Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Is My Mom In My Bed?

Celeste and Sami head for the hills as the building explodes into flames. Sami screams – she can't let EJ die. She struggles with Celeste and runs back inside. Celeste follows. The flames are too much. They run out coughing. EJ roasts inside.

Kate pounds at the door, but can't get inside Lucas' room. She throws a hissy fit, turns around and finds the fire extinguisher box. She grabs the axe and heads for the door with a demonic Jack Nicholson look on her face, "HEEEERRRRREEEE'S KATIE!"

Katie Roberts took an axe
Hit the door with forty whacks
When the door didn't come undone
She followed up with forty-one...

Shawn knocks at the door to his room. There is no answer and the door is locked. He tries Gabby's room. She comes out. Shawn asks for the passkey. Gabby doesn't have it. If an axe is good enough for Kate, it's good enough for Shawn.

Shawn opens the door and finds the room nearly empty. He panics, "They're gone! Claire's stuff is gone! Belle's stuff is gone! My stuff is... strewn around the room like I always leave it! "

Kayla and Stephanie talk at dinner. Kayla thinks Steve will go through with testifying. Bo joins them. Bo says he will arrest EJ because he is responsible for Steve's beating. Kayla fills him in on the new doctor. It sounds to Bo like Elvis is behind the whole thing. Kayla thinks Patch is so brainwashed that freedom is terrifying to him. They talk about Patch's litany of crimes. But Kayla thinks tonight he chose Stephanie and chose to get better.

Patch writhes strapped down to a bed as electricity zaps all around him. Dr. Granger tells him it's useless to fight. They need him back. Zzzzzaaaaaappppppp! Make that Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bo doesn't think Steve will go to jail. Kayla tells him about Granger. They all go to spring Steve. Once again, and uneaten, unpaid-for dinner sits on a table at Chez Rouge.

Lizzie Borden keeps it up. Lucas stirs. Roone comes up behind Kate and grabs her arms before she can turn the door into toothpicks. Kate tells him to leave her alone, "I eat people like you for lunch." They both hold onto the axe and struggle. Kate suggests they both let go on the count of three. One... two... three... Kate snatches the axe. She escorts Roone downstairs to talk to the hotel manager.

Sami bawls, "A man is dying in there!" Sirens wail in the background. Sami cries, "Do you think he's suffering?"

Celeste says, "Evil never suffers. It only brings suffering. Like DOOL. Come on! We gotta get out of here. Follow me!" The fire rages.

Kate and Roone come back to the room. Roone can't believe the manager took Kate's side. He lets her in the room. Kate sees Lucas, "OMG! Call 911!" She rushes over to Lucas bedside.

Lucas is dazed, "Sami..."

"No, it's me," says Kate, "Your mom."

Lucas wakes up. He's confused. Nothing new about that. He wonders where Sami is. Kate wants to get him to a hospital. "What for," asks Lucas, "For sleeping?"

"No," says Kate, "Sami did something to you."

Gabby finds a note addressed to Shawn, and gives it to him. She heads downstairs. Shawn reads the note. Fortunately for Shawn, Belle wrote the note so most of the words only have one syllable.

"Dear Shawn, I feel like a coward not doing this in person, but I didn't want another argument. I'm doing this for Claire. The more you gave the more I took. We weren't partners. I started to feel pressure to be with you. Love shouldn't feel like paying a debt, so I got angry. It's time I grew up, so I'm going back to Salem where I can be with my mommy and my daddy and my teddy bear. I'll face whatever comes. You are a wonderful father. I hope you come back soon. We'll miss you. Belle."

Bo, Kayla and Stephanie bust into Steve's room. Steve sits on his bed like a zombie. No, like a statue of a zombie. Bo wants the statement. Nothing. Bo tells Steve he needs to talk, "Tell us what you know on Wells." Silence. More questions. More silence.

Finally, Patch drones, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Shawn surveys the room. He picks up a picture of Belle and Claire. Grab the hankies, folks, "I will not take my love away" plays in the background as Shawn remembers all of the wonderful moments he and Belle have shared on the island. It's a very, very short song.

Gabby comes back. She tells Shawn nobody has seen Belle and Claire. Shawn tells her Belle is headed back home.

The crew tries to get Steve to talk. Steve is clueless. Kayla finds an electrode burn on his forehead, "OMG!" Bo and Kayla head out to find the doctor. Stephanie stays behind. She apologizes for calling him a zombie.

"What's with all the stupid questions," asks the zombie.

"I have one that's not stupid," says Stephanie, "Do you love me?"

Stupefied Steve slurs, "I'm your father."

"Not an answer," snorts Stephanie, "If you do, tell me."

Steve screams, "CRUTIS! My daughter is ready to go!"

Stephanie tells him he has to tell what he knows about EJ, "If you love me, you'll do it."

Patch says, "I guess I don't love you."

Lucas wants to know what's going on, "Why is my mom in my bed? Where is the woman I love?"

Kate asks, "What did bridezilla do to you?" Lucas can't believe this. He asks what is going on. "I thought I was going to enjoy this more," says Kate.

"Enjoy what," asks Lucas. Kate tells him EJ and Sami have run off together.

"Have you been drinking," asks Lucas.

"No," says Kate, "Brandy Mathas. It's an anagram for Sami's name. Sami and EJ have eloped. That little witch is out of your life for good.


Lucas tries to soak it all in. Sami comes out of the bathroom wearing a robe, "Lucas I... what are you doing here, Kate?"

Kayla paces. Granger comes back with Bo. Kayla jumps all over the doctor and accuses him of electrocuting Steve. Dr. Granger goes into some diatribe about Steve's treatment. Bo snatches Steve's medical file from Dr. Granger's hand, "Cut the bull. What caused the burn marks on his forehead? He has been beaten."

"I'm aware of that," says Dr. Granger, "That's why Dr. Kraft was reassigned. There were staff issues. An orderly beat Steve. He was dismissed. I have warned my staff about aggression toward our patients."

Kayla asks about the shock treatments. Granger says they don't do that kind of thing in this venerable institution. Bo wants to know about the burn marks. Granger dodges the question. Kayla insists on being consulted. Granger won't allow that. Kayla threatens to move Steve out of the hospital. Granger says that's not possible. Judge Stern has appointed Dr. Granger to be Steve's medical guardian.

Stephanie works on Steve. She knows he loves them and won't push them away. Steve wants to sleep. He lies down and tells her to go.

Kate says she just talked to EJ. She knows Sami was there but EJ didn't tell her that straight out. Sami wonders what is going on. Kate nukes, "Don't give me your 'innocent' crap, you little tart. I know there was a struggle. I heard it on my phone. I heard a crash!"

Lucas thinks the crash was Kate's martini glass. Kate thinks she put her axe down prematurely. Lucas claims it's his fault for telling Kate where they would be staying. He tells Kate to take her axe and leave.

Sami admits she wanted Lucas out of it, "I guess it worked so well Paula Bunyan couldn't wake you up." She gives Lucas a robe and says she wanted him to sleep, so she put his phone on 'silent.'

Lucas tells Kate to get out. Kate won't leave until Sami explains how she ditched EJ and got back to the hotel room. World War III erupts.

The alarm on Lucas PDA goes off. He checks the reminder and says, "Oh, look, time to disown you again." He escorts Kate to the door and suggests she see a therapist. Kate blocks him from shutting the door. Sami enjoys the show.

Gabby can't figure how Belle left the island. She says they need a plan. "Plans are for wimps," says Shawn. Gabby insists she wants to help him.

Stephanie tells Patch about a girl she met in Ohio. Her dad died when she was two. They talked about growing up with just a mom around. Stephanie acted like she was all about that, but was faking it. She says when she was growing up, it felt like Patch was right there with them. She remembers how she used to imagine he was kissing her goodnight and saying, "Sweet dreams, my little Sweetness."

Patch tells her it's time to grow up. Stephanie says she and her mom won't give up on him.

Bo looks at the court order. Kayla threatens to move in lock stock and barrel, "You and EJ have tortured him for the last time."

Kate refuses to move. Sami tells Lucas to let her in. Lucas lets Kate back in for another round of bickering. Kate asks Sami where EJ is. Lucas intercedes, "He's in Nevada – Las Vegas."

Sami gets sarcastic. She admits it all, "I ran off with EJ after drugging Lucas. We went to Vegas, got married, and then I came back in time to take a shower."

Lucas asks Kate, "Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?"

"So ridiculous it's probably true," says Kate, "After all, this is DOOL."

Steve thinks Kayla is using Stephanie. Stephanie insists they want him to get better. "You know the friend in Ohio," asks Steve, "The one with the dead father? She's the lucky one."

Dr. Granger tells Kayla he will be restricting visitation. The court order lets him do that. Kayla threatens to get an attorney. Dr. Granger says she can do that, but he thinks that will interfere with his treatment. He says if she returns, he will have them escort her off the premises.

Suddenly, Stephanie comes flying out of Steve's room screaming, "I have to go home." Apparently, whatever Patch has is contagious. Kayla chases her down the hall.

Bo grabs Granger, "Give Elvis J. Wells a message for me. A court order won't keep us outta here."

Shawn blames himself for this mess. He says Gabby trying to kiss him was the best thing that could have happened. It forced him to wake up and know he loved Belle, "She needs to know she is the only one. Well, her and Jan and Mimi and Willow."

Gabby offers to be his personal island guide and help find them. Shawn agrees. He kisses her cheek, "You're gonna make some guy happy someday."

"Story of my life," says Gabby. She goes downstairs. Shawn picks up the picture and stares.

Lucas comes back into the room. He says he sent the ambulance away and refused treatment. Kate softens. She thinks she panicked. She swears Sami is involved with EJ, "She is hard-wired to self destruct and I don't want her to take you down with her. You're my child and..."

"I'm a man," says Lucas.

Kate gives her parting shot, "I will never stop protecting you, especially from the likes of her." She leaves.

"Well," says Sami, "She really knows how to make an exit. Lucas doesn’t want to talk about Kate. He hesitates. He says he has a ringing in his head, "It's almost drowning out the voices I hear all the time." Sami starts to get some medication. Lucas says, "No, I have everything I need right here." He kisses her as Sami flashes back to the fire.

Granger tells Bo he doesn't know EJ Wells. If that's the case, Bo wonders why he is marching to EJ's orders. Bo vows to be back. He slaps Granger in the chest with the stinkin' court order and leaves.

Patch lies in bed and hears someone come into his room, "Kayla, I said I don't want to see you."

Granger says, "Kayla and Stephanie left – defeated. You won't be seeing them for a while. Chin up – you still have us, and from the way you handled the situation it looks like we still have you. FF."



Stephanie tells Kayla, "I'm done giving him the power to hurt me. As far as I am concerned, my dad is dead."

Belle is on the phone with Marlena, "Mom, listen to me I really need you. You have to get me out of here. I wanna come home."

Bo says to Kayla, "You are not going to Italy to take on the DiMeras again... unless you take me."

Lucas tells Sami, "The cops and the firefighters found his car next to a cabin that burned to the ground. EJ Wells is dead."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so! DOOL did not kill off the only sexy man on the show did they? He must have somehow escaped.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't worry. you know he is just fine.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I don't think they'd kill off EJ and miss the opportunity for him to torment Sami the remaining 16 months of her pregnancy.

Speaking of Sami, why don't Lumi just get a restraining order against Kate?!??

Man, the brat and Sanjaya really DO look alike! And I LOL over Belle needing to realize she's the only one along with Jan, Mimi and Willow. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze to wake me up this morning. :D

8:27 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I don't think they'd kill off EJ and miss the opportunity for him to torment Sami the remaining 16 months of her pregnancy.


You're right. Death is a revolving door on this show. The last character on DOOL who died and stayed dead was Bob Anderson.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

ROFLMAO - After talking to Belle John realizes how lucky he is to be in a coma!

Also got a good laugh out of Lucas' PDA reminder to disown Kate. And what hotel would allow some crazed woman to go around with a ax, smashing in hotel doors??

I wonder if Stephanie's rose tatoo has anything to do with the fact that "Rose" is the last name of the actress who played Steph previously?

Great Monday Prevuze (and cool separated at birth picture)!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Lw Student 2011 said...

Hmm, I think the Rose tattoo is a play on the fact that Steve used to give Kayla yellow roses all the time.

16 months of pregancy (LMAO)

As for EJ, the cliche' The phoenix always rises from the ashes.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Puleeeze, EJ isn't dead. Is ANY DiMera really ever dead?
Besides Thaao Penghlis pretty much let the cat out of the bag on that one a week ago when he posted on his fansite that he will be comming back as Tony DiMera, and how fun it will be to confront his baby brother EJ.

While it may make sense that Tony is comming back, I can't wait for the inside jokes that will no doubt spring forth when Judi Evans
comes back on May 1st, not as Bonnie Lockhart, but as Steve's long lost sis, Adrienne. Wonder how she will explain where Justin is?

Again pointing out the oh so obvious, Sami seems to be having a 16 month pregnancy, while Willow seems to have found the Babytown express lane. They got pregnant around the same time, yet Willow looks like she's ready to drop any second.

Sami comming out of the bathroom on cue, once again takes advantage of that Salem time warp, that allows anyone to be anywhere in or around Salem in the blink of an eye.

Belle running home to mama is no great surprise. That girl might as well grab her pompons and head back to high school. She's never really grown up has she?

And speaking of grown up, did Stephanie buy those new boobies with her race winnings? She sure seems to like showing them off.

And finally, a reminder to Prevuze: Tom Horton has managed to stay dead as well.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so Sami was just chillin in the bathroom while a crazy person was hacking their way through the hotel door. Give me a break.
I wouldn't be able to take much more of DOOL if it weren't for Prevuze. Thanks!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Frog said...

Since Dr. Tom appeared to Alice several times as a ghostly guppy-like apparition (was it during the Salem Serial Killer thing?)even he sort of came back from the dead.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Lorinda said...

James Scott (EJ) is my only reason for watching DOOL anymore. He is simply beautiful and they would have to have absolutely no brains if they were to get rid of him. In one word - YUMMY! LOL!

2:26 PM  

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