Friday, January 12, 2007

Hound From Hell

Nick and Abby are in the garage. Nick tells Abby he hopes the brat gives up on the whole Dr. Shane Patton thing. Abby says she won't give up until she gets what she wants. Nick says he didn't think she would fall for the guy. Abby says the brat will also find out he slept with Billie, "You have to tell her you're the computer guy sending her the messages."

"I can't."

"I know who can," says Abby, "Dr. Shane Patton."

Kate walks into Lucas and Sami's empty room and wonders where they are. Will comes down the hall pushing the happy twosome in a rollicking wheel chair ride.

Kate is disgusted, "Always a class act, aren't you Sami. I expected more from you as a parent."

Sami says, "That's what parents do, Kate – have fun with their families."

They wheel Phillip into court. Marlena can't believe they are going through with this. Mimi wonders why Victor would keep this a secret. Bo says it's because he orchestrated the whole thing. Marlena can't figure what kind of surprise Victor has in store next. Marlena isn't too creative these days.

They swear the mummy in. Phillip starts to remove his bandages.

Belle gasps, "No! That's not Phillip."

Mimi wonders how Phillip can claim Claire is his. She wants to go talk to him. Max stops her and they go for a walk.

Marlena, Bo and Hope discuss the situation.

Beverly walks in with Claire. Bo asks to see her, "We're her grandparents."

"I know who you are," snorts Beverly, "You're the guy who came into my office with the madman with a Patch. No I will not let you see her!"

Mimi tells Max she has a terrible feeling about this.

PrevuzeThe bandages fall on the desk. Stares from the crowd. Pan up to Phillip, "It's me, Belle!"

"That's not Phillip," says Shawn, "They're trying to pull something here!"

Victor stands up and tells what happened to him in combat. Phillip has a new face. Victor gives the judge the records of his operation, "Make no mistake – This is Phillip Kiriakis.

Phillip says it was his privilege to serve in the military, "I regret that I only have a limited number of body parts to give to my country." Now he just wants to get his family back. Shawn stares that Neanderthal stare of his.

Abby tells Nick he can make up any story he wants, "Tell her he's getting back with his wife or her mother."

Stephanie comes in and announces her big job in Dayton. Chelsea follows and says she has great news, too.

"What," asks Nick, "Are you leaving, too?"

"God, Nick," says the brat, "Sometimes you're so lame." She tells them about the new apartment. Now they don't have to put up with the Lockharts.

Stephanie jumps on her, "Oh, yeah. The Lockharts. They only took you in when you needed a home."

"What got your panties in a twist," asks the brat.

"Your life will suck if you don't make some changes," says Stephanie.

Will shows Kate the headline in the paper and says Sami is a hero. That's not exactly the word Kate would use. Roman comes in with a surprise for Sami, something that will make people think differently about her.

He hands her a folded piece of paper. Sami unfolds it and reads. The Salem PD bestows her with the order of the Good Samaritan.

Kate nearly dies, "Oh, now I've heard everything!" Lucas tells her to cut it out.

"There will be a big presentation at the police department," says Roman. Lucas tells her she owes him for making her a star.

Kate asks to talk to Roman in private. Poor Roman. They leave. Will says he's proud of Sami. Sami says, "And I promise to make you proud of me for all the Days Of Our Lives." Translation: impending doom.

Kate accuses Roman of getting this award for Sami. Roman admits he pulled a few strings, "But Sami deserved the citation." Kate is upset because her office was sealed this morning. Roman says they did it because of EJ, and she just happened to be in business with the wrong guy. Kate tells him she thought EJ was a racecar driver. Roman would love to feel sorry for her, but it's hard for him to believe she didn't know what she was getting into.

Bo tells Beverly they just want to let Claire know they love her.

"Rules are rules," growls Beverly.

Marlena asks what Victor is paying her. Beverly gets indignant. Bo steps in, "I'm a cop. I know rules are rules, but sometimes you gotta give people a break. Things might not go our way in there. Why not just give us a chance to say goodbye to her."

Phillip rambles on, "Emotionally and legally Claire is still my daughter."

Belle protests. She says she didn't know Phillip was at the house when they let her go for visits.

Phillip says he will provide a loving home and he and his father have the resources to do that.

Dan the lawyer man points out that Belle's family is well off and resources do not mean a happy family.

Phillip says this is about Claire and who will give her the best home. He has been her father from the start.

Shawn bolts, "And where was I?"

"Taking joyrides into buildings," says Phillip, "I never stopped loving her.

Shawn says, "She is my daughter." He apologizes to the judge for his outburst, "But please do not let Phillip and Victor poison her brain."

"Point taken," says Judge Carlson, "We don't want her to end up like her parents."

Victor reminds Shawn he offered a compromise.

Shawn goes berserk, "That's not how it works, Victor! We are her parents! We decide what happens to her!"

When Shawn finishes bouncing off the walls, Judge Carlson says he has enough information to consider his decision. He retires to his chamber where he can get away from Shawn the maniac.

Phillip tells Belle and Shawn he never meant it to be this way. Shawn is gracious, "If I lose my daughter I will make you regret this day for the rest of your life!"

Stephanie lays into Chelsea, "You are a selfish, disrespectful, scared, angry little brat."

Sarcasm reigns, "Well I guess I've been told. I'm really hurt. Can't you tell? Maybe you should throw a going away party. You could invite all your friends... Oh. Sorry. I forgot. You don't have that many friends."

Stephanie says, "I am so happy I'm not you." As she leaves, she tells Max and Abby, "Come visit me in Dayton."

"Oh, yeah," says the selfish, disrespectful, scared, angry little brat, "Nothing like a weekend getaway in the heart of Ohio."

"What's with her," asks Chelsea, "Anyway, I keep trying to find Shane Patton but I haven't been able to." Abby suggests she give up. "No way," says the brat, "I've come up with a new strategy guaranteed to get his attention."

Will leaves to go buy several papers in the gift shop.

Lucas says Sami has gone up a few notches in Will's book. "How about your Book," asks Sami.

"You've always been number one in my book," says Lucas. That accident must've affected his memory, too.

Sami says this is the happiest day of her life. Lucas assures her everybody loves her. Yep. That beam must've hit him right in the head before it busted his leg. Even Sami recognizes that – she accuses him of lying. But she agrees she has changed her life, "Now they will give me this stupid plaque saying I'm a hero, and I'm not."

"You have a chance to start over," says Lucas, "With everybody. What you did was amazing. You wanted a second chance, baby. You got one now."

Sami gives a nervous laugh, "This is the part where you really want to tell me not to blow it."

Kate says this isn't fair. She gets shut out of her office and Sami is a hero. Roman reminds her no one made her go into business with EJ. Kate demands access to her office. "Talk to the judge," says Roman, "My hands are tied." Kate huffs off.

Max and Mimi wish they could help. Mimi says she should be thinking about Max and her new wonderful chance with him. But at night, Bones haunts her. She feels like she should know something about him. Now he's missing. Max says the offer still stands. She's welcome to stay with him. He won't let anything hurt her.

Broon Hilda refuses to let them take Claire. Bo just walks up and snatches her away from Beverly, who immediately threatens to have him arrested. The family passes Claire around like a hot potato as Beverly storms out.

Judge Carlson makes his ruling. He wants to do what is right for Claire. He says the Kiriakis case is strong. He finds that Belle and Shawn have not been strong parents. However, he wants to give them a chance. He orders they take parenting classes for 90 days. Belle and Shawn smile and breathe a sigh of relief. They will agree to do anything.

Then Judge Carlson lowers the boom, "In the meantime I award temporary custody to Phillip." The blood drains from Belle's head. Phillip looks at Victor and smiles.

Will has brought up several newspapers. Dr. Galloway comes in and tells Lucas he can go home. He congratulates Sami on her heroism and leaves. Lucas says he's the luckiest man in the world.

Belle freaks. Shawn goes berserk. He asks the judge if he realizes what Victor can do in 90 days. The judge says he and Belle will have supervised visits.

Belle goes off the edge of the cliff, "SUPERVISED! WITH MY OWN DAUGHTER?" Shawn attacks Phillip.

Kate comes to court. Mimi wonders what she is doing there. Kate says she is there for her son. Max reminds Kate she is the one who called and never showed the night they were kidnapped. Kate assures them she had nothing to do with that. Max doesn't buy it. Kate says they are the ones who never showed up.

"That's a lie."

Meanwhile we can hear World War III erupting behind the closed door in the courtroom. Beverly brings the bailiff to arrest Bo the dastardly baby-snatcher.

Abby asks what Chelsea's new strategy is. The brat says she will tell Dr. Shane Patton she knows his real name, "And if he still won't talk to me I'll hunt him down like a hound from hell."

Abby says, "And we'll be character witnesses for you when he slaps you with the restraining order from hell." The brat can't stay. She asks Abby for a favor. She wants a part time job there.

"You wanna work here," asks Abby.

"Yeah," says the brat, "Is that a problem?"

Mimi, Max and Kate argue about Kate's involvement in their abduction. Max says if this goes sour Victor won't protect her. "Someday," says Kate, "If you have children, you will understand."

Marlena gives the baby back to Beverly. Beverly barks, "Arrest that man!"

Officer Sullivan looks at Bo, "Hello, Brady."


Officer Sullivan turns to Beverly, "You got the kid back. Forget it."

"What is this," screams Beverly, "Just because he's a cop he can break the law?"

"Law...," repeats Sullivan. He makes a note to look the word up in the dictionary when he gets home.

The fun ends as the guards throw Shawn out of the courtroom. Shawn tells everyone what happened. Hope hugs him, and asks Bo if there is anything they can do.

"Not unless we can go back 25 years and use birth control," says Bo.

Victor and Phillip walk out. Shawn lunges toward them but is restrained. Kate joins Victor and Phillip for a happy reunion. Phillip says he is sorry it had to be this way. Shawn tells him to get out. Phillip says he will leave, but not without his daughter.

Abby says Max probably wouldn't hire Chelsea. Nick asks if she has ever had a real job. The little snot says, "What's up with you?"

"Just pointing out a potential problem," says Nick.

"Thanks for the heads up, dork."

Abby says she will ask Max about a job for the brat.

Sami asks Roman if they could present the award at the pub instead of at the PD. She wants to do it with the family there.

Beverly hands Claire to Phillip. He makes over her, "You're with Daddy now."

That lit Shawn's fuse, "No you're not! You've been stolen! We'll get you back!"

Dan tells Marlena all he could do was damage control what with Shawn's outbursts. He tells Belle she should be grateful she got supervised visits.

Marlena vows to help Belle, "Don't you dare give up. We'll get Claire back."

Belle begs Phillip to give her Belle. The cold-hearted cad walks away. The universe collapses on Belle.

Shawn thanks Max and says he has someone he needs to talk to. Bo tells Shawn, "If you go after Phillip, you'll be making a big mistake. So... when do you think you'll be going after Phillip? "

Sami wants her chance to be in the middle of something good. Roman says he will work on it. Hugs. He is so proud.

Chelsea prods Abby to put in a good word for her with Max, "You're like his little sister. He will listen to you." Oh, God, the "S-word" again. Abby flashes back to Max giving her the Christmas present and the card that said she is like his little sister.

The brat says while Abby is working on Max, she will go home and help her mom unpack, "And then have a great life as Mrs. Dr. Shane Patton." She leaves.

Abby says, "I don't know why I don't just smack her."

Nick asks, "Why, cause she's so hot?"

Abby says, "You are hopeless. And you'd better return those emails ASAP because she's going to track you down if you don't."

Nick drawls, "Yup."

"Oh, How Clint Eastwood of you," says Abby.

Nick says, "I'm gonna take your advice, Abby. The next time Chelsea writes to Shane Patton, I'm ending it."

Shawn says he won't go anywhere near Phillip. He has someone else to talk to. He apologizes to Belle. She says it's not his fault. He vows it's not over and leaves.

Marlena takes Belle home.

Mimi says she is going to talk to Phillip. She will be back at Max' apartment later.

Bo hugs Hope. Victor and Phillip walk down the hall together. Victor tells Phillip now that he has Claire, he will see to it that Belle and Shawn will never get her back. Shawn trails the scallywags and overhears what Victor said. We freeze frame until Monday because it will take Shawn's brain that long to process the what he just heard..



Kate says, "I can help you, too." Lucas asks, "You're gong to help me leave Salem?" Kate says, "No. I will help you leave Sami."

Willow says, "I'll make you a deal. I'll come clean and get your daughter back. I'll even give him the ten grand. You have to do a little something for me." Shawn asks, "What?" Willow says, "Kiss me."

Phillip says, "No one was a dirtier fighter than you were, Meems. So if this is anyone's judgment day, it's yours."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Shawn and Belle are bad parents because they live with their parents but Phillip is a good dad because he lives with his? Belle is a bad parent because her family has money but Phillip is a good one because his father has money? Shawn is a bad parent because he drove a car into a living room, but Phillip is a good parent and he drove a car into a wall? GMAB!

5:28 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Um, Bulldog, as funny as your picture is I'm not sure you had the correct caption. I don't think Bo would be hitting ANY resistance up there in his noggin. HAHAHA

Funny, funny prevuisms today like the limited number of body parts Phil can give to his country and the Salem cop looking up the meaning of "law".

What I want to know, where is all the money coming from to support two mechanics, two office staff and perhaps a part-time lying, sniveling brat in a garage where no one is ever working??

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AARRGHHHHH! This whole Claire story line is making my brain hurt! I know it's DOOL, but it JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! AAAAAAAAAHHH!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Lucas goes back and forth about Sami like a see-saw. You know when the "who's the daddy" finally comes up Lucas will probably dump her again.

Jr. really helped the cause with his actions in court. I LOL over the only way Ho and Dope could've helped was to use birth control. HAHAHAHA

A great Prevuze to lead us into this icy weekend. Thanks! :D

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor shelle this does not make sense at all bad parents Salem must be living in there own world and time.I also see lumi is back i hope they make there seens grown and sexy and get the kissing together.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...



*Give Me A Good Show.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Rhonda said...

Geees.. I thought this "NEW" writer was going to make a difference in the outcome of this show. It appears to me to be the same "old" stupid stuff it's always been. And having Billie sleep with just totally rediculous in my opinion. She is a good actress, and deserves a much better part than this. And I'm telling ya... all these parts about the devil and death cards is so NOT cool. Guess Patch will be next to float in space... HAHAHAHAHA...OH Boy!!!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Xeresa said...

I don't know who writes these recaps, but they are hilariously funny and I want to thank the writer and/or writers for brightening up my DAYS.
Now if only the writers on the show could pepper their often trite and banal dialogue and plotlines with the same wit and originality, then DAYS could once again become the SUPER DAYS it once was.
So far, EJ and Steve are the only ones with the good lines and the style to carry them off--- Sami use to but they have neutered her character so badly to make Lucas look good in comparison that she is now a pathetic clone of her teary-eyed mother.

10:01 AM  

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