir things up.... Who knows, she could end up with her baby daddy - lol....

I'm glad Lucas recognizes the potential break up. What's with Sami's twisted attraction to EJ. Same thing with Belle and Phillip. Sami and Belle have mastered the damsel in distress who says "I love U but I need to love someone else instead" thing...

Love the Prevuze pics today and the Prevuisms.... especially every time Bo asks what a warrant is. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything with that one....

PS - It seems Shawn and Belle are the only ones who haven't gone to college. They should just buy a motorhome....

5:03 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Shawn and Belle actually commented on the whereabouts of Claire today. Perhaps that's an example of the continuity and realism we should be expecting?

She gets a hit on Lauren at a shelter for battered women in Oklahoma. That's the great thing about safe houses – they just toss all their information up on the Internet. It especially makes it easy for the raging husbands of battered women to find their wives. "Did she have a kid with her," asks Phillip

Really, that must be how Stephano found Lucas and Sami in the safe house in Salem too.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami has always been attracted to EJ. She was flirting with him when she was with Austin. Shoot she kissed EJ by mistake on her wedding day thinking it was Austin when EJ was waking her up. EJ and Sami have always wanted each other but their relationship ended when EJ was impatience and not to mention when he slept with Kate. Sami will never cheat on Lucas...consciously that is. That is why Sami argues with EJ all the time. It's when she stop arguing with EJ she is afraid of what will happen.

I can't wait to see Lucas giving EJ CPR. I bet that will be funny to watch not to mention the comment EJ makes to Lucas afterwards.

Belle needs to grow up and get it together. She is single with a child regardless if she is engaged to Shawn. If your man can't take care of you take care of yourself. She's got two hands and a brain use them.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

By the way, I'm guessing somewhere down the line it will somehow turn out that "Andrea" (ha ha, Andre in drag was awesome - he looked BETTER than Tessa - ha ha) and Tony are twins. Did not Andrea the nun say something about being Stefano's son? Or is my memory wrong?

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we all know that EJ wont make it.....
its sad cuz HES HOT

6:38 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


Well, he ought to be. He's been trapped in a steam room for hours.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Where do I start? Fabulous Prevuze today. Bulldog's Billions served...Jenni's ugly stained pants...HO-101....Shawn needing to eat his own homework...and that great "coming attractions" link. How damned funny!!!

I must admit I was a little slow on the uptake this morning. It took me forever to catch the underlying point of the "LIVER" and onions pic. Guess my caffeine hadn't kicked in yet. LOL

A couple of commentors have already pointed out, but I must repeat, a 10 minute liver transplant???!?! They must have used a version of the Salem transporter.

Bo asking "A what?" every time someone mentions a warrant gets me every time.

Belle is going to pick up the books for the nursing classes For you nurses out there – wouldn’t she need a college degree BEFORE going into nursing??

Today's Prevuze will warrant a couple of re-readings. Thanks!

7:11 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Max' garage is going down the tubes. The fact that no one is ever there doing any work wouldn’t have anything to do with it would it? HA

Bo turns and tells Patch they have no legal recourse. Excuse me? What was legal about him and Roman hauling EJ out of the hospital in order to coerce Stephano into giving up Andre? Just asking.

BTW Anonymous - Belle has 2 hands and a brain? Well, you're half right. HAHAHAHAHA

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I've had routine teeth cleanings last longer than that liver operation!

I enjoyed the link - once I found out it was a link. HA

LOL over Patch the Cable Guy and Sami's bawling using up all the oxygen. WHAT condition are these twins going to be in when they finally arrive for Pete's sake?

Excellent Prevuze today!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Florence Nightingale said...

For you nurses out there – wouldn’t she need a college degree BEFORE going into nursing??

I hate to burst your bubble, Applecheeks, but you do not need a college degree to become an RN. There is a massive nurse shortage right now, but many nurse's unions continue to lobby for requiring a college degree to become a nurse, but I'm sure it's only for altruistic reasons and wanting the best educated nurses. Forget the fact that it would make even fewer nurses and their salaries would really go through the roof. JMO, of course.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Hope asking Steve yet AGAIN, if he wants to be a daddy. Jeez, he's said NO already, and has said it steadily to each and every time the question has been posed. Leave the man alone. He knows how he feels, and cracking under Hope's and Kayla's daily inquisition is never going to happen, and even if it did, it wouldn't be right. Sure, I'd love to see him and Kayla fall back into the 1980's love, and have another one myself, but not at the pressure and constant barrages of guilt trips.

Belle, Belle, Belle, just go, follow Phillip, help him in Oklahoma, cuz YOU are the ONLY one who can help. Forget your fiancee', forget your daughter, forget your college is starting, forget everything but the man who made your life miserable for the past few years (being married to, and running away from). In fact, get lost Belle, and leave Salem, Shawn D., and Claire alone to live a normal life.

Bring Mimi back or another woman to show Shawn love, then Belle will see what she had and is losing again.

The end of my opinion.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt belle just tell shawn the other day that no decisons will be made unless they make it together. now she is going to leave the state with phillip without telling shawn, and basically telling him to just deal with it. i guess belle gets to make up the rules if it benefits her. and once again shawn is keeping a secret from belle. the two of them do not need to be together, they are too imature and selfish. poor claire with two idiots for parents.

since belle is going to nursing school this fall, she will be a rn by jan 2008 with the salem u quick study program

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn should just become a cop like the rest of his family. They need another brilliant person on the force.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Shouldn't that be the Salem Police Farce??

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

He slaps EJ's face and tells him to wake up.

ha ha ha ...he should have kicked him the ribs for good measure.

If they put Sami and EJ together after he RAPED her, I swear on my stack of Colleen / Santo letters I will never watch the show again. That is perversion in the sickest form.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Wynterr said...

Funny, the only way I would watch the show is if Sami and EJ got together.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Wynterr said...

Anon after this comment: "If your man can't take care of you take care of yourself. She's got two hands and a brain use them." I can't help but wonder if you know who Belle is. The two hands thing yes, but the brain...I think you have her confused with someone else.;)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...'re so right about the Belle comment! LOL

2:19 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

I really wish everyone would remember Sami is a "rapist" herself. Her and EJ are perfect for each other ane the chemistry is magnetic.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon1 says....I want to know what brand of makeup Sami uses. All that steam and humidity and her mascara isn't running. Or, is that really steam? It wouldn't be dry ice, would it?
Anyway, I wonder where " Andrea" is headed now. And, has anybody contacted Benjimonkey's wife? I bet she's a little worried.

10:07 PM  
Blogger dazed & confused said...

Nick is now taking care of children who were never his? Did the police in Vegas take training with the ones in Salem?

Belle is going to college to be a nurse? Think of all of the suicides in Salem that will occur to keep from dying at her hand!!!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Cassi said...

I think Tessa was a guy some way. she had a deep voice. I wonder if that was Bart covering himself?

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that quote Steve said to Rolf.

8:37 PM  

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