Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pandora's Box, Lopsided Ballerinas and Spare Kidneys

Belle and Evelyn argue over the shoe with Claire's name on it. Evelyn claims she got it at a thrift shop, "This is crazy."

CRAZY," screams Belle, "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN CRAZY!" Evelyn is beginning to figure that out.

Shawn shows Evelyn two pictures, "This is a picture of your son and this is a picture of Claire, where is she?" Evelyn just can't imagine what's going on.

A cop rushes in, "Mr. Kiriakis?" The kiddie corps explains the situation to the officer. He tries to calm people down. Belle threatens to kill Evelyn. Apparently, Belle left her meds in Salem.

John and Marlena paw each other at the pub. Caroline comes up and asks who wants dessert. John stops salivating over Marlena long enough to salivate over apple pie. They invite Caroline to join them. Caroline tells them the secret to a successful marriage is picking your battles. She's happy her family is home and safe, even Steve. Marlena asks about Colleen. Caroline says, "We never talk about her. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to keep it that way."

Hope begs Lexie to focus. She asks what happened to Bo. Lexie thought the rope was some kind of a trick. She thought Bo was coming to kill her. Hope panics. She has to get down there. She jumps into the dumbwaiter. The score is now one dumbwaiter, two dumb cops.

Lexie says she wants her mom to come, but makes them promise not to tell Abe.

Hope searches the tunnel and finds Bo unconscious.

The cop says, "Nobody is killing anyone." He questions Evelyn about the shoe. They hit the cop with a barrage of confusing stories that add up to the fact they were in the South Pacific with Claire and there was a typhoon and Shawn went for a swim and wound up on the boat and just so they could make it a really fun evening Phillip destroyed the radio and the boat sank and on and on... The poor confused cop says, "Boat? Typhoon? South Pacific?" He doesn't know what to think of it so he turns to Evelyn and asks, "Do you own a boat?"

"No," says Evelyn, "And I've never been west of Des Moines."

The cop's head is spinning. He turns to Shawn and Phillip and asks, "Who are you two guys."

Shawn and Phillip say in unison, "Claire's father."

"OK," says the cop, "Which one is the father?"

Caroline decides she has to get back to work. She can't see what good it will do to talk about Colleen. John and Marlena tell her it might have to do with the long-standing DiMera feud. Caroline says if they force Shawn Sr. to talk about Colleen it will break his heart, "Do you realize how many cue cards he would have to read to get through that story? "

Doug asks who put Lexie down there. Lexie says she never saw who did it. A month ago she was with a friend and there was an accident. She woke up in the tunnel and has been there ever since. She doesn’t know what happened to her friend. Doug says, "You're safe now."

Lexie cries, "No. No one is safe. DOOL writers are everywhere."

Hope tries to revive Bo. He comes to, "Is this heaven?"

"No," says Hope, "This is Salem. It's about as far from heaven as you can get." Hope tells Bo the masked figure was Lexie. They wonder who was holding her down there. Bo rubs his head. Hope thinks it's a good thing Brady's have such hard heads. She smacks him and lectures him for coming down there, "Which part of 'be careful' didn't you get?"

Bo's beating is interrupted by music. Once again the Ride of the Valkyries swells. Bo says, "Fancy Face, they're playing Stefano's song."

Now Bo and Hope know who held Lexie prisoner. They argue about whether or not Hope should go back up while Bo looks around. She gives him another smack. Bo throws in the towel. He finds a lantern, and then a door. Hope finds books, "Madame Bovary... Les Miserables..." Bo gets horny. Hope accuses him of pulling rank. She says she has no complaints, though – the smell of a crime scene turns her on. She decides to dive back into the books, "Since you've already had so much action today." Apparently, not as much action as he wanted.

Caroline rants about the DiMeras. She says they will never stop them. She talks about everything they have done and observes that none of them are in jail. John and Marlena press her for more information on Colleen. They think Colleen is the key to ending the violence. Caroline wonders if she should go behind OMB's back and tell them about her.

Belle apologizes to Phillip and Shawn for having to explain to the cop who Claire's father is. The cop comes back and says Evelyn claims they moved to Indiana a year ago and did the pageants for money, since her husband had taken a powder. Shawn thinks she couldn't have made it home and back this fast. They speculate that Claire must still be there in the hotel. Belle and Phillip go to track her down. Shawn argues but stays. Evelyn stares.

Celeste runs in and we have the big bawling reunion with Lexie. Celeste says she never gave up hope. Lexie asks about Theo. "He's strong like his mother," says Celeste. She says Abe has had his second corneal transplant. They don't know if his vision is restored. Doug and Julie tell Celeste about Lexie's captivity. Lexie doesn't want Celeste to call Abe. Doug and Celeste help Lexie out to the car. Julie paces. Over by the dumbwaiter, she hears the Valkyries ride.

Hope finds a photo album, "Most of the pictures are damaged but there are captions. This one says, 'Colleen Brady. Galway Bay.'" They find a picture of Tony and Anna and wonder why there is new stuff mixed in with the old.

Bo shows Hope another picture of Colleen.

Hope drops her jaw, "OMG, she could be a twin – Sami."

Caroline tells John and Marlena about Colleen. She says she once found a shoebox and we flash back to see her bringing it out to Shawn Sr. Shawn closes the pub as Caroline brings the box over to him. Shawn looks at the pictures and says, "Never mention this woman to me again. Never again." He walks off.

Caroline tells John and Marlena, "The name 'Colleen' was under the photo. Shawn apologized for being moody and said she was his older sister. He also said she died young. Caroline never asked him how or why she died.

Stefano makes his grand entrance, "She was the loveliest Brady of them all, present company excluded, of course." Caroline leaves. Stefano tells John and Marlena he wants to find common ground."

"Sorry," says John, I'm out of spare kidneys."

"May I join you," asks Stefano, "Or should I take all my secrets to the grave?"

Phillip and Belle are back. Claire wasn't in the car. Evelyn wants them arrested for scamming her. Belle begs the officer to search the hotel. The cop marshals a full-hotel search.

"It won't be long now," says Belle.

Bo and Hope think this is weird. All these years and OMB never said how much Colleen looked like Sami. Hope finds a key inside the album, "Whatever this key is, someone thought it was important enough to keep it hidden."

John says, "If you are taking secrets to your grave, make an early reservation." Marlena thinks Stefano looking better than when they last saw him. She turns to John, "I'll act concerned if you will."

They ask Stefano about Colleen. Stefano says she was the love of his father's life.

Evelyn threatens to call her lawyer. The three stooges want to help with the search. The cop won't let them. They argue about what needs to be done next. The cop says, "No one leaves this room."

Belle goes nuts, "The only thing keeping me from tearing you apart is I want to be here when they bring Claire back." The cop comes back after the quickest hotel search in the history of police work and says they didn't find Claire. Belle lunges toward Evelyn. Shawn stops her.

Bo and Hope continue to look for clues. Hope finds a box. She slips the key into its lock and it fits. "Go ahead Fancy Face," says Bo, "Open up Pandora's Box."

Stefano tells John and Marlena his father and Colleen met in Galway, "My father ran an import business and frequently traveled to Ireland. He loved Colleen desperately. He never got over her." John brings up the letter. Stefano is surprised John knows so much.

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day," says John.

Stefano says the feud began with Colleen's death. He wants to take care of the bitterness between the families. He asks if Sami told them about his offer, "Sami could take care of it by tomorrow. Peace, John, true lasting peace is in the hands of Samantha." Marlena gives John a look. John squints so hard wax pops out of his ears.

Marlena tells Stefano to stay away from Sami. He insists he never lifted a hand to Sami. Just a forklift. Stefano says he can give Sami redemption. He will let Sami explain what that means. He wants them to tell her he anxiously awaits her decision. Stefano leaves.

"What the hell was that all about," asks John. Marlena thinks they'd better talk to Sami.

John gets a call from Doug, "I'm on my way." He grabs Marlena on the way out, "Bo and Hope are in trouble."

Lexie sits in her hospital bed. Celeste comes in. She says whoever did this has to be punished. Lexie is tired. Celeste asks, "Too tired to see Theo?" Lexie thinks if she calls the house Abe will want to come and he hates her. She tells Celeste the night of the accident she was with Tek, "But nothing happened."

"Of course nothing happened," says Celeste, "It never does on DOOL."

"I lied to Abe," says Lexie, "It was the night John was shot, and Abe won't believe anything I have to say. Celeste thinks Abe has a right to know the mother of his child is alive.

"Wagner is playing down there," says Julie. The music stops.

Hope can't turn the key. It's stuck. Doug calls down. Hope yells up and tells him they are both OK. Bo opens the box. A lopsided ballerina pops up and turns and dances.

Beep... beep... beep...

"Hmmm...," says Bo, "It seems to be a beeping device."

"OMG," says Hope.

The officer says he just has a few more questions for Evelyn. Belle is indignant because he is letting Evelyn go. She vows to follow her back home to Indiana. The cop suggests she use legal channels.

"You mean like Court TV," asks Belle, "That's a legal channel.

The cop goes off to question Evelyn. Belle just knows she has Claire. Shawn tells her things will be OK. Belle bawls, "I miss her so much." Look out, folks, it's a full-blown Belletdown.

Belle goes right off the deep end. Looney tunes sings a loony tune, "The noble Duke of York, he had ten thousand men... He marched them to the top of the hill, then marched them down again... And when you're up, you're up... And when your off your rocker, you're off your rocker..." Shawn and Phillip try to bring Sybil back to earth. Suddenly, a baby cries. Belle turns to Shawn and Phillip, "Did you hear that? Did you hear? That's Claire. She's here."

Celeste asks what happened to Tek. Lexie doesn't know. She asks if Lexie loves Tek. Lexie says she hasn't been able to think about love in a while. Celeste says Abe has thought about it and missed her. Abe will be coming to the hospital tonight for the doctors to remove his bandages. Lexie asks for a shower and a little makeup. She asks Celeste to arrange for the doctors to remove Abe's bandages in her room. She wants her face to be the first one he sees. Celeste thinks Abe would like that.

The box beeps. The countdown timer is at one minute forty seconds. Bo's crack detective mind tells him this is a bomb, "The damn thing is rigged to blow!" One minute twenty-four seconds...


Sami asks, "You're gonna turn your back and betray your own brother?" EJ says, "To protect you? Yes."

Belle screams, "Shawn! Come here!" Shawn runs in. Belle turns around with Claire, "Look who's here baby. It's Daddy."

John looks down into the shaft, "Bo? Hope? It's John. Can you hear me?"

Hope screams, "Brady, you know how to diffuse the bomb? You remember don't you?" Bo says, "We're about to find out."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Days Of Our Lives has been so exciting! And for some reason, I knew that Sami and Coleen were related. Maybe Stefano and EJ want Sami to be a DiMera because she looks like Coleen. Just a guess!
And FINALLY! The worst parents ever, find Clair! Now I feel bad for Clair...
And I can't believe EJ is giving up everything for Sami...god, I love them together...

5:39 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Okay, who had Colleen as being OMB's sister??? And Stefano's dad loved her.

I am still in shock after all these years NO ONE bothered to mention that little fact.

Belle needs some meds and fast. I don't think I have ever seen anyone melt down as fast as she does, oh wait yes I have, MARLENA!!!! LOL

Now that Lexie is back, anyone think she will eventually accuse Abe and Celeste of having an affair while she was gone???

DOOLisms of the day:

The cop says, "Nobody is killing anyone."
Does this guy know where he is?? On DOOL EVERYONE kills SOMEONE!!!

"May I join you," asks Stefano, "Or should I take all my secrets to the grave?"
Which grave would that be Stefano? You've had so many.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

Wait-- Lexie says that a month ago she was with a friend and there was an accident and she ended up in the tunnel?? A month ago?

This was the same night that EJ raped Sami? And how far along is Sami now? The same night that John was shot and went into a coma?

All that was only a MONTH in DOOL time???

Come ON, writers!! Sheesh!!

But I will admit one thing, I think I'm going to start watching again. Logic be damned....

5:50 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Do the dynamic duo Bo and Hope survive an explosion?
Will Claire survive being reunited with Belle?
So if Colleen is OMB's sister, that must make Stefano's father a cradle robber.
I agree with momofdna about Lexie and her month ago comment. DOOL timlines are almost as bad as their storylines. Speaking of which, wouldn't it have been great if Claire would have suddenly morphed into a child of 6 or 8? Sounds like something DOOL would do.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Apparently we all had the same thought - - a MONTH ago??!? It's so absurd there are no words...

Belle is so squirrely I wouldn't be surprised if the kid she's holding isn't even Claire.

If they have a minute forty, why don't Ho and Dope give up fumbling with the stupid bomb and toss it far back into the tunnel and get back up the rope?? TLT.

I'm so glad I didn't have a mouthful of coffe when I got to how many cue cards OMB would need to recite the Colleen story. HAHAHAHAHA EXCELLENT Prevuze and pictures today!!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that even though Belle has Been franticly looking for Claire, She still takes the time to make sure her hair is done, her makeup is perfect and that she is dressed nicely (minus the flanel PJs)??

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I don't think Lexi was taken the night of John's shooting. It was after they figured out EJ was behind the black glove BS and she had just told Abe she was with Tek and Tek told her who the shooter was.

Also, I agree with Bulldog I bet ol Belle has totally lost it and is holding someone else's baby! Breaking out in song??? What a nut job.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Rach said...

They've got me watching again, sure, but they better not attempt to make EJ a realistic rival for Sami's affections. He raped her! Maybe I don't understand Salem customs, but that's not a romantic first date where I come from! I can take her wanting to trust him, I just can't take the show validating him as a good guy. Can you imagine if the kid is his? Lovely story to tell about the day he or she was conceived!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I don't know if Lexie will accuse Celeste and Abe of having an affair, but I believe she will be up to no good. Where's Tacky? Why is she in the tunnel. I seriously hope they don't think we're supposed to believe she's been down there all this time.
If this is a Dimera tunnel with music playing, does that mean Stefano knows Ho and Dope are down there while he is having a koffeeklatch with the Brainiacs?
Where is OMB? Wouldn't hearing Stefano talking about colleen make him react in some way, even if it's just to tell him to shut up?

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Cover me, I'm going into the Prevuze Dumbwaiter:::::spah lash::: Damn what is that? OOO it's whiskey, now we know how they do this every day!

Jan 19
Tek squints. He says he can't see. The car behind them has its brights on, "OMG! That car is headed straight for us!" SCREECH!!! SCREAM!!! KEE-RASH!!!

Dec 2006 is when John was shot. Who could forget, it ruined ALL my Christmas plans!

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Lexie said a month a go, and she could not remember anything, because she was drugged or ….

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does OMB stand for?

12:06 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

What does OMB stand for?

Oh, that one's easy. It stands for... uh... OMG! I forget! I must be losing it like Old Man Brady!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous another rach said...

I'm pretty sure that baby isn't going to be Claire. It's very coincidental that they go to where Claire is supposed to be, but they find a kid that looks just like her. It's just so stupid. Claire isn't a baby pageant kinda baby anyway.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous ThunderGirl said...

I just can't take the show validating him as a good guy.

This isn't the first time I've seen this kind of comment made about E.J. I'm in no way excusing his behaviour, nor saying it's okay to just brush it aside and act like it was nothing. But, what alot of people seem to forget is that Jack had raped, Kayla wasn't it? And I'm thinking one of the other favorite "good guys" had also, though I may be wrong about that. Now they are beloved characters on DOOL.
So, E.J. being reformed in the name of love, just isn't that much of a stretch to me!!

I'm actually kind of suprised that noone else has brought this up already.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous ThunderGirl said...

oops, after re-reading my post AFTER it was posted, I realized I worded something wrong....
I wasn't trying to say Kayla had been raped by 2 separate men on the show, but that 2 different fan favorites had raped someone.
Sorry for the mix up!!

9:17 PM  

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