Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Back Your Got

Kayla frets about Benjy. Steve deflects her questions as he inspects Benjy's suitcase. BLOOD! Kayla hyperventilates. Steve comforts her and promises they will find him.

A homeless man pushes his shopping cart down an alley. He looks into a dumpster and exclaims, "Wowza! And I thought I had it bad." We pan down to see Benjy lying there right next to a pile of DOOL scripts for the next month – and you wondered where they get this stuff; now you know.

Stefano pants and tells Rolf to listen. He wants a favor – he asks Rolf to destroy the folio. Rolf gets a call and has to leave immediately. Stefano objects, but Rolf tells him this call will make Stefano happy. Stefano huffs.

Santo returns. Stefano asks if he has come for him. Santo says no. Stefano says he doesn't know how long he can hang on. Rolf comes back with news that they have found a donor. Stefano doesn't understand how. Rolf says, "With a little help from that remarkable nephew of yours."

Sami and EJ pound and scream. Andre chortles. As he leaves, he wonders, "Where the hell is Kate?"

Inside, the pounding continues. Sami bawls. EJ says Bo will probably be there soon and they will get out.

Out in the alley, Fido barks as Lucas is on the phone with Bo. He begs him to find Sami. Bo tells him Sami already left the health club. Bo wonders why Lucas doesn't just break a window to get out of the car. I mean, if you're locked in a car, that's how you get out, right? Lucas asks, "Did you ever see Cujo?" He asks if Sami left with someone. Bo beats around the bush, but finally tells Lucas Sami left with EJ. If that's the case, Lucas thinks she was forced to leave with him.

Roman is looped. Bo gets off the phone and tells him to stay there. Roman protests, "No, no, Bo. I fine. I back your got." Bo doesn't think it's a good idea for Roman to go with him. Roman says, "Bo, I'm giving you an odor. I'm the commish-shiner." Bo gives up. He and Roman leave as Andre sneaks out.

Rolf tells the doctor they found a donor so the operation must take place as scheduled. The doctor leaves to prepare. Rolf assures Stefano he won't let anything happen to him. He turns to look at Stefano's machines.

Stefano tells Santo to go away. Rolf looks around to see whom he is talking to.

Patch asks, "How could I be so stupid?"

"You always seem to find many creative ways," says Kayla, "But this time it isn't your fault." Steve heads out on his mission. Kayla wants to go and we go through the standard, tedious, "I want to go," – "No you can't go" argument we always do. Steve leaves without her.

Lucas sets off the car alarm as Fido barks. The alarm scares Fido and his companion and they run off just as Bo and Roman arrive. Lucas gets out of the car and pops the hood to shut off the alarm. Roman is giddy. Bo tells Lucas about Roman and the hypo full of lollipops. He asks Lucas if he is OK. Lucas insists he is fine. The blood dripping from his head is just for show. Bo gets a call. It's Hope. She tells him Benjy is missing. Bo says he will be there in ten minutes. I guess he thinks he's going to find Benjy in the crawl space under his house.

Lucas stops Bo. He thought they were going to look for Sami. Roman vows to step in and help. Lucas decides a stoned Salem cop is better than a sober one, so he let's Bo go. Roman slaps Lucas on the back, "We got it covered!"

Sami steams. Literally. EJ takes his clothes off and suggests Sami do the same. He hands her a towel and turns around.

Stefano tells Santo this is his fault. Rolf insists there is no one there. Stefano ignores him and says he is in this mess because of Santo's obsession. He tells him to go away. Rolf tries to calm him down. Stefano tells Rolf the folio has to be destroyed, "Nobody must ever know how this vendetta ends."

"I'm betting the writers don't know," says Rolf.

"The secret must die with me," says Stefano. Rolf promises he will destroy the folio.

EJ struts around the sauna in his boxers. He asks Sami how she feels.

"Dizzy," says Sami.

"Good," says EJ, "Things are still normal." Sami wonders if God would let the babies die. EJ doesn't think so. Sami bawls. She says Lucas wanted to get her out of there and she didn't listen. She panics and pounds on the door. EJ tries to calm her down. Sami worries that Andre has done something to Lucas. EJ says, "Andre wouldn't kill someone in a public place."

Sami goes over the top, "What do you think this is?"

Bo arrives back at his house. Apparently no one can find Benjy. Bo tells Hope about Lucas. He's OK, but they couldn't find Sami.

Kayla gets off the phone and reports Tony hasn't heard from Benjy either, "I just don't know what will happen to Steve if something happens to Benjy."

Steve arrives. He says he didn't find anything. He holds a bag behind his back, which Kayla immediately zones in on. He tries to keep it from her, but she grabs it and opens it. "OMG! OMG!" She holds up Benjy's bloody shirt, "It's going to take a double dose of enzyme treatment to get that out."

Sami sweats. She says she's having trouble breathing. EJ tries to encourage her. Sami wonders where Bo is and then heads into full-blown panic and blubbering, "It is 400 degrees in here! I can't breathe! If you tell me to relax one more time I swear I will kill you!"

Roman seems to be coming back from his trip through Itchykoo Park. He and Lucas go into Stefano's room, see all the activity and wonder what's going on. Rolf announces Stefano is about to go into surgery. Roman wants to know who donated the liver. Rolf says another family member stepped forward. He asks them to leave.

Lucas pulls Roman aside, "Who besides EJ would donate a liver?"

Roman says, "Maybe that liver wasn't donated at all. Maybe it was stolen!" Dumb-da-dumb-dumb!

Steve says he found the shirt down by the docks.

Bo gets off the phone and announces a homeless guy found Benjy in a dumpster down by the river wrapped in a bloody sheet. Bo heads for the river. We have the same dumb argument about who should go and who should stay, only this time between Bo and Patch. Steve asks, "You don't trust me, do you?"

Everyone trusts Steve to go off the deep end, but Bo says he doesn't trust him knowing how he feels about Benjy.

Patch is peeved. Bo tells him he trusts him with his life but not when it comes to Benjy. Bo knows how Patch gets when it comes to people he cares about. He says he doesn't need a vigilante tearing up the streets. Hope comes up and tells Bo Steve will follow him anyway, whether he lets him go or not. Bo turns and tells Patch he can go, but if he loses it he will lock him up. Patch understands. Understanding is one thing, acting like an adult is a whole different ballgame.

They leave. Hope tells Kayla it's better that Steve is with Bo. Kayla agrees. She talks about how hard it was to deprogram him and she doesn't want to have to go through that again.

Lucas leaves a message for Sami. He tells Roman he thinks she still has to be at the gym. Roman heads for the waterfront while Lucas heads for the health club.

Sami wants EJ just to shut up. "You weren't kidding about those hormones, were you," says EJ. He suggests a game. Twenty questions. Sami doesn't want her last minutes on earth spent playing twenty questions, so EJ suggests truth or dare.

Sami isn't thrilled about that either, "This is not a sixth grade slumber party!"

"We almost have the mentality of sixth graders, though," says EJ. He comes up with the first question, "Is that your natural hair color?"

And you thought the girl was steamed before, "EXCUSE ME?"

"I don't want to know anyway," says EJ.

"My turn," says Sami, "Truth – did you set this up? Are you working with Andre to get us stuck in here? You arranged all this to get me naked, didn't you?" EJ says if that were his intention, he could think of more comfortable places.

Sami thinks maybe he just wanted to be her savior. He swears he had nothing to do with this. She asks about finding Lucas on ice and wants to know if he had anything to do with that. He reminds her she showed him where the meat truck was, "I'm far too old to be a superhero."

"Maybe you just want to score points with me," says Sami.

"No," says EJ, "Just score. I very much care what happens to you."

Sami says, "If that's the case, help me get out of here. Help me save my babies' lives." She says Lucas won't be happy when he finds their naked bodies in there. EJ tells her to take it easy. He fans her with a towel. She says that helps. She offers to fan him, but he refuses. EJ looks up and sees a ceiling fan. He wonders if he could short-circuit it.

"What are you," asks EJ, "a C-cup, a D-cup?"


He takes her bra and fishes a wire out of it.

Meanwhile, outside, Tessa tells Lucas the gym is closed. Lucas asks about Sami and EJ. Tessa says they left, but Lucas thinks they are still there.

Patch comforts Benjy, "Stay with us." The paramedics wheel him off. Bo informs Patch he has a deep, surgical laceration under his ribs. Patch goes to ride with Benjy.

Bo tells a cop to get a statement from the homeless guy. Roman comes up and tells Bo Stefano somehow got a liver. "Dammit," says Bo.

Stefano tells Santo to go away. Rolf thinks Stefano is talking to him. "Not you Rolf," says Stefano, "him." Rolf wonders what is in the medication.

Santo tells Stefano, "You have-a been a faithful-a soldier. Your work-a here iss not done-a."

"What do you want," asks Stefano.

"Whatever you have left-a." Santo dematerializes.

Rolf asks if Stefano is comfortable. Stefano, says, "The Phoenix will never die! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Kayla thinks they should have heard form the guys by now. Hope insists Benjy will be fine. She thinks Kayla needs to stop being so crazy over Steve. She wonders if Kayla is having doubts.

"Let's call it concern," says Kayla. She's afraid he's going to slip back into his old ways.

"Just when did he ever slip out of them," asks Hope.

"I'm going to live in fear of that for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Kayla, "I thought pocket would give him a sense of purpose, but really I'd settle for any sense at all."

"What if he slips anyway," asks Hope. Kayla stares.

Bo thinks the liver came from Benjy. He heads for the hospital to make sure the transplant doesn't happen.

EJ removes the wire. "You're getting off on touching my unmentionables, aren't you," asks Sami.

"It's a brassiere," says EJ, "You can say the word. When did you become such a prude? When we get out of here I'll take you shopping and by you a new one. A nice red lacy one – For Lucas, obviously."
EJ stands up to work on the fan. Sami says she is scared to death.

Hope apologizes for asking the question. Kayla says it has crossed her mind – what she would do if she lost Steve again. She vows it will not happen. She refuses to live her life wondering if the old Steve is here to stay. She wants to focus on the miracle that they are back together again, "I want to concentrate on the future because that's all we have." We rewound the tape to make sure but, yes, she really said that.

Bo stops Rolf on the way to the OR. He picks up the cooler at the end of the gurney, "Where did you find the liver so quickly?" Rolf claims a distant relative from Italy donated it.

Bo wonders how it got here in such a short time. He thinks it must be a coincidence about Benjy's misfortune.

Crazy man Patch storms in and grabs the cooler. Bo tells Patch to cool down. Patch conjures up his homicidal maniac personality, "This transplant's a bust! I'm not gonna cool down! There is no way I'm letting that bastard get this! I will flush it first! You hear me? No way!"

EJ works on the ceiling fan. Sami knows the end is near. She prays.


EJ falls like a sack of potatoes. Sami runs to him, cradles his head in her lap and blubbers, "EJ! Wake up! OMG!"

Lucas gets to the door, "Sami, Are you in there?"

Sami screams, "Lucas! Please hurry! I think EJ is dead!"


Shawn tells Max, "I keep having this fear I can't seem to shake – that Shawn Brady isn't good enough for Belle Black."

Belle says, "I told you that I would do whatever I could to help you find your son. I meant that." Phillip takes her hand, "You're amazing, you know that? But what about Shawn? I don't think he's gonna let you go."

Patch rages at Bo, "If you weren't such a damn coward, you'd do the right thing."


Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Well at least the writers put the liver laceration in the right place. Though I doubt that one of them could spell left lateral hepatectomy.

4:01 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Ok - why is it that some chics want babies to then leave them around with babysitters we never see? LoL

Here's another one - how long are they going to drag out the Belle, Phil, & Shawn triangle. She is an alpha female with Shawn but LOVES playing damsel in distress with Phil.

I wonder if Mimi thought the baby thing was a fake. With all her "I want a baby" craze, I would think she'd atleast check that out.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gone With The Wind, LOL, Love it!! Great Prevuze, as usual. Thanks!!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

A great re-cycled script picture, Bulldog. What a blast from the past! All the pictures were inspired today - Pard pumping weights, Mary Kay's NeanderShawn, and GTWT. Perfect!

Stefano tells Rolf the folio has to be destroyed, "Nobody must ever know how this vendetta ends."

"I'm betting the writers don't know," says Rolf.

Boy, truer words were never spoken! HAHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous GBB said...

So today was Ed Scott's first day at the helm. Could you tell any difference in quality or production values? (Loved the Shawn pic and the Pocket/Ciara escape plan!)

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "Ed Scott's first day at the helm"?

8:52 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I agree with Angel, we never see these kids. What's up with that? Why have a kid? And do they all work or just hang around the pub all day reading letters? LOL

I wish Mimi would come back personally I liked her. They should just hook her up with Phillip so he can leave Bell and Shawn alone, but we all know that will never happen!

Soapnights.com - Grey's Anatomy Spoilers and more

8:59 AM  
Anonymous GBB said...

What do you mean, "Ed Scott's first day at the helm"?

Steve Wyman was fired last month and Ed Scott (from Y&R) has taken over as EP. Many of the actors seem very energized and excited by the change and have been saying we should notice a differen ce right away. Apparently Ed Scott is taking great care with production values and is even having them reshoot scenes and having scenes that don't work rewritten.

This episode marks Ed Scott's first day on the set.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Great Prevuze!

A few random thoughts:
How many stolen body parts does it take to put Stefano back together again?? And why is he in the hospital this time instead of the warehouse?

Lucas insists he is fine. The blood dripping from his head is just for show. Just slap the old bandage on his head and he'll be good to go.

A high Roman is a hoot!

Not to mention the thought of Steve standing in the john waving bye-bye to the liver.

Even tho Andre makes one ugly woman, Tessa ain't much better.

I can imagine Clark Gable rolling in his grave over that pic. LOL

11:09 AM  
Anonymous em said...

That dog looked better than Tessa.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous em said...

They did do a nice job on Lucas' wound. Some of the blood on his shirt is even on the correct side.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Em - let's wait for the accolades to the continuity staffer until tomorrow's episode. We'll have to see if they even keep Lucas's wound in the same place. Nick's sure moved around a lot. LOLOLOL

12:56 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Who is Stefano's nephew that Rolf refers to? Oh, Andre?

Why didn't EJ just stay and donate part of his liver? I guess because Sami was in distress?

I would rather see Belle with Phil than Shawn. I don't like this Shawn and he's made a lot of stupid mistakes.

At least not Jerk today.

Shelley, Stephanie, was a judge at the Miss Teen USA pageant last Friday.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Can somebody tell me the point of shorting out a ceiling fan in sauna/steamroom and how it was supposed to aid in EJ and Sami's ascape? Just seems strange.

Can we just find out the content of the F-word and how it will end the vendetta. It will probably be something stupid like a limerick or a riddle or a treasure map or puzzle or scavenger hunt clues that will enable TPTB to drag this SL out forever.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Oops. I should have said the V-word. Forgive my prior post's non existent editing.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Oops. I should have said the V-word. Forgive my prior post's non existent editing.

I just assumed you meant "Folio" the way everyone hates it so much.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I did mean folio for F-word. I should have used V-word in place of vendetta as I agrre with the people that have mentioned the words are overused on our beloved DOOL

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Carol101 said...

I for one am truely looking forward to something fresh. I hope Mr. Scott can live up to all the hype. I know the show could use a shot in the arm. Might he even ask for real acting instead of just memorization? Can't Wait!!! Great prevuze. And yes I agree the dog looks better.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Not getting to Prevuze until evening can practically put one in the hospital!!!

This might be a gross observation but surely if Rolf stole Benjy's liver he just went ahead and took the whole thing instead of a slice. What would he care? He'd do anything for Stefano.

And a note after seeing today's - I would think Stef and Santo would speak Italian to each other.

LOL over Kayla's shirt stain dilemma and Jr. caveman. Great Prevuze today, I'm glad I finally got to it!!

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I love reading your Prevuze.
It is always so funny. The add libs and comments you make in italics are priceless.


7:44 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

TY as always for the prevuze, the pic and the humor! Love the title for the day and Roman sure did a great job messing up the words.

Sounds like EJ strutting in his boxers will be the highlight, but I'm easy to please so I'll accept it w/o hesitation.

Roman on lollipops is good! Days needs to pass those out to the viewers to help us watch the show. It might even move Days with the ratings.

Lollipops and sweaty half naked EJ... yep the ratings might be real good!

1:37 AM  

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