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A Dancing Chicken Farmer

Billie looks at a manila envelope as Phillip hounds her. "Take it easy, turbo," says Billie, "God is in the details... or, in this case, the postmark – Indianapolis." Phillip says that doesn't put them any closer to solving this thing. Billie opens the envelope and finds a picture and a note. She reads, "Say hello to your baby boy. Maybe it's time you help with his upkeep."

"She's not getting a dime," snorts Phillip.

Shawn sees Belle come through the door, jumps over to her and grabs her from behind. Belle is giddy (so far, this is one of the manic days in her bipolar life ). She whirls around and they express their undying love for each other. Shawn tells her he is grateful, because he could be working for Phillip and earning some big bucks instead of being a grease monkey in a dead end job. But Belle didn't insist he do that. She starts to tell him what she wants to do but Shawn interrupts and tells her about Roman. Belle thinks it's amazing what doctors and nurses can do. She was thinking maybe that's what she should do – Get a nursing degree.

At the beach. Chelsea can't believe Kate gave her $50k. Nick offers to help her slop on the sunscreen, "I'll do your back."

He works her over while Chelsea rambles. She thinks she's been a bitch lately and doesn't think she deserved the money. Nick says he knows the money was a gift and the person who gave it shouldn't expect payback. Chelsea says Kate is paying for her tuition even though she did horrible things, "Family sticks together and forgives. So that is what I have to do." They decide they are both happy. Nick wonders if her forgiveness includes him.

She turns and smiles, "What do you think?" That's enough of a signal for Nick, who dives in for a kiss. She pushes him away, "Stop, Nick. We're not making that mistake again."

Lexie hoods up. Abe says it's good to see her. Lexie stares. Abe stares back, "Lexie?"

Phillip insists there is no way he is the father. "I haven't had any relationships since I was married to Belle." Billie wonders if he just doesn't remember. Phillip rolls his eyes. He wonders, if he is the father, why this mystery woman would try to extort him long distance instead of just knocking on his door.

"It's just possible... There might be more than one person involved," says Billie.

Shawn wonders why Belle wants a nursing degree, "You can't just disappear on Claire."

Belle insists she will not "just disappear." Shawn wonders what will happen when he is stuck at the garage and she is cramming for finals. He thinks she should wait until things are stable. That's why Belle wants to do this – to get things stable, "Our daughter needs a home and I'm going to provide it." Shawn checks his jeans and finds a couple things missing.

Chelsea wants to kiss Nick, but not just now. "Between the sunblock and the bikini, I'm losing my mind," says Nick.

"The sunblock and bikini had nothing to do with that," she says. Chelsea explains the rules. "There is only one rule, actually. It's about honesty. We have a history of lying to each other. Now that we have a second chance we have to start out by being honest."

"Sign me up," says Nick.

She blocks him from kissing her until they talk about their lives for the last two weeks, "I'll go first, starting with Jett."

Lexie tells Abe to stay back. He says he just wants to talk. He asks her to take off the hood. No dice. She says he knows her for who she is and pretended to be, "Dr. Lexie Carver – a tramp!"

"Where would you get that idea," asks the clueless Abe.

"Maybe from the thousand times you called me a tramp," says Lexie.

Shawn insists they can't both work. If Belle wants a house he'll get her one with a drive-thru living room. Belle brings up the interview he blew off. He could at least have given it a chance. He says nothing would be worth being away from her and Claire, "At the moment, however, maybe being away from you wouldn't be such a bad thing."

Nick asks if Chelsea slept with Jett. "No," says the brat.

"Not even a little bit," asks Nick.

"You can't sleep with someone a little bit," she says, "But if you could, I would have... and since we're being honest, maybe more than a little bit."

That does it for Nick, "Bye."

Chelsea stops him, "Nick, I don't want to sleep with him. I was a way for him to get to Stephanie." She says first Nick lied to her and then Jett lied to her. She feels like she can't trust anybody. But she decides Nick's lie was selfless. He did it to protect her. He goes for a kiss but she stops him again. She wants the truth from him. She wants to know about his lying to Stephanie.

Lexie says Abe made her feel like a tramp because he was trying to protect her, "What's bred in the bone will out in the flesh." She is a DiMera and doesn't want him to ever forget. He wants to know why he can't touch her or see her face.

"Because now it's my turn to protect you."

Phillip thinks he doesn't deserve this. Billie says that's because he is thinking rationally and the woman extorting him isn't. Phillip is discouraged. He thinks they'll never find out who she is. Billie takes a close look at the picture, "Want to bet?"

Belle doesn't want Shawn to be away either, so that's why she has to go to nursing school. They argue about who should provide for and protect Claire.

Meanwhile, little Claire is happy as a clam, "With those two bozos gone I'm free to sit here in the middle of Salem's main intersection and play in traffic all day."

"Why won't you let me do this," asks Belle, "This is about Phillip, Isn't it? You want to show him you can take care of your family without help. You need to forget him and start thinking about our daughter." Shawn decides Belle is right. They need a permanent place for Claire. He'll get a second job. "You're not doing that," says Belle.

Nick says he lied to Stephanie in order to help Chelsea. She says it's not him she doesn't trust – it's herself. She feels like he's changed but doesn't know for sure. He thinks he hasn't given her enough reason to believe him, but he will. He says he hated lying to Stephanie. Chelsea is just thrilled he told her the truth. She asks if there are any more secrets. Nick says no. He's being totally honest. Kiss.

Abe wants to know what Lexie is protecting him from. "Me," she says, "The DiMeras hurt the ones they love." Abe says he wants her. She insists he doesn't. She says he needs to find someone as good as he is, "I'm a DiMera."

"You're not a DiMera, dammit," growls Abe, "You're a Carver."

Billie says if she is right about her hunch, they will be able to ID the person. She sees a prescription bottle in the picture with a name on the label, "I'm going up to the lab to blow it up."

"While you're up there, blow up the picture, too," says Phillip. He wonders what happens next if she makes the identification.

"If I can do that, I'll start calling in favors."

"Then I find out who is doing this," says Phillip.

Argue, argue, argue. She Shawn and Belle argue. Strother Martin steps between them and tells them to knock it off, "WHAT WE HAVE HERE... IS A FAILURE... TO COMMUNICATE."

Nick says he's going to have to start checking out the want ads. Chelsea says there aren't too many genetic research jobs available. "It might be a good thing," says Nick, "I'm tired of looking down a microscope, anyway." He stares at her bikini top, "Although, I wish I had one right now." She says he had an amazing career going and she blew it for him. He wants some credit for blowing it too. He wonders if she has job suggestions, "Maybe I could be a chicken farmer... or a male dancer... or a dancing chicken farmer. There aren't too many of those around."

"And you'd have plenty of time to scope out the competition," says Chelsea.

"Tell that to the bill collectors," says Nick.

"Why don't you just give them the money you won in Vegas," she asks, "You do still have it don't you?"

Shawn. Belle. Tedium. Idiocy. Shawn says it feels like he has to prove himself to people. Belle says he doesn't have to do that, but that's the kind of guy he is, "You're the kind of guy who would rush into a burning building instead of away from it."

"Well," sighs Shawn, "Nobody said I was smart."

"You're right," says Belle, "No one has ever said that for sure, but you don't have to take care of everything."

"Why not," asks Shawn, "Phillip can."

Chelsea lectures Nick for giving away his winnings. He says he didn't need the money. She asks what he did with it, "You think I'm crazy huh," he asks.

"Yes," she says, "But that's why I love you. Thank you for telling me the truth." More kissing.

Abe repeats – Lexie is a Carver, not a DiMera, "Your damn fool husband threw you out and didn't protect you." He asks her forgiveness. He knows she tried to tell him the truth about the night John was shot, but he didn't give her a chance. He has been thinking about what kind of husband he was and it was painful for him.

"Not as painful as it was for your wife," says Lexie.

He says, "A good husband gives his love, but I loaned mine."

"I am a DiMera," says Lexie, "All twisted up inside. You can't fix me. That's the problem."

"No," says Abe, "The problem is me."

"No," says Lexie, "The problem is the dialogue. You can't buy stuff this bad at a cut-rate flea market."

Belle thinks if Shawn stops competing with Phillip, Phillip will stop competing with Shawn, "My sock puppets don't do anything for Claire anymore. And if I have to read 'Goodnight Moon' one more time I'll scream."

"Try reading it to Claire," says Shawn, "Maybe she would like it."

Belle begs, "Let me go back to school and we'll build our future together." Stars and Stripes Forever plays in the background.

Shawn caves in, "OK! Go back to school!"

Belle squeals, "Maybe I'll try out for the Salem U cheerleading squad!"

"I may like this whole higher education thing," says Shawn.

Phillip gets off the phone with Victor. Shawn and Belle bump into him. He tells them about the photo of the kid, the note wanting money and the prescription bottle. Billie comes back, "I got it. The prescription is for a baby. Tyler Kiriakis." Phillip lets out a sigh.

Abe doesn't know how Lexie put up with him. Every day she had to prove her worthiness of being his wife. He had no right to sit in judgment. She starts to go. He asks her to stay, "You never felt loved, just almost loved. There was always one more test you had to pass. I'm sorry. I understand if you never want to see me again. If you change your mind, come my way". He turns to leave.

Lexie gasps, "Oh, Abe!"

Nick and Chelsea maul each other on the beach. Chelsea brings things to a halt, "I feel like someone is watching."

China walks up, "Someone is. Girl, you could use China's six-week boot camp of loooovee." She turns to Nick and wags her finger, "And you... tsk... tsk... tsk... Not even married a month, and you're cheating on me."

Chelsea gives Nick a funny look, "You're married to her?"

"I have never seen this woman before," says Nick.

China says, "Honey you have seen every gorgeous inch of this woman. I married your fine behind and I have the paper to prove it." She whips out the marriage license and shows it to them.

Nick says, "This is a fake. I'm going to see my uncle Mickey, so instead of getting an annulment, you can take me for everything I've got."

"Hurry back," says China, "I've been missing my man."

"I swear, I'm not hiding anything," says Nick. He runs off to find Mickey. Good luck, Maggie has been searching for him for months.

Chelsea insists, "You're not married to him any more than I am." China says Chelsea needs some instruction. She hands her a special instructional DVD entitled, "Our Wedding."

Phillip insists he can't be the father. Billie says she got the kid's SSN, which enabled her to get an address and phone number. She hands Phillip her phone and says, "Just hit send and say hello."

Phillip makes the call, "This is Phillip Kiriakis. I know where you live and I'm..." bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He turns to Billie, "She hung up." Billie and Phillip head for Indy.

Belle asks if Shawn is OK, "When Billie said she knew the address you looked like you were going to pass out. Where were you on the 4th? I want the truth! Did you go to Indianapolis that day?"

Lexie stammers. Abe says he loves her. He pours his heart out, "You don't have to hide anymore." He removes the hood, "I can see you now. I'm no longer blind." She falls crying into his arms.


John, Marlena and Belle sit at a booth in the pub. Marlena says, "You told him that you got that fabulous wardrobe from Phillip. You did tell him, didn't you, sweetie?" Sweetie gives a blank stare.

Shawn says, "It's pretty obvious to me that you're scamming Phillip. I don't want any part of it. You're on your own."

Bo and Hope are in Roman's hospital room. Bo says, "Man, she's talking like a one woman wrecking crew." Roman says, "Let's put and end to this thing."

Sami screams, "I'm gonna stay here and find my husband! Lucas! Lucas!" EJ holds her back. Lucas is on ice - literally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again great prevuze! What I want to know is, why can't Belle go to college to become a nurse and still be a mother? I went to NYU to become a dental hygienist, crammed for the exams, got my license and my daughter was 18 months old when I graduated. You do what you've got to do to get ahead and provide for your child's future. Why does DROOL make something so simple sound so complicated? Oh yeah, this IS DROOL. And anything simple is complicated for Shelle.

5:17 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I agree with you ANONYMOUS.....Yes it's DROOL and nothing is possible! LOL. Great PREVUZE as usual....Now can Lexie and Abe finally work things out, or how long will it be this time, until she finds someone new?


5:50 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

"Shawn. Belle. Tedium. Idiocy." Most accurate description of the show that I've seen in months. Thanks for the great Prevuze today!

6:11 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Why, oh why, must DOOL be so predictable??? Here we have Nick and Chelsea making a fresh start and pledging to be totally honest with each other, and what's the first thing Nick does (or doesn't do) ??? He doesn't tell Chelsea that the money Kate gave her came from him. So even once they get past the China Lee thing (which they will) they'll have the $50,000 lie -- which will get all blown out of proportion and be a deal-breaker yet again. I've been watching DOOL since before Julie and Doug were married (the first time), but I'm about to give it up in favor of something a little less painful -- like swallowing glass.

6:14 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

However, that being said, I do LOVE PREVUZE, it's the only thing that keeps me going on the soap.

"Shawn checks his jeans and finds a couple things missing." -- "drive-thru living room" -- "Claire playing in traffic happy as a clam with the bozos gone" -- et al. ROFLMAO!!!!!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the pictures - Maxine, you're my hero!

DOOLism for the day: the entire conversation between Belch.

1. "Oh Shawn! LET me go back to school." Puh-leeze. Are they trying to make Shawn ever more of a Neanderthal than they have so far? You can't tell me that in this day and age a 20-something guy, raised by two parents with careers (more or less) would be pounding the chest and spouting that type of c*#p.

2. They don't have enough money to get their own place, yet Belle is going back to college at about $20K a year in tuition and books (if she goes to an inexpensive school)? She has three years of college to get through and then however long it takes for a nursing degree. Two more years?

3. Besides all that - Belle, a nurse?? ROFLMA In the real world, not a chance. On DAYS, she'll be an RN specializing in pediatric medicine in a year.

Thanks, Prevuze, I needed to rant.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Belle on the cheerleading squad. Talk about geezers - her amongst the 18-year-olds. HAHAHAHAHA Of course it's Princess Belle so she'd be the LEADER of the squad.

I still don't get them making Phil totally forgetful about Mimi and the surrogate. Nor do I understand Abe's complete 180! Maybe the summer heat is frying my brain and I'm becoming as confused as the Salemites. :O

LOL over Maxine and Pard/Kate. Great kidney sucker picture, too.

Excellent Prevuze today!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. Here's a good question. Stefano had Sami in his plane hovering over, what was it, Bermuda? They were going to harvest the cells. Once they found out the kids were Lucas', Sami wakes up in a motel in Salem. Then, in another episode, Nick, standing on the pier, explains that Salem is in the " mid west." Is there some time warp here I"m missing?

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you put waaaayyyy to much LOGIC into the 'Days' storylines! Try to remember, the 'Days' writers like to 'dumb down their viewers'. They figure the viewers could'nt possibly figure all those things out! LOL!

Urrrgghh! Shawn and Belle.... I CAN'T STAND THESE TWO TOGETHER ANYMORE! I feel sooooo bad for little Claire. Can you imagine, Belle telling her one night before bed: "Honey, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up." and the next night, Shawn sits with her telling her "Now when you grow up, it's your duty to stay home and raise the children." And these two are planning to get married.... Oh please writers - you couldn't possibly 'put Claire' through this, HECK, you couldn't possibly do it to US (the viewers)...
Get these two away from each other UNTIL THEY GROW UP before starting a marriage! They both need to find out who they are and where they're headed... And not in different directions! I do wish Shawn would quit trying to prove himself to Belle -(actually he's trying to prove himself to Phil). He is soooo insecure.

And finally, this Abe/Lexie thing. I remember I was mad when Abe wouldn't let Lexie talk and threw her out! I was mad because he just 'assumed' she was guilty. And we all remember she tried EVERYTHING she could to *ditch* Tek, (literally)! I'm still alittle peeved that Lexie is taking the 'I'm not worthy' route with Abe. They BOTH should be grateful they have an opportunity to be the parents of little Theo. Patch it up and move on with this one! Together, these two are one of Salem's 'stable couples'. Something that they have put on the back burner for awhile - John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, etc... We need our 'stable' couples just to prove NOT EVERYONE in Salem is a LUNATIC! lol!

Great, great, great Prevuze today! Many lines had me actually laughing out loud at my desk, at work... got very odd looks from my co-workers!!!! Thanks!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Didn't Belle have a job working with Kate as a fashion designer or something like that for Basic Black? I thought both Belle and Shawn were in college at some point. I just assumed that they both graduated since everyone seems to finish medical school in about 6 months, why not get a Bachelor's degree in 3?

And yes, as Applecheeks said earlier, what's with Shawn and his macho B.S? And why doesn't John just pay for Belle's education...so stupid.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

soapnights.com/greys anatomy.... geez, could be an acronym for half of the "professional" surgeries done around town at night by the ever skilled Lexie and Kayla. Oh, I get it, it's the outside link again. My bad.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'Gray's Anatomy site link' is obviously a 'signature' to that person's emails.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

in favor of something a little less painful -- like swallowing glass.
LMFAOOOOO cfish you crack me up!

I seriously try not to think when reading about Shelle, but that is the first thought I had. How is compounding DEBT going to HELP them get into a house???? Bus a table sista!

10:29 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Sorry for stating the obvious - Shawn & Belle are the dumbest duo on the show!

Belle - being a nurse - what a laugh. But I agree she'll be saving lives in a matter of weeks.

Shawn was at one time, going to be a lawyer. Now he's a has-been grease monkey, buying 4-carat diamonds???

And the Nick-Chelsea-China triangle - another oh-so-obvious situation. Let me see, Chelsea will think Nick's lying to her again, go storming off, right into Jett's arms. Nick will try to prove himself to her again - altho God only knows why he'd bother...

And why, why, why is Billie involved in the Tyler K situation? Since when did she become a super-private-I? And how dumb is that story going to get?
Anybody think Kayla will end up with the Kiriakis kid since she's been hinting about another kid? (Since she did so well with the first one)

11:20 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

At least they're throwing Billie's character a bone and she's not getting involved with somebody else's man--yet.

Chelsea and Nick-- the stumbling blocks the writers are throwing at their relationship are getting increasingly everything but the kitchen sink like. At least Touch This Guy airlines should be crashing soon with school starting and all--like that would make a difference in the real world.

Yeah, Phil doesn't remember the surrogate baby fiasco? Duh?

Are Colleen and Santos forever stuck in Ireland waiting for more Italian translations in Salem?

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read in SOD this weekend, I think, that Lauren comes back into town, with the phimi kid and decides shes had enough and dumps the kid at the hospital and Kayla "happens" to be there when the kid gets found....wonder where that is going DUH...

1:41 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Belle should NOT be thinking about going to college unless her daddy and mommy pay for it. Then again, that would be accepting help, and she won't allow that (unless it is from Phil in secret-secret with her and behind Shawn's back).

Shawn should have purchased a normal size ring. If a girl has to say yes based on the size of the diamond, she is not saying yes to the man. But, then again, we knew Belle was always that shallow.

If Shawn didn't know whos'it was gonna be blackmailing and terrorizing Phil, what exactly was the point of him setting things up with Mimi? I mean, what, did he take the "liar" at her "word"? That worked so well for him in the past.j/k

God, I don't wanna see Kayla end up with a dumped baby just to have it taken from her. I am for her and Steve reuniting on screen and in the bed off screen, I just loved them in the 80's, and would love to see that magic again, even her pregnancy/delivery of Steph was really innocent and beautiful and sweet. This way, Sexphony can see her mama and papa loving each other and a new one and realize what she is passing up on and messed up on. Just to have Steve and Kayla NOT focus on the airhead, that would be worth it! But puh-leez don't let Sexphony "accidently" get knocked up by Jerkemy just to keep him before this whole airline teenyblooper storyline is over with.

That's my rant for the last few days....

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My previous questions on the location of Salem in the midwest with a pier and Sami's speed of light trip to a Salem motel from a plane over Bermuda was tongue in cheek. We all know there are huge holes in the storylines. It's just so much fun to catch them and hang them out to dry.

8:20 PM  

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