Monday, January 22, 2007

Mad, Passionate, Sweaty Love

Sami and Lucas bask in the warmth of the fire. He picks up the award. Lucas is amazed. He must've looked in the mirror. Sami can't believe all that's happening to her is real. Lucas assures her it is. He admits he was skeptical when she told him she had changed. "Who could blame you," asks Sami.

Suddenly, Lucas has a personality switch. He gets totally suspicions, "What's wrong? Did I speak too soon? Is this the REAL Sami? The one I know? The one who's lying through her teeth right now?" Sami gets up and gets him his morning dose of Prozac, which he desperately needs.

Marlena and Kayla fret over the local version of Bonnie and Clyde. Kayla assures her Steve is on his way and will know what to do.

Meanwhile, down at the hideout, the baby fusses. So does Claire. Belle assures her things will be OK when Uncle Steve gets there. Things always go better with adult supervision.

A delivery truck pulls up outside. Belle is giddy, "Maybe it's my new issue of Soap Opera Digest." Instead, Steve comes in and asks, "Hey, I understand you've got three packages for pickup?" He tells Shawn he "borrowed" the truck, "The less you know about that, the better."

Sinister music plays as Phillip staggers toward the church in the snow. He finds a stuffed bunny and picks it up, "Gotcha!"

Sami asks Dr. Jeckyl why he just turned into Mr. Hyde. Because he knows her and knows when something is bothering her. He thinks when Phillip barged into the pub it was a bad ending to a perfectly good night. Sami doesn't know what's gotten into Phillip and none of us know what's gotten into Lucas. She also doesn't know why Phillip is treating Belle like this. Sami worries about Belle, "But if you think I had anything to do with Belle and Shawn running off with Claire, I didn't."

"I know you didn't," says Lucas, "Nobody thinks you had anything to do with that."

Sami insists she would do anything to help her sister, but wasn't involved in this, "It's funny. When everyone found out about them running off, no one looked to blame me. It's been a long time since that happened. Especially with your mother. Something goes wrong with one of her sons and she automatically points the finger at me."

Lucas says he thinks Kate wants a fresh start. Sami is skeptical. Lucas morning dose begins to kick in, "I think she knows you saved my life. She owes you. She knows she can't break us up. She knows we're going to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives. So don't sweat it."

Sami is having too much fun beating the dead horse. She wonders what if Kate changes her mind. Lucas tells her to give Kate the same respect Kate has given her. He wants her to meet Kate halfway. Sami agrees. Lucas turns his attention to other matters, "That is the sexiest thing I have ever heard you say."

Sami asks, "So you think talking about your mother is sexy? I wonder what Freud would have to say about that."


Sami decides she isn't after him for his mind, anyway, so they go back to romping.

Kayla thinks Marlena should rest. Marlena don' wanna. Kayla gets a call. Steve tells her he's with the kids and everything is fine. Kayla asks him to keep in touch. He tells her he won't be able to use his cell phone once he gets on the road, God knows why. Kayla tells him to be careful. They express their undying love for each other and hang up. Marlena asks her what's going on. Kayla says, "There really is nothing to tell at this point. In other words, it's kind of like anything that happens on DOOL."

Marlena zones, "He won't let anything bad happen to them." Kayla agrees and goes to check in on Stephanie.

Patch checks out footprints in the snow, "Looks like we got company." Belle worries that Steve could get into trouble for helping them. Shawn tells her he's into that kind of thing.

Belle, as usual, doesn't get it, "You mean getting into trouble."

"No," says Shawn, "Helping people." They decide they are ready. "So let's go," says Shawn.

Phillip steps out of the shadows, "I don't think so. You're not going anywhere."

Sami smooches with Einstein and asks if he is happy. Of course he is. "I don't mean this," says Sami, "Are you really happy?"

"Yes," says Lucas, "I'm really happy. The drugs have kicked in. And I know exactly what you mean. I'm the happiest I have ever been. I took a double dose."

Sami thinks things are going great for them but wonders what will happen when people forget her heroism, "Which, of course they will. I'm just going to go back to being regular old me. I've never been able to keep the family together. What if that hasn't changed?"

Kayla is on the phone with Stephanie, "It's so good to hear you whine again. Belle and the baby are all fine, so... uh... just call me back, OK? This has been such a meaningful conversation." Kayla hangs up and covers the sleeping Marlena.

Marlena wiggles and calls John's name.

Shawn wonders how Phillip found them. "It wasn't hard," says Phillip, "Meems snapped like a twig."

Belle wants to know why Phillip is doing this, "We've always been friends. We care about each other."

"Friends," asks Phillip, "YOU WERE MY WIFE, BELLE. Even though I was the only person in town who didn't know you had a thing for your ex-boyfriend the whole time we were married."

Shawn thinks that's what this is about. Phillip wants revenge. Phillip insists all he wants is Claire. Shawn tells Belle they have to get out of there. Phillip says the cops are already on their way, "Where the hell you gonna run to anyway?"

Belle tells him he will never take her daughter, "You'll have to kill me first."

"Take her," chants the audience, "Take her."

Shawn and Phillip lunge at each other. The Salem Smackdown ensues.

Phillip returns Shawn's earlier favor by beating the crap out of him, "What was that you said in the hospital? Oh, yeah, she's my daughter, not yours!" He turns to Belle, "Don't look at me like that. You brought this all on yourself."

Belle turns away from him, "You'll never take her."

Marlena wakes with a start, "Who's there? Who's there?"

The demonic voice from the Exorcist says, "It's me, Doc. I'm right here. Help me."

Marlena can't see him, "Where are you, John? Give me a sign." John breaks wind and the drapes flutter. Marlena runs out onto the balcony, "I'm here, John. Right here." She stands in the middle of an impressionistic film-verite, "I'm here, John. Right here. Please tell me you're not dead, because it definitely smells like someone died out here." John materializes. She works her way toward him. His head explodes and Marlena suddenly wakes up on the couch.

Kayla rushes in and tells her she must've had a nightmare. Marlena insists John was really there and was trying to tell her something.

Lucas insists Sami has changed and wants to know what she is afraid of. She wonders how he would feel about her if she hadn't saved his life.

"I wouldn't feel much about you," says Lucas, "I'd be dead."

"I mean when you come back from the dead, silly boy," says Sami.

Lucas asks, "Are you crazy? I have loved you forever, except for all those times I hated you. OK, I've been with my share of women. And Carrie, too. Nobody comes close to the way I feel about you. And the way I feel about you... it takes all the strength I have, no matter where we are, that I don't throw you into a dark corner and make mad, passionate, sweaty love to you." The awards she wins doesn't make him love her any more than he already does.

"Lucas," says Sami, "I love you. I love you so much." Romp-a-rama. Sami suddenly breaks things off and runs into the other room. Lucas pops a couple more Prozac.

Belle tells Phillip he isn't taking Claire, as Shawn struggles to stand in the background. Phillip reaches for the baby as Patch walks up behind him and whaps him with a two-by-four. On the way out they scoop up Shawn's broken body and head for the car amidst Belle's protests. She doesn't want to leave Phillip there in that condition. Belle's ski cap is on a bit too tight. Shawn tells them to go on, "I need a minute."

Patch sends Belle and Claire on and comes back and asks what Shawn is doing. "I'm gonna take care of Phillip," says Shawn, "And I'm gonna need your help."

Shawn and Patch stick Phillip down in Bones' locker and seal the door. They head for the hills as Phillip screams for them to let him out of there.

Kayla brings Marlena tea as Marlena tries to convince her this was not a dream. She thinks John is still trying to get a message to her. Kayla asks what kind of a message. Marlena says, "I hate to say it. But it was about Steve, I believe."

Patch drives the getaway truck as Belle worries that they don't have a car seat for Claire. "Just hold her," says Shawn, "She's a lot safer in your arms than she is with that maniac."

"Don't worry. I wouldn't hand her to Steve while he's driving," says Belle.

Lucas is on the phone with Roman. Lucas tells him they haven't heard anything. They will let them know if they do.

Sami comes out of the other room in her big fuzzy robe and tells Lucas it was probably the excitement, but she's not feeling well. Lucas tells her the phone call was from her dad, telling him about Lexie – she's missing, "That's not all. Your dad said Abe told him Lexie didn't see EJ shoot John. It was Tek."

"OMG," says Sami, "Why would Tek shoot John? "

"The case against EJ could be blown to bits," says Lucas.

Marlena tells Kayla about John looking at Steve and saying, "Killer." Kayla wonders if EJ told John something before he shot him or if Steve is the DiMera's next target. Marlena apologizes if she has upset Kayla. Kayla says she didn't. She tells Marlena about Steve's "episodes." Kayla thinks they have something to do with his past and also with the DiMeras, "It all started the night we had dinner with Benjy."

"Stefano's son," says Marlena, "So there is a connection."

Kayla doesn't know what to think, "Whatever it is, it's killing Steve. And it's killing me that I can't help him."

Patch drives. Belle pulls the mittens off of Claire. Patch tells her to put them back on.

Belle obeys. "No," says Patch, "I meant put them back on the baby. We don't want to leave any fingerprints on this truck."

Shawn doesn't know how they will ever thank Steve for this. Steve asks where exactly in Canada they want to go. Shawn thinks Montreal would be a good place, "With all of our other problems, we might as well have a language barrier, too."

Patch thinks they should hop a freighter. They could bribe a crewmember and they could stow away. Passports wouldn't be a problem, "You do have money, don't you?"

"Yeah," says Shawn, "We have a little bit."

Patch freaks, "A LITTLE BIT? You shoulda told me. I'da brought you some. You can't go out on the road without cash. We gotta get you some money."

Belle insists they can handle it without the money. "It's your call," says Steve, "I think you're making a big mistake."

Sami wants Lucas to tell her everything Roman said on the phone. Lucas says, "It was like a 30 second conversation. I don't know if I can tell you everything. Maybe I should back off on those drugs." Lucas gives it the old college try. He tells Sami Lexie said Tek was the witness to John's shooting. Abe kicked Lexie out and she hooked up with Tek. They found Tek's car off of route nine and there was no sign of either of them anywhere. Only Lucas can take a minute and a half to tell what happened in a thirty second conversation.

Sami says, "OMG! It was him. It was EJ! He arranged for them to disappear. It has to be him. Why else couldn't they find their bodies."

"Maybe they just took off because they didn't want to face the music," says Lucas.

Sami says Lexie would never leave her son, "What if EJ found out that Lexie and Tek witnessed him shooting John and he had them eliminated, and we are next on that list?" Lucas cocks his head like a lost puppy.

Phillip screams for help from the dungeon. A cop comes into the church, "POLICE! Put your hands in the air."

Phillip screams, "I'm Phillip Kiriakis, idiot! I'm the one who called you."

"Oh," says the cop, "I didn't realize you're Phillip Kiriakis the idiot."

The cop opens the door and the Phillip-in-the-box jumps out. He tells the cop Shawn and Belle aren't alone, "Someone knocked me out and it wasn't either one of them." He orders the cop to call for some backup before they get farther away.

Shawn and Belle's rollicking road trip continues. Patch tells them life on the road isn't easy. They will always be looking over their shoulders. They have to keep moving, and to do that, they need cash. Shawn says he will get a job. Patch wonders how he will do that while he is on the run. Shawn says he will figure something out. He tells him to lay off.

Patch says he was just trying to give him a reality-check, "Life on the road is not easy, especially when that old snake Kiriakis is the one on your tail."

Sami tells Lucas she isn't imagining this. Lucas wonders why EJ would come after them. "You don't understand," says Sami. She runs into the bathroom to hurl again.

Marlena tells Kayla she was thinking maybe she could help Steve as a professional. Kayla appreciates the offer, "But he's not a therapy kinda guy."

Marlena suggests trying hypnosis, "It couldn't hurt, could it?" Kayla's willing to try anything and hopes Steve will be, too. She's afraid he will find out something about the missing years that he doesn't want to face. Marlena thinks he can do it and get it all behind them, "He has the two of us to help him. But he can probably do it in spite of that."


Shawn wonders how Victor gets away with all his shenanigans. "It all comes down to money, kid," says Patch, "Money and power and your grandpa has both of those in spades."

Belle worries that Victor always gets what he wants, "And what he wants right now is Claire." Shawn assures her Victor will never get Claire. He is there to protect her. Patch thinks they will be OK if they just stick together. He tells them to get some rest. The trio huddles and snoozes. Patch turns on the radio and drives.

Phillip is on the phone updating Victor. He vows not to give up. The cop interrupts and tells him a delivery truck was stolen near there. They have the license plate numbers. Phillip goes back to the phone, "Dad, I think we may have a lead."

Sami comes back out, doing her zombie walk. Lucas asks if she is OK. She was in there a long time. He suggests just getting under the covers and cuddling. "There is something I have to tell you first," says Sami, "Something you have to know." She turns and takes his hand, "I'm pregnant." Sami falls in his arms sobbing. FF Lucas.

The great birth control pill shortage in Salem continues...


Nick says to Billie, "I think we need to talk – don't you – about that night."

Shawn tells Patch, "Pull over... we're not gonna make it." Patch screams, "I'm not pulling over!"

Roman asks, "What were your reasons for coming back?" EJ says, "Your daughter, for one. We've become very close."

Lucas says, "You don't want to have this baby, do you? That's all right. We'll find a way. I'll get you a reservation over at Miss Crump's home for wayward girls."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like they're practically admitting that they're reusing the couple on the run from a kiriakis storyline. I wonder if Shawn and Belle will have to set off a sprinkler system in a bathroom while protecting a disk.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I wonder if Shawn and Belle will have to set off a sprinkler system in a bathroom while protecting a disk."

With $100 to live on for all the Days Of Their Lives, Shawn and Belle may not be seeing too many places with indoor plumbing, let alone sprinkler systems.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

HAHAHAHA..yeah. $100 might get the three of them one meal at McDonald's anymore.

Instead of "How can you hold down a job while on the run?", Patch's question to Jr. should have been "Can you hold down a job?"

LOL over the poor extras in the background and Sami asking "Why would Tek shoot John?" HAHAHAHA

Thanks to Prevuze for starting another looong week with some great laughs!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"HAHAHAHA..yeah. $100 might get the three of them one meal at McDonald's anymore."

And, dare I say it? Shawn and Belle's happy meals would be missing a few pieces.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Lot's of laughs today. Let me tell you, it was a tough three days without Prevuze last week. I barely made it home in one piece!

I must say, that poor, dead horse gets a workout on this soap!

When I read "Sami snuggles with Einstein...", I was two seconds away from having a mouthful of soda and a computer screen sprayed with it. I set down my cup for the rest of Prevuze. Good thing, 'cause "John breaks wind & the drapes flutter" would have launched a soda spray for sure.

Great pictures and prevuisms!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lexi Carver Dental Clinic....does she have someone else do the work and then she takes credit for it? HAHAHAHA

The pictures on Prevuze just crack me up!

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Please tell me you're not dead, because it definitely smells like someone died out here."

Smelly flatulance! Always a crowd pleaser!

Doesn't anybody carry cash any money??? Why doesn't Patch just give them his Patchercard / Visa?

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle and Shawn - This SL is like watching two 6 year olds running away from home with their little dolly. No sense.......

At this point, any family member with a large withdrawal from their bank account would be investigated. Where's all Shawn's Stash gone??

And why did Steve steal a truck? I was hoping when he said he was going to help them it meant he was going to play dress up and be a cop at one of the road blocks. That would have been great!


11:22 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"The pictures on Prevuze just crack me up!"

PICTURES?? Prevuze is literature.

"Smelly flatulance! Always a crowd pleaser!"

Make that great literature.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"Mad, Passionate, Sweaty Love"

I can't believe Lucas actually said that..... What a picture it paints.... ewwww! hehehe

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami already knows she's pregnant? Didn't it take Belle 3 months to figure it out? At this rate, that baby will be born in about 2 months and going to preschool with Claire!

5:03 PM  

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