Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Max and Mimi arrive at his apartment. He claims he cleaned up as he collects clothes and stuffs them under the couch, "It's been a long time since I had a woman over that I... cared about." Translation: It hasn't been a long time since he had a woman over he didn't care about.

Mimi says, "You care about me. Is that what you are saying?" Max stares.

Bonnie has Connor dressed in the leisure suit his feather married her in. Connor wonders how many polyesters died to make it. Bonnie gives him a family history lesson, "You know your father paid $79 for this suit? I thought he was going to stand me up, but then in he walked... cigarette danglin' out of his mouth... God, he looked great."

Connor says, "Dad smoked in this thing? He's lucky he didn't melt."

Connor tells her he doesn’t know why he is doing this. "To keep the family together," says Bonnie, "All you have to do is..."

Connor picks up on it, "Tell the morgue my aunt died and the funeral home wants to know when it can pick up the body." Bonnie says she will take care of the rest. "What if the guy refuses," asks Connor.

Bonnie pats Connor's face and says, "Don't worry. You're my son. Running a con is in your blood."


Connor heads inside.

Roman serves Marlena tea. She claims she's fine. "You're lousy and we both know it," says Roman. He understands why this is hard for her. Marlena insists she isn't in denial. She can read a brain scan. But a brain scan doesn't show the spirit.

"Maybe you should get the opinion of a couple swamis," says Roman. Marlena wants John to know she hasn't given up on him. She wants Roman to know she realizes John is in a coma, but underneath all the injuries and tubes she knows John is in there and she knows he understands what is going on.

John pops out of his coma. Belle has her back turned to him. She goes on and on and on about Claire. This sends John back into his coma. Deeper than before. Belle says she needs him to wake up. She tells him about the court order and CPS taking Claire. Belle bawls, "Oh, yeah, you just lie there in a coma while my life falls apart." John wiggles his pinky.

Connor doesn't like the way this is going down. Bonnie tells him to go distract the attendant and she will find Bones.

Connor walks up to the attendant and tells him his aunt died and his mom was wondering if the funeral home picked up the body. The attendant asks for his aunt's name. "Gloria...," says Connor, "Gloria... Joneston." The attendant looks, but can't find anyone with that name. Connor says, "Maybe she hasn't checked in yet. I mean... she just died today. Could you check to see if any new bodies arrived?" The attendant goes upstairs to check.

As he gets on the elevator, Bonnie rushes past and goes into the meat locker. On her way in she gives Connor a look and says, "JONESTON? Where did you come up with that?"

Mimi says she has a short memory. She asks Max to run those words by her again. Mimi thinks Max' apartment is cozy. Max slaps the couch, "If you like cozy, you need to road test this baby right here." Mimi sits down and says she thinks it's awfully big. Max scoots in. Smooch. Mimi thinks that's much better. Max wonders if Mimi has some words of her own to tell him, "Lies turn me on."

"I don't really put us into words," says Mimi, "I feel us and we feel good. Does that make sense?"

"Not at all," says Max, "But who cares."

Roman asks if John woke up or something. Marlena says no, "Maybe John's brain isn't functioning. Maybe the doctors are right.
What if they are wrong and he wakes up in long-term care? I know he is in there. I know he is trying to tell me something. I'm not sure what to do. I need someone to listen to me. Like you." Roman stares.

Belle continues to bawl and deepen John's coma, "Give me a sign so I can know that you can hear me." John moves his pinky over and touches her hand. Belle gasps.

Max and Mimi get serious on the couch. Max suggests the bedroom, "I put clean sheets on the bed."

Mimi is overwhelmed by the romance, "At least that's a change from, 'I have protection and my blood tests are immaculate.'"

"That too," says Max. He picks her up and carries her toward the bedroom. That, of course was Shawn's cue. He barges into the apartment.

"Shawn," says Mimi, "Why don't you ever announce yourself?"

"That's a misdemeanor in Salem," says Shawn, "Punishable by thirty days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000."

"That's a good question, bro...," says Max, "Because this is getting to be a habit."

Roman says if Marlena tells him John is conscious on some level he couldn't argue with her. She throws her arms around him and thanks him for his support. Roman says, "I think maybe you didn't have time..."

Marlena shuts him up, "Don't say it. Don't say that awful word closure. Some wounds don't close. They don't heal."

"All right," says Roman, "Don't mike it worse by piling guilt on the pain."

"What if I'm wrong and he doesn't get better," asks Marlena. Roman suggests she forgive herself for not being a miracle worker and make the best choices for her and John. "And what if I'm right," she asks.

"Then John will contact you," says Roman.

"OK," says Marlena, "Then I'd better turn my cell phone on."

Belle gasps, "Dad? You heard me. OMG, you came back." She screams, "My dad is waking up!" She begs him never to leave them again and runs to the door and shouts into the hall, "Somebody! My dad is waking up!" John wiggles his finger.

Roman says he envied John. Marlena and John made love look easy. Marlena wonders how she could accept the thought that it's all over. She can't. She collapses into a heap-o-tears.

Belle tells Dr. Tucker about John touching her hand. Dr. Tucker tries to bring Belle back to reality. It would be easier to retrieve Voyager 10 from deep space. He says it was nothing more than a spasm. Her father's brain isn't capable of sending out commands. Belle says the doctor doesn't know her dad, "All you know is medicine! And you call yourself a doctor! " Belle vows to get a second opinion, "Right after I tell my mom my dad is trying to reach us."

Shawn apologizes for barging in. He tells them they have his blessing. He says he came to tell them they lost Claire to CPS. Mimi hugs him. She's so sorry.

Bonnie wonders where the morgue might have put Bones. She opens the doors one by one, becoming more disgusted with each vault. Then she decides Bones wouldn't need to be refrigerated. She walks over to a shroud and unzips it, "Bingo!"

Connor shouts through the door, "Someone is coming."

A woman comes down and tries to get into the meat locker. She can't get the door open. Bonnie blocks it on the other side.

Marlena... Roman... Blah, blah, blah. Zappers were made for moments like this. More of the same. Roman will be there for her night and day if John is trying to reach out to her. He pretty much feeds her the same lines he gave her in the castle to get her into bed.

Belle picks up the phone. The Doc tells her not to call her mom and tell her, because this was just an involuntary neurological response. Belle hangs up, "Tell me why you are so sure you are right."

Shawn tells Max and Mimi he made bad choices and Claire and Belle have to pay. He asks them if they will come to court and sign a petition as a character witness. Of course.

The woman walks into the meat locker and sees a pair of red shoes sticking out from a body covered on the slab, "Something isn't right here." She removes Bonnie's shoes, "I can't believe they left the shoes on." She wipes Bonnie's feet. Bonnie kicks. The woman backs away in shock and says, "Oh, OK, rigor mortis." She gets some papers and hustles out. Bonnie kicks her shroud off and hauls Bones out.

Shawn has left. Mimi says this whole mess is her fault. She could have told Shawn about Claire being his daughter long before he found out. Max says she paid for that mistake with her marriage. She thinks he has hooked up with a disaster and might want to take back his words about caring. Max tells her, "Not a chance. You might be a little screwed up but you're not afraid to admit it. It's time to forgive yourself." Silence. Max asks, "You hear that?"

"Hear what? There is nothing to hear."

"Exactly," says Max, "My life used to be full of loud and crazy sounds and you gave me peace. So don't ever ask me how I can be with you. Don't ever ask me that."

Dr. Tucker says, "What John had was a neurological hiccup. Kind of like when you have a thought. Your father's brain isn't capable of telling his muscles what to do. If I could fix that don't you think I would?"

He leaves. Belle walks over to John and nearly drowns him with her tears. Shawn walks in and asks how John is doing. Better than Belle at the moment I would say.

Marlena won't accept pity. Roman isn't offering any. So she will take his help. He has her lie down and covers her up. She thanks him. He goes to fix dinner. Marlena calls out, "John..."

Bonnie runs out with the bag-o-bones. The attendant comes back and yells, "Stop!" Connor turns around as Bonnie rushes off. The attendant tells Connor no one ever heard of his aunt.

"Maybe she isn't dead after all," says Connor, "Glory hallelujah! Thanks. Bye."

Out in the alley Connor and Bonnie try to figure out what to do with Bones. Bonnie says, "I did all the thinking so far, you come up with something, Einstein."

Max and Mimi are back romping on the couch. Mimi stops. She can't stop thinking about Shawn and Belle. It killed the mood. Max tells her she is worth the wait.

"I never expected this from you," says Mimi, "People said you were a player."

"Player," he repeats, "Is that what you think of me? A player skims off the surface and leaves so he won't get sucked in. I have found myself trusting you."

"Talk about getting sucked in," says Mimi, "I trust you too, Max."

"So you better get your hot little body to bed before something happens here," says Max. They argue about who will sleep on the couch. Mimi wins.

Max goes to get the sheets, "You're bossy and stubborn. I like it."

Belle tells Shawn about John's finger dance and the doctor telling her it was involuntary. Shawn says doctors aren't always right.

"I don't know," says Belle, "Lexie doesn't work here any more. Remember when we couldn't wait to grow up?"

"Still can't," says Shawn.

Belle thinks they are watching a good man lose while a horrendous man like Victor wins. Shawn assures her they won't lose Claire. There will be a room full of people supporting them, "Max and Mimi will be there. Steve and Kayla. Your mom."

"No," says Belle, "Not my mother."

Marlena sleeps. A breeze blows the drapes and opens the door. A vase crashes. Marlena wakes, "John?"

A distant voice says, "Marlena... where are you?"

"Darling... I'm here."

"Mar... len... a...."

Marlena says, "I'm coming!" She runs onto the balcony. The wind blows, "Oh, I can feel you! I always knew you were a windbag! "

"Mar... len... a...."

"I can feel you," says Marlena. The breeze stops. "No, John, don't go."

Roman runs out onto the balcony and grabs her just as Marlena attempts a swan dive.

Roman drags the hysterical Marlena back into the living room. "It wasn't a dream," she screams, "You spoiled it. He came to me. You said you believed me. Believe this. John was here. I felt him."

Roman tries to bring her back to reality. See the aforementioned reference to Voyager 10. "OK," says Roman, "John was here, and you tried to follow him over a balcony. I'm staying here. I'm not leaving tonight."

Connor says this was Bonnie's idea, "I'm seventeen. I'm good at riding horses and rounding up cows."

"OK," says Bonnie, "Put Bojangles in the car and I'll think of something."

"You make life on a juvi ranch look easy," says Connor.

Bonnie is exasperated, "What's a mother to do?"

Mimi thanks Max for letting her crash there. Smooch. They will see each other in the morning. "Don't let the bed bugs bite," says Mimi. They attack each other. Mimi stops it. Max turns out the light and tells her to sleep well.

Shawn thought Belle would want her mom there. Belle is afraid she would blurt out about her dad touching her and Marlena would lose him all over again. She doesn't think Marlena could handle it. That's the same reason he didn't ask his grandparents to come to the hearing, which provides the excuse for why they won't be there.

Belle bawls, "What if we lose her?" Shawn assures her Victor will not win. She just wishes her dad would come around.

Marlena insists John was there, "The wind woke me up."

"What wind?"

"It was howling," says Marlena, "Was it a dream?"

"I'm sorry."

Marlena hesitates, "I'm – thank you. You can go."

"Are you sure," says Roman, "Dreams have a way of recurring. Make sure those terrace doors are locked. I'll check back tomorrow."

He leaves. Marlena closes the doors and sees the broken vase on the floor, "I did hear a crash."

The wind howls. Marlena says, "Oh, John," and runs onto the balcony. "If you're here, give me a sign." The wind dies. Marlena's smile fades.



Abe knocks and shouts through the door, "Bonnie! It's Abe Carver! I need to talk to you!" Bonnie turns to Connor and whispers, "Cops! Cops!"

Max and Mimi kiss. Max looks up and says, "Damn! What's with the people in this town? Can't they just let us have sex?"

The judge asks, "What do you say to that Mr. Kiriakis? Is your son well enough to address this court or not?" Victor says, "Your honor, I give you my son... Phillip Kiriakis." They wheel the mummy in wearing his marine uniform.

Belle bawls, "Please don't take my daughter away."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Marlena stuff couldn't be any more stupid.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"This Marlena stuff couldn't be any more stupid."

So true, so true....

6:59 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"This Marlena stuff couldn't be any more stupid."

So... You guys are new to DOOL?

7:34 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

"The wind woke me up" said Marlena. Maybe it was gas. Which is what all of us viewers will get from this kind of idiocy.

Max is disgusted at everyone barging in. Hey, guy, have you ever heard of a DOOR LOCK?

What a funny Prevuze today! LOL over Belle's even further loss of sanity and Patch's toast. LOVE the Salem newsrag. The Prevuze Pulitzer part should be true! :D

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Belle thinks they are watching a good man lose while a horrendous man like Victor wins.

What about the "horrendous man" that frickin shot her dad??? That chick is one fry short of a Happy Meal.

How can ANYONE trust the doctors in Salem when you have Lexi and Dr. Bader??? Why wouldn't you think Dr. Tucker could be working for Stefano?

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just going to say it and hope I don't offend any Marlena fans, but...most ALL Marlena stuff is stupid. Loved the Salem paper.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"That chick is one fry short of a Happy Meal."

Just one?

12:31 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Lord what a day! Compounded by the fact that I JUST got to Prevuze. I was about ready to melt down right along with Belle. HAHAHAHA

LOL at everything everyone has already noted and Bulldog took the comment right out of my fingertips - Maximi, lock you doors!

Did Pard really tell Marlena she should get the opinion of a couple of swamis about John's spirit? Sounds like a Prevuism to me. Too good to be a DOOL writer's line. HAHAHA

Last snark re: Max to Meems, "You've given me peace." My reaction (besides, 'Say what?') was almost "Yeah, a piece of you-know-what." But then I realized they haven't made it that far yet. LOL

1:50 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did Pard really tell Marlena she should get the opinion of a couple of swamis about John's spirit?"

Pard, known to the mainstream as Roman... or is it Chris... anyway he actually told Marlena she should get the opinion of a couple swamis. Heck, with Lexie in town, that's practically the same as going to a specialist.

"Yeah, a piece of you-know-what."

We almost inserted some kind of a remark like that, but decided to defer to our more sensitive readers. Both of them.

2:30 PM  

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