Thursday, March 22, 2007

Circular Logic

Belle and Shawn argue about the separate beds. Shawn thinks all of this is nobody's business.

Dr. Kraft holds Steve's meds in front of him and tells him he'd better cooperate or they will slap the restraints back on him. John's ghostly image stands in the background and drools.

Patch says, "I don't want to be a walleyed zombie."

Dr. Kraft asks, "Don't you need two eyes to be walleyed? " She plays the Kayla card. That did it. Steve swills the meds and Dr. Kraft checks out his mouth to make sure he didn't fake it. Kayla comes in as Dr. Kraft leaves. Uncomfortable moment. Steve says he owes her an apology. He was trying to put distance between himself and everyone else. Now he's back there in the loony bin. He asks her to promise she won't tell Stephanie he turned out like this.

Lucas works at his desk. Sami provides a distraction. Will and Chelsea are asleep. Lucas is tickled that the kids are in bed. He doesn't think he's ever been this happy. Lucas decides to stop talking and make out. It's one of the few things that will shut him up. As they get up Lucas discovers the blank amnio report. "This is yours, isn't it," asks Sherlock Holmes. Sami flashes back to her conversation with Nick. Lucas gives her the third degree, "OMG don't tell me this is what I think it is!"

Nick sits at the bar in Chez Rouge and thinks. Willow comes in. She asks about the housing he was supposed to be helping her with. Nick tells her it's only been a couple of hours since they talked about it.

"A couple of DOOL hours," says Willow. "They could have built me a new house by now."

EJ interrupts and asks if there is a problem. "No," says Willow. She turns to Nick as she hightails it, "call me."

EJ and Nick. Intros all around. EJ asks if Nick knows Sami. He wonders if Nick's lab processed the amnio. Nick says he can't help him.

Belle insists she didn't tell Gabby their whole life story. Shawn thinks she might as well have. He thinks she is blowing their cover. Argue, argue, argue. That dead horse has somehow made it to the island. "What's your problem," screams Belle, "Are you afraid you're falling behind on the scoreboard?" Shawn thinks that was a cheap shot. Belle just isn't ready for another relationship. Belle says, "If I'm not ready, It isn't making love. I would just be another Willow to you. Maybe you just need someone who is quick and easy."

Lucas asks if everything is OK with the baby. Sami says yes. She grabbed the form by mistake at her doctor's office. Lucas buys it. He wads it up and tosses it into the wastebasket. Sami hugs him and frets.

Celeste arrives at Chez Rouge. She and Maggie just fall all over each other. Celeste says Abe will be joining her later. She sees Nick and EJ and her smile fades.

Nick says he can't tell EJ about the results. EJ says he wants to give Sami an extravagant baby shower gift. Nick thinks he should wait until the baby is born. Nick says he has heard things about EJ. "No means no, Mr. Wells. If you'll excuse me..."

Nick starts to leave. EJ calls him back, "Trust me. I'll make it worth your while." Celeste watches.

Kayla reminds Steve they've talked about this. Have they ever talked about it. And, by God, they will talk about it again. Take it to the bank. Yammer, yammer, yammer. Blah, blah, blah. The most boring couple in TV takes it to new levels.

EJ wants Nick to keep his eyes and ears open, "Do you think you would look good driving around town in a new sports car?"

Nick says, "Oh, yeah! And how about an apartment with a circular bed and mirrors on the ceiling?" EJ tells him this won't be the last time they meet and leaves. Celeste watches.

Lucas and Sami have a little couch time. Sami thinks they should go into the bedroom. Lucas thinks that's a great idea. Sami goes to lock up. Lucas is so uncontrollably hot for Sami he decides this is a good time to take out the trash. Sami is so uncontrollably hot for Lucas, she decides she should take out the trash herself. Lucas doesn't understand why she should do it since it's his job. Not only is it one of the few things he can handle, but sometimes it's fun to play tricks on the other residents with small incinerator fires. Sami claims she wants to take out the trash because it's part of the nesting phase of being pregnant. It's also part of the stupid phase. Lucas hates to spoil the mood, as if there were a mood, "But I was thinking about EJ and there's something I gotta ask you."

Sami asks, "You don't wanna spoil the mood but you're bringing up EJ?"

Shawn and Belle keep it up. Belle says the two words that Shawn never wanted to hear again, the two words that can stop him in his tracks, the two words that have the same effect as a dagger plunging straight into his heart – she brings up the dreaded purity rings. Shawn staggers across the room and curses the day he ever made that little agreement. Belle reminds him they promised to wait until they were married and never be with anybody else. She says he broke her heart when he left. When she turned to Phillip, the names he called her hurt so much. Shawn takes a knee because he is no longer able to stand, "Things are different now."

"Not everything," says Belle, "Until I know what we have is forever, you can sleep in your own bed."

Patch and Kayla. YAWN!. Kayla knows he loves her and he has used that to manipulate her. Patch moves in, "Come here baby. Come a little closer. You love me. God knows I love you." He kisses her. But it wasn't manipulation. Never.

Maggie tells Nick she didn't realize he knew EJ. Celeste listens as Nick tells her what EJ wanted.

Sami nukes about EJ. Lucas says EJ wants to meet with a representative of "The Knot," an Internet wedding website. EJ thinks Myth-Ick might be interested getting into the Internet wedding business. Sami thinks that's cool. Lucas doesn't think there is a market for it. Translation: go out today and buy stock in Internet wedding companies. Lucas thought Sami could help him research it, since she is a wedding expert. Sami thinks that probably wasn't a compliment. She can't guarantee she will be helpful. Lucas thinks she will. He also thinks every time he brings up EJ, she goes off the deep end. Yeah, like he doesn't. Sami hems and haws. She leaves with the all-important garbage.

Lucas makes a call to Kate. He tells her Sami is going to meet him tomorrow with the website designer and Kate can set up the surprise shower.

Out in the hall, EJ sees Sami going through the trash, "A woman as beautiful as you should not be taking out the trash, Samantha." EJ offers to help. Sami tells him no. She tries to brush him off. EJ asks when the amnio results will be back from the lab.

Patch asks Kayla if that felt real. She thinks it does. She says what matters is what he does, not what he says. "I just showed you," says Steve.

Kayla is skeptical, "You just took your meds."

"If it wasn't for you," says Steve, "I'd be locked up with a cellmate called Bobo. And he'd be locked up with a cellmate called Dumbo." Kayla would rather be with him but wants him to get well.

"What if I can't," asks Patch, "What if what you see is what you get – A drugged out zombie is not the man you love. What if I am like this for all the Days Of Our Lives? Can you live with that?"

Belle doesn't want Shawn to go. She wants him there. "On your terms." says Shawn, "I am not walking away from you. I feel like you are testing me or punishing me."

"Maybe I am," says Belle. Being with Belle is its own punishment.

Belle says she has trusted Shawn with Claire and has followed him everywhere. Shawn doesn't know what to think. One minute they're a happy little family and the next they are fighting. Belle wants to be a real partner. She wants to be treated like an equal. She would have never tried to call her parents if he hadn't ordered her not to. Shawn considers ordering her not to jump out the window.

Time for a bed-check. Gabby brings them pillowcases. After she leaves, Shawn grabs a pile of bedding, "I'm sleeping outside, partner."

Kayla says Steve is the only man she has ever loved – a small victory for men everywhere. Steve goes into zombie mode. She asks if he is OK. He says he fell asleep on her, "It's the meds." Kayla starts to leave. He stops her and asks if he cooperates, will she keep all this from Stephanie.

Kayla wonders if that cooperation includes full disclosure. Steve says it does, and offers to get naked. Kayla isn't amused. She meant full disclosure of who wanted him to snatch John from the hospital. He claims EJ had nothing to do with that, "Leave it alone!"

Sami says EJ will get the results as soon as she does. He says he doesn't trust her. Sami wonders why she should trust him since he is the one who shot John. He says if she really believes he shot John, she should know what he is capable of. She knows he raped her.

Lucas interrupts. EJ leaves. Lucas asks if he was bothering her. Sami says she was just taking out the trash and bumped into him. Lucas wanders back into the apartment. Sami grabs the paper out of the wastebasket as she walks down the hall. EJ comes back out and stares.

Oh boy, Patch and Kayla again. They argue about EJ. Patch tells her he couldn't ever testify against EJ. She says he has no choice.

Willow comes to EJ's door. "I'm sorry," says EJ, "There's no soliciting in this building." He wonders why she knows Nick. Willow says he's just being nice to her. "Well then," says EJ, "Go stay with him." He starts to close the door. Willow wonders what a rich guy like EJ gets out of cheating her. We wonder what a rich guy like EJ is doing living in a run down apartment. EJ says things are tough. He assures her it will all be OK.

Willow says she has done everything he wants her to. She has taken the jewels to every pawnshop in town and nobody will touch them. That should tell you something about Hope's taste in jewelry. Willow begs, "Buy it from me – you have to help me."

Lucas wants to know what EJ wanted. Sami claims he was just being his normal creepy self. Sami thinks once they are married and have their kid EJ will get the picture. Lucas thinks EJ is still interested in her. Sami says she isn't interested in him. Lucas thinks he should remind EJ it's time to move out. Sami tells him to cool it.

"I'm fine," says Sami, "Are you fine?"

"I'm fine if you're fine," says Lucas.

"I'm fine if you're fine," says Sami. A Windows error message appears on the screen: CIRCULAR LOGIC.

On DOOL, circular logic is better than no logic.

Willow says if she can scrape enough money together to get out of town, he'll never see her again. That gets his interest. He invites her in. Willow feels safer right where she is. EJ says, "If I wanted you dead..." He makes a sound like he's slurping in a mouthful of spaghetti and choking on it, "I'd have killed you already."

Belle tells Shawn not to be ridiculous. Shawn doesn't care how it looks. He starts to leave. Belle tells him she really doesn't want him to go. Shawn says, "If anybody asks, I'll tell them it was my idea."

"Fine," snorts Belle, "Go."

Patch tells Kayla if she wants to save the world to start with Stephanie and herself. His loving her puts her in danger, "I'm warning you. You stay away from EJ Wells." Kayla leaves as poor Patch shouts warnings through the window of his cell.

EJ gives Willow the mane of a fence. She thanks him. EJ says, "Willow, if you should ever come here again, you won't need to worry about finding somewhere to live."

"I get it," says Willow.

"I hope you do."

Sami and Lucas romp around the room. Sami says she forgot to take her prenatal vitamins. Lucas goes into the bedroom to wait. Sami unfolds the crumpled up blank test. The phone rings. Sami answers. Celeste tells her they need to talk about EJ. Sami don' wanna. She tells Celeste never to call her again and hangs up. She walks over and stuffs the blank amnio test into a drawer. She wanders around the room some more, "Oh God this has to work." A twisted FF. The special effects are just amazing.



Shawn bounces Claire and says, "I was actually thinking that I would come upstairs and sleep if that's OK with you." Belle says, "Of course it is."

Chelsea says, "Hope just told me that she believes me about the fire." Billie turns to Hope, "We're really gonna need your support, since I just got off the phone with Bo. He's on his way over. Official business."

Celeste says to Sami, "Do you hear what I'm saying to you, girl? That bastard from hell deserves to die!" That bastard from hell opens the door and a room full of people yell, "SURPRISE!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Sami and Lucas have their 870th argument about Sami keeping something from him, Belle and Shawn have yet another hstupid arument about something only Belle would consider important, Sami and Lucas give us sparkling dialogue like:
"I'm fine," says Sami, "Are you fine?"

"I'm fine if you're fine," says Lucas.

"I'm fine if you're fine," says Sami.

And yet Patch and Kayla are the ones you call boring and skip all the dialogue for??


5:37 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Until I know what we have is mean it HASN'T been forever yet? Seems like it!

LOL at "You do the math" and the SPD's lack of self defense training. (Of course, Bulldog could have added ISA in there as well.)

Great Prevuze. Especially when EJ gives Willow the mane of a fence. Did that poor dead horse get snagged on a barbed wire fence, trying to escape his fate on DOOL? LOLOLOL

6:17 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And yet Patch and Kayla are the ones you call boring and skip all the dialogue for??

Oh, believe me, you've heard the dialogue. And heard it, and heard it, and heard it. But you are right. It's our duty to report on DOOL even when it reaches levels of boredom that would send us all into a coma.

[You must now imagine "God Bless America" swelling in the background].


Now if I can just figure out how to stay awake when Steve and Kayla are on the screen.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

EJ and Celeste are both back at Chez Rouge? Is this the same day or are we finally into the next day? Either way, I wouldn't want to eat at the same place five times a day or five times in a row.

OK, another illogic someone needs to explain to me - why would Belle asking for twin beds blow their cover but Jr. telling Duck THE WHOLE STORY not?!?? MY MIND IS IN A CIRCULAR FILE HERE!

Great pictures today and I love the Daze creed. We also have the Prevuze creed where we vow to faithfully read it every day, just to survive. HAHAHAHA

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No means no, Mr. Wells.

I'm just not that kind of girl.

11:19 PM  

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