Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's Call The Scarecrow And The Lion

Stephanie hugs Patch. He tells her, "You will blow them away in Dayton. You'll be the best race driver there. Especially since you'll be the only race driver there." It's not that she wants to leave, she just loves racing so much. "You remind me of someone I used to know," says Patch, "Me."

Kayla meets Bo at Chez Rouge. Small talk. Stephanie. Cricket. Shawn and Belle. Bo says, "I think Victor paid off the judge. There I was telling Shawn to take it easy and play by the rules. Victor never plays by the rules. That's how I came into the world. It didn't matter ma was already married, and, of course ma didn't have a thing to do with it, either. I talked to him and tried to reason with him, but I am his mistake. He's always been a pathetic excuse for a grandfather to Shawn. Victor and Phillip are up to something. I gotta find out what it is."

Mimi tells Max about Claire's passport. She thinks he doesn't believe her. Max thinks they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Mimi thinks someone should do something or Belle and Shawn may never see their little girl again.

Belle sniffles, snivels and sobs. Shawn meets up with her in the hospital. She says it's hard to see John like that. She wonders where Shawn has been. Shawn says he went for a drive but couldn't find a house to slam into, so he came to the hospital. Belle thinks Marlena is handling this better than she is, "Now that Claire is gone, my dad can't be there to hug ME and tell ME that I will be OK. I don't know how we will get through the next 90 days."

"We don't have to," says Shawn, "We can play the same game Victor is playing. We're gonna take Claire back."

Mimi says she didn't want to believe it either, but she called Victor's office and pretended to be a journalist. The assistant said he's unavailable because he will be out of the country. She thinks he's taking Phillip and Claire with him.

Shawn explains things to Belle. It's kind of like the post talking to the wall. He says he went to see Willow to find out why she lied. Victor paid her off. Shawn can't believe he got mixed up with her. He tells Belle about his plan to abscond with Claire. He says Mimi saw the passport. They have to beat Victor to kidnapping Claire, "You and Claire. You are my life, and I am going to fight for you with everything I have got."


Patch thinks Stephanie inherited his need to push the envelope. She wishes Kayla could understand her the way Patch does. "We both want you to be safe," says Patch, "But I know you were born to race those cars like they were demons chasing you. I know you are following your dream. Don't ever let that fire inside you die, but the way you drive, you might want to do something to keep it out of the racecar."

"I love you, Dad."

"I love you, too," says Patch.

Stephanie asks, "But how come you don't take your own advice?"

Bo says he hasn't talked to Shawn. He thinks Shawn has learned if you have enough money you can get anything you want. Shawn talked to Hope and said he and Belle are planning to run away with Claire, "You get kicked in the teeth enough in this world, you'll do anything you can to keep that from happening again. I'm gonna protect my son from himself."

Belle can't figure out what happened, as usual. Shawn vows they will not lose Claire. But they have to act now. "Where will we go," whines Belle.

"I don't know yet," says Shawn, "We'll change our names and I'll get a job. We'll be together and that's what matters."

"Change our names to what," asks Belle.

"Bell and Sean."

"My dad is in a coma," says Belle, "What will my mom do? Will we never see our families again?"

"Or never see Claire again," says Shawn, "You play by the rules and you lose. Are you with me or not?"

Max and Mimi talk about a way to help Shawn and Belle get Claire back. Max thinks it's impossible. Mimi protests, "Dorothy got into the witch's castle with help from her friends."

"Oh, says Max, "Let's call the scarecrow and the lion for a distraction." It's not that Max doesn't want to help, "But when the enemy is Victor, do you think we have a chance against him and his goons? We're out of our league."

"Not with the scarecrow and the lion," says Mimi.

"You're the kid," says Patch, "I'm the daddy. You're not supposed to be giving me advice."

"You're being deliberately dense," says Stephanie.

"No," says Patch, "It comes naturally."

"I'm calling you on your life plan," says Stephanie, "It's looking a little too safe for me. You have that fire inside you, too."

"No," says Patch, "That's the refried beans we had last night at Mama Rosita's Cantina."

"Check it before the pilot light goes out," says Stephanie, "You might explode."

"No explosions here," says Patch, "I only had one helping. I have everything under control, with the help of a little Beano. When you get older you're entitled to pull back on the throttle a little and pass a little more gas."

"There is so much to do," says Stephanie, "Kilimanjaro is still there. What about you? When was the last time you tested yourself?"

"You think being separated from you for fifteen years wasn't a test," asks Patch.

"You didn't know who you were then," says Stephanie, "Did you know, when the Khmer Rouge left Cambodia, there was only one doctor left? If you don't challenge yourself you'll never know I am right." Hugs.

Patch goes in to start packing for Cambodia, "They've got a doctor and now they'll have an orderly. I'll dedicate my life to making Cambodia safe for bedpans."

Bo thinks Shawn is avoiding him and Hope. Kayla offers to call him. Bo OK's it, "Tell him his mom and I are sorry for what happened in court and offer to help him."

"No questions asked," asks Kayla.

"That's up to you," says Bo, "Try to gain his trust. If he's thinking of doing something dumb..."

"Gee," says Kayla, beating Prevuze to the punch, "I wonder who he takes after."

Belle hugs Shawn, "You know I'll do whatever you want."

"I know," says Shawn, "I never expected you to think for yourself. Max and Mimi are waiting."

Belle asks, "Can we trust Mimi?"

"Yes," says Shawn, "She has changed and is on our side. Shawn's phone rings. He sees it's Kayla. He thinks Bo and Hope put her up to this, but he says he will put them at ease. Kayla tells him she is sorry for what happened at the courthouse. She reassures him – They will get Claire back.

Shawn tells Kayla he is in the middle of something. She tells him his parents are thinking of him. They are concerned because Shawn hasn't returned their phone calls. He says he and Belle just need some time alone. Everybody is there for everybody. He tells her Belle is with him and he will call his parents tomorrow.

Shawn hangs up. Belle asks if they can trust Kayla. Shawn says yes, "They were on the run for years. They had no choice and neither do we."

Mimi thinks Victor won't let them get close enough to take Claire. Nothing she ever does will make it up to Shawn. Even though Shawn has forgiven her, she will never forgive herself. "I know what will make you feel better," says Max, "Let's go get Claire back."

"What changed your mind," says Mimi.

"You," says Max, "I don't want you to punish yourself for all the Days Of Our Lives." They scheme. They plan. They plot. They wonder why Victor and Phillip are waiting until tomorrow to leave. Max thinks they are waiting for something they couldn't get done today. Meems screams, "You're a genius!"

Max asks, "I am?"

Mimi says, "Yes. While you were pacing around the room chewing your gum and plotting, I realized you can walk and chew gum at the same time! You just figured out how we're going to get to Claire."

Mimi says she doesn’t know why she didn't think of this before. Shawn and Belle arrive. Mimi tells them all about the assistant telling her Victor would be out of the country. They all can't wait to hear what Max' brilliant deduction was. Especially Max.

Mimi says, "Claire has to be immunized before they can leave."

Belle freaks, "That means they're taking her somewhere exotic."

"Is there someone at the hospital we can trust," asks Mimi.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "I know someone."

Kayla thinks Shawn is a man now, "He realizes he can't lose control. Driving cars into buildings is so last-month with him. He's more calm."

"They took his daughter," protests Bo, "He's not calm!"

Kayla tries to convince him, "Shawn is a good guy and a fine son and an idiot just like his father. Kayla has to go take Stephanie to the airport. If Kayla needs to talk, Bo is there. Kayla will call if she hears from Shawn.

Stephanie tells Patch she has to go, "Only a baby would cry about leaving her family behind." Hugs. Tears. Steve's Patch shrinks. She says he turned out to be the father she always wanted. He says he knew her when he first saw her, "You were waiting in my heart all the time. No driving over 200, young lady."

"I can't make any promises," says Stephanie as she heads down the hall.

"You go get 'em," says Patch.

Kayla and Stephanie hit the pub. Stephanie couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to her grandparents. Kayla gets a call. Shawn. He asks if she meant what she said. He has to know he can trust her. He needs her to call the hospital about the immunizations. Kayla asks why. Silence. "OK," she says, "No questions." She says she will call him back in five minutes and hangs up.

"Will she help us," says Belle.

"I don't know," drones Shawn.

Patch wanders. Patch thinks. Patch flashes back to his Patch-attack. He pulls out his harmonica and plays the "I'm trapped on a dumb soap opera and can't get out" blues. He sees himself in the mirror, "Something's not right with you, boy. What you gonna do about it?"

Maggie brings Bo a birthday cupcake. A celebration of Stinkbug being born. "Make a wish and blow out the candle."

Bo wishes, "I wish John had never gone into that warehouse. I wish my pop were my real father. I wish Chelsea didn't have so many issues. I wish Zack were about to enter first grade this year. And I wish Shawn, Belle and Claire were together and happy."

"I wish I had brought a bigger candle," says Maggie.

Puff. Bo's wishes go up in smoke.

The clueless quartet waits. Shawn gets the call. Kayla tells him she called the hospital. She found out Victor and Phillip have set Claire up with an appointment with Dr. Kinnerly tomorrow at 1 pm. She begs him not to take on Victor alone.

"I have it handled," says Shawn, "Don't tell anyone we even had this conversation."

He hangs up and tells the group about the appointment. He turns to Belle, "Tomorrow, 1 pm – That's she we get Claire back." Hugs.

Patch blows a sour note, "Stop it, man. Stop thinking about it. You got a headache? Take an aspirin. What's the big deal?" He plays the You got a headache take an aspirin blues. Attack! "AHHHHHHHHH!" More blues. Cymbals crash. Writhing. Pain. Agony. He picks up the remote and turns DOOL off. The pain subsides.

Shawn Sr. and Caroline tell Stephanie they will be out to visit. Tears. OMB gives her a racecar he carved out of rosewood, "You're a Brady and that means something."

"She can overcome that," says Kayla, "But she's a Johnson too."

"First rate combination," says OMB.

Hugs. Goodbyes. Tears. As she walks out the door, OMB says, "Remember, OK?"

"Remember what," asks Stephanie.

"I can't remember," says Shawn Sr.

Bo tells himself to snap out of it, "I am a new dad. I have Termite to think of. But my firstborn is in pain. I should be able to help."

Maggie assures him Shawn will find his way, "He was raised with love and understanding. The rest is up to him."

The clueless quartet tries to figure out a way to snatch Claire. Max offers help. Shawn thanks him, "And especially thanks to you, Mimi." Max and Mimi go off to order pizza. As he passes Shawn, they do that buddy hand-butt thing. They can do this.

Shawn turns to Belle, "Tomorrow."

Belle says, "One o'clock."

"Right," says Shawn, "That's when the little hand is on the one, and the big hand is on the twelve." Hugs. FF Belle.


Roman asks, "Feel like making a trip?" Bo says, "Something tells me this is not a vacation. Where?" Roman says, "Mexico City."

Sami is on the phone, "Who is this? Make it quick." Scruffy EJ says, "I prefer nice and slow myself."

Chelsea sits at her computer and says, "OMG, Abby! He just signed off. What did I say that was so wrong?"

Stephanie asks Kayla, "Is something wrong with Dad?"

Patch says to Bo, "Please don't say no. Help me."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

OMB, "Remember."
Steph, "Remember what?"
"I can't remember," Prevuze writes, beating Applecheecks to the punch. HAHAHAHA

Just one of the funny prevuisms today along with the post talking to the wall, Max walking and chewing gum at the same time and Patch's blues tunes. Great Prevuze!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Loved Patch's plan for Cambodian aid. But what did one doctor being left in Cambodia have to do with the price of beano?? That scene must have lost something in translation from DOOL to Prevuze.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'I like it nice and slow myself'

aaaaaaaaah I love me some EJ. Nice and slow, scruffy, charming or downright nasty! Good to see he's back!

8:03 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

In real life (what am I saying??) Vic would just have a private nurse come to the mansion and immunize Claire, not drag her to the hospital with all of the diseased commoners.

"Termite". That one sent me into hysterics. Too many great Prevuzisms to mention but just a few: "Bell and Sean", a little Beano and the Marlena and Squints pictures. HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

My guess about the Cambodia line is the writers are trying to show they've read a newspaper or history book. Of course, these are the same folks shipping Stephanie off to that great racing town of Dayton.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"But what did one doctor being left in Cambodia have to do with the price of beano?? That scene must have lost something in translation from DOOL to Prevuze."

OK, Judge for yourself, K. Here is the exact dialog:

Patch: Being separated from you for the last sixteen years... that wasn't enough of a test?

Stephanie: You didn't know who you were then. Now you do.

Patch: OK, so does your mom figure in this picture anywhere?

Stephanie: Of course she does. She's right by your side. Do you know when the Khmer Rouge left Cambodia there was only one doctor left in the entire country?

Patch: Oh, I get it, so you're saying your mom and I need to take a little advinture... go out and conquer the world.

Stephanie: No. I'm saying when the Khmer Rouge left Cambodia, there was only one doctor left in the country.* If you don't challenge yourself you'll regret it. And you know I'm right. so don't let that fire inside of you die, Dad.

Patch: Looks like you're not giving me any choice. Like daughter, like father, right?

Stephanie: That's right. Hugs.

Patch: I'll try to make you proud of me, baby.

*Couldn't resist.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder Marlena goes by her maiden name. She'd go broke having new business cards printed up each time she remarries

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

*Couldn't resist.

A prevuism of a prevuism!!! Oh what a great joy! My soul is complete, my heart at ease, my stomach calmed!

"Love me some Prevuze"

What about Sean and his tummy aches? Did he get a bad Burrito from Mama Vinita Rosita Collitas?

11:32 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"What about Sean and his tummy aches? "

I have no idea what thaata stomach thing was all about. I don't think I imagined it, although it is easy to hallucinate while watching DOOL.

Maybe Brandon Beemer is having some issues. Like maybe working on DOOL makes him sick to his stomach?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Watching the show at lunch, I'd say it was method acting. Brendan was clutching at the pain and the emptiness of his life without Claire and the agony of guilt that this was mostly his fault.

Or, he had a bad burrito.


2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of your funniest ever!!

" While you were pacing around the room chewing your gum and plotting, I realized you can walk and chew gum at the same time! "
Guess Max is smarter than Belle and Shawn put together!

The clueless quartet - wasn't that Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami?
I guess on Daze wherever four are gathered together...

3:51 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"The clueless quartet - wasn't that Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami?
I guess on Daze wherever four are gathered together...

You got that right. Put any four people together in Salem and you can come up with a clueless quartet; not to be confused with the Feckless Foursome, Fearless Foursome or the Four Muskateers.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Da*m! I can't compete with all the comments today! Ditto what everyone else said.

Great Prevuze today, wish I had time to read it this morning but it was so worth the wait!

7:11 PM  

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