Monday, October 30, 2006

Half A Brain And One Eye

Willow answers the door to her apartment and finds Belle standing outside. Belle says she wants to talk but Willow isn't in the mood. Belle says she meant she wanted to talk to Shawn. Willow claims he isn't there.

"Max told me he was staying with you," says Belle.

"Well, he was wrong."

"Was he," asks the little sharpie. She picks up a pair of Shawn's underwear, "I guess these are yours then?"

Bo is on the phone with Billie. He tells her Steve and Kayla are barely hanging on. Frankie is on the way with the miracle antidote. Bo thinks Steve could use her down there. Billie doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Bo says, "Hope wouldn't want you to stay away because of her."

Billie sees through the thin membrane that passes for Bo's brain, "Did she say that?"

"Not exactly," says Bo, "Think about coming down here."

Billie hangs up and the brat walks out, "Are you OK?"

Billie is near tears, "Other than having Steve an Kayla near death I'm peachy." Billie breaks down. The brat says it will be OK. Billie reminds her Patch and Kayla could die.

The brat says, "Pull yourself together and go to the hospital. You need to be there for Dad.

Belle wonders why the shower is still running. Willow slides the boxers over her dress to show Belle they fit. She claims they are hers. Belle thinks the style is a little masculine for Willow. "Maybe I'm not into lace," says Willow, "Look, I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I..."

Shawn runs out of the shower dressed in a towel, "Willow, I've... uh... Belle..." BUSTED.

Mimi stands in the nearly empty apartment and says she can't believe how quickly a home can become just an apartment. Bonnie offers to take a glass pitcher off Mimi's hands. Mimi thinks all she's thinking about is how much the pitcher will make at a garage sale, when Mimi's life is falling apart. Mimi just wants to pack and get out. Bonnie tells her she's giving up way too soon. She has to pull out the big guns and fight. Mimi yells, "Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?"

Bonnie asks, "Well, can you?"

Billie says, "Silly me. I thought you cared about Steve and Kayla."

"I do," insists the brat, "But Hope and Bo are over. If you weren't so busy running around after the Cyclops..."

Billie has a meltdown, "Get it through your thick skull. You have to stop with the games and lies! It has to stop! You have tried every trick in the book to get Bo and me together."

The little snot says, "I admit the prostitution trick was dumb, but I deserve a family and I am going to have one."

Hope comes up behind Bo as he watches Patch and Kayla through the window. She asks how they are doing. He has her look inside, "It will be a whole lot better when I find the bustard who did this."

Hope says, "Abe already checked Patrick's alibi. He wasn't near the hospital."

"So he says," snorts Bo.

Hope says, "I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo."

Mimi says she is moving on with her life, "So many lies to tell, so little time." She says she can't keep hanging on to Shawn by lying and cheating. She can't keep living her life that way, "Besides, he's wise to me."

Bonnie tells her, "It ain't over." She has her pack a picture of Shawn to keep her eye on the prize.

Mimi looks at a picture of OMB and Caroline and wonders how they stayed together so long. "I don't know," says Bonnie, "She doesn't look like she's into hot sex."

Belle says she came over to discuss Claire. She realizes Shawn hasn't been a good father because he hasn't had a chance to be one. He has to be responsible before he can be. He needs a job, and a decent place to live – not some dump. Shawn says he will start acting responsibly. Belle tells him, "Being a parent is more than acting responsible. You need to prove you can take care of yourself." Shawn says he will do whatever it takes. Belle tells him to let her know when it's all taken care of and leaves.

Bo says, "Your boy is pretty smart. He planned to be with you when the gas attack happened."

Hope defends Patrick, "He didn't plan on me inviting him to lunch. He isn't involved in this."

"You used to be able to see through this kind of stuff," says Bo, "What happened to you?"

"Maybe my brain clouded up after being with you and Shawn so long" says Hope, "The real question is, what happened to you? You used to see all the possibilities but now all you see is Patrick."

"That's because he's guilty," says the judge and jury, "That's my sister in there."

Hope turns. Bo grabs her and asks her to stay, "Steve and Kayla need you and so do I." He promises not to say another word about Patrick. Hope agrees. She says she thought Billie would be there.

"She didn't want to make people uncomfortable," says Bo.

Billie lectures Chelsea. She needs to be a grownup. She has to accept Bo and Billie won't be together. The brat asks her to just think about it. Billie assures her she and Bo love her and want what's best for her. The brat says what is best for her is for them to be together. She wants to be a part of something special, but she'll settle for being a Brady.

Billie insists they are already special. The brat rants, "Don't give me that crap about Bo and Hope and a guy with a half a brain and one eye."

"I don't get it," says Billie, "Bo has two eyes."

"Do you think you are being an adult right now," shouts the brat, "When you end up all alone and miserable and say you did the right thing? It's pathetic!"

"Listen to me," says Billie, "You keep pushing your father and I to get together and you are going to push him right out of your life and then you will be on the outside."

Billie says she knows this is about the brat wanting to feel closer to her dad. The brat doesn't know if Bo will ever forgive her for Zack. Billie tells her that her little act won't work. She knows Bo cares about her, "Don't do something you'll regret."

"I'll regret it if I do the right thing and it doesn't get me anywhere," she says.

Billie says Patch and Kayla are close to dying and Bo is trying to be strong for them. Chelsea just needs to be there for Bo, "Or stay here and come up with another stupid idea that will drive him away. It's your choice." Billie storms out.

Shawn looks through the want ads for a job. He crosses off all the jobs that require degrees and experience. He reads some of the requirements, "Proficiency in Windows, Outlook and Excel. Hmmm... Fluent in Spanish... No habla Español. I'll never find a decent job. There isn't much demand for people who drive cars through walls."

Willow says, "You can't let her call the shots. Claire's your kid too. I thought you were this big rebel. I can't see James Dean acting like this. Admit it, you're whipped."

"By Claire," asks the rebel without a clue.

"By Claire's mommy."

"I gotta go," says Shawn.

"Go where," asks Willow, "this is the YWCA. She helps him put on a disguise, "You look better than some of the women who live here."

"That is scary," says Shawn. She wishes him good luck and smiles as he leaves.

Bo tells Hope Billie doesn't want to play the part of the spoiler again. Hope says all that stuff with Billie and Bo is history. And as far as Billie and Patch goes, "If Steve and Kayla need to be together they will be, no matter what happens."

Bo slides in his editorial comment, "If two people are desperate to be together, nothing will stand in their way."

The brat shows up. Hope hurls and suddenly remembers she has an errand. She leaves. Bo says, "I'm not really in the mood for fun and games right now."

Mimi walks through a pumpkin display into the pub. She asks Caroline about Steve and Kayla. Caroline tells her Frankie is out searching for a cure. Mimi asks for a minute to talk. She says the thing with Shawn is all her fault. She is really sorry. She asks Caroline how she and OMB stayed married."

"If you think Shawn and I are the perfect couple we have had our share of problems," says Caroline, "I'm not sure what you are looking for."

Mimi hands her a picture of the two of them.

Bo tells the brat if she has a problem she needs to talk to Billie. The brat says she just came to see if there is anything she can do for Bo. Bo says he isn't the one who needs help. He talks about all Steve and Kayla have meant to him, "Kay has been a great sister and Steve and I have been best friends all the Days Of Our Lives. Sometimes you lose people you love."

"Yeah," says the brat, "Like my parents and Zack. I've been praying. God isn't used to hearing my voice."

"He's the only one," says Bo, "But I appreciate it." Hugs.

Shawn stops in the ER. Both of his hands have severe cuts. The Doc asks what happened. Shawn tells him, "The sidewalks are very rough concrete outside the YWCA. As I was walking along, my knuckles were scraping the ground as usual, and the concrete really sliced into them." The Doc tells him it's not too serious, cleans him up and releases him.

Shawn heads up to see Bo and tells him they need to talk.

The brat and Shawn make eye contact. "Hey Shawn," she says.


Bo goes off with Shawn. The brat sulks out.

Billie opens the door and finds Hope standing there. She invites her in and asks about Steve and Kayla, "Will you call me if you hear anything about them."

"No," says Hope, "You should go to the hospital yourself."

Caroline looks at the picture, "You want this? I'm not sure what you're asking for."

"Your secret to a long successful marriage," says Mimi.

"It's not easy," says Caroline.

"It's not impossible," says Mimi, "I had hope when I married Shawn. I want to find happiness again."

"There is one thing that nearly destroyed our marriage," says Caroline, "A lie. Tell the truth."

Mimi looks the word up in her pocket dictionary, "The scariest thing to me is the thought of telling the truth."

"Telling a lie is scarier," says Caroline.

Willow hears a knock at her door. She goes to answer it and says, "Couldn't stay away, huh?" Oops. It's Belle. Willow says, "I think your coven is having a meeting right about now. Don't you need to be there?"

"I want to talk to you alone," says Belle. Stay away from Shawn so he can be with his daughter."

"Is that an ultimatum," asks Willow.

"It's advice," says Belle, "and for Shawn's sake, you should take it."

Bo tells Shawn about the miracle drug, "Frankie just called and said he's on his way with it." Bo takes it Shawn and Max had a difference of opinion, and that's why Shawn lost his job. Shawn says that's pretty much what happened. Bo says, "And you thought with Phillip out of the way, Belle would jump at the chance to have you step in as Claire's dad, but I'll bet she set down some rules first. I'll bet she wants you to get a job and a decent place to live."

Shawn is amazed that Bo knows all this.

"I know about moms and their rules," says Bo. Shawn thinks it's downright scary for Bo to know all this. Bo 'splains to Shawn about women, "It's not so difficult to know, really. Hope had the rules posted on the wall in the doghouse so I would never forget them."

"So you think I should give in and follow those rules," asks Shawn.

"They're not all that bad," says Bo, "And crow is a fine meal every once in awhile."

"I thought the rules weren't all that bad until I looked through the want ads. I don't have the experience or education for a good job."

"Well then, it could be your only option is to work at the Salem PD," says Bo.

Bo invites Shawn to live with him for a while but he asks, "Is this change in behavior about taking care of Claire or impressing Belle?" Shawn stares.

Mimi tells Caroline growing up the way she did she had to do a lot of lying. She knew if she told social services the truth it would take Connor and her away from Bonnie. She lied to hold on to the things she loved, "It's so hard to change." Caroline tells her try telling the truth for just one week and come back and tell her how it felt.

Mimi vows to give it a try. She immediately starts to sweat and shake.

Willow accuses Belle of being scared, "You're a real bitch. Shawn does what you say or he loses his kid? You're using the brat to hang on to Shawn. You've had everything you ever wanted handed to you on a silver platter. And you think I'm not good enough."

"That's called projecting," says the junior shrink.

"If that's your way of saying I'm after Shawn," says Willow, "then you're more stupid than I thought. I'm free to be with whomever I want. Or don't want." She shows Belle the door.

Belle turns and gives her parting shot, "Sometimes being free means nobody gives an damn about you."

Bo tells Shawn he can't have it both ways. He can't have both Belle and Willow.

"Willow is a friend," says Shawn.

"The kind you sleep with," asks Bo, "How does she feel about you and Belle hooking up."

"She's not interested in hooking up with me," says Shawn, "Willow isn't pushing me for a commitment."

"I haven't met too many women who don't want that in the end," says Bo, "Do you think Max might give you your job back?"

"He's peeved about his car," says Shawn, "You think I should just forgive Mimi and move on with our marriage?"

"That's what adults do," says Bo, "You hit a bump in the road and bailed on her. You really haven't given her a shot. A couple years ago you dumped Belle for the same reason. There is a lesson in there. Love is a lot of work. Sometimes you have to forgive what you never thought you would. I'll give Max a call and see if you can get your job back."

"I appreciate it," says Shawn, "I'm not gonna let Claire down."

Bo says, "I'm here for you. Anytime." Hugs. The brat watches.

Hope says she remembers coming back to Salem and not knowing who she was, "It's kind of a rite of passage in Salem." She knows Billie was a good friend to her then. She needed a lifeline just like Steve needs one now. Billie isn't sure she can make a difference since Steve and Kayla are already together. Hope says she is rooting for them, but they have to pull through this. Billie says she would do anything for Steve, but nobody wants her there.

"What they want is Steve and Kayla to get well," says Hope, "You can help make that happen for him."

Bo watches as the men in hazmat suits work on Steve and Kayla. Dr. Myers says the new antidote is here, "But don't forget, it's experimental. We don't know how effective it is."

"So," says Bo, "I guess a prayer would be good right now." Bo heads out.

Billie's phone rings. Bo tells her the antidote just arrived, "Now comes the hard part. I'll keep you posted."

Billie tells Hope what Bo said. Hope asks, "You wanna drive or should I?"

"Let's go."

Caroline gets off the phone. She tells Mimi the antidote has arrived. They don't know if it will work, through. Mimi reassures her. Caroline leaves to tell OMB.

The river of life flows through the IV's. FF Bo.



Stephanie says to Bo, OMB and Caroline, "I thought this was supposed to be the miracle cure. But I don't see any miracles happening."

Max says, "Frankie, this is home, man." Frankie says, "No it's not. I'm going back to DC."

Patrick asks, "Why am I here?" EJ says, "I thought you might like to know something. The police are on to us."

The brat asks Patrick, "Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Thank goodness for Prevuze. Except for the scenes between Belle & Willow, this show looks like a zap-fest! "Hey, Shawn." "Hey." Now there's scintillating dialogue for you.

Can't wait to see NuShawn in his "disguise" (that I'm assuming is as a girl?). OldShawn could have pulled it off with his pretty boy looks, but this one....?

LOL at the pictures of Belle & Claire having a bawl and the altered cartoon of the pearly gates. Thanks, Prevuze.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

About Prevuze' comment that Hope's head is clouded by being with Bo and Jr., what does that mean for us viewers who have watched this show for decades?? HAHAHAHHAHA

OMG! I couldn't believe Prevuze' earlier comment about Jr. being at the Y was like "Bosom Buddies". They really are doing it! HA

LOL over Jr. scraping his knuckles and his only option left is to work on the Salem PD.

LOVED the cartoons and GAS X cure from Lexie. PREVUZE is a gas!! :D

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Marci said...

The comment about Shawn going back to Mimi seems to come out of nowhere. Did Shawn just come out and say it that way?

7:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"The comment about Shawn going back to Mimi seems to come out of nowhere. Did Shawn just come out and say it that way?"

You're right. It reads like it came out of the blue. It's hard to type and think at the same time, sometimes. In fact, my old typing teacher, Miss Nubbs, thought I couldn't do either. Here's how the conversation went:

Bo asks if Shawn thinks Max might give him his job back.

Shawn says, "Max is pretty peeved about his car, and Mimi"

"Mimi is his friend," says Bo.

Shawn says, "After what she did, how can he blame me for dumping her?"

"Maybe he thinks she deserves a second chance," says Bo.

"Is that what you think," asks Shawn, "That I should just forgive her and move on?"

"Look, son," says Bo, "I know it's difficult, but that's what adults do. Yes, Mimi did something wrong and it was unforgivable. But you married her. You said you loved her and wanted a future with her. And then there's a bump in the road and you bail on her?"

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo calls what Mimi did a "bump in the road"? More like a cavernous sinkhole to me....

2:02 PM  

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