Friday, April 27, 2007

Meddling Bitch!

Shawn counts money and says they need to get a boat. Duck tells him he doesn't have enough to rent a kayak. Duck also says he can't help him with a loan. Shawn swears his dad will repay it if Duck helps. Duck doesn't believe that and says the fishing boats have gone for the day, "What is your damn hurry, anyway?"

Shawn says, "If we don't get off this island now, we could lose our daughter." Claire eavesdrops and prays for an extended stay.

Back in the room, Belle assures the little eavesdropper things will be OK. She hustles around the room throwing things into a travel bag. Someone knocks at the door. Belle opens it. PHILLIP!

The guards bring Willow into the visitation area to see Hope. Willow wants to know why Hope is really there. Hope tells her it's because Willow is having her son's baby. Willow suggests Hope maybe could post bail and drop charges if she's so concerned about Shawn's kid.

EJ is sprawled out unconscious on the toilet in the bathroom stall – not an inappropriate place for the steaming pant-load. Sami opens the stall door.

SCREAM! Lucas heads for the women's room. He bumps into Sami as she comes running out. Sami screams, "I SAW HIM! I SAW HIM!"

Hope says she can't drop the charges or bail Willow out. Willow denies she did anything and says she doesn't belong in there. Hope doesn't believe the jewels were planted. Willow nukes and says she is done with this conversation. She gets up to leave. Hope calls her back, "The audience hasn't suffered enough yet.".

"SURPRISE," says Phillip, "I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time."

"It's always is a bad time when you show up," says Belle. Belle tells him she won't let him take Claire. Phillip argues. Belle reminds him Claire is Shawn's biological child.

"DNA isn't everything," says Phillip. He tells her he can give Claire everything. He can't believe keeping Claire away from him and staying on Tinda Lao is what Belle really wants.

Belle stands at a table with a piping hot cup of coffee sitting on it. She picks it up, whirls around and chucks it into Phillip's face – the new one. The hot brew knocks Phillip off his feet, uh foot, and he reels backward as Belle scoops up Claire and runs out. Phillip rages, "DAMMIT, BELLE! You know I take it with cream."

Shawn gives Duck his word that his dad will repay the loan. Duck was born at night, but it wasn't last night. He advises Shawn to stop running. Shawn claims he wouldn't suggest he do that if he knew the dastardly, evil Phillip. Duck says all he really knows about Phillip is he fought for his country.

Belle rushes in carrying Claire and panicking. Shawn asks, "What happened?"

Phillip runs in and says, "I happened, you SOB."

Sami tells Lucas there was a creep standing in one of the stalls. She can't describe him. Lucas goes to check it out. Maggie tags along.

Kate asks Sami if she is OK, "You look a little green around the gills. I think that's carrying this green wedding thing a little too far." Kate sits her down. Sami huffs.

Lucas sneaks around the bathroom and picks up Sami's purse. The room is empty. Maggie says she didn't see anyone leave.

Quick-change artist EJ strolls into the hotel all decked out in his suit.

Celeste opens the door, "Where have you been?"

"I had business," says EJ.

"What about our business," asks Celeste, "I've done everything you asked."

"Yes," says EJ, "It all went perfectly, thanks to you."

Maggie wonders if Sami imagined it. Lucas doesn't know.

Kate brings Sami water. Sami says nothing is helping. She thinks she just needs a minute to collect herself. Lucas comes back and tells her they saw no one in the restroom. He suggests reporting this to the police. Sami refuses. She stands up and says she wants to go home. She starts to walk out and DOWN GOES SAMI. Lucas catches her and takes charge, "Wake up! Wake up, Sami."

EJ tells Celeste he is just getting warmed up. Celeste wonders why EJ must torment Sami like this. He thanks Celeste for the lip balm. It protected him from the poison lipstick. Celeste says she did as he asked. Now it's time for him to hold up his end of the bargain, "Where is my daughter Alexandra?"

Duck tells Shawn to back off. Gabby comes in and sees the ruckus. She tells Duck to call he police. Phillip says he already did. Gabby says when the sheriff gets there they will have Phillip arrested for trespassing. Phillip doesn't think so. He shows them the court order, "Shawn and Belle are wanted for kidnapping Claire and impersonating adults."

Hope doesn't want the baby born in jail or taken by CPS, "There is another option, though."

Willow asks, "What is the option?"

Hope says, "Sign over your parental rights to Bo and me."

Willow can't believe it. She accuses Hope of being worse than Phillip – wanting to take a kid from its mother. Hope says she doesn't want a child custody battle. She was hoping Willow would cooperate. She would still have a place in her child's life, and the child would have a good home.

Willow yells, "With the two people who railroaded me? Take your phony concern and get the hell out!"

Phillip runs through a litany of the kiddie corps' crimes. Shawn claims Phillip forced them to go on the run. Phillip pulls out the custody order and shows it to the sheriff. The sheriff looks it over, looks up and says, "You won't like what I have to say."

EJ is so satisfied about the way today turned out. Celeste asks what is satisfying about being soaked in gas and nearly burned. "You have no sense of romance," says EJ, "Sami obviously has feelings for me." Quick! Somebody call Hallmark! There's a great idea for a new card, "I love you so much I didn't burn you to death today."

Lucas carries Sami out of the restaurant.

Celeste tells EJ he is truly sick, "She was ready to murder you."

"But she didn't," says EJ, "Because she couldn't."

Celeste thinks that was a ridiculous test. EJ says he couldn't plan a future with the mother of his child until he knew he could trust her, "She couldn't go through with it because she couldn’t find it in her heart. That makes what I have to do even more difficult."

Kate sneaks around in the restroom. She finds EJ's business card, "What do you know?"

Hope says all the evidence points to Willow. Willow says that gives Hope no right to take the baby. Hope says it's Shawn's baby, too. She tells Willow to stop using the baby as leverage and start acting like a mother. Willow doesn't see what she is doing as using the baby. She sees it as survival.

Hope tells her she will go to the courts and petition for custody.

The sheriff says Shawn doesn't have to turn Claire over, "There is no extradition treaty with the US on Tinda Lao." The sheriff leaves. Claire phones her senator.

Shawn tells Phillip to go home. Phillip says he isn't leaving without Claire. He goes over to Duck and pulls out his American Express card, "Daddy's money – don't leave home without it. I'd like to rent a room, please."

Dr. Jacobs says the baby is OK, but Sami's BP has gone trough the roof, "She could wind up bedridden for the entire pregnancy." Lucas asks if he can take Sami home. "What part of 'bedridden for the entire pregnancy' confuses you," asks Dr. Jacobs, "There is an audiologist on the second floor."

Sami calls Celeste and leaves a voice message. Kate walks into Sami's room. Sami hangs up and tells her she shouldn't be there. Kate shows Sami EJ's business card, "Looks like EJ was the man in the ladies room with you, wasn't he?"

EJ won't tell Celeste where Lexie is. Celeste attacks him. He grabs her and tells her to calm down. He says he will tell after the wedding. He needs insurance she won't wake up and decide to be some kind of hero.

Kate wonders why Sami didn't tell anyone it was EJ in the restroom. Sami says, "Whoever it was took me by surprise. I don't care what you believe, I know what I didn't see. Kate thinks Sami is endangering the baby. Sami says that is what Kate is doing by being there. Kate thinks something strange is going on. She thinks Lucas was in the hotel room out cold while Sami was out cavorting with EJ. Kate asks when and how the fire started.

Sami breaks down, "You meddling bitch! Leave me alone!"

Hope works on Willow. She wonders if Willow doesn't want better for her child than she had. Willow insists she doesn't belong in jail, "Chelsea did it, and I am not changing my mind."

"Bo and I will see you in court," says Hope. She walks out.

Gabby tells Duck he can't let Phillip stay there. Duck says Phillip offered triple the rate. Gabby can't believe it. She thinks Duck is just being greedy. Duck says he is trying to keep a roof over their heads.

Phillip tells Duck Titan will wire the money, and he'll give him a big cash advance.

Belle takes Phillip aside. He tells her he will be watching them. Eventually, he will have his chance. He will take Claire and Belle will never see her again.

Belle slaps him with all the force of a butterfly landing on a screen in a soft summer breeze, "I hate you. I hate what you have become – A bionic pain in the butt. You will never get your hands on my daughter." She can't believe she ever loved him.

"You didn't, Belle," says Phillip, "We both know that.

"What ever happened to that person I married," asks Belle.

"He's still here," says Phillip, "Well, ¾ of him, anyway." Phillip walks over to the bar and gives Duck some cash to secure the room. Phillip and Duck bond because they were both soldiers. Phillip tells him he had two tours and plans to keep going back until the body parts run out.

Belle tells him he re-enlisted because he was running from something. Everyone agrees, Belle is definitely worth running from.

Duck tells Phillip to stop by and swap a few war stories. Phillip says he would like that.

Celeste says, "If it weren't for Alexandra I would have lit the fire myself and roasted marshmallows over your flaming corpse. Sami's child could be yours and every time you send her through hell you put her pregnancy in jeopardy. What kind of father does that?"

Sami refuses to be interrogated. Kate insists something went on in the hotel room. She wants to know what EJ is holding over her. Sami nukes. The graphs on her machines look like the Pyrenees Mountains and they play a symphony of beeps and sirens. Lucas walks in and tosses Kate into the hallway so hard she bounces twice. Sami bawls.

Maggie finds Hope at Chez Rouge. Hope tells her about the visit with Willow. Maggie advises Hope. She says Hope should be concerned. She shouldn't let Willow manipulate her, "You've got to fight this thing in court. I wish I knew a good lawyer. Willow is right where she needs to be."

The guard tells Willow to make it quick. Willow says she just needs to speak with her "doctor" for a few minutes. The guard leaves and Willow dials, "Nick, it's me. I need you to come down here right away. It's a matter of life and death."

Belle and Shawn stand outside the door to their room. Claire fusses. Belle wonders what they are going to do. Shawn only knows Phillip won't get Claire.

"Hey neighbors," says Mr. Rogers, "I'm just here to say goodnight to Claire. And you can forget sneaking out. I will be watching you."

PrevuzeLucas tells Sami to think nothing but good thoughts. He tells her to close her eyes. He takes a jewelry box out of his pocket and says, "When we are at the altar I will promise to love, honor and cherish you for all the Days Of Our Lives." He slips a diamond ring on her finger, "Open your eyes."

Sami opens her eyes and sees Plymouth Rock, "OMG! Lucas!" Lucas says their green theme inspired him to buy this one. "Tacori," gasps Sami, "When they mine their diamonds they ravage the earth in an environmentally friendly way."

EJ tells Celeste, "Shut up if you want to see your daughter."

"How do I know I can trust you," asks Celeste.

"You don't," says EJ, "At least that puts us on even ground. Bye-bye." He gets into the elevator.

Celeste makes a call, "Hello, Sami, it is me. I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to get in touch with EJ. He has disappeared. Kate pokes her head out of a doorway and watches.


Stephanie asks Kayla, "What if you're wrong about papa? What if he really is crazy, and you're just too afraid to admit it?"

Willow tells Nick, "So you can tell your cousin Hope I will never turn my back on this baby."

Kayla says, "I have to warn you, Adrienne, If you decide to help Steve, you'll put your life on the line." Bonnienne says, "I'll do whatever it takes to get my brother out of that place."

EJ holds a hypo the size of Tinda Lao in front of Sami and says, "This is the final act in our little play."


Anonymous LawStudent 2011 said...

Just visualizing Celeste roasting marshmallows over EJ.....LOL. I wonder if she was planning on smores. I don't think that I would trust Celeste with a 20 foot pole. Anyone else?? Loved the You can't use that pic with Kate.

Thanks Guys, great as always.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

"Claire phones her senator" LMAO!Loved the picture of Willow and her not wanting to sign anything. I can't believe how you gave away a future storyline...but you forgot to mention one thing...Willow's baby will be OLDER than Ciara by the time they meet up. Plenty of laughs this morning...Thanks!

5:19 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

DOOLism of the day:
Phillip tells Belle he can give Claire everything. He can't believe keeping Claire away from him and staying on Tinda Lao is what Belle really wants. No Phil, Belle jumped off the cruise ship and hid out on a desert island because she's just playing hard-to-get

How the hell many diamond rings does one woman need. What's that make 3 or 4 Lucas has given Sami now? He must have been watching Ron White and picked up on the the joke he tells about diamonds "The DeBeers company has come up with the best one yet. "Diamonds, render her speechless" Why don't they say what they really mean? Diamonds...that'll shut her up." Maybe he should give one to Kate.

How many babies does Hope need? What's she going to do next? Get custody of Claire and then Sami's baby? Is sex with Bo that bad that she just can't crank out a few more of her own?

Pssst Shawn, Phillip knows where you are now. I think it's okay to call home and get some money wired to you and Dumb-Belle so you two can quit pretending to be broke. And on that note, how is Claire getting her anti-rejection meds?
Wouldn't she be up for a re-fill by now? They can't be cheap.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Tamela said...

How is Nick related to Hope? I missed it when he first started so I don’t know who he “belongs to”. I have to tell you that I enjoy reading your daily posts a lot better than actually watching the show. I always laugh at the stuff you throw in. thanks and keep up the good work!

5:45 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hi, guys! I've been reading Prevuze for ages, but this is my first post. I just love this blog!! I went through withdrawal during the span when they changed their service and you weren't able to post.

Three things --
1. Maybe I'm just not up to date, but what does the "SSK" mean after Marlena's name on the axe?

2. Tamela - Nick is Marie Horton's grandson; Marie Horton is Hope's mother's (Addie Horton) sister. That makes Nick Hope's second cousin, I think (any geneologists out there??).

3. Deb - bad form bringing up the anti-rejection meds!! We all know logic has no place in soaps, especially DOOL!!! Actually, I'm with you -- that's the first thing I thought of when they fled to Canada -- I was hoping one of those suitcases was stuffed with her med bottles!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cfish - SSK - Salem Serial Killer

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick is actually Hope's first cousin, once removed. Nick and Shawn are second cousins as are Nick and Abby. It has to due with what generation line they are all on. Hope is not in the same one as Nick as illustrated below.

Start with Tom and Alice
Their children: Tom Jr., Mickey, Bill, Addie, and Marie.
Grandchildren: Sandy, Melissa (adopted), Sarah (adopted I think, she is really the daughter of Maggie and Neil Curtis?), Mike, Jennifer, Lucas, Julie, Steve, Hope, Jessica.
Great-grandchildren: Jeremy, Abby, Jack Jr., Will, David, Shawn, Ciara, Nick.
Great-greatgrandchild: Claire, Scotty

(Some of these characters were only on way before I started watching and I have only read about them in the Days book that came out in 1995. If I missed anyone, sorry [I did nearly forget to put Lucas, Will and Claire on there.])

7:05 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

Please don't forget Zach...

7:20 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Great comments so far! I'm going to have to get me one of those DOOL history books.

I've also GOT to get a job like Lucas' - - go to work once a year and be able to go out and buy huge diamonds.

I LOL over the new Hallmark card, Maggie wishing she knew a good lawyer and ravaging the earth in a friendly way. HAHAHAHHA

Prevuze, you're too much! Great Friday edition. :D

8:04 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I agree logic has no place on soaps, espcially DOOL, but if you remember
Belle actually brought up Claire's meds (or lack there of) while they were stranded on the first island.

It was one of the many things she was panicking about when Claire had the little boo boo on her finger.

"OMG Shawn she's bleeding!!!!!!"
She was dangerously close to losing a WHOLE DROP of blood!!!!!!

And just in case anyone, or everyone, is confused about who made who in the Horton clan here's a link to the Horton family tree.

It's only slightly less confusing than the Brady family tree.

Much thanks to Beth's Days Page for those.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous ZYZYX said...

Who on earth is "Scotty" ??

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

momofdana, I apologize for not listing Zach. I have no idea how I forgot about him.

Thanks for the link deb. I never knew that there was a Spencer Olson. The only reason why I can remember there was a Steve Olson is because at one point he was played by the guy who was Cass on Another World.

zyzyx, Scotty Banning was Julie's grandson by her son David. I think he was born in the late 1970s and was briefly on in the early 90s. He was played by Rick Hearst, who has been Alan-Michael Spaulding on Guiding Light and is currently Ric on General Hospital.

9:23 AM  
Blogger doolfanatic said...

The hot brew knocks Phillip off his feet, uh foot


10:22 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

EJ forcing Celeste to get Sami into this murder plot...I must say, for all the decades, yes, decades that I've watched this show I didn't see that one coming. At least it clears up a lot of the "what the heck?" plot points like the lipstick not affecting EJ and why Celeste didn't light a match herself.

My question - what would have EJ have done if Sami had tossed a lit match on his gas-soaked body??

Loved all the pictures - especially the SSK memorial ax. HAHAHA

10:46 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

My question - what would have EJ have done if Sami had tossed a lit match on his gas-soaked body??

Uh, this is only a wild guess but - gone up in flames like a dry twig on the surface of the sun??

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

We all know how this is going to turn out. Sami isn't going to die (he might kidnap her and make people believe she's dead) or they'll think EJ died but he'll come back to life in due time. I hope EJ stays because he's actually pretty hot with the British accent. There are slim pickings for men on DOOL. Lucas is about the only cute one on there besides EJ, but he's too short.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, to reminisce about the good old SSK days. Classic Prevuisms back then - like the picture of Tony with Sigfried and Roy and the big billboard with Marlena dressed up as the SSK that said 'SALEM PD - GOT A CLUE NOW?' know something's great when you still get a chuckle from something that long ago.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did they show Adrienne in the previews? I heard she was a brunette now. Can't wait to see. Good to have her back, now if only we could get Kim back.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Did they show Adrienne in the previews? I heard she was a brunette now.

They showed her in the previews and she is a subtle redhead in those. It could be the weird lighting they use in their previews, though. Looking at a still, I'd say probably a brunette with strange lighting.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze is sooo funny! I LOVE the comments written BY Claire... I actually have to laugh out loud! Usually you can pinpoint each and every move DOOL will make with their storylines - man, I have to admit - they got me with the 'Celeste helping EJ'. That's CRAZY!
I loved the comment about 'how many babies does Hope need' WOW - Maybe they should have added an extra room on the house for a daycare center...

Keep up the GREAT work... You guys ROCK!!!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...Scotty. I have watched days for about 30 years. It's great to be reminded of old story lines. I remember the whole David Banning and Trish story. If I remember right, they lived in the apartment that has the roof access. Sami was the latest to live there. Boy, I'm getting old!

7:23 PM  

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