Friday, January 26, 2007

Drugged Out Wild Man

Max and Mimi come into Roman's office. Roman drops the EJ bomb. Besides everything else going on they had to release him today. Mimi slams her bag-o'-bones onto Roman's desk. He asks where she found it.

Patch comes home. Kayla asks how he is doing. He says he's a little sore from being on the road. Literally. Kayla sees his bruises. He tells her about the "evasive action" he took. Kayla thinks there is more to the story. She's worried. He tries to reassure her. Kayla isn't buying it. She asks, "Did you have any more episodes?"

"Episodes are for TV," says Patch. Bo arrives.

Shawn waits for someone to pick up. The brat finally picks up the phone. They go through a round of "who is this." Shawn practically dies when he finds out it's Chelsea. She tells him he can depend on her. Shawn says he needs to get in touch with Bo. She tells him Bo isn't there. Chelsea offers to help. He asks for her to have Bo back at the pub in about an hour and a half and he will call back.

The brat hangs up. She and Nick head out on a wild Bo chase.

Roman asks Mimi for the story. Mimi hesitates, but says she found the bones in her back yard. She is evasive, but Roman presses. Mimi says she just got lame answers form Bonnie and Connor when she asks about the skeleton. Roman decides to drag Bonnie and Connor down to the cop shop. Mimi begs him not to. There is something she wants to do first – get a DNA test on the bones. Since the crime lab is so busy (they just got a new donut delivery ) Nick can do it at the hospital. If Nick is too busy, Mimi knows an eight year old kid who got a science kit for Christmas. Roman thinks they would get better results if they talked to Bonnie. Mimi begs. Roman thinks it over and relents. If they don't have an ID in one week he will talk to Bonnie.

Roman is called out of the office. An officer says a fax they got from the Michigan State Police said they traced the truck across the border, "Wait till you see who else as along for the ride."

Bo and Patch talk about Patch's excellent adventure. Bo says he owes him. Patch says he doesn't, because they are family. He tells Bo he told the Kiddie Korps they can't call because the police will be watching and tracing all phone calls, "We have to act like we haven't seen or heard from them. We have to keep playing dumb."

"In other words," says Bo, "Just act normal."

Bo worries that they may never see them again. Kayla tells him to focus on one day at a time. The brat arrives with the big news about the phone call. Bo heads for the pub. Patch follows. On the way out, Bo turns to the brat and says, "You done good."

Shawn tells Belle he got a hold of Chelsea. Belle whines, "Do you think we can trust her?"

"We don't have a choice," says Shawn. Claire is still sleeping on one of the cots. Actually, the doll that is playing Claire is laying on one of the cots wrapped up in blankets so tight it would have suffocated the real kid. Shawn suggests a nap. Belle doesn't want to wake Claire. Shawn volunteers to sleep on the floor. We have a really tedious discussion about who should sleep where. Shawn says he has been having back trouble and will be better off sleeping on the floor. Belle says, "You're very sweet. Since when ID you start having back trouble?"

Shawn stares into her eyes, which sit in front of that big empty cavity and says, "Since I ran off to Canada, I've been nagged by a pain in the butt." Belle apologizes for all this. Shawn says it's not her fault.

Belle can't miss an opportunity to whine, though, "Everything is in the past. But right now..."

Shawn interrupts, "I wanna take care of Claire. And you." They decide to get some rest. Belle asks what happens if the police find them. Shawn assures her they won't get caught, "My dad is a cop I know how they think."

"How will we stay a step ahead of Victor and Phillip," asks Belle.

"I've got Kiriakis blood too," says Shawn, "I've got my bases covered." Shawn will take care of them. He's come through so far and will find a place they can stay, "You can count on that."

"If I could count," says Belle. Night-night.

Bo waits for the call. Chelsea tells him she admires Shawn for this. Bo agrees. Patch suggests locking the door. Some ne'er-do-well might show up. Too late. Roman walks in, "Well well... Look who's all here!"

Merle wakes Shawn up. He overslept. Shawn remembers the call he was supposed to make. Belle wakes up, too. Merle has good news, "Tomorrow night a Turkish freighter leaves for the east coast of Africa. You can stowaway."

Shawn thinks it's perfect. Belle says, "Shawn, we're talking about Africa."

"Don't worry," says Shawn, "I have a friend there. I got this email from a Mr. Ashwan Amin from Nigeria offering to put millions in my bank account if I would just give him my account number. I expect the deposit any minute. I think we should do it."

Merle agrees, "It's a no brainer."

"That settles it," says Belle, "It's perfect for us."

Merle tosses a wet blanket onto all the euphoria, "This all comes at a price."

Max and Mimi are at Chez Rouge. Mimi picks at her food. Max wishes they had gone to Burger Barn for $9.95 instead of Chez Rouge for $129 plus tip. Max tells her she did the right thing at the police station. She told the truth about the bones and lied like a rug to protect her family. Mimi is worried she will be the only one in her family not locked up, but only because lying is usually not a crime. Max apologizes for not being there last night.

Mimi says there is something she didn't tell Roman today, and it's so horrible and unbelievable she hasn't told him either. Max asks, "What is it?"

Mimi whines, "Connor said that those bones – they're my father's."

Silence in the pub. Roman asks if he is interrupting anything. Bo hems and haws. He says they are just hanging out. Roman says the Canadian authorities are scouring Toronto for the Kiddie Korps.

Chelsea yells, "Why can't you just leave them alone?" Bo gives her a look that would kill and Nick hauls her out.

Roman appeals to Bo. He tells him he has to pursue this. Kayla asks him to lay off. Bo says, "He has to do his job."

"Everybody is doing what they have to do," says Patch.

Roman says he hopes what everyone is doing is the right thing. He asks them to let him know if Shawn and Belle call.

"You got it," says Bo, "If we hear anything, you get the first call." Bo does everything but throw him out the door.

Roman isn't ready to leave, "I had another interesting case dropped on me."

Bo asks, "Can we talk about this later? I mean this whole thing..."

Roman says, "It involves a stolen delivery truck so, no, we need to talk about it right now."


Belle asks what the guy wants. "Money," says Shawn.

Belle suggests pawning her ring. Merle offers to take her to a jewelry store. Belle will go and Shawn will watch Claire. Merle suggests Belle put on sunglasses and a hat as a disguise. While Belle gets the disguise Merle rambles on to Shawn, "You seem like nice kids. This guy that's after you is like this narc who busted me for having three lousy little blunts in my kit bag."

"Believe me, Merle," says Shawn, "He's worse than that." Merle leaves with Belle.

Nick asks the brat what is wrong. Nothing, but every time she thinks she has connected with her dad she blows it. Nick says she didn't blow it. Bo just wanted her to be quiet. Perfect relationships with parents don't happen. He doesn't have one. Families argue and hurt each other, "That doesn't mean they love you less. Believe me, they couldn't love you less if they tried."

Chelsea thinks she has done nothing but screwed up since she met Bo. Nick says their relationship has become better over time. The brat is waiting for that one thing that makes her shine in Bo's eyes.

Roman says, "Among other things, the Michigan authorities found a pacifier under the seat of that delivery truck."

Patch says, "So that just proves there were kids in the truck"

"Yes," says Roman, "And we have every reason to believe Claire was there, too."

Roman describes the chase. It was a high-speed chase with a drugged out wild man emptying the contents of the truck from the back. Then, the drugged out wild man jumped out at 80 mph and vanished. The smear on the highway was highly visible, however. The wild man is now wanted with 26 charges pending against him. Including conspiracy. Roman asks Steve, "Would you happen to be that drugged out wild man?" Patch says he was home all night last night.

"Were you home alone," says Roman.

"Kayla was over at Marlena's," says Patch.

Roman asks, "Where did you get those bruises?"

"Reaching for seconds," says Patch.

Roman says phone records show Kayla got a pay phone call from Michigan last night, "Kayla, Steve what do you have to say about that?"

Max thought Mimi's dad was alive. So did Mimi. She has hated him all these years for leaving. She thinks either her mom or two brothers had a part in killing him.

Belle comes back, "The pawn shops wouldn't buy the ring. We tried three shops, but Phillip has reported it stolen." Shawn goes into action. He will call Daddy.

Patch sucks down a beer. Roman didn't think they could explain the call. Kayla claims it was a wrong number. Roman thinks it doesn't add up, "That story is D-O-A."

"So what," says Patch, "The whole story line is D-U-H. OK. You got me. Take me in. I did it. I helped them escape. I stole the truck. I helped them cross the border. I tossed the cargo out the back of the truck and jumped out at 80mph."

"Is that the truth," asks Roman.

Roadkill looks him in the eye, "Roman, I was home alone all night. I don't know who made the call. That's my story."

The pay phone rings. Silence and stares.

Mimi thinks Bonnie was involved. She needs to be positive it is her dad before it goes further. If it is her dad she will make sure Bonnie pays. Max hugs her.

Bo ties to signal Chelsea or Nick to pick up the phone. Nick says he lost his cell phone and asked Dr. Rebert to call him on the pay phone if he needed anything. Nick answers, "Hello..."

"This is Shawn..."

"Oh, Dr. Rebert. Hey, it's Nick."

"This is Shawn Brady. I always wanted to be a doctor, though."

Nick tries to spell it out, "Dr. Rebert... We have company."

Bo says, "It doesn't look like anyone here can help with the stolen truck."

Roman says off the record, he is pulling for Shawn and Belle. But he has a job to do and Bo has a job to protect. He will file the report that he investigated and found nothing. If he gets a hint of another incident he has to do it by the book. He asks them not to put him in that position. Bo agrees. Roman leaves.

Bo takes the phone. "Good to hear your voice," says Shawn.

"Yours too," says Bo, "Could I hear Belle whine for old times sake? "

Max says they will get the DNA tests back and deal with it. He will be there for her. He thinks Bonnie and Connor and himself are lucky to have Mimi.

She insists underneath she is just like Bonnie and Connor. She wasn't honest with Roman. She didn't tell him the full story. She just threw him a bone. She thought about burying the bones herself last night. She feels like all she ever does is dump stuff on Max. He will be there for her (are you remembering to take a drink every time someone says that – that's twice for Max in the last twenty seconds ) Max says Mimi should get used to him being around.

Shawn tells Bo they are about to catch a boat. "Do me a favor," says Bo, "Let someone else do the sailing. We're still looking for the Fancy Face III." Shawn says he can't give details. They need five grand. Bo will get the cash. Shawn will call back.

Kayla says she will get the money. Nick says they can't do a bank transfer, "It would be too easy to trace." Patch volunteers to take the money to Shawn and Belle. Bo doesn't think that's a good idea.

Chelsea says, "I'll do it. I'll deliver the money."

Shawn tells Belle it's all taken care of. Belle says things are starting to go their way. Translation: that flushing sound you hear is not your radiator being winterized.

Outside, Dudley Doright of the RCMP leans and listens at the door. Shawn and Belle hug. FF.


Kayla says to Patch, "We need help. We can't do this alone."

Hope says, "Shawn and Belle's future rests in Chelsea's hands. God help us."

Phillip says, "I will find Shawn and Belle, and when I do it won't be pretty." Max drops his jaw.

Chelsea asks, "What are we gonna do if Phillip knows about us?" Nick says, "The only thing we can do. Outsmart him."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain, nor dark of night, nor nightmarish blogger sites shall keep Prevuze from its appointed task - and BRAVO for that!!

Loved the pictures - Tarzan, Jane and the brain of the outfit, Claire. HAHAHAHA

So the Dumb Duo are going to haul off to Africa without passports, immunizations, or money!?! Shawn may have Kiriakis blood in his veins, but apparently he doesn't have any of their brain cells!

And speaking of brain cells, Nick and the brat go on a wild Bo chase? How about dialing his cell phone and giving him the message??

Thanks, Prevuze!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Nick

I just love the character. He's intelligent and just a sweetheart. Not your typical leading man action hero, but still the kind of guy you know would go out of his way for you. And the fact that he tries to help Chelsea become a better person is just the icing on top. He and Chelsea work nicely together.

Oh no.....I think I may be a Nelsea fan.

Is anyone else just grinning because Wojo is helping out Shelle? I remember watching Barney Miller and I always loved Wojo. Actually, I would be all in favor of Wojo coming to Salem. Think about it; Bo, Steve, Roman, Johna and Wojo...awesome.


1:09 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yeah, I bet even a wacked-out Wojo-Merle would be more competent than the rest of the Salem PD.

And speaking of that, bones that were stolen from a morgue. They ended up in someone's yard. Those people are giving evasive answers about it. And Pard doesn't bring them in for questioning? Like I was saying about the Salem PD....
Oh well, with the Salem McDNA lab they'll probably only have to wait about 1/2 hr. to get the results. HAHAHAHA

The doll playing Claire wasn't even her size! It looked like the same one they used when she was a newborn.

Excellent Prevuze today, I hope the regular readers can access it soon.

1:10 PM  

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