Monday, March 19, 2007

Statue Of Elvis Found On Mars

Belle sleeps. She stretches and turns to see Shawn crumpled up and sleeping on a chair. Shawn watches her as she gets up and checks Claire. "Claire's fever is gone," says Belle, "It's a miracle."

Belle tells Shawn he did a good job building that raft and getting Claire and her to safety. "'Twasn't nuthin, ma'am," drawls Shawn. Belle chuckles and wants to know why men always dodge compliments like they're hand grenades. "'Cause some of us cain't tell the dif'ernce 'tween a compleyent and a haind gernade," he twangs.

Shawn still isn't sure about staying at the hotel. He says they won't be there much longer. Shawn starts to head downstairs. Belle says when he sees Gabby, he should request a room with two beds.

The brat tells Willow she's not messing around with her. Willow lobs insults, "Has anyone ever mentioned to you that your hair not your best friend?"

"I don't understand exactly what you mean by that," says Chelsea, "but if Nick heard you say it, he would kill you." The brat won't let Willow take advantage of Nick.

"You'll have a hard time helping Nick from your prison cell," snipes Willow.

Marlena and Kayla tail Patch and Billie. Marlena wonders what they will do if they find them. "We'll do what we always do," says Kayla, "We'll talk him into submission and bore the audience to death in the process." Kayla hopes Patch will turn himself in. She doesn't want to call the police and won't abandon him.

Patch carries Billie into a room and tosses her onto a bed. The outskirts of Salem is the nation's capital of abandoned cabins. He curses her for not pulling over, "Why did you have to fight me? I gotta leave you here. I can't go back to that place. I just can't."

Patch covers her and says, "Someone will show up. This is all your fault because you left the map behind. If someone doesn't find you, it's your own damn fault. I'm sorry." He leaves.

Shawn doesn't think their sleeping arrangement is anyone's business. Next time they are on the run he will book a suite in advance. Belle says, "I don't think this is about requesting another room. I think this is about Gabby and Duck not knowing you're man enough to take care of business." The referee separates them and penalizes Belle for hitting below the belt.

Willow taunts the brat about burning down Bo and Hope's house. The brat argues with her, "When did you become so interested in current events?"

"Well," says Willow, "I have to keep up with Nick."

"Oh, yeah, that's right," says the brat, "There's a bunch of stuff going around in the tabloids. Let's see... 'Statue Of Elvis Found On Mars...' or maybe you were looking for your own name under, 'Police Crack Down On Streetwalkers...'"

"At least I didn't burn down anyone's house," says Willow.

"Oh," says Chelsea, "I see. You and Shawn were just having an indoor BBQ."

"Laugh your butt off to your holding cell," says Willow, "But I heard that you're the suspected pyro."

Chelsea says, "Which is so untrue."

Willow asks, "Is daddy covering for you again?"

Kayla insists no one will get hurt. She knows Steve, and a police trap isn't the answer. A Budweiser trap, however... She defends Steve. Marlena says the fact is he is dangerous. "I know that," says Kayla, but I see the light in his eyes. It comes in through the hole in the back of his head." Kayla wonders why EJ isn't behind bars, "How many more lives does EJ have to ruin before someone stops him. Maybe I'm going to have to be the one to stop him."

Billie stirs and wakes with a headache, "Where am I?" She calls for Steve, grabs her head, grimaces and falls back in a heap on the bed.

Shawn says this has nothing to do with his ego. He's afraid of being caught. Belle doesn't think Victor could find them on the island and tells him to chill, "No one around here is allowed to be hysterical but me." Belle knows what is at stake, but she thinks she has proven she can handle herself.

"Everything except sleeping in the same room with me," says Shawn, "From now on I'll sleep outside."

The battle of the brats continues. Chelsea insists her daddy isn't covering for her. Willow thinks once they put her away, Nick will be lonely for about a minute and a half. Chelsea tosses a comeback, "Yeah, well, you're the queen of one night stands, so you should know about loneliness."

Willow says she wasn't making a play for Nick, "Nick came up to me. He asked me what was wrong."

"Because you were crying crocodile tears," says Chelsea, "You were nothing but his good deed for the day, so back off."

"Stop with your empty threats," says Willow, "He's already asked Mickey to get me into public housing. There is nothing Nick won't do for me."

Patch wipes Billie's forehead with a wet rag. Billie says she thought he left. He says just for a minute. She thanks him for staying to help. He tells her the car flipped. It's in a ravine and will need a tow. "There goes my deductible," asks Billie, "Who gave me a tow?"

"I did."

"You shoulda left," says Billie, "The cops will be after you." Patch just wanted to make sure she is OK, "That's me. Mr. compassion."

"That's exactly who you are," says Billie.

Marlena knows the evil the DiMeras are capable of. "Gee, thanks for the pep talk," says Kayla, "But I'm not afraid of them."

"Maybe you should be," says Marlena.

Belle says Shawn can't sleep outside. He might get wet if it rains. She says Gabby and Duck aren't threats. Shawn claims he isn't a threat to her, either. He's been risking his life for her and Claire but she can't stand to sleep in the same room and he doesn't know what he did to deserve that.

Patch has lit a fire in the fireplace. Billie admits she deliberately left the map for someone to find. Patch could have hitchhiked to Canada by now.

"Hitchhiking is dangerous," says Patch, "You never know who might pick you up. Maybe some psycho like me. I gotta go." Billie asks how he will escape from something that is already a part of him.

Kayla thinks EJ deserves whatever punishment she gives him. Marlena loves her husband as much as Kayla loves Steve, but she knows revenge won't bring him back, "Only DOOL writers can do that." Kayla says she is talking about justice. She thought Marlena was going along with her. Marlena doesn't want someone to get killed in a vendetta. She cares about Steve but she will not stand by and let Kayla protect him, "If he endangers other people's lives I am not on your side."

Belle's feelings haven't changed, "I'm just as confused as the day we left Salem. What happens to us when things get back to normal?"

"You being confused is normal," says Shawn, " For the record, you weren't too confused about how you felt on the island."

"Because we snuggled," says Belle, "That was body heat survival."

"You can't tell me it was all about survival," says Shawn.

"That's because you're a guy," says Belle, "With you it's all about sex."

"I care about you and Claire," says Shawn. Belle knows he has proven it a hundred different ways. She just needs a few days to make sure Phillip isn't gaining on them. For the first time since she left, she doesn't have to look over her shoulder, "Now we have time to look at us and what we mean to each other."

Shawn says, "I love you and Claire and I want us to be a family for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Willow and Chelsea continue to trade wisecracks. They argue about Nick. Willow insists she didn't scam him, "He felt sorry for my baby."

"Humpf... So do I," says Chelsea, "I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on you. Once Nick finds out you're the cheap skank who took a bribe to lie in court about Shawn and Belle, he's gonna lose you faster than a cold."

"Think again, sweetie," says Willow, "But, hey, we'll visit you when you're locked up for robbing Bo's house."

"How did you know it was a robbery," asks Chelsea.

Kayla gets back in the car. They have stopped at a truck stop so Kayla could go in and ask around. Unfortunately, nobody at the place recognized Steve's picture. A trucker said he saw a car in a ditch about two miles North. He was hungry, so he left the occupants for dead and headed for the truck stop.

Billie dabs Steve's forehead. He don' need no fixin' up. Billie says she will make people understand why he ran away. He has to trust her, "This is the best offer you have had in a long time."

Belle just doesn't know how she feels. Shawn insists they can start over. Belle says, "I just need a little peace in the middle of all this chaos."

"Exactly," says Shawn, "That's what I need. A little piece."

When they go to Salem Belle needs to know in her heart what is real. Shawn says he will give her time. He thinks it's too risky to ask for another room. He promises to find a way to make it work.

Duck knocks. He needs some help from Shawn, "Unless I'm interrupting your beauty sleep."

Willow insists she is just keeping up with the news. Chelsea accuses her of setting the fire herself. Willow threatens to put a fist through Chelsea's face, "Why would I want to hurt Bo and Hope?"

The brat plays into her hand, "Give me one good reason why you wouldn't."

"I'm carrying their grandson," says Willow, "That's right. The baby is Shawn's. Bo and Hope have been terrific to me. I'm the daughter they always wished for and never had."

Steve says he couldn't ever trust Billie again. He isn't sure why he saved her life. Billie says he is the one who almost got her killed with his wheel-grabbing antics. She says he needs to get back to Salem and get help.

"Thanks for the prescription," says Patch. He tosses his phone over to her, "There is only one bar left. Have a nice life." Patch turns and opens the door. Marlena and Kayla stand there, "Trick or treat! "

Shawn carries a couple of kegs into the bar.

Duck says, "What you lack in brains you make up for in muscle." Shawn carries the load over to the bar as Gabby watches and drools. Duck tells Shawn to take the empty kegs down and stack them, "On the double, boy scout."

AS Shawn leaves, Gabby heads upstairs. Duck laughs his evil laugh.

Gabby charges into Belle's room. She just stopped by to see if they need anything. Belle says things are perfect. Gabby tells Belle Duck is riding roughshod on Shawn. She nearly swoons as she tells Belle she never saw anyone able to carry two kegs at once. She noticed Belle isn't wearing a wedding ring, "My father can marry you two right here on the island... Unless there is some reason you don't want to."

Bobblehead Belle shrugs.

Willow lays it on thick, "It's not a secret you wanted Bo and Billie to be your new mommy and daddy. Why don't you just leave? Oh, I forgot, you don't even have a home? do you? You have to stop lying to yourself. As if Bo doesn't think you are the one who started the fire. Are you sure he doesn't see this as a blessing in disguise to get you out of his life? After everything Bo has done for me maybe I'll do something for him, like lie on the witness stand to put you behind bars."

"Well, looky here," says Patch, "If is isn't los dos doctores. Hey, Billie, are you glad to see your friends?" Patch tells them Billie probably has a concussion. He starts to leave. Kayla asks how long he is going to keep running. She tries to get him to go back to Salem. Patch asks, "Why does your solution to my problems always end up with me being locked up?"

Belle wonders why Gabby is so curious about her and Shawn getting married. She asks if Gabby is interested in Shawn romantically. Gabby says she doesn’t go after guys who are taken. She knows they have been through a lot. She roots for the underdog, but is curious about them. Belle says she doesn't know what Shawn and her are any more. She says they are just taking things slow. Gabby gets it, and apologizes for putting them in a room with one bed. She offers a room with twin beds.

Shawn asks, "What's next, cap'n?"

Duck growls, "I was a sergeant. I ate captains for lunch. What's with you? You're jumpier than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. So, are you just young and dumb or you got something to hide?"

The brat shoves Willow. Willow says, "Hey! Watch it! Baby on board."

"Lucky for you," says the brat, "or I'd mess you up so much you'd have to pay your customers."

Chelsea leaves. Willow grabs the jewels, "These rocks are too hot. "I've got to get rid of them."

Outside in the hall, Chelsea cries, "She's wrong. My dad loves me."

Marlena wants Patch to come back with them. He's not interested in being her head case. Marlena stops him from leaving. Patch snorts, "I don't wanna hurt you, so step aside."

Marlena says, "You're not leaving here until you turn yourself in." FF. Steve and Kayla.



Celeste says, "I curse your name for what you did to my girl." EJ says, "Your girl ran of with a boy-toy." Celeste says, "No. My girl was murdered and there is no doubt in my mind that you ordered her dead."

Patch writhes in pain, apparently from a dose of mace. Marlena says, "Kayla, help us while we still... What's wrong with you?" Kayla goes catatonic.

Belle is on the phone, "I'm trying to call the US. The United States. What's the problem? Why can't you get my call through?" Shawn watches and holds Claire.


Blogger Bulldog said...

OK, let's analyze the EJ murder list. So far it's Patch and Kayla, Celeste, Sami, Willow and now Marlena. Squints better wake up from that coma so he can join the list to get even for his kidneyapping.

Loved the light in Patch's eyes from the hole in his head and the outskirts of Salem being the nation's capital for abandoned cabins. HAHAHAHHAHA

Great Prevuze and pictures on a gloomy Monday!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlena and Kayla stand there, "Trick or treat! "

LOL that was a good one! Also the best part was the pic of the book "Chicken Soup for the Pregnant Prostitute's Soul" lmao that was priceless!! Great job

11:31 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

On the murder list, Bulldog forgot Lucas (when he finds out that EJ raped Sami). Oh, and not to mention the real "murderer" who will turn out to be someone totally off the wall, like Benjy.

Loved all the pictures and Prevuisms. I would have added to the "nation's capital for cabins" - the nation's capital for fully stocked, furnished and unlocked cabins!

Great Monday motivator!

11:52 AM  

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