Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Big Dude

Shawn comes into Chez Rouge and Willow suggests lunch. Shawn says he already ate but he'll keep her company. She asks about Kayla. Shawn gives her the update and then tells her he and Bo had a good talk and Bo agreed to talk to Max about Shawn getting his old job back.

Max and Frankie are in the garage. Max works on Mimi's car as they talk.

Frankie hands him tools as Max says, "It's a good thing you didn't leave town."

"If I had," says Frankie, "I'd just be a phone call away."

Max says, "Frankie, this is home, maaaaan."

Frankie says, "No it's not. I'm going back to DC. That's where I feel at home. Lawyers run that town. I want to go back there so I can be part of the action and know that in some small way I am responsible for messing up the lives of all hard-working Americans."

Mimi comes in and asks if the police are any closer to catching the bad guys.

Patrick crushes a can. EJ tells him to clean it up. Patrick gets macho, "If I wanted to clean up the streets of Salem, I'd start with you."

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you," says EJ.

Patrick asks, "Why am I here?"

EJ says, "I thought you might like to know something. The police are on to us."


Bo, Caroline and Old Man Brady watch Patch and Kayla through the window. Bo wonders what is going on. Billie and Hope run in. Bo gives Hope a confused look, "Billie was your errand?"

"It took convincing but I thought she needed to be here," says Hope.

Dr. Myers comes out and says the drug seems to be having some positive effect, "That doesn't mean they have beaten this. It could go either way."

Billie watches and says, "I think I know which way that is." Steve stirs.

EJ says they should remain calm. He found out about the cops being onto them because Bo showed up at Sami's apartment asking questions. He says he'll be in touch. They will communicate through a courier. Patrick asks who the courier is, "It has to be someone we can trust with our lives."

Willow says she thinks Max will give Shawn another shot. She suggests going over to the garage and apologizing. Shawn doesn't know if that's the right thing to do. She convinces him.

Frankie sneers, "What is she doing here?" Mimi shrugs it off and asks if there is anything she can do to help with Patch and Kayla's situation. Max tells Frankie she stopped by because he's working on her car.

Mimi says she is eternally grateful for that. "He just fixed your car," snorts Frankie. He decides this is a good time to go in and see Abby.

Mimi turns to Max, "He hates me."

"No," says Max, "Ever since Jen broke his heart he has major trust issues with women, especially the ones who are pathological liars."

Frankie asks Abby why Max is hanging around with Mimi after what she did to Shawn.

Bo talks to Patch through the window walkie-talkie, "Do you know what happened to you." Steve's memory was already toast, so he doesn't remember this either. Bo tells him about the gas. An attendant examines Kayla and calls for Dr. Myers. Bo continues his explanation. Billie stares like a schoolgirl.

Abby says Max wouldn't turn his back on his family. He's taking Mimi's side because Shawn acted like a jerk, "Max is such a caring person."

Frankie smiles, "You like my brother, don't you?"

"No," says Abby, "He's my friend and my boss and that's it." Translation: Stick a fork in Josh, he's done. She hopes St. Luke's is available for a June wedding.

Mimi tells Max she may not be able to pay until she gets another job. Things just haven't been working out what with all the hookers running around Chez Rouge and she's quickly finding out one semester of accounting at Salem U isn't going to land her that dream job with Arthur Anderson, Inc.

"Arthur Anderson is out of business," says Max, "They went down for cooking Enron's books."

"Darn," says Mimi, "I think I would have fit right in with a bunch of lying scumbags."

Max says he has the perfect place for her to work – right there at the garage.

EJ says he will find a courier they can trust. "Your mission, Mr. Lockhart – and you have no choice but to accept it – is to use Chelsea to keep tabs on Bo."

Patrick hits him with a real news bulletin, "She's trouble – Almost as much as her father."

"I don't care," growls EJ, "Get it done."

Kate visits Stephanie. Stephanie apologizes for wrecking the car. Kate says it wasn't her fault. She suggests Stephanie stay out of the public eye for a while, what with the fact the Salem Brady Badger is still on the loose.

"You mean no racing," says Stephanie, "Racing is my life. I have a contract with you and I couldn't possibly violate that."

Kate is soooo helpful, "Don't worry about that. I will release you from any obligations."

The brat walks into the room and says, "So, in other words, you are dumping her."

Billie gives Steve google-eyes and says, "Hey, long time no see."

Dr. Myers calls for a family pow-wow.

They leave. Billie stays. Patch wobbles. He tries to get up. He staggers over to Kayla and strokes her. He hauls his IV over to the window. He struggles with the intercom and finally asks Billie, "Stephanie! Is she safe?"

"Yes," says Billie.

"Oh, thank God," says Patch, "I can't believe you're the first person I see when I wake up. Thank you!"

Dr. Myers isn't sure when Kayla will wake up, "Kayla's fever spiked again and her breathing is more labored. She appears to be worsening. The drug may be causing her condition. Individuals respond to treatments differently, so what worked for Steve may not be working for her. I'm considering increasing her dosage, but that will raise the risk. In other words, the drug is making her condition worse, so I’m going to increase the dosage. It's known as the Lexie Carver Treatment Inversion Protocol. "

OMB and Caroline tell him to do whatever he has to do.

Kate tells Chelsea, "t isn't polite to come in without knocking, especially when there is no door chain available." The brat lectures Kate. She says Kate wants to dump Stephanie because she is afraid of bad PR. Kate says it's because she wants to protect Stephanie. Stephanie agrees. She thinks she should stay out of the spotlight. Kate gives her the papers and walks over to the brat while Stephanie reads through them.

"You really do always win," says Chelsea.

"It's not about winning or losing," says Kate, "It's about what is right for Stephanie. Could I interest you in purchasing the Salem Suspension Bridge? "

Stephanie signs. Kate leaves so she can rest. The brat gives her a parting shot, "Take care of yourself cuz."

They leave. Outside, the brat says she heard about Max breaking up with Stephanie, "That's what you get when you go after someone who is taken..."

Kate interrupts her with a total meltdown, "How dare you challenge me in there! You had better watch your mouth." The brat can't believe the intensity of the tirade. She backs down. Way down. Quivering mass of gelatin level.

Kate asks her about the hooker stunt. She tells her that's not what she was suggesting when she told her to work on getting her parents together, "You're lucky the cops got there before some john picked you up."

The little snot composes herself, "I don't care. I will do anything to get my parents back together." Kate says she has tried everything to get Bo and Billie back together and she is finally accepting the fact they will never be together, "And you should to."

The brat freaks, "You said you would help me."

"That isn't exactly what I said," says Kate.

The brat says she thought she could count on Kate. Kate says she can, but she needs to get on with her life. "What life," screams the brat, "My boyfriend broke up with me. I was on trial for murder. I lost my job at Titan so I could do this community service. My parents who raised me are dead. My parents who are supposed to love me hate me. And you do, too. You just reamed me out over something petty. The Bensons never yelled at me."

Kate hits the nail on the head, "I think that was the problem."

The brat rambles on, "Out of everyone in my life I thought you understood me. I guess I was wrong. I don't know what to do. I changed my last name to Brady, but they won't accept me. I have to get them together or I'm afraid no one will ever love me." Kate hugs her.

Mimi says she isn't taking charity. Max insists needs a part time bookkeeper. They seal the deal, "In spite of what Bonnie may have taught you as a kid, I want my books to be legit."

"That takes all the fun out of it," says Mimi.

Max gets a phone call, "Steve regained consciousness." Max heads for the hospital.

Billie says she was afraid of losing Steve.

Steve says, "Even if I don't make it, I got the chance right now to tell you how much you mean to me."

Billie smiles. She assures him, "Nothing is going to go wrong."

Patch says, "All those years I can't remember... you're the only person who doesn't hate me for that. You know how I feel about you."

"I feel the same way," says Billie, "I was afraid to say it because I thought you would remember Kayla and I would get my heart broken again. I want the Steve who you are now. I'll be here until you get better."

Max and Frankie have joined the group. Caroline vows Kayla will survive this. Hope and Frankie go to give Stephanie the good news.

Bo takes Max aside. Max understands Shawn has a right to be angry with Mimi, "But he crossed the line this time."

Bo tells Max about Belle blasting Shawn, "That got his attention and he is determined to put his life back together."

Max figures out which way the wind is blowing, "You want me to give him his job back."

"Not just for him, but for his daughter," says Bo.

Abby slams the books on the desk in front of Mimi, "Good luck working with them." Mimi is amazed at her good fortune. She thought no one in Salem would ever talk to her again after what she did.

Abby hears laughter and wonders if someone is out there. Willow and Shawn. Willow waits outside and wishes him good luck. Abby comes outside and finds Shawn. He asks for Max. Abby tells him he is at the hospital. Shawn says he wants to leave a message that he feels bad and wants to apologize. Mimi comes out. She gives Shawn that stare women give men when there is no knife available.

Max admits Shawn is a hell of a mechanic, "He should understand Mimi made a mistake." Bo says he deserves a second chance, just like Mimi.

Max says he hired Mimi, "I'm not turning my garage in to a war zone, so Shawn has to promise to keep cool. I'll talk to him." Max leaves. Bo huffs.

Shawn says he will stop back later when it's not so crowded. Mimi asks if he can act like a grownup, "You'd better get used to seeing me here. Max gave me a job."

Steve stares at Billie, then Kayla, then gives the camera the lost puppy look.

The posse returns to Dry Gulch. The crowd mumbles in unison. They are all upset at the news Dr. Myers just gave them. Billie asks, "What do you mean? Steve's going to be OK."

Hope reminds her of the other half of the equation, "What about Kayla?"

Billie can't understand why the drug wouldn't work for her. "Dr. Myers doesn't know if she will make it," says Hope.

Shawn is disgusted, "Max fires me because of you and now he hires you!"

"He offered the job without me asking," says Mimi. Abby steps in and backs her up. Mimi says she just came in to have her car fixed and that led to the job offer, "If you had fixed my car when you said you would, maybe I wouldn't be here. So there. I told you the biggest lie in the history of Salem and you didn't do your chores. That makes us even." She turns to the hooker, "Hey, Willow, if my husband isn't just another john, maybe you could tell him to stop acting like a jackass."

They leave. Mimi says, "I can't believe how much Shawn hates me." Go figure.

Chelsea talks on the phone and says the hospital doesn't need her this week. Patrick comes in. She tells him, "I'll probably be doing community service until I'm 90."

Patrick says, "That's better than jail."

The brat asks if he thinks Bo set him up. Yes, Patrick does. The brat says Bo would never falsely arrest someone.

"I keep forgetting," says Patrick, "You haven't known him that long. He's not as perfect as you think. If you spend time with him he could wind up with your mom. "

"And you could be with Hope."

"We could work on this together Chels."

The brat sees what he's up to, "Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?"

Bo rushes in. They all pray this is the right decision. Frankie wheels Stephanie in. Apparently Frankie and Hope forgot to tell her about Patch waking up. Stephanie nukes, "I thought this was supposed to be the miracle cure. But I don't see any miracles happening."

"I do," says Hope. The crowd parts. Stephanie sees Patch, "Dad! Dad!"

"I'm getting better," says Patch, "Your mom will too."

"I need my mom and dad back," blubbers Stephanie. Patch looks at Billie, and then back to Stephanie.

Max is back at the garage. He needs another mechanic. He tells the girls about agreeing with Bo to take Shawn back. The room turns into a vacuum of silence.

Abby finally says, "Things got interesting when you were at the hospital. Shawn came by to apologize."

"I didn't think he had it in him," says Max.

Mimi says, "When he found out you gave me a job, he lost it."

Max is upset, "Bo swore Shawn had learned his lesson. Someone else can hire him."

"Wait," says Mimi, "Maybe he has learned his lesson. I'll deal with it if you give him his job back."

Shawn and Willow get back to Chez Rouge. Shawn rants, "Giving Mimi that job was like giving me a slap in the face. She's got her hooks in him just like she had them in me. I have to start looking for a job if I want to see my daughter."

In a rare lucid moment, Willow has an idea, "Who is that other big race driver... EJ! He knows you're a great mechanic. Maybe you could ask him for a job."

Shawn yells, "You're a genius."

"Roadkill is genius compared to you," says Willow, "I'm just a survivor."

Kate says, "We have to discuss Stephanie."

"Not right now," says EJ. Buttons start to come undone. The phone interrupts the tender moment. It's Shawn. He says he doesn't know how to say it so he just blurts it out and asks for a job.

"I might be able to do that," says EJ, "Let's talk. Later"

The brat says, "You have a hell of a nerve asking me to spy on him. I'm trying to build a relationship with him. What good will it do me if he finds out?"

Patrick stands there in his double-headed Phoenix sweatshirt, "Think 'Mission Impossible.'"

"Sorry," says the brat, "I can't help."

"Looks like it's Bo and Hope forever," says Patrick.

"That doesn't mean I won't help you at all," says the brat, "I just need to do it my way."

Patch encourages Stephanie. He insists Kayla will pull through, "Because The Big Dude, he wouldn't-a brought us all back together for nothin'. You gotta believe."

"I want to," whines Stephanie.

"We're halfway there," says Patch. Kayla's machines go berserk.

"She's seizing," yells Dr. Myers, "BP 70 over 50. Crash Cart! Give me 200 joules! Clear!" ZAP!

The crowd watches. Stephanie bawls. Patch moves toward Kayla. Billie watches.


Hope says to Bo, "Can't you see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on. I want you to talk to him." Pan to Patch in the background.

Billie says, "Steve has become very important to me." Marlena says, "I think you have every right to go after what makes you happy."

"That's not what I want," says Kate. EJ asks, "What do you want?" Kate says, "You."

Marlena tells John, "You owe me a wedding. And I can't just go around marrying a dead guy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what Hope brings Billie there to Patch then wants Patch to be there for Kayla??? Make up your mind woman! Oh right, this is Hope, what mind? She is about as brilliant as her son.

"She gives Shawn that stare women give men when there is no knife available." That was funny. I think I may have given that stare a time or two!LOL

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody but Frankie seems to be siding with Mimi now. WTH??

6:40 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

True to form Prevuze went above and beyond today....waxing philosophical with Bonnie's advice to Meems; becoming a political pundit with Frankie's speech about D.C. Loved it!!

There is never anyone in Max's garage getting a car fixed. What the heck does he charge per repair in order to afford two office employees?

Still chuckling over all of the Prevuisms, especially the Lexi Carver Inversion Protocol and roadkill being a genius compared to Shawn.

Great Prevuze today!

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get to watch the show, only read Prevuze (thanks!), so I am just now seeing Mimi's hair from the back in the first pic. So...is it pretty much a mullet or is it just me??

6:56 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I was wondering the same thing as Applecheeks - Max has already had three employees and other than his (now wrecked)racecar and Mimi's car those are the only cars in there for repair. At least he did the smartest thing on the show by not rehiring Jr.

And since we never see any of these people in college I have to applaud the new writers for not having Mimi suddenly show up with an accounting degree or something.

I LOL over Lexie's Inversion Protocol. Great Prevuze and pics today - a Halloween treat!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"is it pretty much a mullet or is it just me??"

If you're expecting a mullet, you'll be disappointed when you see it from the front. Good observation, though.

1:53 PM  

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