Friday, March 23, 2007

Hold On To Your Hybrids!

Belle paces around with Claire and bemoans the fact that daddy isn't there to tuck her in. He's also not there to tuck Claire in. Someone knocks at the door. Belle answers and sees Duck standing there. He sees a look of surprise on her face and asks, "Expecting somebody else?"

"Yeah," says Belle, "I guess I was."

High above the island, an eagle soars and prepares to swoop down on its hapless prey. Downstairs, Gabby does the same. She sees Shawn lying on the couch and tells him it's a beautiful night. She offers him a beer. He passes. She asks if everything is OK with the beds in their room. Shawn says they're fine – he just came down for air. Gabby asks if he and Belle had a fight. She decides it's none of her business and starts to leave. Shawn stops her and reconsiders the beer. "Cheers," they say as they clink their bottles together.

Phillip and EJ meet somewhere in the bowels of Salem. Phillip asks if Shawn has contacted EJ since he left. EJ says no – he thought Shawn and Belle were dead. Phillip says he has reason to believe they are alive. EJ says he has unfinished business with Shawn. He asks how he can help.

Sami scurries around looking for her wedding plan file to take to the meeting. If it contains the plans for all her weddings, she'd better have a fork lift available. She wants to be prepared for the meeting. Lucas says this isn't about their wedding. They will be meeting with Cydney Nelson to talk about her wedding planning website. Lucas thinks Sami would make a great wedding planner and asks her to hurry. Sami runs into the bedroom to look. Lucas calls Kate, "Operation 'Surprise Wedding Shower' is underway. Sami is clueless. She also doesn't suspect a thing."

Hope drops in on Billie. She wants to talk about Chelsea and the night of the fire. Billie thinks Hope is judging the brat too quickly. Hope says, "If I have learned anything this year it's not to pass judgment on people. I find it more efficient to punish them without passing judgment." Hope doesn't know if Chelsea was involved in the fire. Billie defends her. Hope is on the fence. She just wanted to make sure Billie knows Chelsea is in serious trouble.

Kate and the brat lurk in the hall as Sami and Lucas leave. Once they are gone the dynamic duo enters the apartment. The brat thinks this is a special thing to do for them. Kate says to herself, "It's always been my dream to be something special for Sami."

Belle tells Duck Shawn went "out." Duck wants to know what kind of man runs off on a woman and baby in the middle of the night.

Shawn tells Gabby he doesn't want to talk about it. That's her cue to talk about it. He tells Gabby his problem with Belle has nothing to do with her. "The last thing I want to do," says Gabby, "is to cause problems for you and Belle. By the way, there is a nice bridge on the other side of the island. Would you be interested in buying it? "

Billie says she is aware of the fact Chelsea could be in trouble. But she thinks she is mad at her and wonders if that's the case, why she would lash out at Bo and Hope. Hope says the fact she was there is a lead Bo has to follow. Billie wonders what Hope thinks. Hope doesn't want to believe Chelsea was capable of that, but she isn't sure. Billie says, "If you want answers you'll have to talk to Chelsea."

Kate asks Chelsea to try the artichoke puffs, "They cost a fortune at Chez Rouge. Actually I think Sami is more of a pork rind and beer kinda girl."

The brat tells Kate she thinks Sami and Lucas are really happy. Kate tells her, "Love is an amusing diversion but ultimately will dull your wit. You've been in love a lot, haven't you? " Chelsea asks if Kate thinks she was stupid with Nick. Kate thinks it was just one of those things. She advises her to get over it.

At the restaurant, Lucas introduces Cydney and Sami. Sami gets a call. Celeste says she needs to speak with her, "Your whole future depends on it."

Celeste says things have gotten worse with EJ. Sami tells her to go jump in a lake. She hangs up and apologizes to Cydney for the interruption. Lucas checks in with his mouth in high gear. He wants to know what that was all about. Sami says it was a DJ for the wedding. Cydney congratulates them on their true love. Sami can't wait to get married. Smoochies. Sami takes out her wedding plans and asks Cydney to look at them, "I helped design the wedding dress and the bridesmaid's outfits. Lucas acts like an organ grinder's monkey trying to get a peek at the dress.

Cydney says, "I think your wedding will be lovely and traditional."

Sami hears the word and has a heart attack on the spot. Lucas tries to work the conversation back to the business of Myth-Ick and Internet weddings.

Sami struggles to get the dagger out of her heart. "I wanted the wedding to be special. I want it to be different from the rest and stand out." She could have that if they just wind up getting married.

Cydney says, "You could have a theme or destination wedding. What would be really great would be a green wedding."

"Green isn't my color," says Sami. At the moment it seems to be Lucas' color as he watches the conversation spiral out of control.

"No," says Cydney, "You misunderstood. I was talking about an environmentally-friendly wedding. You know – Use natural fibers in your wedding gown... Arrive in a horse and carriage... Use soy-based candles... edible underwear."

Sami thinks it's fantastic, "We're going green!"

Lucas chimes in, "Hold on to your hybrids! We're not going that way." Poor Lucas... he actually thinks he can have an opinion.

Kate says Billie made a mistake. She didn't know Chelsea was interested in Nick at the time of her little peccadillo. "What's Nick's excuse," asks Chelsea.

"Men are basically idiots," says Kate, "They are ruled by a part of the anatomy other than their brain." She says the brat needs to forgive her mother, "A good thing about being a woman is you can make men suffer for their transgressions. You need to be in charge. You are a woman. Repeat it for me."

"I am a woe-man."

Billie and Hope arrive. Kate asks to borrow a hairbrush as the brat answers the door. Once Billie and Hope are inside, the brat runs out to make a phone call. Outside in the hall, she rolls her eyes.

Belle insists Shawn hasn't deserted them, "He was warm and went out for some air." Duck wonders if he wanted to cool off from the heat or something else. Belle tells him to get to the point or leave.

Gabby says she usually doesn't get involved in other people's business. Shawn says, "We aren't tourists on this island. You have a right to ask questions."

Gabby says, "Well, I noticed, Belle doesn't have a ring on her finger."

"That's because I'm wearing it through my nose," says Shawn, "But she does have a ring – From her ex-husband."

Phillip suggests he and EJ work with each other. EJ agrees, "Wouldn't it be amusing if we were both hoping for the same ends?"

"I wouldn't be a bit surprised," says Phillip.

Gabby asks if Shawn still loves Belle. He says he does. "And she loves you?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"You think?"

"Not well," says Shawn, "We're not exactly there yet. We are together for Claire and will stay together until we are safe from Phillip. I told her I would be patient."

"That can't be easy for you," says Gabby, "You're the kind of guy who could have any girl. You're handsome, funny and smoking hot. I should just shut up."

Shawn appreciates the compliment. Gabby tells him he has a lot going for him. He should at least know where he stands.

Duck says Belle doesn't have to get huffy, "Just tell Shawn I needs him early tomorrow for the mail boat." As he starts to leave, Belle asks him to make sure their letter goes out. He doesn't have time to look for it, "But if it's in the pile, it will go."

Sami and Lucas bicker about the type of wedding they will have. Cydney didn't mean to start trouble. Sami begs, "Pretty please with tofu on top." Lucas caves.

EJ thinks this could be the beginning of a useful relationship. Phillip heads for the wedding shower. "Wedding shower," says EJ, "I'd better go shopping."

The brat is in her apartment. Hope comes to the door. She tells Chelsea Billie believes her about the fire. She also says Kate stood up for her, "And Lucas and Sami believe in you enough to let you live in their home. You have a lot of support."

"Just not you or my dad," says Chelsea, "He thinks I'm an arsonist. I didn't set your house on fire. If anyone did, it was Willow – she's the pyro." Hope says Willow was with her brother at the time of the fire. Jed confirmed it. Chelsea thinks maybe Jed lied. The brat swears she would never hurt Hope or her baby. She loves them. Hope says she believes her.

Kate and Billie welcome Phillip. He asks, "Who are all these people?"

"They're extras pretending to be friends and co-workers at Myth-Ick," says Kate.

Phillip thinks he's been out of touch. He's been out of town, too.

Shawn says, "I would really like to know what is going on in Belle's head, but there aren't enough scientists in the world to figure that one out." He tells her about all his screw ups, "I was living with an ex hooker and working with a criminal."

Gabby won't take back what she said about him, "My mother was a lady of the evening."

"In Salem," says Shawn, "You'd fit right in. I apologize for using that disgusting word 'hooker.' How did your mother get to be a slam-hog ?"

"My mother did what she had to," says Gabby, "She lived in Saigon during the war. She had no work or money, but there were lots of American soldiers with lots of money and needs to be met. No woman ever becomes a prostitute by choice. She died of cholera a month after I was born. I would have wound up in an orphanage in Nam but when I was a year old this big tough marine came in and scooped me up in his arms and said he was my daddy." Duck watches. Gabby continues, "He took care of me and made a living for us and never let any woman take him away from me."

Shawn asks, "Was this Duck?"

"Weeellll, duuuuhhhh...," says Gabby, "In a lot of ways you're like him. A muscle-brained lout who drinks a lot of beer. For the sake of a kid, you gave up everything, including your own needs. That's about as honorable as you can get."

"There's a fine line between honorable and stupid," says Shawn.

Belle comes downstairs and whines, "Shawn..."

Gabby leaves. Belle said she couldn't get Claire to go to bed until Shawn tucked her in. Shawn takes Claire and says, "I was actually thinking that I would come upstairs and sleep if that's OK with you."


Belle says, "Of course it is." They head upstairs as Gabby watches.

Hope says Chelsea is the one who made her change her mind. Chelsea hugs her and thanks her. Billie walks in and asks what's up. Chelsea says, "Hope just told me that she believes me about the fire."

Billie turns to Hope, "We're really gonna need your support, since I just got off the phone with Bo. He's on his way over. Official business." Hope stares. The brat stares.

Kate tells Phillip Billie rushed out because she got a call from Bo. She answers a knock at the door. EJ says he's not there to crash the party. He is just dropping off a present. Kate invites him in and says to herself, "Well this party might be fun after all."

Celeste intercepts Sami in the hall. She wants to warn her. Sami is frantic, "Lucas will be here any minute."

"Then shut your mouth and listen," says Celeste. She says she heard EJ ask Nick about the lab test, "What have you done, Samantha?"

"I had Nick get me a blank lab report," says Sami, " I'll make it show Lucas is the father." Celeste warns her when EJ finds out she tried to trick him, he will destroy her.

Shawn tucks Claire in. Belle thanks him. She doesn't know what she would do without him.

"I guess you'd just have to find someone else to torture with your manic-depressive mood swings," says Shawn, "I've been thinking about these arguments. They are all my fault. I keep expecting things from you that I shouldn't. Now we'll live for Claire all the Days Of Our Lives."

The brat frets that Bo is coming to take her to jail. Hope says she knows a way to help her. She runs out to check on a hunch.

Billie says she doesn't have to go with her to make the statement if she doesn't want her to. "No, Mom," says Chelsea, "I want you to be there."

Sami says EJ doesn't scare her. "Well, he scares me," says Celeste, "He knows we met in the ladies room. You can't fool him. Surely you can see what you have to do.

"What I have to do," says Sami, "is plan a wedding."

Celeste rages, "Don't walk away from me! Do you hear what I'm saying to you, girl? That bastard from hell deserves to die!" That bastard from hell opens the door and a room full of people yell, "SURPRISE!"

Pan in on the charming Mr. Wells. In the background, we hear John Lennon singing...

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside


Chelsea says to Bo, "If you want someone to blame this arson on – Fine – Blame me. I'm always going to be your favorite target. But just know this time you are wrong."

Phillip says, "I'm gonna miss out on being a part of my own family." Lucas says, "Yeah, well, I don't care what you want."

Gabby screams, "Shawn! You're killing him! Quit!" Shawn has some guy down on the floor pounding him.

Sami says, "I'm going back to the party." EJ blocks her, "You're not going anywhere until I find out how you and that third rate gypsy are planning on killing me. You got that?"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"You think? Not well." LOLOL And, you'll notice that Gabby's list of Shawn's attributes didn't include 'intelligent'.

Kate giving Chelsea advice on there's a scary scenario.

Loved the prevuzisms and pictures, although I had to think about cats with 81 lives for a while.

Nice Friday send off Prevuze!

6:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

EJ invited himself to Sami's shower but why is Phillip there??

LOL over Jr. asking "Is it Duck?
Well duuuuuhh.." HAHAHAHAHA

Also loved Sami needing a forklift and the ice queen/chastity belt pics.

Thanks, Prevuze, for brightening our Friday! :D

8:18 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And, you'll notice that Gabby's list of Shawn's attributes didn't include 'intelligent'.

Not that we would ever edit anything like that out. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Xeresa said...

First, I want to thank whomever is writing the daily spoilers for Prevuze for brightening my day with their wit and quips. I can always count on the writer to make me LOL.
Second, I love the EJ coment about Celeste being a third-rate gypsy.
I also dislike how Celeste is trying to get Sami to do her dirty work for her in killing EJ.
It is not going to happen if the DAYS writers stay within Sami's character since Sami is NOT a cold-blooded murderer!
Second, Sami is still subconsciously attracted to EJ, and has already been finding excuses to deny his culpability in Lexie's disappearance.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay! sami and hope back on the screen! They should hook-up Steve with Billie.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Athmel said...

Icy Belle = Awesomeness.

Perhaps Phillip is trying outwardly to give the family nonsense one more shot. With him and Hope at the party it'll be fun.

Bo solving a crime... even if he had video surveillance he flub up.

Also I detest Gabby far more than I ever detested Willow. She's just (garbled groans).

One more thing, people in this show withhold too many facts, or they're pretty stuid. Chelsea bringing up Willow should of said something Willow stating there was a robbery. It's not that implausible.

3:09 AM  

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