Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catching Up On The Soap Operas

Gabby screams for Shawn to stop pounding Charlie. Belle comes up with Claire wondering what's going on. Shawn leaves Charlie in a heap on the floor and tells Belle he was just taking out the trash. Gabby lectures him.

Max and Kayla are at lunch. Max wolfs it down like he hasn't eaten in a week. He tells Kayla he's stacked up at the garage. There's paperwork since Abby went off on her heretofore unmentioned trip. Kayla asks when he last went on a vacation – she thinks maybe he needs one, and says the food is great in Italy. She shows him a brochure for the International Nefarious Villain Adventure Vacation. She's going, and wants him to go with her. Her treat. Max wonders what the catch is. Kayla hems and haws, "It might be a smidge... dangerous."

Patch paces. Patch stares. Dr. Kraft comes in. Patch is practically crushed by the huge chip on his shoulder. He tells her the pills aren't helping. His head is like stryrofoam. He doesn't want her to flatten him out like the rest of the loonies in there. "Well, Mr. Johnson, that's exactly the trip you signed up for with me," says Dr. Kraft.

Gabby and Shawn argue. Shawn says, "I was just throwing his drunken butt out of here."

"Well," says Gabby, "That butt is attached to the sheriff."

Duck comes in and asks what Shawn was doing. He just got a call from the sheriff, "Charlie is the sheriff's brother-in-law. The sheriff thinks he's Wyatt freaking Earp. He's gonna climb down your throat and pull half of you out the way he came in."

Gabby steps to Shawn's defense. Duck wants Shawn gone, "Understood?"

Duck leaves. Shawn gets all over Gabby for shooting her mouth off to Charlie, "Is that how you work? Skimming the gossip off the top. Now at least I know I can't trust you."

Kayla tells Max Steve is in trouble. She tells him about Stefano's torture. EJ was behind it. She has to find out what they did to him. Stefano is in Italy. Max doesn't want to take Stefano on, "You could get killed, not to mention me."

"What choice do I have," asks Kayla.

Dr. Kraft reminds Steve he said he would go along with her treatment or wind up in jail. "You give me your pharma cocktail and I'll wind up talking to the toilet seat," says Steve. He tells her to get out.

She reminds him one phone call and he's back in prison, "Don't you want to get well?"

"What happened can't be cured by your lousy pills," says Patch, "The fact is, I'm scared."

Steve tells her, reluctantly, he's afraid he will be drugged forever. Ella softens. She thinks it was a big step to admit his fear. Steve wants a clear head. "All the meds in the world can't do that for you," says Ella, "But not taking the meds is not an option. If you cooperate, I may be able to make this place a little more appealing."

Shawn and Belle pack. Belle lectures him for ordering her around. Shawn says they have to get out of there now. He thinks they should sleep on the beach where nobody can find them. Belle says if Shawn wants to sleep on the beach he can do it alone. Or at least they will have twin beaches. Shawn says he took Charlie on because he insulted Belle, not Gabby.

Dr. Kraft says if Steve meets expectations he could be granted privileges. He could take his meals out in the commons. "Oooooo," says Steve, "Lunch with the loonies gets my butt pumpin.'" She says he could also watch TV. "Hot dog," says Steve, "Nothing like catching up on the soap operas when I am tanked up and droolin'. If you let me watch DOOL, I won't even need my meds. Just watching that show turns you into a zombie."

She hands him the meds, "It's your call." Steve takes the pills. He opens his mouth for the inspection. Ella says she will join him for lunch.

"Great," says Steve, "I'll be sure to wear my slinky dress and pearls."

Dr. Kraft leaves. Steve spits out the meds, "Gotta stay sharp. I'm coming Sweetness." He notices Dr. Kraft left the door to his room open. He staggers out into the cuckoo's nest, "OK, Doc, let's have lunch."

Willie the wacko runs up to Steve and screams "Look out for the chickens."

"Somebody in this place is finally making sense," says Steve.

Gabby comes to the door. She tells Shawn the sheriff is downstairs. They need to go. Belle refuses. Shawn says if they don't go they will lose Claire. He asks Gabby to stall the sheriff.

Gabby opens the door. "Going somewhere," asks Wyatt freaking Earp.

Kayla tries to convince Max to go on the trip of doom. She can't bear to lose Steve again. He suggests she talk to Roman and Bo. Kayla says their hands are legally tied. She needs help, "With or without you I am going."

Back downstairs, Barney Fife questions Shawn. He says he was defending Gabby and Belle. Gabby comes up and backs him up. She asks the sheriff to have Charlie drop the charges. The sheriff says he will talk to Charlie. He wants Shawn's passports. Shawn hesitates. "Today, Sugar Ray," says the sheriff, "Passports. Now!"

Belle paces and babbles to Claire. Claire wonders how long it will be before her mother can talk like an adult. They go for a walk.

Duck comes into the empty room, "OK Boy Scout, let's see what you are hiding."

Dr. Kraft tries to snap Steve out of it. He feigns a stupor. It's not much of a stretch. She asks him why he kidnapped John and forced Kayla to remove his kidney. He says he had to. Dr. Kraft brings up the Stockholm Syndrome, "It happens when a prisoner is so traumatized they develop a bond with their captors."

Steve counters with the Salem Syndrome, "That's when the writers run out of good material and have the actors stall around with drivel like this." Steve rages. Dr. Kraft calms him down. She is there to find out what techniques have been used to brainwash him. Her phone rings. She has to leave. She thinks they are off to a good start. As she walks away, she tells Steve to smile.

"I'll smile when I'm out of this place," grumbles Patch, "I'm coming Kayla."

Belle interrupts Shawn and the sheriff. The sheriff is suspicions about the passports. Shawn says they left because some ne'er-do-well is after their daughter. The sheriff says the story sounds like a crock. Gabby steps in and stands up for them, "It's a really great crock, though."

Duck comes downstairs waving Shawn and Belle's fake passports, "Whatever they told you they're lying."

He says he found the fake passports up in the room. The sheriff says now they're in possession of stolen or forged documents. Gabby jumps to their defense once again. She reminds duck and Sheriff Jim everyone on the island came there to get lost for one reason for another. Sheriff Jim says he has to go by the book. Gabby says the room search was illegal. It would never hold up in court. In fact, the sheriff should arrest Duck instead, "Let it go please."

Everyone forgets they aren't in the US where those things might be true. Sheriff Jim asks Gabby, "When did you get so smart?"

"I watch TV cop shows," says Gabby, "You leave Charlie to me. If I can get him to drop the complaint will that satisfy you?"

The sheriff confiscates the passports. He tells Shawn and Belle not to try to leave Tinda Lao.

Max thinks taking down international crime bosses is out of his job description. He doesn't think Steve would agree with this. Kayla says Max is right but if she can give him back his real life she will do it. She would die for Steve. Max knows he owes Kayla for taking Frankie and him off the streets, "I would do anything for you guys, you know that."

Kayla asks, "Does that mean you will do it?"

Max sighs. He knows she he's been had, "I guess. But there is one condition."

Patch contemplates his dry hunk of processed dead cow, "There are a lot of stray cats in this neighborhood." He picks up his lunch and takes it over to one of the, shall we say, more rotund loonies sitting across the room. Beefy digs in while he cheats at solitaire. Patch goes over to the TV area, hops over the back of a couch and stares at his new friend. She sits there doing the DOOL drool. "I just love that Wascally Wabbit," says Patch.

Over across the room, Goliath the orderly reams out poor Beefy, "ONE MEAL PER PATIENT! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT?" Patch goes to Beefy's rescue. Goliath tells Patch to mind his own business.

Patch readjusts the chip on his shoulder, "Come and get it."

Gabby thanks Sheriff Jim as he leaves. Claire fusses and bawls. Belle will take her upstairs while Shawn hangs around downstairs.

Shawn apologizes to Gabby for giving her a hard time earlier. Gabby is glad they are staying. He thanks her for her help, and sticks out his hand to shake. Instead, Gabby hugs him, "Anything I can do to help... Anything at all."

Belle answers a knock at the door. It's Duck, looking for the Boy Scout. Belle tells him he's down with Gabby. Duck warns Belle about Gabby, "She has a weakness and it's a big one. Men. Dark hair... baby blues... brains that have taken a whirl in a blender... remind you of anyone?" Belle kicks him out. On his way out, Duck turns and says, "If you want to hold on to that Boy Scout of yours, you'd better stake your claim very soon."

Max' condition is to stop in New York on the way back. He wants to surprise Abby, who has suddenly taken this mysterious trip. He insists he and Abby are just buds. Kayla doesn't buy it. Kayla agrees, but Max can't tell anyone about the trip to Italy.


Patch tells Goliath to bring it on. He tells Patch not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. Patch says it's his lunch and it goes wherever he says. Goliath swings one of his paws at the tray sitting on the table and flings it across the room. He tells Patch to clean it up. Patch sneers, "Sorry, bad ass. You're gonna get down on your knees and clean it up."


Shawn says, "So, you got a plan? You're serious about this aren't you? Belle says, "Shawn, our lives depend on it."

Nick says, "I want you to love me. But I'm not gonna compromise my integrity to make it happen." Chelsea says, "You think I did this, don't you?"

Patch tells Goliath, "Fire away!" Goliath revs up his taser. Patch has a shocking experience.

Kayla says to Max, "I need to be what I fear and hate the most about the DiMeras. Lord, give me strength."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Got a good chuckle out of the "Salem Syndrome" and Shawn's brain taking a whirl in the blender. How apt!

Great pictures, especially the tie-in with AMC.

It's a constant surprise to me how cavalier DOOL folks are about their jobs. Now Kayla is going to fly off to Italy. Has she put in even one day at her new "job" at the hospital?? Just asking.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm out of the loop - are you saying that Abby is coming back as a different actor?

This Shawn and Belle stuff is absolutely awful - I really can't take much more!!! It's worse than the Kayla/Steve stuff and that's saying a lot.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I'm out of the loop - are you saying that Abby is coming back as a different actor?

The word we have is actress Emily Montague will replace Ashley Benson in the role of Abby beginning with the April 2 episode. This happened rather abruptly and was related to a movie role Benson got combined with some absences from the DOOL set. Benson's absence was originally supposed to be temporary, but now we understand she will not be back at all.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I completely agree with Anonymous. It's bad enough it's dragging on and on, is anyone else bothered by the obnoxious "insect noises" they always play in the background of those scenes? Yesterday's scenes were so bad I thought I'd end up like Patch in the nuthouse.

(And no, Applecheeks, I don't think Kayla has put in even ONE day at the hospital. And what about the poor people who have their cars in Max's shop waiting to be repaired?)

LOL over the great Prevuisms today - twin beaches, the Salem Syndrome and the rockin' wedding shower just to name a few. HAHAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze to get us going today! :D

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed!!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

is anyone else bothered by the obnoxious "insect noises" they always play in the background of those scenes?

Those aren't insects. You'll notice you only hear it when Shawn and Belle are together. It's the squeaking sound you hear as the gears try to move in two rusted brains.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous XxXj-LyNnXxX said...

I heard that the reason Ashley Benson isn't in the upcomming scenes with Matthew Ashford is because she was sick when those scenes were taped and that she was totally bummed. I haven't heard anything about her leaving DOOL for good. Where did you hear that?

8:15 AM  
Anonymous XxXj-LyNnXxX said...

Okay I just found on SoapOperaFan.com that she is leaving to act in the film "Bring It On 4". It said they didn't know if she would be permanently recasted. Sorry....you got the scoop before I did!!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Those aren't insects. You'll notice you only hear it when Shawn and Belle are together. It's the squeaking sound you hear as the gears try to move in two rusted brains.


8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL with the tombstone of ethan cambias :)

6:45 PM  

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