Friday, January 19, 2007

Smell Phone


Max and Mimi pack blankets and all the essentials Shawn and Belle will need on their road trip. "Let's haul," says Max.

Mimi says, "Maybe it would be better if you went on your own. It's easier for one person to stay under the radar. I'll stay here in case the police come around, or so I'll be alone when Phillip comes over to rough me up." Mimi will tell the cops Max had a tow truck call. Max thinks she is a gutsy lady. Smooch.

Max leaves. Mimi cleans up, and there is a knock at the door. She wonders what Max forgot, but opens the door to find Phillip, "What do you want?"

"My daughter."

Kayla can't believe the way Phillip came into the bar screaming, "For a minute, I thought it was Belle." Bo tells her the law is on Phillip's side. Kayla claims Victor paid off the judge. Bo thinks the best-case scenario is he never sees his son again.

"That's the best-case scenario for the audience, too," says Kayla.

Shawn and Belle are holed up in the same church where Max and Mimi were held captive. Belle tries to justify things to Claire, "It's cold but Daddy went to get a blanket. He might bring us one, too." Shawn comes upstairs with the blankets. He doesn't think they will have to be there much longer.

Shawn turns on the radio. Amber alert! Three missing children! They listen as the radio announcer drags them through the mud. "It doesn't paint a very good picture," says Belle.

"They're making us sound like a couple of crazy people," say Shawn.

"News reporting has certainly gotten a lot more accurate lately, hasn't it," asks Belle, "Do you really think that we're gonna be safe?"

Abe looks at documents, "Something is wrong here." Lexie comes in. She asks if he forgot Theo is spending the night with her mom, and they are free to romp around the house. Abe isn't in a romping mood. He says there are discrepancies in the police files about the night John was shot. It concerns her statement. Lexie claims she told Roman everything she saw.

Abe is suspicious, "Did you? According to your statement you were on the phone with me, and then went to the boathouse and saw EJ shoot John. I need to know is that how you remember it."


He holds up the document and says, "According to this, that isn't true. And I'm praying that you have an explanation that proves otherwise."

Lexie claims it's all true. Abe shows her the cell phone bill. He has highlighted times and numbers. She couldn't have seen EJ shoot John, "EJ's bullet was the same type as the infamous 'magic bullet' used in the Kennedy assassination. It hit John in the head, turned 180 degrees and came back and went through his arm smashing his watch. His watch froze at the exact time he was shot. Mickey's long arm was on the three and his short arm was on the nine. You were on the phone with me when EJ shot John!"

Lexie claims they made a mistake. She'll testify. Abe tells her no, "Any half-decent defense lawyer will tear it apart. The only way your testimony would hold up would be if EJ hires Mickey – Horton, not the mouse. Even Mickey Mouse could see through this. What are you hiding?"

Phillip isn't surprised to see Mimi at Max' apartment. He tells her it will be easier for Shawn and Belle if they turn themselves in. He knows she and Max helped them escape, "You're a smart girl, Mimi... always looking out for number one. Are you telling me you're gonna take the fall for them?"

Belle shivers. Shawn rolls Claire in a rug. Belle whines about what she may have missed when Claire was with Phillip. She speculates about the future, "Once we've given her everything we can we let her fly on her own."

Kayla assures Bo they will hear from Shawn and Belle again. Patch arrives. Kayla lectures him for going to Mexico without her. Bo piles on. Patch tells them about the trip and shows them the wallet, "I swiped his 'smell phone' too. The phone has calls to Italy. But this is the kicker – Look what I found in his wallet. That's the dude's travel visa, and if he wants to replace it he's gonna have to come back to the good ole US of A." Bo smiles.

Abe really needs to know what happened that night. Lexie says someone else saw the shooting. Abe asks whom she is covering for.

Lexie breaks down like a '54 Ford, "Tek. It was Tek."

Bo tells Patch good job and leaves to talk to Abe.

Kayla gives a look. She wants to know why he lied to her about what happened at CPS. He says didn't want to hurt her. He was protecting her. He got more out of EJ than his wallet. He tells Kayla EJ knows about the meltdowns he has been having. Patch thinks it started with Benjy, "He is a DiMera. "

Mimi tells Phillip she won't sell out her friends. Phillip says she will join Patrick in jail. Mimi says it's time Phillip had a reality check. He went after Belle as payback for being dumped. She doesn't know him any more. He says he spent a long time being the good guy and it got him nowhere. He lost his wife and daughter. He's going to do what he has to get what he wants, "Belle and Shawn started this war and I'm finishing it. And I'm not taking any prisoners. I may lose a few more body parts, though."

Kayla asks Patch to go to Bo and tell him everything he learned. Patch can't do that, "What if Benjy knows something about what is going on in my head?" They argue.

Kayla begs him to let her help him deal with it, "If you're keeping secrets from me it gets me thinking."

"Now we are in trouble," says Patch.

"It gets me worrying I can't trust you," says Kayla.

Abe asks how Lexie could do this to their relationship again. Lexie says it's not what he thinks. It never is. She claims Tek wouldn't give up. She admits it was wrong but she wanted to protect their relationship.

"No," growls Abe, "You wanted to protect yourself and your lover."

Lexie protests, "No! He isn't my lover. I love you."

Abe doesn't want to hear any more. He wants her out of the house now. Lexie claims she isn't involved with Tek. Abe doesn't buy it, "It's over! It's done!"

Mimi has nothing more to say to Phillip, Victor or the cops. She wants justice for Shawn and Belle. Phillip rages. He says if she had been honest, maybe he and Belle could have worked things out. Mimi yells, "Belle didn't love you, and it is not my fault you lost your family, not to mention your leg and your face."

Phillip won't let her off the hook, "You either tell me where they are or you give me no choice."

Mimi asks, "Are you threatening me, Phillip?"

Phillip turns, locks the door and turns back toward Mimi, "You bet I am!"

Shawn and Belle hide as they hear noises. A shadow walks into the church. Max calls out. He has brought food, supplies, $100 and sleeping bags. He tells them Mimi stayed back at the apartment so Phillip could beat her up. Shawn thanks him. Max tells him Phillip is out for blood, "There are roadblocks everywhere."

Belle suggests splitting up. Shawn vetoes it, "We have to stay together. Half a brain is better than none. Besides, I know someone who can help us – Steve."

It hurts Patch to think Kayla doesn't trust him. Kayla says their love has been based on honesty and being there for each other, except when dead. If they stay together they will get their life back on track, "Now kiss me." Smooch.

Abe stares as Lexie does her zombie walk down the stairs carrying her bags. She says she really was trying to protect their relationship. She didn't want it to end like this. She is soooooo sorry. She opens the door to find Bo standing there. He asks what is going on. She tells him she blew it big-time and is going to look for a new place to live. She needs to sort out her life. She walks into the cold, dark night.

Bo tells Abe they can talk later. Abe says he's OK – they can talk now. Bo tells him Steve just got back form Mexico. He tells him what Steve got. When EJ crosses the border they will nail him. Abe says it won't do any good, "Lexie lied. She was with Tek. Tek was the witness. Neither one is a viable witness. You know what this means, don't you? EJ will get away with murder."

Shawn asks Belle, "What do you think?"

"Thinking isn't my strong suit," says Belle, "Probably Steve and Kayla will have to tell Bo." Shawn thinks they have to take a chance.

Phillip tells Mimi to make it easier on herself.

Mimi asks, "What are you going to do, beat me up?"

"I have something else in mind," says Phillip. He picks up her phone and discovers she has Max on speed dial.

Max phone rings. He looks at it and says, "It's Mimi." He picks up.

Phillip barks, "I want to speak to Belle now!"

Max tells Shawn and Belle, "It's Phillip." He says into the phone, "Where is Mimi?"

"With me," growls Phillip, "And unless you put Belle on the phone I'm gonna..." Max hands Belle the phone and rockets toward his apartment.

Phillip tells Belle if she doesn't want her friends to get hurt she has to bring Claire back. He still loves her. Maybe it's not too late for a second chance. They could raise Claire together. Belle is sorry. She is going to be a family with Shawn.

Phillip sneers, "Whatever happens now is on you!" He smashes the phone.

Belle tells Shawn to call Steve now.

Patch and Kayla smooch as Patch's phone rings. Shawn tells him about the situation. They need to get to Canada. Patch says he will call them back. He hangs up and tells Kayla. Kayla tells him they have to help. She gave Bo her word. Patch decides to check in with Bo.

Bo insists Tek can still testify. Abe tells him he isn't sure about that. Bo's phone rings. Patch tells him if Abe is standing there to just listen. He tells him about the call from Shawn. Bo is nonchalant, "Just do what you gotta do. You have my blessing."

Patch tells Kayla Bo gave the OK.

Bo shrugs off the call. Abe can't get into the Wells situation right now. He says he stepped down as commissioner to spend time with Lexie. Now he's out of a job and out of a marriage, "Go figure. I'd really like to be alone tonight."

Lexie sits in a car with Tek. She tells him Abe knows everything. Tek whines, "Now I'm gonna lose my job with the sheriff's department."

"Your job," screams Lexie, "I just lost my marriage! I guess all I can do now is tell the truth"

"It will never work in court," says Tek, "We have to get out."

Lexie asks, "What are you talking about?"

Tek says, "Let's go together. Let's run away."

Phillip gives Mimi two minutes to tell him where Shawn and Belle are. Mimi says, "They are in the new development – with friends."

The veins pop out on Phillip's neck, "You're lying!" He grabs her and ties her hands behind her back. She screams and tells him he's hurting her, "OMG! What are you gonna do with that?"

Max rushes up to the apartment door and knocks. He opens the door. Mimi screams from inside a chest across the room. Max runs over and pulls her out and unties her. She chokes for air.

"He lied," screams Meems, "He promised me. He said if I told where Shawn and Belle are, he would let me out. I told him where Shawn and Belle are. It was the first time in my life I didn't lie."

She begs Max to call Shawn and Belle. Max calls. Voice mail, "Phillip knows where you are! Get out of there!" Max hangs up and swears he will kill Phillip.

Mimi just wants him to stay with her. There is only one thing left to do now – They maul each other and hit the couch.

Shawn tells Patch where they are. Patch says leave it to him. He hangs up and tells Kayla he has to go alone. He promises it will be quick and easy. Patch leaves. Kayla sighs.

Shawn tells Belle Patch is on his way.

Lexie says she can't go with Tek – she would lose her child. She tells him to pull over. She just lost Abe and won't lose her son.

Tek squints. He says he can't see. The car behind them has its brights on, "OMG! That car is headed straight for us!" SCREECH!!! SCREAM!!! KEE-RASH!!!


Shawn says to Belle, "So let's go." Phillip says, "I don't think so. You're not going anywhere."

Marlena tells Kayla, "He's still trying to get a message to me." She reads, "I hate to say it. It was about Steve, I believe."

Sami asks Lucas, "What if EJ found out that Lexie and Tek witnessed him shooting John and he had him eliminated, and we are next on that list?"

Patch tells Shawn, "Life on the road is not easy, especially when that old snake Kiriakis is the one on your tail."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AARGH! I can't believe Mimi is such a wimp! Loved the newspaper headline and pictures today! awesome Prevuze altogether, it really woke me up. Thanks!

4:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"AARGH! I can't believe Mimi is such a wimp!"

Disgusting, isn't it? She actually told the truth for once.

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read where that Passions has been dropped by NBC and DOOL is next and was wondering if anyone had heard anythign. What do you think about this?

5:19 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

I think Passions ran about 7 years too long and I am still livid that they cancelled Another World for such an insipid waste of an hour....

But from what I've heard, Days' days are numbered as well...

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope the rumours are true and DOOL will be moved to another station. With the new writer, the audience may come back to the show, and it will be in the top 4 again. I know I only came back to watch since JER left, and I'm enjoying it so much more. (go

7:07 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So Maximi, in the middle of the big Jr/Belle/Claire crisis, decide to jump on the couch and maul each other. HAHAHAAHHA

I LOVED the newspaper and Patch's lament over aging. (I know the feeling.)

I don't know about DOOL's fate. But even if it ends Prevuze will have to continue to write the stories. That way we would still have our daily Prevuze fix and it would be much better than the original show! :D

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

They only brought $100???? That is jacked! That won't buy them a hotel stay and breakfast.

Note to self: Do not have Max (the cheapskate) and Mimi (the narc) help me runaway!

I know, I'll CALL DA BULLDOG :-)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Note to self: Do not have Max (the cheapskate) and Mimi (the narc) help me runaway!"

We didn't mention it in the posting, but Max claimed $100 was all he could get his hands on. He's such a minor-leaguer. I'll bet Dale Jr. or Jimmie J. have $100 in their spare change drawer.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I read where that Passions has been dropped by NBC and DOOL is next and was wondering if anyone had heard anythign. What do you think about this?"

Thinking is not my strong suit. Anyway, Prevuze believes DOOL will be around for a while. We went to an NBC site and found out the current agreement does not end until 2009. We also believe NBC has somewhere in its large offices and small minds made the decision to attempt to save DOOL, while axeing Passions. So they brought in a new DOOL writer and left Passions to twist in the wind with Reilly.

Daytime TV operates on brutally low margins. We believe DOOL's dumping of some expensive older actors in favor of new ones is an honest, if not cruel and misguided, effort to control costs and keep afloat.

So, NBC seems to have (somewhat) addressed the bad writing and low margins of daytime TV. But DOOL, more than Passions or almost any other soap opera has an ace in the hole. "Days Of Our Lives" is a show title which is its own franchise. Even people who don't watch or care about soaps know what DOOL is. We think it is unlikely anyone would retire that show title. They might change it significantly, but even if NBC dumps the show we think, like many others, that it would be picked up by another network or syndicated.

11:26 AM  

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