Tuesday, April 24, 2007

EJ Is Toast

Marlena is at John's bedside shaving him and talking about Sami's wedding. John actually wakes up for a moment, but Marlena rambles on and bores him back into a coma. Marlena chatters, "Sami's having a green wedding. You know, back in the day, girls used to get married in their bare feet. Sami could do that and then she'd be barefoot and pregnant." Marlena wishes John could reassure her Belle is coming home soon. She needs him. She doesn't know how long she can go on without him.

Shawn and Gabby can't find hide nor hair of Claire or Belle. Gabby encourages him and says they have to check the caves.

Belle comes back to the room ready for a nap after a long, hard day of scaring the stuffing out of people. First, she has something important to do. She takes out her cell phone and calls the international operator, "The name of the town I want to call is Salem."

Kayla frets about Steve's situation. Bo eats like a hungry marine. He'll worry about Steve after dessert. Stephanie zones out. Bo says he will call Frankie to see what their legal options are with Dr. Granger, "Its probably true Wells has plans for Steve. If not, Steve would be dead."

Stephanie explodes. She tells them both to shut up and stop obsessing about it, "Dad doesn’t want any help. It's all crap!" Man. She comes home with a tattoo, dressed like a hooker and talking like one, too. "Are you willing to wait another sixteen years for him to come back? Are you really that desperate?"

Sami contemplates noting in particular. Lucas comes out and tells her it looks like she will be stuck with the mother-in-law from hell. Sami is used to it by now. She doesn’t care about Kate or anything else right now, "All that matters is we will be together and happy for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, EJ roasts.

Bo tells Stephanie to stop disrespecting her mom. Stephanie turns up the heat. She and Kayla argue about Steve's motives. Stephanie shouts, "If he told you to jump off a bridge..." Bo stops her short. Kayla insists Patch loves them both.

"What fairly tale are you living in," screams Stephanie, "He has turned his back on us!"

"I couldn't give up on him," says Kayla.

"Maybe you should try," yells Stephanie, "Your life is all about Papa. You give up everything to worry about a stranger who treats you like dirt!"


Stephanie recovers, "I'm not that little girl you used to tell bedtime stores to. My hero is nothing but a crazy man. And my other parent is fading away."

Lucas wonders what Sami has done with his fiancée. Sami says she didn't want Lucas to know how scared she was of not being worthy of his love, "I couldn't believe karma would let me be happy, but I've had a breakthrough. I saw that life and fate are on my side. We will have a truly wonderful future together."

Lucas can't believe Kate's antics with the axe transformed Sami like this. Sami says it happened before the incident with the axe.

"What," asks Lucas, "Did EJ get mowed down by a bus?"

The blood drains form Sami's face, "Why did you say that?"

Marlena rambles on. Her phone rings. Marlena is shocked, but she would recognize that whine anywhere. Belle tells her, "Mom, listen to me, I really need you. You have to get me out of here. I wanna come home."

They trade questions about how everyone is. Belle tells her she is on Tinda Lao. "I'm sick of the tide is rolling in and out and all these drunks."

Marlena says, "The important thing is you are safe... And alive... And as screwed up as ever."

Belle hits her stride. "I don't feel alive," she whines, "I feel abandoned. I didn't realize how much I'd be leaving behind. I have a life in Salem and I want it back."

"How does Shawn feel," asks Marlena.


"Oh, my poor baby," says Marlena, "You've run out of your supply of meds, haven't you?"

Sami wants to talk about something else. She wants to give something back. She wants a green honeymoon, "I want to go to New Orleans to help rebuild homes." Lucas thinks she is amazing.

Kayla and Bo will always be there for Stephanie. Bo tells her it takes self-control for him not to knock some sense into Steve. Stephanie tells them they haven't tried hard enough. They need to practice tough love. If her dad won't cooperate, they have to walk away.

Once again she turns her wrath on Kayla, "I was in Daytona for months and you never came to see me."

"That explains it," says Kayla, "I went to Dayton three times and I never could find you."

"It's not just me you're turning your back on," bawls Stephanie, "It's Grandma Jo and Aunt Kim. You hung up your MD for a man who spits on you." Kayla stops her. She knows she'll never walk away from Patch.

Stephanie has a meltdown, "He can't be farther from us than he already is. I'm done giving him the power to hurt me. As far as I am concerned, my dad is dead."

"Been there, done that," says Kayla.

You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on Marlena, "It sounds like you and Shawn aren't getting along too well."

"Not so much," says Belle, "I have nobody to blame but myself." Belle sucks herself into the vortex of self-pity, "While I was playing Ice Princess, Shawn found another woman. I think they hooked up last night."

"You think they hooked up," says Marlena, "Belle, when you think... how do I put this... the wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead. I don't think you're being fair to Shawn. You have to straighten things out with him. Claire has one too many fathers already. You have to make things right." John vegetates in the background.

Bo lectures Stephanie. She can't put her mom down like that, "She and your dad got married for better or for worse."

"I know that," says Stephanie, "But there are limits."

"And your mom will decide what those limits are," says Bo.

Stephanie says she wouldn't turn her life over to someone even if she loved that person, "That's not love, it's self destruction." She gets up and storms out of the restaurant.

Lucas and Sami officially decide to go to New Orleans for their honeymoon. That calls for roll in the hay.

Meanwhile, firemen explore the charred remains of the cabin of doom.

Sami and Lucas help put out the fire by using all the oxygen in town.

Belle asks Marlena to pass her info to Bo on the QT. Marlena wants to tell everyone. Belle wants her to keep things quiet. She tells Marlena about her dream about John and his magic coin. Marlena asks about the coin. Belle describes it. Marlena says it sounds like the coin they tossed into the fountain in Italy, "How could you know about that?"

Belle says, "It was in his right hand. Maybe it's still there. Kiss dad for me."

Marlena kisses him and then says goodbye. She looks at John's clenched right hand. Belle hides the cell phone and makes the bed. She takes the baby monitor and leaves the room. Outside, Belle finds a note by Gabby's door.

"Gabs – thanks for last night, Charlie."

Gabby comes up behind her, "I hope you find my mail as interesting as I do."

Sami and Lucas cuddle. Sami wonders if people can store up sex. "You mean like a squirrel stores up nuts for the winter," asks Lucas. She worries about being tired once the baby comes. Lucas thinks they can save some time for themselves. Sami thinks they should get started now. Round 2. Or is it 3?

Bo tells Kayla Stephanie was hurt, angry and confused. Kayla pouts, "The man I love and the daughter I adore are not speaking to me. But I'm not giving up on either of them." Bo says if they can connect Granger to the DiMeras, they will take action against him.

Kayla says, "That could take months. We have to do something now."

Sami and Lucas romp. Lucas phone rings. He looks at the caller ID and sees it is Roman.

"Why is my dad calling you," asks Sami.

"Probably to make sure we're not doing what we're doing," says Lucas.

Bo says, "You are not going to Italy to take on the DiMeras again... unless you take me." His phone rings. He checks his caller ID and sees it's Abe.

Lucas is on the phone, "Are you kidding me! I'll tell her right away."

Bo tells Kayla, "You're not gonna believe this. It's about EJ Wells."

Sami asks Lucas, "What about EJ?"

Lucas asks, "Remember when I made that crack about the bus? The cops and the firefighters found his car next to a cabin that burned to the ground. EJ Wells is dead, however, if I were you, I'd go ahead and send him an invitation to our wedding anyway. Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better... EJ is toast – literally." Lucas gets dressed. He's going up there to make sure EJ is dead.

"EJ is dead," asks Kayla. Bo says once they go through the rubble they will know. He and Kayla head for the cabin.

Sami doesn't want to go. Lucas tries to talk her into it. Lucas goes into the bathroom. Sami stares.

Gabby lectures Belle, "Do you get your kicks by torturing Shawn? How twisted is that?"

Belle asks, "You weren't with Shawn last night, were you?"

"No," says Gabby, "You don't get it do you. He spent the night on the beach. His heart belongs to his daughter and you. And you would rather play silly mind games."

"I have a silly mind," says Belle, "Silly mind games come naturally to me."

Up at the cabin the cops' radios chatter. Bo has Kayla stay back because she's only a girl and would interfere. He'll go in with the firemen and cops who are pros at messing things up. Sami and Lucas come up. Lucas can't believe it's the same cabin he was trapped in.

Marlena goes on and on. She tells John about Belle's dream. She asks John if they are losing him. Marlena looks at his clenched fist, "Could it be?"

Gabby tells Belle Shawn says he has no interest in her. "Was that before or after you kissed him," asks Belle.

Shawn comes up. He runs into the room and checks out Claire. Then, he gives Belle both barrels, "Nice of you to stop by and let us know you are alive. I spent the whole day looking for you and praying you were safe. Where were you?"

"I needed time," whines Belle, "Didn't you read my letter?"

"Ask Gabby," says Shawn.

Belle turns and sees Gabby in the doorway. She walks over and shuts the door in her face, "I don't need any explanation from her. This is about you and me."

Bo goes over the report with the firemen. One of them says, "The victim was EJ Wells."

Marlena takes John's hand, "Oh this is so crazy." She pries open his hand and sees the coin, "GASP! Oh, it's true! You're still here!"

Shawn doesn't want to fight any more, "I just want you to know..."

"I already know," says Belle, "You were right. It's time to lay all our cards out on the table. Personally, I'm playing Old Maid."

Kayla says no matter how evil he was it's hard to feel good about EJ dying. Lucas, on the other hand, is glad EJ is barbequed. Bo comes up and tells them there is no body in the rubble, "If EJ was in there he got out before the place went up in flames." FF Sami.


Kayla says, "We have got to get to Steve first." Bo says, "We're kinda outta options." Kayla says, "No! We're gonna bust Steve out of that place."

Belle says to Shawn, "We're being honest, right? There is something I have to tell you and I'm really afraid it might change everything."

Hope asks, "Did she say where they are?" Marlena says, "A place called Tinda Lao." Phillip watches and says, "BINGO!"


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great pictures today!! LOL at the law not meaning anything to Salem cops, all of Belch's "good times" on the island, Roman's "step back", and Patch's torture.

And I really loved Marlena saying "the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead" in reference to Belle. That is REALLY twisted. HAHAHAHA

Among John's many other talents (spy, business man, doctor, pilot, pawn) he obviously can also perform magic tricks in a coma. Otherwise, how did that stupid coin end up in his hand??

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

I loooove the pics today. I must say the Roman/Kate one is my favorite LOL.
applecheeks didn't you know that John is the only known coma magician?? LOL.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Otherwise, how did that stupid coin end up in his hand??

John probably believes he is dying and thinks he can take it with him.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So much for Marlena being discreet about Jr./Belle's whereabouts. And this whole coin thing - gag me!

Now why would any police force call people to come and traipse up to and possibly corrupt a crime scene? Oh yeah...this is the Salem PD.

Il still laughing over the best part of Pard's marriage. HAHAHAA

Excellent Prevuze today!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Jenni - you got that codependant thing right. LOL!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like things are finally getting moving in Steve and Kayla's story! I admire Kayla's loyalty, but I also wonder why she sticks with Steve. It's not like he's treated her well or anything. Mostly the opposite. So I understand where Stephanie's coming from all the way. Kayla needs to move on with her life, with or without Steve.

10:07 AM  

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