Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's Blow This Pop Stand

Kate comes into Lucas' hospital room as Lucas gathers his things to leave. Mommy Dearest suggests taking him home with her, and orders him not to pack his clothes using the wire hangers. Lucas says he's going home with Sami. He tells Kate Sami's in ICU with her mom and John right now. Kate waxes eloquently about crises and disasters, "Sometimes we realize the world won't end and make the mistake of imagining all is right." Lucas says he isn't imagining anything.

Marlena reads the paper to John. Sami's story. She's so proud of Sami. Sami listens as Marlena tells John how great she is. Sami comes in and Marlena tells her there is no change in John's condition. Sami says she has a feeling something good will happen. She tells Marlena she seems tired. Marlena says things have been difficult. She tells Sami about Claire. Sami starts to call Belle but Marlena stops her. Belle sobbed herself to sleep and Marlena wants her to rest.

Phillip coos at Claire. He tells her he carried her picture into combat. When he was hit she kept him alive. He vows they will never be apart again. Doorbell. Phillip opens it and finds Mimi. "Phillip," she says, "What you are doing is wrong, and you know it."

Willow works at Chez Rouge. Shawn comes in. He gets in her face, "Does lying to a judge pay better than doing some guy at a dock? Why did you do it?"

"There were 10,000 reasons," says Willow, "Which is what I was paid. And, yes, it pays better than doing some guy at the dock, and is a lot better than doing you." A referee steps in and penalizes Willow for a low blow.

Kate tries to convince Lucas Sami hasn't changed. Lucas thinks she has. Kate says all of her achievements mean nothing to her compared to her children.

Lucas says she sticks her nose in her children's business, "And that's why Austin and Phillip left." Kate tells him Phillip is back and goes through the details of Claire's custody. "I can help you, too," says Kate.

Lucas asks, "You're gong to help me leave Salem?"

Kate says, "No. I will help you leave Sami."


Sami vows to help Belle and Shawn. She thinks John will wake up, "And I'll bet you five bucks I know what is the first thing he will say – 'Hi, pretty lady.'"

"No," says Marlena, "He'll probably say, 'Where is my bag-o-pills.' "

Sami says, "The doctors are wrong. John has the heart of a lion and the brain of a scarecrow. Or at least he did. He won't give up on you and you can't give up on him."

Phillip tells Mimi to shut the door because it's so cold. Oh! The metaphor! His reception is even colder. He says if Mimi is there to lecture him she can take a hike. Mimi tells him about her and Max being kidnapped, "We were stuck down there for days."

"Must've been quite an ordeal," says Phillip.

She tells him they were looking for him. She thinks more than his face has changed. His heart has changed too.

"Maybe so," says Phillip, "But my wooden leg is the same."

Shawn says Victor isn't that generous. Willow reaches down into her boob-bank and pulls out a wad-o-cash. Shawn threatens to tell the judge, "Go ahead," says Willow, "Right now, your word is less than a lowly hookers."

Marlena says, "That's the nicest thing you have ever said about John. Of course, that doesn't say much." Sami wishes she could go back in time and tell him she thinks he's wonderful and she loves him. "Tell him now," says Marlena, "We have lots of time to fill on the show today."

Lucas insists he isn't leaving Sami. Kate asks about the rescue. She establishes Lucas was unconscious so he really doesn't know what happened. Kate wonders where Sami got her super strength. Lucas says Sami's super strength was adrenalin. Kate wants to know where it was when she tried to lift the beam the first time – when he was conscious. Kate doesn't buy the story. Lucas has no reason not to believe it.

"What about logic," asks Kate.

"The last time we used logic on this show Tom Horton was around," says Lucas, "What's your point?".

"Very simple," says Kate, "She had help."

Phillip says if he is so cold hearted he's surprised the judge gave him custody. He invites Mimi to sit down. The Phillip Mimi knows wouldn't have done this. Phillip says he and Victor did what they had to do – they had to do what is best for Claire. Mimi thinks growing up without a mom isn't what's best for her, "Of course when you consider who her mom is, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all. I'd better watch my back. If this is how you treat your friends, I'd hate to see how you carve up your enemies."

"I start by removing a leg and then go for the face," says Phillip.

Shawn and Willow argue. Shawn gets poetic, "You're a whore, who made a big score."

Willow says, "I'll make you a deal. I'll come clean and get your daughter back. I'll even give him the ten grand. You have to do a little something for me."

Shawn asks, "What?"

Willow says, "Kiss me."

"Ten grand for just a kiss," says Shawn, "No wonder you went into the business."

Sami pours out her heart to John. She treasures the love he shares with Marlena. He is Marlena's world. That's why Sami was so difficult. She wanted to be loved like that, but never realized she was. Even when she would do stupid things and everyone else wrote her off, John stood by her except for a few dozen times Sami fails to mention. He was as much a father to her as her own dad. In fact, for a while, he was her own dad. It meant a lot to her. She holds his hand, "I love you, John." Sami asks if Marlena thinks he can hear her.

"I'm sure he does," says Marlena, "And I'm sure he's just as proud of you as I am. And since he's brain dead, he probably even believed that line of garbage you just handed him."

Lucas asks, "If someone helped Sami, where is he?" Kate thinks maybe this person doesn't want publicity or to be found by the police. Lucas asks if she thinks it's EJ.

"Maybe Sami was the one who helped him," says Kate.

"No," says Lucas, "Sami helped set him up. You think she just ran into him?"

"Maybe they planned to run off together," says Kate.

"If he was there, he would have warmed his hands over my dead body," says Lucas.

Kate says, "Maybe he had a compelling reason to help. Maybe it was the only way Sami would help him to escape."

Phillip catches up with Mimi on her way out. "When I reenlisted," he says, "I was checking out. My marriage was over. Claire wasn't my biological daughter. My whole world fell apart. In the burn unit I vowed to take care of my daughter. Nothing will take her from me again."

"That sounds like something Victor would say," says Mimi.

Shawn asks, "Is this a sick joke?"

"No," says Willow, "It's a sick show. You used to like to kiss me. This is a one-time offer. You're desperate to get your little girl back and all I'm asking for is affection."

Shawn closes his eyes and starts to kiss her. She shoves him away and cackles, "See how easy you are to push around."

Things get loud. Maggie rushes in to break up their argument. She pulls them aside. Shawn tells her about Claire and the custody. Maggie asks if it's true that Willow lied in court and testified against Shawn. "No," says Willow, "It isn't true." She turns to Shawn, "I don't have to answer to you."

"No," says Maggie, "But I am your boss and you have to answer to me."

Sami asks if Marlena saw the headlines. Marlena looks confused, "Headlines? What headlines?" She chuckles and tells Sami she was just kidding.

Sami says she won't let it go to her head. Marlena thinks what Sami did was amazing, "You should get a medal for it." Sami tells her about the award. Marlena is thrilled. Sami says she knows Marlena can't be at the ceremony what with everything she has going on with John and Belle. Marlena says she wouldn't miss it for the world.

Sami says she is going to check on Lucas. She tells her about Will buying all the newspapers, but asks Marlena for change so she can buy a copy for herself. Sami sees the Italian coin as Marlena searches for change. Marlena tells her about the fountain ceremony. Sami offers to stay. Marlena tells her to go to Lucas.

Sami leaves. Marlena sits by John. Pan in on the coin.

Lucas says he doesn't know whether to laugh or hit Kate with a crutch. The audience chants, "Crutch! Crutch! " He thinks her theory about EJ helping Sami is ridiculous. Kate says she will never applaud Sami as a heroine.

Lucas says, "I'm not Phillip. I didn't grow up rich. I'm not Austin. You made it clear you think I can't compete with him. You either accept me and Sami or you're out of my life and your grandson's for good."

Phillip says he is like Victor because of his crash course in reality. He thinks the real reason for Mimi's visit is her guilt. They both know she is as much to blame for the lie as anyone, "No one was a dirtier fighter than you were, Meems. So if this is anyone's judgment day, it's yours."

Willow admits she was subpoenaed. Maggie asks if she took a bribe. Willow denies it. Shawn suggests Maggie make a withdrawal from Willow's boob-bank and she'll find her wad-o-cash. Willow insists she's just transferring some funds. Maggie says this is too much, "Mickey and I have filed affidavits in favor of Shawn and Belle. It leaves me no choice."

"If you're thinking about canning me," says Willow, "You can just forget it."

Kate backs off. She doesn't think they should have to threaten each other, "What do you say I promise just to never bring this up again?"

"Thank you," says Lucas, "I know this isn't easy for you."

"No," says Kate, "But I do want you to be happy. She kisses his head. If it's Sami you want to be with, then so be it."

Sami barges in. Kate tells her she is grateful for what she did. She realizes Sami would never hurt Lucas, "You have been a godsend. I am sorry for doubting you. Please take care of him." Kate leaves

Sami picks herself up off the floor, "Who was that nice lady disguised as your mother?"

Lucas is delusional, "I think I turned her around."

Kate stands outside the door to Lucas' room and seethes, "That little tramp is lying. I'm going to prove it."

Maggie fires Willow for incompetence and insubordination. Shawn, Willow and Maggie all go their separate ways.

Outside the restaurant, Shawn grabs his stomach and slides down the doorjamb, "How could I let this happen? How could I lose my daughter?"

Mimi tells Phillip she admitted her mistakes. "When you were backed into a corner," says Phillip, "It's time for my daughter's nap. You know the way out." Phillip knocks a backpack off a table. Mimi stoops to pick things up. "Leave it," says Phillip.

Too late. Mimi finds the passports, "You're taking Claire out of the county?"

"I said get out of here," snorts Phillip, "Or I'll have you arrested."

Sami can't believe Lucas said all that to Kate. She doesn't think Kate will really make the turnaround. Lucas says it doesn't matter how Kate feels toward Sami. It matters how she behaves toward her. Sami says, "If your mom is willing to try, then so am I."

"You are my life," says Lucas.

Marlena talks to John, "All the doctors are saying you'll do better in a place that has round the clock care. I want you with me. I am not sure what to do. You are the only person I trust with the answer and you are the only person who can't tell me."

Kate arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and calls for Phillip. She walks into the next room and sees papers lying on the table. She picks them up and discovers they are e-tickets, "Salem to NY to Brussels," asks Kate.

Phillip walks up behind her, "That's right."

"My god," says Kate, "What happened to the direct flight from Salem to Brussels? You're leaving the country tomorrow?"

Shawn's instant stomach cancer grows worse as Mimi comes up. She asks if he is all right. He tells her about talking to Willow and the bribe she took. Mimi says he has to tell the police. Shawn says its' his word against Willow's, "I played by the rules and lost my daughter."

"I think you have a bigger problem," says Mimi. She tells Shawn about Phillip leaving.

Lucas can't wait to get home.

Sami's all for that, "Let's blow this pop stand."

Marlena reminds John of the promise they made at the fountain. They would always tell each other the truth. Pan in on coin. Marlena promises she will never give up on him and always be there for him. Don't forget that new DOOL drinking game. Anytime someone promises to be there for someone else you have to take a shot.

Pan in on the table. The coin is missing.

Phillip is sorry Kate found out this way. Kate doesn't know why he is risking this. Phillip tells her he will be in Brussels running the Titan office and will hire a nanny to take care of Claire, who he cares about so much he will never let her out of his sight again. Kate can't bear saying goodbye to another son. Her sons don't quite feel the same way.

Phillip suggests they go to watch Claire sleep.

"That's a good idea," says Kate, "It would be a lot more exciting than watching DOOL."

Shawn doubles in pain. Mimi says she saw the passports. He has to tell the cops.

"To hell with the cops and to hell with the judge," says Shawn, "Belle and I are going to take Claire and disappear for all the Days Of Our Lives." FF. The audience gives the first standing ovation DOOL has had in a long time.


Bo says, "Victor and Phillip are up to something. I gotta find out what it is." Kayla says, "What can I do to help?"

Stephanie and Patch share a tear-jerking goodbye.

Meems screams, "You're a genius!" Max asks, "I am?" Mimi says, "Yes. You just figured out how we're going to get to Claire."

Shawn tells Belle, "You and Claire. You are my life, and I am going to fight for you with everything I have got."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not surprised that willow got flagged for a low blow she makes a living on that lol

great prevuze today

6:48 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"im not surprised that willow got flagged for a low blow she makes a living on that lol"

I keep getting the feeling there is some double meaning in what you're saying... OH, I GET IT! You mean as a waitress, when she brings one of those lame birthday cakes to the table she helps the customer blow out the candles!

Yeah... that's it... yeah.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

HAHAHAAHHA....I'm LOL over not only the great Prevuisms today but anonymous' comment. I also loved Claire's dilemma pic and Squints bag-o-pills. :P

For Pete's sake! Marlena and Squints are mega zillionaires, so take him home and hire around-the-clock nurses. DUH!!

Actually, I'm with Kate. I hope she does find out how Sami got Lucas back to Salem then we all would know since they cut that part out of the show.

EXCELLENT Prevuze today! Great way to get going on a Monday.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Here's another drinking game...take a shot every time Lucas threatens Kate with "cutting her out of his life for good". That's one sure way to get sloshed.

Philip must have had one fabulous plastic surgeon. He healed in just a week or two and without a scar in sight!!

Funny stuff today, thanks Prevuze.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous...that was a good one. Also loved the standing ovation line!

Yes, Phillip did heal very fast! Even faster than Chloe did!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Even faster than Chloe did!"

It's a scientific fact that whining slows the healing process.

Which explains why Belle's brain has never healed.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Phillip knew exactly what he was doing when he knocked over that back pack. He is setting Shawn and Belle up.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture of little Clair is exactly what I feel about the situation.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn doubles over in pain, hmmm. Any idea what that's all about?

8:20 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Shawn doubles over in pain, hmmm. Any idea what that's all about?"

Who knows what those writers are up to. The whole scenario didn't seem to fit, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see and watch it play out.

12:51 AM  

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