Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scum Sucking Pig

Kayla's monitor beeps. Patch strokes her head. She says it feels good. She remembers their first wedding. He gave her an anchor on a gold chain. She still has it. He is her anchor. He always will be. She falls back asleep. Patch wanders and asks, "What am I doing? I can't keep lying to her."

Kate and Billie are having lunch. Kate asks how things are going. Billie says she isn't doing so great, "I lost him, Mom. I lost Steve."

Lucas is in Sami's apartment. He has brought donuts. Sami gets on him for bringing so many. She asks what he is doing there. He says one of his appointments canceled so he came to see Sami and talk about what a great time they had yesterday. "And then Lexie poured champagne all over me," says Sami, "I deserved it." Lucas congratulates her for maintaining her composure. Sami says she really wants to earn Will's trust. She thanks Lucas for supporting her, "You didn't have to do that."

"Yeah I did," says Lucas, "You're his mother."

Hope is in for tests. Patrick looks on as Dr. Bader recommends Amniocentesis. Dr. Lockhart scowls, "Don't do that. There is no reason for a test like that."

Roman, John and Bo discuss Steve apparently getting his memory back. A cop brings in the contents of Patrick's locker. Abe has asked for it. Bo wants to look at it.

"What are you thinking," asks Roman.

"I don't think," says Bo as he rummages through the stuff, "I just act. Thinking is for sissies." He finds a key. He asks for the Eve Michaels bank statements. Roman brings them in. Bo chuckles, "Bingo!"

"Well I'll be damned," Says Roman.

"Lockhart's ID number," says Bo, "Maybe Eve scribbled this number down when he was threatening her."

Hope says she wants the wants the Amniocentesis in spite of Dr. Lockhart's opinion. She gets a call. It's Bo. She tells him she's there at the doctor's office for a checkup. Bo finds out Patrick is there and he tells her he's just checking in, "Can't get you off my mind. Talk to you soon."

Hope hangs up. Patrick asks, "Was that Bo? What does he want?"

"Just wanted to know how I was feeling," says Hope.

Bo says he decided not to tell Hope what they found, "Lockhart was with her. Baby and Daddy and Hope. One happy family. It's good he was there. Every time I tell her something like this Lockhart explains it away. We've gotta get that scum sucking pig put away for good."

Stephanie comes up to the window. Patch tells her Kayla is resting.

"You think she's going to make it," she whines.

Patch lies like a champ, "Yes I do."

"Thank you for helping her," says Stephanie, "I can't wait for her to come home so we can be together."

Patch tells her to slow down. He assures her Kayla will get better, "But after that she will need a lot of professional help to recover and THEN we will be a family."

Billie isn't hungry. Kate wants to hear all about her problem. Billie tells her, "Steve is stuck in the quarantine room with Kayla."

Kate says, "That's not exactly the honeymoon suite at the Ritz."

Billie tells her, "Patch remembered Kayla. It's good news for them, bad news for me. I wonder why I let myself fall for this guy. He said he cared for me." Kate says just because he got his memory back doesn't mean he will automatically be in love with Kayla. She tries to encourage Billie. She doesn't know for sure Steve wants to get back with Kayla.

"Yes I do," whines Billie, "I heard him tell her."

Kate changes her tune, "If he said that then all you can do now is be proactive with it. YOU need to end it. You can't live your life in limbo. Get on with your life. I've been there. It's time to move on, you gotta pack up and move on. Stop wasting your time on men who don't appreciate you."

The part of Rodney King will be played by Lucas Roberts today, "I just want us all to get along." Before Sami can respond, there is a knock at the door. Sami answers. It's EJ. He lectures her for not returning his calls.

"You're sleeping with the enemy," says Sami.

It's been a few seconds since Lucas heard the sound of his own voice, so he chimes in, "Sami told me about you and my mother."

EJ claims Sami is wrong, "I don't know where you got that information."

Sami tosses Kate's bra at him, "Only Kate would monogram her bras."

Lucas takes the baton, "You're scum. Now Sami knows that and my mom will too. You lay another finger on my mother and I'll rip that smug look off your face."

"Goodbye EJ," says Sami. EJ walks out. Sami slams the door.

Billie comes up to the deathwatch window. Patch goes over to her. They share an uncomfortable exchange. He says he has something for her. He dangles the necklace.

"Oh... Steve."

"If you don't like it I can exchange it," says Patch.

"I can't accept it," says Billie, "It wouldn't be right considering you got your memory back."

Steve now has two choices.

a) "I didn't get my memory back."
b) "Who told you that?"

The correct response is "a" but Steve, of course, chooses "b."

Billie says, "I overheard you telling Kayla..."

Steve now has two choices.

a) "You heard wrong."
b) "Billie, Listen..."

The correct response is "a" but Steve, of course, chooses "b."

"It's great," says Billie, "I am so happy for both of you."

Stephanie walks in.

Steve now has two choices.

a) To tell Billie he was telling Kayla all that to help her get better
b) To let her go on thinking he has his memory back.

The correct response is "a" but Steve, of course, chooses "b."

Patch plays along. Stephanie says she knows Billie loves her dad, but he belongs with her mom. "I'll see you later," says Billie. She walks out. Stephanie stares at Patch.

Dr. Bader tells Hope to schedule an appointment for the Amniocentesis. Hope asks Patrick to wait outside wile she changes.

Patrick walks outside and, goes up to Dr. Bader and wigs out. He wonders what she thought she was doing ordering the Amniocentesis. Dr. Bader says she would have ordered the test for anyone Hope's age. Patrick says it could show Bo is the father. She assures him she doesn't want that to come out. "If you're hinting that you want more money," says Patrick, "You've got it. I'll hit my mom up for it. I want you to interpret the results yourself. If not, you're going down."

Bo enters the porn-mobile. He and John watch as Kate comes to EJ's door.

EJ has been having a tough time with phone calls. Kate hasn't been returning his calls either. She says she was busy doing things that don't have anything to do with him. EJ asks if Kate has found out why the police are poking into his affairs. Kate says she hasn't, "But John Black is asking questions about you." EJ does his best bobblehead impression.

Bo asks what Kate is doing. "Just what I expected," says John.

EJ wants to know everything John said.

Sami and Lucas fight over a donut. Lucas is full of himself. He asks if Sami enjoyed him sticking it to EJ. Sami can't believe EJ was coming on to her while sleeping with Kate. Lucas asks the $64,000 question, "Was he good in bed?" Silent Sami stares.

Kate tells EJ about discussing the race accident with John. John thinks EJ is involved in the gloved hand stuff. EJ claims John is wrong. She tells him John can play rough when he wants to, especially if he would find out EJ is working outside the law. EJ says, "John is working with Bo. Bo has been suspended from the police force and if anyone is operating outside the law it's those two."

EJ makes a move on her, but a phone call interrupts the extra-curricular activities. "Black. John Black," says the superspy, "Even though we haven't officially met, we have one business associate in common."

"Kate Roberts," says EJ

"Maybe we should meet," says John, "If you're not busy, I'm heading to the penthouse grill right now." EJ agrees to meet him there.

EJ hangs up. "Interesting... John calling right now. It's quite a coincidence don't you think?"

"Ill say," says Kate.

John and Bo watch them leave. Bo wonders why John is meeting with EJ, "Kate has blown the investigation." John tells him it's part of the plan. Kate will help them. Bo protests. John says he's getting EJ out of the apartment so Kate can snoop. Bo thinks this is a bad idea. John points to the screen. Kate walks back in and starts searching through the apartment.

John says, "Good girl, Kate." Isn't "good girl" and "Kate" an oxymoron? He tells Bo, "I'm going to go stall EJ. You keep an eye on Kate. Give her a call if EJ comes back early. Tell her to jump into his bed." Kate searches. Bo watches.

John comes into the penthouse grill and meets EJ. They exchange pleasantries. EJ says, "I've heard good things about you."

"Wish I could says the same about you," says John, "Well, it isn't all bad. I understand you're a hell of a racecar driver."

EJ tells John to feel free to question him if he wants to.

"Any dealings with the Bradys," asks John. EJ asks why he would have any dealing with them. He says he's met Bo and Roman and knows about the pub. He knows Shawn and Max. They talk about Stephanie. EJ wants to know why John is interested in his dealings with the Brady's. John says, "They've had some bum luck lately."

EJ tells him he employed Shawn. He's a damn fine mechanic, but EJ thought he wanted to talk about Kate, "Damn find woman. Good head on her shoulders, other parts aren't so bad either."

John asks about Patrick. EJ deflects the question. He says he thought this was going to be friendly. He thinks John is going a little fast and decides he has to leave. He pays for the beer and goes. John calls Bo, "Am I interrupting anything important?"

"I'm in the middle of Chrome and Hot Leather," says Bo, "It was just getting good." He tells John Kate is still snooping around in the apartment.

"There has to be something in there to tell us what EJ is up to," says John.

Billie meets Hope in the hospital. She tells her nothing happened when she was alone in the room with Bo. Bo was letting her cry on his shoulder because of Steve. Billie is happy Steve remembered, but she's disappointed things didn't work out between them. Hope says, "I know you care about Steve. You mean a lot to him, too. He told me." Hope leaves. Billie stares.

Patch plays with the necklace. Stephanie asks what's wrong. Steve says, "Nothin'."

"You feel bad about Billie," says Stephanie, "You made the right choice. Billie will find someone."

"You're right," says Patch, "It just wasn't meant to be."

Kayla wakes up. She tells Steve she was dreaming she was in the ocean staring up at the stars and she started to sink. She couldn't breathe. Steve reassures her. Kayla starts struggling to breathe. Stephanie the basket-case yells, "DAD! DO SOMETHING!" The medical team rushes in and works to save Kayla. Patch encourages her to hang in there as they work. He runs over to Stephanie who needs more attention than Kayla at this point.

Dr. Myers says, "She isn't doing well. You'd better start to prepare yourselves." Stephanie interprets "prepare yourselves" to mean fall into a blithering, quivering screaming mass and head for full-blown hysterics.

Sami asks, "Do you think that's the only thing that attracts me to a man? Whether he's good in bed. It's none of your business. But for your information, I didn't sleep with him."

"Good," says Father Lucas, "I'm glad."

"I wouldn't sleep with him now if we were marooned on a deserted island. I can't believe he wanted me to choose between him and Will. Uncle Bo warned me he was trouble. He has a point. I should have known it was too good to be true – that EJ would be interested in me just for me."

"What do you mean," asks Lucas, "He's a moron. He doesn't know what he's missing."

John has joined Bo back in the porn-mobile. John tells Bo EJ didn't say much. They watch Kate rummage. John calls, "Come on, Kate, pick up."

Dr. Myers wishes he had better news. Kayla is in bad shape. Stephanie freaks. The doctor says they haven't found the antidote. Stephanie falls apart as the doctor tells them they should tell the other family members.

Kayla chugs like a Model T with an empty crankcase.

Sami thinks EJ may have had an ulterior motive for wanting to get involved with her. Lucas is glad she didn't get involved.

"Because you care about me," asks the schoolgirl.

"Yes," says Lucas. Sami is giddy. "And you're my son's mother," says Lucas. Sami's balloon bursts. "And I happen to care about you a lot," says Lucas. Sami's back on top of the world. She hasn't had a rollercoaster ride like this since yesterday. Big stare.

Sami shifts gears, "Will is really looking forward to ski camp." Sami can't wait for it either. She could use a change of scenery herself. They talk about the last time they went on one of Will's outings with him. She can't wait to go again.

"Neither can I," says Lucas.

John and Bo watch as EJ comes up to the door of the apartment and starts to unlock it. "Trouble," says Bo, "She just ran out of time."

John folds his phone and wrinkles his brow, "Damn!"

Pan from Kate searching to EJ unlocking the door.



Mimi says to Bonnie, "I am worried about Patrick. What if the money he had was stolen? You realize that you're in just as much trouble as he is."

Bo says to Patrick, "Eve Michaels has as good as named you as her killer."

Patch talks to the unconscious Kayla, "I don't know what to do, baby. I don't remember a damn thing. I don't want to break your heart all over again."

John says, "Take a look at this." He holds up a shiny object. Marlena says, "Oh my gosh, where did you find that?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a great LUMI episode. I can't wait to see it. I hope we get to see the ski trip too.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Inspired Prevuze today. It encapsulated the entire history of Salem plotlines. Writers could
(a) have characters talk/react like any normal human being, or
(b) have them act like they haven't got a shred of common sense between them.
Unfortunately for the fans, they always choose b. HAHAHA

Good pictures! Bulldog is about as prolific as Prevuze and just as observant - Hope's new nose, meeeooowww!

And, at first I thought the "Hooked on Phonics" picture said "Hookers on Phonics"! HAHAHA

7:08 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Wouldn't the SPD have cleaned out Patrick's locker when he was arrested for Eve's murder? Or, wouldn't Patrick have cleaned in out when he was kicked off the force?

I know, as Applecheeks points out above, it's always option B.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Will sure does go to a lot of camps.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does Sami and Lucas. Heee Hee. My kids don't go to camp but I dont think they would want us there.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

OMG! I LOVED the multiple choice options. LOL

I also laugh at any reference to Lucas' nonstop mouth. Especially today with it being a few seconds since Lucas Heard the sound of his own voice. HAHAHAHA

Squints' porn mobile is great, too.

Excellent Prevuze today!!

9:03 AM  
Blogger cassie1013 said...

multiple choice = toooo funny. also, john: "if EJ comes back early, you might want to give Kate a call and tell her to jump in his bed." LMAO

10:04 AM  

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