Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Anagram

Max and the brat romp like a couple of hormone-crazed teenage minks. She rips off his jacket. He stops her, slams her down onto the couch and tells her to cool it. "Why did you do that," asks the brat.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing," says Max.

Roman's in a rush for the brush. He tells Willow he knows she took it.
Nick looks on.

Kate slams a laptop lid in frustration. Will wonders what she is up to. She tells him she's trying to get info on Brandy Mathas, but isn't having much luck on the Internet. Will thinks the name is awfully familiar.

Sami picks up her phone message from EJ. He says he's leaving for the cabin. Lucas wants to know what she's doing. "Just getting messages," says Sami.

Lucas says, "Tonight is all about you and me. All alone. All... night... long..." Lucas smooches while Sami stares at her phone.

Phillip meets EJ at Chez Rouge. EJ tells him this isn't a good time. Phillip says there has been a change in plans. "By whose authority," asks EJ.

Phillip sneers, "Mine."

Lucas tells Sami there is a surprise coming from room service – Chocolate fondue and whipped-cream, "Lots of whipped cream." Sami is distant. Lucas says he gets the feeling Sami isn't into this. Sami claims she is. She decides she wants to take a shower. That's fine with Lucas. He'll be happy to join her. Sami's phone rings. Lucas blows his stack when Sami decides to answer it. Sami looks at the message and says her mom needs to talk to her. Lucas leaves. Sami rushes out into the hall where Celeste is waiting for her.

"This isn't going to happen," says Sami.

Roman tells Willow the brush is gone. He thinks she took it because her DNA is on it. Willow insists that isn't true. Nick steps in, "Roman! Leave her alone!" Roman is so stunned he actually forgets to tear Nick limb from limb.

Sami tells Celeste her life is over. Lucas has planned the entire evening. She can't get out of it. Celeste says, "Actually you can." She suggests using the special Acupain lipstick on Lucas, "One kiss and he will be out.

Sami says, "I am not drugging my fiancée." Celeste holds up the special lipstick tube and says, "Oh but you are, dear. You don't have a choice."

Kate and Will play scrabble. He wins and goes for a soda to celebrate. Kate tinkers around with the letters... Brandy Mathas...

EJ and Phillip argue. Phillip wants the phone and converter before EJ leaves town. EJ asks, "What are you gonna do if I don't give it to you?"

Phillip says, "I'll take it from you. And as my broken body lies on the floor I will clutch it so tight you will never get it back."

Kate plays with the name. "Brandy Mathas"... switch-switch-switch... "Samantha Brady." Kate gasps, "OMG!"

The brat wishes Max good luck with his relationship with Abby while Maggie chaperones. Max wants to know what is going on, "What did you do this time?"

"My life is disintegrating," says the brat, "and you think I did something terrible. It was Abby and Nick that screwed up."

Roman comes out of his stupor, "'Scuse me Nick?" Nick realizes he might want to back off just a tad before Roman mops the floor with him. He tells Roman what he meant was just because the brush was reported missing this morning doesn't mean it was stolen.

Willow proclaims her innocence and insists she didn't take the brush. She jumps out of bed, yanks off her nightgown and says, "You can do a strip search all by yourself. You won't find anything here, commissioner."

Roman takes a good long look, "You're absolutely right about that."

Young Nick looks away and then, what the hell... Nick stares like a dog looking at a plate full of t-bones.

Phillip says he will do whatever it takes to find his daughter. He says he has been above board with EJ, and now it's EJ's turn to trust him. EJ decides to let Phillip's little threat slide. He tells Phillip, "You don't have the upper hand. You'd better not pull a fast one. You don't want to cross a DiMera."

Phillip says, "I've lost a leg, had my face rearranged, had my heart broken and, worst of all, been married to Belle. There is nothing you can throw at me."

"There is always something," says EJ, " Let's hope we don't have to find out what that is."

Sami insists she won't drug Lucas. Celeste works on her, "Lucas will fall asleep and you will be back before he knows you are gone."

"Oh, yeah," says Sami, "I'll just run out and murder someone and be right back."

"It's not murder," says Celeste, "It's justice."

An announcement comes over the loudspeaker, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Sami's brain has left the building." "OK," says Sami, "Give me 20 minutes. I'll meet you downstairs."

"You're doing the right thing," says Celeste. She leaves and Sami goes back inside.

Kate stares at Sami's name on her scrabble tray, "That little bitch!" <Sling! Will witnesses the childish display and asks what granny is up to. Kate says she has to go prove to someone that she was right.

Chelsea offers Max another beer and gets one for herself. Max stops her from drinking it, "What did Abby do that was so terrible?" Chelsea tells him Nick has done two horrible things to her, Abby knew about both of them and never told her or warned her.

"So you thought you'd pay her back by jumping my bones," says Max.

"You must think I am a total nutcase," says the brat.

"I think you're pretty normal," says Max, "But, then again, this is Salem."

Roman orders Willow, "Put your gown back on."

"Don't be so hasty," says Nick.

"You don't know what you're missing," says Willow.

"I think I know," says Roman, "And not only that, I'm allergic to penicillin. You're a sad, angry girl trying to get your way. I know what you're trying to do."

Roman leaves. Nick closes the door. Willow says, "He's right. I'm pathetic and totally screwed. That brush was my ticket out of this mess. Now I'm having my baby in prison."

"No," says Nick, "I'm gonna fix this right now."

Roman sends an officer in to search Willow's room. Nick comes out and tells him Willow didn't take the brush. "When did you become Willow's best friend," asks Roman.

Lucas comes out and asks Sami, "What happened to you?" Sami says she was talking to her mom. Lucas says he likes Sami's new lip dross. He sits her down, starts to kiss her, but hesitates. He asks if something is bothering her.

"Nothing," says Sami, "I'm just nervous about my mom. I'm all yours."

Lucas starts to kiss her but hesitates again. He decides he's peeved that room service hasn't shown up. He calls and gripes about it while Sami looks at herself in the mirror. Oh, the angst!

Lucas gets off the phone and they get back together. Closer... closer... closer...

Sami pulls aback and tells him she loves him. Just as she heads in for the kill, there is a knock at the door. Who else – Kate.

Phillip takes the equipment from EJ, "It looks complicated." EJ suggests maybe Will can help him sort it out.

Max thinks it's normal to want payback. He thinks Abby isn't trying to hurt Chelsea. He asks if the situation were reversed, would Chelsea want to protect Abby, "Cut her some slack." The brat thinks maybe she overreacted a little. She babbles on about Billie and Nick's little peccadillo.

Max jumps like a bullfrog on a hot skillet, "WHAT?"

"I thought you knew," says Chelsea.

Roman thinks Nick is too close to the situation, "That girl is trouble. Are you familiar with the legend of the scorpion and the frog?"

"Yeah," says Nick, "Patrick told me that one."

Roman says, "As wounded as she is, she is still a scorpion. She can't help it."

Lucas wants Kate to leave. Kate says this is something that can't wait, "I need to talk to you about Myth-Ick's media conference. It's urgent." Hotlips tells Lucas to go ahead, and she will take a shower.

Sami heads for the shower and turns on the water. Kate tells Lucas she doesn't trust Sami at all and wants to talk in the hallway.

After they leave the room, Sami comes out and listens through the door.

The police officer finishes searching Willow's room and calls on her radio to tell Roman the room is clean. Nick brings Willow food. Willow apologizes for flashing him. "No problem," says Nick, "The brush wasn't here. You're off the hook."

Willow insists she will still take the fall for whoever really stole it, "I think I know who it is."

Chelsea can't believe Max didn't know about Billie and Nick.

"Nick and your mom," says Max, "That's pretty twisted. Was it an affair?"

"I don't know," says the brat, "They claim it only happened once."

Max tells her she can't let it ruin her life. The brat wonders how far she's come. She thinks her antics of this evening prove she hasn't come very far. "I won't tell if you won't," says Max, "You need to take responsibility for your own life starting right now."

Sami listens through the door. Kate tells Lucas she pried a little bit and found out more about the mystery woman EJ is going to marry. Lucas just wants her to shut up and leave.

EJ wants Will to show Phillip how to use the equipment. Will invites Phillip in, but not EJ.

Inside the room, Sami's phone rings. Meanwhile, Kate tells Lucas about the Brandy Mathas, "It's an anagram, Lucas."

Celeste is on the phone. She asks Sami if she has done it.

Lucas doesn't get it. Kate is used to this, so she very carefully explains things, "Brandy Mathis... Sami Brady... now do you get it?"

Sami tells Celeste Kate showed up.

Lucas insists this can't be happening – he denies all of it. He thinks it's EJ's retaliation for Lucas accusing him of cooking the books.

Kate is stunned, "You told him about that?"


Kate wonders if Lucas really is her kid, "That wasn't very bright."

"Your point?" Lucas tells her she's being played for a fool. I guess it takes one to recognize one.

The brat claims she can't just move on. Max tells her to get a new job – away from Nick. "Maybe I should ditch Abby too," says the brat.

Willow thinks Chelsea took the brush. Nick insists it wasn't Chelsea. "Then she had someone do it for her," says Willow.

Lucas claims Kate and EJ are both insane. He says he isn't going to say a word to Sami about this, "I just want to have a romantic evening with her tonight just like we will have for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Lucas starts to go back inside. Sami runs back to the shower. Kate stops him and says Sami is going to Vegas with EJ, "Sami is leaving this hotel room tonight and she's going to marry EJ." Lucas doesn't want to listen to any more of her garbage.

He goes back inside the room, and Sami comes out of the bathroom, "Is everything all right?"

Max promises he won't say anything to Abby about this evening. Hugs. "You're a good friend," says the brat, "I know what I have to do now."


"Don't worry about it," she says, "I will be fine."

Nick doesn't know who Chelsea would have gotten go steal the brush.

"For a minute I thought it was you," says Willow, "But you're such a boy scout. Nick says he isn't a boy scout, but will do his good deed and check on her tomorrow. He assures her things will be OK. Willow says she's never had good luck so she doesn't think things will change now.

Nick goes outside and agonizes, "What the hell have I done?"

EJ bumps into Kate in the hallway of his apartment. He says he's headed for the airport. "I'm on to you," says Kate. Brandy Mathas... Sami Brady... They're the same person. I don't know what you have planned but I don't think it will work out. Sami's with Lucas right now."

"I guess we'll have to see about that, won't we," says EJ, "I'm gonna miss you."

EJ leaves. Kate goes into Sami's apartment and finds Phillip and Will at work. Will tells her EJ was there too, "But tell Mom I didn't let him in so she doesn't have a cow."

Will leaves to do homework. Kate grills Phillip, "Why are you so chummy with EJ?"

Lucas dismisses his conversation with Kate, "I'll bet you don't have anything on under your robe, and you're wearing that killer lipstick. He pours his heart out to her, "We're in this thing 'till death do us part. I love you and only you. I will never let anyone come between us."

"This is the part where you kiss the bride," says Sami. Goodbye Lucas. Kiss. FF.



Kate says, "You have to tell me what the two of you are up to." Phillip says, "I can't stop it, Mom."

Belle says, "I don't trust her." Shawn says, "I'm starting to feel like you don't trust me."

Willow asks Nick and Chelsea, "Which one of you came up with the brilliant idea of stealing the hairbrush from the lab?

Sami says, "I'm a woman. I have needs." EJ says, "I think that you're playing me for a fool."


Blogger Vampire Bear said...

I wonder if people in Salem are aware that there are other ways they can express being tricked other than "being played for a fool". Huh.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I wonder if people in Salem are aware that there are other ways they can express being tricked other than "being played for a fool". Huh.

The thing is, they're all so used to being fools they just can't seem to put it any other way.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Max told the brat to get a new job away from Nick. When was she ever at the old one?!??

LOL over Don Ho, the worst thing ever happening to Phil was being married to Belle and especially Will working more than Lucas. SO TRUE. HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today!!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Well, Bulldog trumped all my comments. LOL I'll just have to add I burst out laughing when I got to Bulldog's picture of Billie's "luggage tag" necklace. Good one!

Wonder if Kate will park herself outside the hotel and follow Sami to EJ? You'd think that's where Kate would be if she thinks Sami is going to leave the hotel room and go somewhere. [And how did Kate know where Lumi were, anyway?]

Great Prevuze!

9:23 AM  
Anonymous doolfan65 said...

DOOL writes can't spell either. Brandy Mathas does not have enough a's to be Samantha Brady:)

10:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

DOOL writes can't spell either. Brandy Mathas does not have enough a's to be Samantha Brady:)

We were in the middle of doing a moving picture which would move all the letters of "Brandy Mathas" to "Samantha Brady" when we noticed it wouldn't work because there was an extra "a" in Sami's name. So we scrapped the idea of the picture.

12:23 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

i think the best line by far for this episode was the exchange between ej and will:

"My mom reamed me for taking that 200 bucks from you."
"Disgusting! you earned that money!"

maybe ej and i have the same dirty train of thought, but i thought that was hilarious.

--jenni(had to post as anonymous, i've had tons of problems with google/blogger recognizing my password).

6:42 AM  

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