Thursday, March 15, 2007

Green Around The Gills

The brat picks at her food at the Penthouse Grill. She thinks she will be alone forever. Sami tells her she won't. Chelsea suggests maybe she should take herself out of the running and join a nunnery. Sami has a hard time picturing her as a nun. Sister Mary Bratula says she has tried to fit in, but it has only gotten her dumped on. She misses the Bensons. Sami tells her she has Bo and Billie, but the brat knows there are problems with them, "Love triangles with my mom, the charred remains of Bo and Hope's house – you know, little things like that, so why are you being so nice to me?"

Sami agrees they can both be brats, but she sees something of herself in Chelsea. Sami tells her not to give up on herself. She asks her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, "I know last time was a disaster, but this time will be different. 'Catastrophe' is a better word."

Celeste waits in her car. Benjy joins her. Celeste tells him she needs help, "EJ is out of control. It's time to put a stop to him once and for all."

Kayla is on the phone trying to hunt down Steve. She paces as Roman comes up to her. She tells him Steve took off after pretending he had a knife and holding her hostage to get past the orderly. Roman says he will put out an APB on Steve. Kayla says, "NO, don't do that! I don't want law enforcement looking for him. Or the Salem PD either." Roman says he has to do what he can to get him off the streets.

Billie and Steve have a little chat. She asks how he is doing. Patch says, "I'm not doing so good. I broke out of the hospital." He asks Billie for money, clothes and a car, "You are the only one I can trust – I hope."

There is a knock at Billie's door. Patch doesn't want her to answer, but she thinks it could be Chelsea. He hides while Billie opens the door. It's EJ. She asks why he is there. "I know you've had a trying day. I thought I could take your mind off things a bit," says EJ.

"Excuse me?"

He says he has a meeting and thought she could join him at the Penthouse Grill afterwards. She brushes him off by telling him Chelsea is there.

Billie closes the door. Patch asks, "What the hell was that all about? How long have you and Wells been seeing each other?"

Kayla hands Roman a list of places Patch might have gone. She tells him she thinks Patch is with EJ. Kayla thinks EJ orchestrated this whole thing just to get Patch back into the fold. Roman thinks he might have gone somewhere not on Kayla's list – to see Billie.

Billie says she barely knows EJ. She tells Patch they are working on a project, "It's just business." Patch hopes she is telling the truth. He would hate to think she's going to sell him out like everybody else.

Celeste needs to find out what EJ's true motives are. Benjy says a baby is the DiMera's obsession. All EJ said was Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. Celeste drones, "It does not bode well for Sami."

Back to the Brat Pack. Sami wants her wedding to be a celebration she will always remember. She makes a note to call the photographer as EJ interrupts, "Wedding plans? Aren't you taking a lot for granted, Samantha?" Knowing her track record EJ wanted to make sure she wasn't getting her hopes up. He says he just stopped by to say hello and leaves.

The brat (the younger one, that is) says, "He creeps me out." She tells Sami she can't accept her offer to be a bridesmaid, "It would involve facing everyone and I can't do that right now." Sami assures her things can work out. EJ watches.

Stefano's doctor interrupts EJ's entertainment. EJ tells him he needs an update on his father. The doctor says Stefano isn't out of the woods yet, "Rejection is still a possibility. We won't know for a couple of weeks. We may have to find a bone marrow donor. Do you know anybody?"

"Maybe," says EJ, "In the meantime, keep me informed. Nothing is more important to me than my father's life. And I am holding you responsible." The doctor leaves for the airport.

Celeste comes out of an elevator and stares into the restaurant.

Kayla says she was thinking of calling Billie, but things didn't end well with her and Patch when he got his memory back. Roman tells her to stop thinking of Steve as someone she knows. He is a stranger to her and may feel more comfortable with Billie. Kayla decides to call her. Kayla dials.

Patch stops Billie form answering the phone. Billie tells him it could be Chelsea. Patch backs off, "Don't do anything stupid. That's my job."

Kayla asks if Billie has seen Steve. Billie and Patch suck all the air out of the room as they gasp in unison.

Billie lies. She says she is sick with the flu and has been in bed all day. Kayla tells her Steve escaped from a mental hospital and might be dangerous. Billie says she will let her know if she hears anything.

Patch tells her, "You did good." She starts to go to Lucas' apartment to get some clothes. Patch stops her. He thinks she might call the cops. Billie assures him she is trying to help him.

Kayla tells Roman about the call. She still thinks EJ has him. Roman decides to call Myth-Ick.

Sami tells the brat she can't shut out the world. She asks her to reconsider the bridesmaid offer and reminds her how much fun the reception will be, "You'll have a really great time flirting with the groomsmen – the ones your mother doesn't corner, anyway." Sami thinks things are going to change for the brat. Chelsea agrees to be a bridesmaid. Now Sami says she can guilt trip her into going to a fitting this afternoon. She tells her Nick will eat his heart out when he sees her in the bridesmaid's dress.

A waiter delivers a note. The blood drains from Sami's face. She looks over at EJ and tells Chelsea she has to go use the ladies room. EJ twirls his drink as Sami goes by. He gets up and goes over to the brat's table. He says he is surprised to see her there. He thought she was with her mother, "Is Samantha all right? She looked a little green around the gills when she left the table." The brat insists Sami is OK.

Billie says she is just trying to help. Patch wants to trust her, but he just can't take the chance. He freaks and tells her to find just anything for him to wear. Besides, she's closer to his size than Lucas is, anyway. He confiscates her cell phone and takes the land-line off the hook, "Just get the clothes – I'm watching."

Chelsea thinks EJ should mind his own business. EJ tells her Sami fainted last night. "Well," says the brat, "You can head for the ladies' room or wait for her to come back if you want to find out. It's your choice."

EJ tells her to dial down the hostility. He doesn't believe she is an arsonist. Roman and Kayla walk up. EJ says he was just heading back to his own table. They say they are there to talk to him. He takes them to his table, "Tell me what has the evil EJ Wells done this time?"

Sami tells Celeste she has taken a risk coming there. Celeste makes some small talk about the wedding. Sami says they are in trouble if EJ sees them together. She reiterates she is not going to kill EJ. Celeste says she just had a conversation with Benjy. She tells her Stefano thinks the child is a gift from God. Sami says, "If the baby is EJ's it's the work of the devil. If it's Lucas' it's the work of the Salem Serial Prankster." Celeste says, "You're never going to see your child once it's born because the DiMeras will absolutely take it away from you. Is that what you want? Are you willing to stand by and just let it happen?"

Sami says nobody is taking her baby. She has it all under control. She has a plan to convince EJ he is not the father. Celeste thinks she is naïve. She is putting herself and her child in danger, "The only way you can save your child..."

"NO," screams Sami, "I am not going to murder EJ! Forget it!"

Celeste says she has picked a fine time to become moral. Sami insists she is not a killer. Celeste says she would be saving others too. Sami snorts, "If you feel that way, then you do it. Don't let EJ see you on the way out."

Sami goes back to her table as EJ watches. Kayla wants to know what EJ has done with Steve. Roman tells him Patch escaped. EJ says he didn't know that, nor did he have anything to do with it. Kayla rants. Roman tries to slow her down. He'd have more luck trying to stop a freight train. EJ tells Kayla to get a grip or she will be right beside Steve in the loony bin. Kayla knows EJ was at the hospital to see Patch. EJ says Steve called him for help to escape, but EJ told him the best place to get help was in the hospital.

Kayla doesn't buy it. She thinks EJ couldn't care less about Steve, "You have no respect for human life. You don't care about anyone but yourself, so if you made a special trip to the hospital to see him, it was for some other reason and I want you to tell me right now what it was."

Patch leans over a table marking on a piece of paper with a yellow-marker. Billie asks what he is doing. "I'm planning routes we can take to the state line."

Billie looks frightened, "What you mean we, Kemo Sabe? "

Patch growls, "If they catch up to me they won't be taking me alive." Billie ramps up the look of terror. Patch asks, "You're scared of me, aren't you?"

Billie makes a fist, "Yes, I am afraid of you. You're not the Steve I used to know."

"I'm sorry, Billie," he says, "They really did a number on me. I can't go back there. I am desperate. I don't belong there,but the place where they put the real nut jobs is too far away. I don't mean to scare you. I know I hurt you, but... we were friends once, right? Now I need that friendship. Will you help me?" Billie has found a sweatsuit for Patch to wear. She tells him to get dressed. She will pack food and they can hit the road.


EJ tells Roman his patience is at an end. He threatens more litigation and says he wants Roman to leave him alone. He says he doesn't know where Patch is. He suggests Billie's place. Roman says they talked to Billie and she is sick in bed. EJ insists he wants Steve arrested just as much as Roman does, "I'll tell you what – I'll put out my own feelers and see what I can come up with."

Roman snickers, "Right, EJ." Roman and Kayla leave. EJ pays and heads for the bar.

"He's leaving," says Sami. She wonders where he is headed. Chelsea says EJ came to her table and wondered where she was headed too, "He says he is your friend but I think he is just off."

Sami says, "Tell me everything he said." Celeste walks by and heads past EJ, who is on the phone in the bar. EJ stares.

The brat says EJ told her he was concerned about Sami. They made snarky remarks and then Roman and Kayla interrupted, "So what is the story? Why did you take off like that?" Sami suddenly remembers the fitting and drags her off.

Roman and Kayla are in Patch's padded cell looking for clues. They tear it apart as Roman curses like a drunken sailor because they can't find anything. Kayla says some day she will wipe the arrogant smirk off of EJ's face. Roman thinks he should call university hospital to warn them they might be about to go through Invasion of the Body Snatchers II. Kayla asks Roman to call Marlena and tell her she needs her help. "You got it," says Roman. Hugs.

Billie opens the door. Patch stands behind it. EJ stands there. He asks why Billie lied. He says he just saw Chelsea at the penthouse grill, "What exactly is going on here?" FF Patch.


Kayla asks Marlena, "If I get Steve home safe and sound, is he ever gonna be the same?"

EJ says, "Dear Samantha, you've been a naughty girl – again."

Nick tells the brat, "I love you." Chelsea says, "You don't get to say that to me anymore."

Billie and Patch are in a car. Billie drives and says, "You're not leaving me here in the middle of nowhere." Patch grabs the wheel, "I said pull over!" Billie screams, "NO! STEVE!" SCCRRRRREEEEEEECCCHHHH!


Blogger Vampire Bear said...

The stinker about cars is that you can't go to the back area and throw boxes at the police.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you think Steve and Kayla are boring? Gee, I hadn't noticed. HAHAHAHAHA!

6:27 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Great Payla Bore-A-Thon in pictures and print!

LOL at Sister Mary Bratula.

My question of the day: What was Stefano's doctor doing in Salem? I thought Stef was flown back to Italy after his operation? International phone calls getting so expensive it's cheaper to fly to Salem and report to EJ on Stef's condition in person??

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Flirt with the groomsmen??? When is the last wedding had people that were unrelated??? (at least Sami and Lucas??) LOL

6:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The stinker about cars is that you can't go to the back area and throw boxes at the police.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! So apparently Patch has decided to toss the whole car. That'll teach 'em.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So you think Steve and Kayla are boring? Gee, I hadn't noticed. HAHAHAHAHA!

That's because you have to be comatose make it through the scenes they are in.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

My question of the day: What was Stefano's doctor doing in Salem? I thought Stef was flown back to Italy after his operation? International phone calls getting so expensive it's cheaper to fly to Salem and report to EJ on Stef's condition in person??

Come on, AC, they can't risk an international phone call under the circumstances. Homeland security doesn't have anything better to do than watch the DiMeras.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

When is the last wedding had people that were unrelated???

Well, you know Salem's town motto, "Vice is nice, but incest is best."

7:05 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I know if my life was in turmoil the first person I'd want to consult is crazy Marlena. HAHAHAHA

Finally Sami told Celeste what anyone else would've first thing - if you're so hot for EJ to die why don't YOU do it?

Loved the Payla themed pictures! Excellent Prevuze today (much more entertaining than the real show). :D

7:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I know if my life was in turmoil the first person I'd want to consult is crazy Marlena. HAHAHAHA

You're not looking at this with the right attitude, BD. Just being around Marlena would make anyone feel sane.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more boring Patch and Kayla and Billie! No wonder Days is 2.1 in the ratings.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

No wonder Days is 2.1 in the ratings.

But it ranks first in the demographic of insomniacs who have no other way of falling asleep.

11:12 AM  

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