Friday, October 27, 2006

Lucas Three – EJ Nil

Shawn walks up to the door of the penthouse. He hears uncontrollable crying inside and decides he'd better check it out to see if it's Claire or Belle.

Inside, Belle coaches Claire on the finer points of bawling. She puts her down and answers the doorbell, "What do you want?!"

"I wanna help with Claire," says Shawn, "Is she OK?"

"She's fine," snorts Belle, "You can just go." SLAM!

Roman is on the phone at the pub. He wants Frankie's doctor contact to call as soon as possible. Roman tells everyone the doctor is hiking in the Himalayas and can't be reached, "He'll be out of touch for about four days."

"That's not bad," says Frankie, "Everyone in Salem is out of touch permanently. If there is an antidote, he will know what it is."

"We don't have four days," says Caroline.

Abe and Lexie stand outside the pub. Abe tells Lexie the Brady's are good friends. They need their support. Lexie thinks they won't want her support. Abe says, "If you don't face them now you never will. What's it going to be?"

Dr. Bo tells John he thinks he ought to do something to help out with Steve and Kayla. John says the best they can do is to find these guys and stop them form hurting Bo's family. They discuss EJ and Patrick. John wonders what was in the envelope Sami brought to him. Bo suggests going over to Sami's. Roman overhears, "What the hell did Sami do now?"

Sami tells EJ he can't ask her to choose between himself and her family, "It's an impossible decision. I never thought they would come back to me like this."

EJ reminds her how much they hurt her. They bring nothing to her life but grief. Whenever they come over, she drops him, "I'm bloody sick of this. I can't be there for you anymore. You're on your own." He starts to leave. Sami chases as Lucas tells EJ it would be best if he hit the road.

"Quite," says EJ, "I'm sorry I had to end this." Sami asks him not to take it personally. She loves her son unconditionally. Being a good mom is the most important thing to her.

"Is that true," says Will.

Sami says, "You have to ask?"

"Yeah," says Will, "I do."

Sami apologizes. She knows she made mistakes but loves him more than anything. She tells him she missed him so much. Lucas' uncontrollable mouth explodes into a cornucopia of unhelpful remarks, "Yeah, well, he thought you'd be alone crying your eyes out."

EJ lectures him. He suggests they should have called before coming over. Sami's needs and wants don't revolve around them. Sami gives EJ the bum's rush. He tells her not to call him when they ditch her.

Lucas tells Sami EJ isn't very good for her. He can't be if he asked her to choose between him and her family. Sami defends EJ, "He accepts me for what I am."

"I can understand why he likes you," says Lucas, "I can understand why all guys like you."

Will, the only adult in the room, tells them to cool it. He urges Lucas, "Tell her."

"I did tell her," says Lucas, "She was distracted by EJ."

"I heard," says Sami, "You want us to be a family."

"I want us to act like a family," says Lucas, "Let's get it right and be good parents. I promised him I would work on our relationship. Let's be friends for our son's sake. My question is friendship. I'd like to be your friend. If it's OK with you I'd really like that."

John tells Roman about EJ. Bo tells him about his connection to Lockhart. John tells him about the calls and the envelope.

"So EJ could have been the one sending the notes," says Roman, "I can talk to her."

"Listen Roman," says Bo, "She's not a very truthful person. I think you should let us handle it."

Roman brings up an important point, "Aren't you suspended?"

"Abe gave me the OK," says Bo, "We're making progress."

Lexie is reluctant to go in. She doesn't know how she can face the Brady's. They will think she's just like her father. A DiMera. She doesn't know how she will be able to face anyone in the town again. Abe makes suggestions about how she could redeem herself by working at the free clinic. She can start by making amends to the Brady's. He will support her. Lexie takes his hand and they walk into the pub.

Abe and Lexie come through the door of the pub. Silence and stares.

Shawn pounds on the door. He yells, "I'm not going anywhere!" Belle opens the door and tells him to stop. She just got Claire back to sleep and Shawn can't see her. She runs through a list of his recent slip-ups – just little things like driving through walls and sleeping with ex-hookers.

"That's what this is all about," says Shawn, "You saw me kissing Willow."

Belle sees through it, "Oh, Puhleeeaaassseee!"

"No, that's it," he lies, "You're obviously trying to punish me and use my daughter to do it."

Belle says all she cares about is Claire. She orders him to go home as Claire wakes up and cries. Shawn starts toward her and Belle throws a block that would stop the Pittsburgh Steelers front line.

Abe tells Lexie they can't turn back now. Roman growls, "We're busy in here." Abe asks if there is anything they can do. Roman says, "I don't know what that can be especially where your wife is concerned."

Lexie says, "They don't want us here." Abe tells them Lexie knows of a study that might help Steve and Kayla.

Roman interrupts, "We've got it covered, Pard."

Frankie steps in and says he wants to hear about the study. Lexie says she knows Roman doesn't trust them and she would never blame anyone of them if they never trusted her again.

Caroline tells her she is always welcome there. And she knows her granddaughter played a major role in this. Roman begins to soften. He says that is true. He asks about the study. "It's a longshot," says Lexie, "But a tablespoon of cod liver oil works wonders." She'll check websites to get details.

Frankie offers his computer.

Bo suggests they go. John knows Sami hates him and thinks it won't help if he goes, so Bo is on his own. Bo leaves. Pan to the pumpkin. Carrie's back in town.

John tells Abe what Bo is up to, and then leaves.

Lexie finds the website on Frankie's laptop, "It's a chance for Kayla and Steve."

EJ arrives at Kate's. He gives her a status report, "Lucas two – EJ nil."

Kate says she tried to call. "Their timing was perfect," says EJ, "I was close to giving Sami a night she would never forget when they showed up. I'm resigning my post. I've had enough."

"It sounds to me like you haven't had any," says Kate, "What does this mean?" He says he's off the case. If Sami and Lucas want to be together Kate has to deal with it.

Sami says she is willing to try. She will do whatever it takes. Lucas and Will agree. Will says he will try to be a good kid. Sami assures him he is a great kid. She asks if he's moving back in. He tells her he's not. He's living with Dad and Grandma Kate for now, "We'll see how it goes."

Lucas says, "We'll take things slow and see what happens."

Sami asks, "Did you just set me up? Is this a test? You will walk out if I don't pass?"

"It's up to Will," says Lucas.

Will says, "You said you'd changed, Mom. You're not the same person who blackmailed Dr. Carver and did those things to Carrie and Austin."

"I have changed," insists Sami, yet again.

Beauregard Brady, crack detective, suspended, comes to the door and interrupts the conversation. He asks for a couple of minutes with Sami. Sami doesn't think it's a good time. Bo insists, "It's a police matter. We can talk here or at the station."

"Here we go again," says Will.

Sami says it's probably a misunderstanding. Just give her a few seconds with Bo. Bo tells them she's not being arrested, "So if you guys will hit the road, we'll get on with this."

Lucas offers her good luck, "It sounds like you will need it."

They leave. Bo asks her about EJ. Sami huffs.

Kate says, "Lucas doesn't want to be with Sami. He went over there for Will."

"If Lucas doesn't want to be with Sami, what do you need me for," asks EJ.

"Insurance," says Kate, "Then again you have a little thing for Sami don't you."

"That's a thing I'm quickly getting over," says EJ as he gooses her, "I'm used to getting what I want."

Kate says, "Maybe there is something I could do to get you to hold on a bit longer." Raw passion ensues.

Belle lectures Shawn, "You don't give a damn!" He claims he does give a damn. He walked away because he thought she wanted to be with Phillip. Belle says she doesn't even recognize him any more, "You don't look a thing like you did six weeks ago. Claire needs me."

"She needs both of us," says Shawn.

Belle yells, "Do I have to call the police?"

"I'll go," says Shawn, "But this isn't over. Now that Phillip is out of the picture, if I have to get a lawyer to see my daughter, I will. And if you push me too far, I will sue for full custody." Slam. Stare.

Lexie talks about the study. It looks promising. She gives them the name of the drug and a doctor's name at CDC.

Roman thanks her as Frankie takes the information and rushes out. Hugs all around. They all have hope because of Lexie. Abe and Lexie hug.

Bo asks Sami about the envelope. EJ's prints were on it. Sami says that's because he was there when she got it. Bo asks what was in the envelope. Sami says it was something personal. He tells her about Steve and Kayla, "Someone is targeting our family. It has to stop."

"You can't think it's EJ," says Sami, "He couldn't."

He could. He is. EJ chains the door and clothes fly. Once again, Lucas knocking at the door interrupts his passionate interlude.

Lucas tries to open a door, but it's chained. He asks, "What's with the chain. It's me and Will."

Kate shushes EJ. Lucas three – EJ nil.

EJ goes into the other room as Kate stalls Lucas. She opens the door. They barge in and ask what's going on. She says she chained the door out of habit. She says she can tell by looking at them that things didn't go well at Sami's, "She's hopeless and there is no point in you going over there ever again."

"You're wrong, Grandma," says Will, "I think Mom might need us more than ever."

John returns to the penthouse. He sees Belle has been crying and asks what it is this time. She tells him about Shawn. He wonders why she wouldn't let him see Claire.

"She was sleeping. He has to learn he can't come over whenever he feels like it," says Belle, "When he left he threatened to sue."

"He wouldn't get very far," says John, "You are a perfect mother." Cleanup on aisle five!

"I'm far from perfect," says Belle, "We need to find a place to live. Claire needs a real home."

"I think what she really needs is her father," says John.

Shawn is back in his hovel in the garage packing up. Willow just happens to come in and offers a hand. Shawn tells her, "Max canned my ass and won't even let me stay here."

"I know a better place to stay," says Willow, "With me."

Roman, Bo and Caroline talk to Dr. Myers. He's impressed by the study. He warns them this isn't a sure-fire cure. I'll bet it is. "Allergic reactions are possible," he says, "The dose might even be fatal. Are you willing to take that chance?" Stares.

Abe tells Lexie she did a great thing for the Brady's. Lexie says there is no guarantee it will work. Abe is proud of her for this and for taking responsibility for what she did. "Thanks for standing by me," says Lexie.

Abe says, "Unless you give me reason not to, I will stand by you forever."

Lexie says, "I love you so much. I'll never give you reason not to. I love you so much."

Roman, Caroline and Frankie talk things over. Roman votes for the drug. They all agree. Caroline tells Dr. Myers they want to proceed with the unconventional treatment, "And the upside is, we can use the same scripts we had with Jack's experimental drug." As he leaves, Dr. Myers says he will prepare the papers and call the CDC.

Belle knows Claire needs a father. She thinks they are better off on their own what with the way Shawn has been acting.

John says, "I think you can help Shawn grow up. The question is, who will help you grow up. You have to set up the ground rules. Set up a list of conditions. For example, tell him to get a job."

Belle laughs, "He can't stand it when someone tells him what to do."

"He will if you make it about Claire," says John.

"So I should tell him not to date ex-hookers," asks Belle.

John says, "This isn't about you getting together. It's about being good parents." Belle agrees to do it for Claire's sake, "One more try. ONE."

"That's my girl." Hugs.

Shawn wonders how he can move into the YWCA. "I know a way around it if you are up for it," says Willow, "Did you ever watch Bosom Buddies? "

Kate rants, "Sami is like alcohol. She's like an addiction. Unless you give her up completely, she will destroy your life."

Sami wonders why they didn't tell her about Patch and Kayla, "Why am I even asking? You're shutting me out of the family."

Bo tries to get things back on track, "I want to know what was in that envelope."

Sami deflects the question, "Why do you suspect EJ?"

"I don't trust him," says Bo, "If you were smart you wouldn't either." Bo leaves. EJ stalks the hall and stares. FF.



Mimi yells, "Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?" Bonnie asks, "Well, can you?"

Willow says to Belle, "I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I..." Shawn runs out of the shower dressed in a towel, "Willow, I've... uh... Belle..." Belle gets the picture.

Hope says, "I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo."

Billie tells the brat, "You keep pushing your father and I to get together and you are going to push him right out of your life."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Great pictures, if I do say so myself. HAHAHAHA

If I'd been Belle I'd been laughing my head off at Jr's threat to get full custody of Clair. An out-of-work grease monkey with a penchant for getting drunk and driving vehicles through buildings. Yeah, he'd have a real shot.

Question for the day: How did Lexi know what toxin Payla were being treated for? She sneak a peek at their charts as she was being escorted out of the hospital? LOLOL

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain the picture of Patrick and EJ...I must've missed something. Don't tell me he's gay.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

No, they're not gay.

When John brought up Jr.'s threat to sue he addressed half of what I thought - how would Shawn expect to get full custody? Based on what? Not only would he have to prove Belle had done something terrible to Claire does he think the court would overlook his driving/boating/drinking records? On second thought, tho, since he's a Brady they probably would overlook it.

What a laughable way to get Lexie back in the hospital's good graces.

Great Prevuze on a rainy yukky Friday! :D

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Kate is sleeping with the guy she's hired to seduce Sami, this has to be one of the most disgusting story lines every.
Sami chose her child over her latest lover, I'd say that gives her the DOOL parenting award!

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great captions today! I'm especially fond of the Mythic merger.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are some funny pictures!!

Sadly, I don't think EJ/Patrick are gay. They were kind of hot together:)

12:46 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

LOL at the above comment. This is not the first time I've run across the "Is EJ gay?" type of questions...what's up with that? I gotta catch up on the last couple of days..great pics though!

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just found this site and am enjoying it. I think the Kate and EJ relationship is Eeewwwww! But then again I have NO respect for Kate so she deserves EEeeewwwww!
I hope the new writers really have changed Sami. I'd like to see her do mischeif but not spitefull antics like in the past. She and Lucas would be good together making some mischeif in Salem with a mixture of Jack and Jen and Vivian and Ivan. Sami and Lucas work well together in my book.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the above comment - I think it would be funny to see Lucas for some reason wanting to make mischief for someone, and asking Sami for help, and Sami refusing to help him because she really is trying to change!

3:52 PM  

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