Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Bad Boy!

Kate leaves a phone message for EJ. They need to talk about Stephanie.

Marlena and John come into the pub and join Kate. What a group. The slut, the nut and the shrink.

John says he's been meaning to give Kate a call since she deserted Basic Black and went to Mythic. He wants to rent one of Mythic's satellite trucks, "It's a little matter I'm looking into for the police."

"Ah, John Black," says Kate, "Who are you after now?"

Shawn and EJ meet at Chez Rouge. EJ says, "I think you're an excellent mechanic. I just don't happen to have a grease monkey job available right now. But I do have a job for someone with the IQ of a monkey. Are you interested?" Shawn scratches his sides, grunts and orders the Banana Bonanza for dessert.

"It necessitates absolute discretion," says EJ, "You'll have to keep it from everyone, including your father."

The peanut gallery looks on as the Doc zaps Kayla. The blinds go down. Stephanie falls apart. Bo encourages her. It doesn't work. Patch stares.

John says he does heave someone under surveillance but can't talk about it. He needs an answer right now. Marlena butts in. This is the first she has heard of it. John says it just came up and he can't talk about it. Kate says she loves intrigue. She gives him Paul's number. She says John can call him and Paul will do whatever John wants. He tries to pay up front but Kate refuses.

"I'm sorry," says John, "I just happen to know hookers demand payment up front and I figured with you old habits die hard." Kate gets up and leaves for a meeting.

Marlena gives John a look. John smirks, "What? I know that look." Marlena protests. She thought they were working together on this. She doesn’t like it. John says there is too much danger to involve her.

EJ needs to know he can trust Shawn. Shawn assures him he is trustworthy. EJ says if he pulls this off it will rock the entire industry. Not even Kate can know about this.

"And my role," asks Shawn.

"Most of the time," says EJ, "You'll just hold a tin cup and dance while the organ plays." EJ pulls out an envelope, "But other times, you will be delivering sealed documents to my silent partner."

"Is that it," asks Shawn, "You want me to be a messenger?"

"Courier, liaison. Whatever," says EJ, "You will be rewarded very well for your time. I need to know I can count on you." Shawn asks whom the partner. Is. "Patrick Lockhart," says EJ, "Do you have a problem with that."

"No," says Shawn, "I have a problem with his sister, and my dad hates him." Shawn says it doesn't bother him though. His next question is how much.

"Five hundred dollars per delivery," says EJ, "There may be several in a day. Do we have a deal?" Smoke pours out of Shawn's ears as he tries to do the math.

John says this job isn't different from the other jobs he has had. Marlena thinks he's bored with his office work. She wonders what is so important he has to use a TV truck, "It's one thing to be cagy with Kate, another to be cagy with your wife."

John moves closer and starts to tell her. He gets severe whiplash as Marlena does a 180° turn. She decides she doesn't want to know. She just wants him to be safe, "You haven't done police work in a long time."

"What do you consider what I did in NJ when I found you in that box," he asks. She backs down and tells him to be careful.

Dr. Myers says Kayla had an allergic reaction, "One of the nurses turned on her TV and DOOL was on." She's stable but unless they find an antidote she can tolerate she may continue to decline. Dr. Myers says she only has 48 hours.

"Thank God," says Caroline, "That could be months on this show."

The blinds come up. Bo suggests OMB and Caroline go back to the pub. Stephanie just falls apart. Patch breathes his oxygen and stares.

Frankie wheels the blithering, bawling Stephanie back to her room.

Billie asks for a minute through the glass with Steve. She tells him she's taking OMB and Caroline home. She will be right back. Patch stares like a zombie with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Bo asks if Hope is OK. Of course, she isn't, "I wish I knew what was going on inside Steve's head."

Bo tries to be helpful, "Scientists have come up with a few theories about what goes on inside a black hole."

Hope drones, "The woman he used to love is barely hanging on and he doesn't even care. Can't you see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on? I want you to talk to him."

Bo says, "You know, Kayla is in pretty bad shape. It's tough, but the best thing we can do for her is let her die. When she comes back from the dead she'll be perfectly healthy."

Jethro finishes his ciphering and announces, "I'm all yours."

EJ gives him his first assignment and the money, "Take that to Patrick and don't call me. If people ask about your job, say I'm taking you on board as a consultant to overhaul my garages. No one can destroy a building like you can." Shawn takes the note and money and leaves.

John says Marlena worries too much. Marlena doesn't want him taking unnecessary risks. She sees he is determined, "Please remember how happy I am to be back together with you."

"That makes two of us," says John.

"It's not just me," says Marlena, "It's Belle... and Claire. I want you with me for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"Look at me," says John, "I'm always going to be here for my girls." Kiss.

"I have to remind you," says Marlena, "You owe me a wedding. And I can't just go around marrying a dead guy, but I can marry a brain dead guy, so let's get to the chapel."

Hope insists Bo talk to Patch. Bo thinks she would have better luck since he and Patch don't have a good rapport talking about Kayla. Hope agrees. Bo goes for coffee.

Hope goes to the window and radios in. Patch staggers over. He thinks Kayla should be the one standing there. He should be unconscious. "Well, the lights are on but nobody's home, so that's close enough," says Hope. She says everyone is pulling for them both. He wishes he could help Kayla. He doesn't know what to do. He would fall back in love with her if he could. Hope tells him how happy Kayla made him.

"Maybe I'll remember someday," says Patch, "But I may not have someday. I could still die. So I want to ask a favor. It's Billie. I know she's not your favorite person. It was hard for her to come here. I want to get her something. Pick out a necklace or something from me. Would you do that for me?"

Hope is stunned, "You're asking me to go shopping for jewelry for the woman who slept with my husband."

"Don't worry," says Patch, "I asked Bo to get Patrick a little something, too." He begs. She agrees.

A nurse in a bio-suit rushes in. Patch asks what is wrong. The nurse says, "Her monitor just sounded at the nurses' station. She's breathing faster."

"What does that mean," asks Patch.

"It means she is breathing faster," says the nurse. She goes to page Dr. Myers.

Patch strokes Kayla's hair and tells her to hang in there. She hangs.

Hope finds Bo. He asks how it went with Patch. Hope tells him, "I can't force him to feel something he doesn't feel."

Shawn comes up and they fill him in on the Patch-Kayla situation. He wonders how Stephanie is taking this. "Not well," they say in unison.

Bo asks about the job with Max. "Hey," says Shawn, "Thanks for going to bat for me, but..."

Bo interrupts, "You're always welcome at home."

"I'm going to get a place of my own," says Shawn, "I'm not working for Max. I got a different job with EJ." Jaws drop.

Kate knocks on EJ's door. She asks if he got her messages and hands him the bills for the car and Stephanie's medical expenses. EJ needs to pay half. He assures her he will pay all the expenses, "First there is something you can do for me."

OMB, Caroline and Billie find Marlena at the pub. They fill her in on Patch and Kayla. Marlena asks if she can do anything. Pray.

OMB and Caroline leave. Billie and Marlena discuss the situation. Billie says, "The family looks at Steve with such disappointment on their faces."

"The Brady's love him."

"Well," says Billie, "They're not thrilled Kayla is still sick. And he's thinking of me."

Shawn describes the job. Hope gives him a hug and congratulates him. She leaves. Bo wonders what Shawn will be doing for Mr. Wells.

Shawn says, "He has a lot of cars. I can help with them. Why do I get the feeling you aren't happy about this?"

"Max is family," says Bo, "Wouldn't you be more comfortable working for him?"

Kate wonders what the favor is. EJ says the police have been asking about him, "Bo Brady mainly." He removes her coat. For starters. He needs her help in getting information.

Kate smirks, "What have you been up to? You bad boy!"

Bad boy says, "Other than speeding tickets, I have never been broken a law. Not being a citizen of the US, I am not sure what my rights are. And you are friendly with the commander."

"He's my ex husband," says Kate, "I'm friendlier with him than when we were married. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with approaching him."

EJ turns up the heat, "We're business partners and my best interests are your best interests."

Kate agrees. She will see what she can find out, "But you will have to do something for me."

"I agreed to pay the bills," says EJ.

"That's not what I want," says Kate.

EJ asks, "What do you want?"

Kate says, "You."

Marlena had no idea things had gotten serious between Billie and Patch. Billie says they haven't. But he could die. She's reluctant to get involved not with not just another married man, but also a Brady. She feels bad she hurt Hope and doesn't want to hurt Kayla. She doesn't want to stand in the way of her recovery, "You think I'm horrible, don't you?"

"No, I don't."

Billie says, "Steve has become very important to me."

Marlena says, "I think you have every right to go after what makes you happy, no matter who's life you destroy in the process."

Frankie wheels Stephanie back to the window of death, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"She is my mom," whines Stephanie, "I need to be here for her."

Patch wobbles over, "Your mama won't want to see you upset."

Stephanie has a meltdown, "HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? THIS IS YOUR FAULT!"

Bo works on Shawn to go back to work for Max. Shawn shays he's not backing down. Bo says EJ associates with disreputable people. He won't say whom, though. Shawn asks, "Is he doing something illegal?"

He's doing something all right, but it's not illegal. Clothes rip. Buttons fly.

Paul asks if he should stick around. John tells him no. "She's all yours Mr. Black." Paul leaves. John works his magic.

Marlena says Billie can't be faulted for the person with whom she falls in love. Billie thinks Marlena is too understanding. Marlena brings up Carrie as an example. Carrie and Austin had always belonged together, so that justified their antics, "As a psychiatrist, I have to tell you, the chance of Steve regaining his memory is incredibly slim. And, you know, even John's past is a complete blank. Like his mind. But I love him."

Billie thinks her situation is different. Steve has Kayla. Marlena says Kayla is a strong woman. "She isn't very strong right now," says Billie.

Marlena rationalizes, "Look, if you find love once in your life, you are so lucky. I found it twice. No three times. No, four times. No..."

Bo says he is investigating EJ. Shawn doesn't want to turn down the job just because Bo is suspicious. Until Bo gives him solid evidence he will work for EJ.

Bo says, "Just watch your back, will ya?"

"Yeah," Shawn leaves.

Frankie butts in and tells Stephanie not to get upset. Too little, too late. She brushes him off and tells Patch he is so wrapped up in himself she feels sorry for him. She wonders if he has ever had to put himself in Kayla's shoes. She had no life when he disappeared. She never let go of her love for him. And now, here he is. Kayla was so happy when she found out he was alive, "Now she is dying and you doesn't care."

Patch insists that isn't true. Stephanie wonders why she ever loved him. Patch wonders if this hospital has men in white coats with straightjackets. Stephanie rants. If he cared he would try to help Kayla, not sit there staring into space. Patch just doesn't know what to do.

"Something, dammit," screams Stephanie, "Anyting! Maybe she can hear you. Talk to her. I am begging you. Give her a reason to live." Patch stares.

EJ and Kate hit the couch. Monkey sex ensues.

John the perv watches, "Damn it Kate. What the hell have you gotten yourself into this time?" FF.



Belle says, "I am a single, unemployed mother, and, honestly, Mom, that scares me to death."

Mimi asks, "Shawn, what's going on between you and my brother? Why did he give you all of that money?" Shawn says, "I gotta run." Shawn runs. See Shawn run. Run, Shawn, run.

Sami asks, "Who is she, EJ? There is someone in your bedroom."

Shawn tells Victor, "I don't need your money, your sympathy or anything else for that matter. You are no longer my grandfather."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swimmin' pools, movie stars. . . Love the Jethro reference. I wonder when his sister Jethrine will make a guest appearance?
Love the laughs you offer to start my day and appreciate someone who enjoys, but has a sense of humor about the soaps!

7:13 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I had trouble stifling my laughter at the image of Jr. holding a tin cup while the organ plays. And also Squints in his spy truck. HAHAHA

What part, do you suppose, of Max not wanting to rehire Jr. is it Bo can't understand? And when Victor hears Jr. say he's no longer his grandfather he should jump up and dance.

ALL of the pictures were great today - especially JrMedusa. Thanks, Prevuze, I'll be chuckling over this one all day! :D

7:43 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"And when Victor hears Jr. say he's no longer his grandfather he should jump up and dance."

Shawn doesn't need Victor now that he's in the chips. Even with Shawn's limited math skills, multiple trips a day at $500 each is pretty good money. But when the whole thing falls apart and the chips he's in turn out to be cow chips, he may want to reconsider disowning Victor.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical advise from a shrink, do whatever feels good. The reason our society is in such a mess...

9:13 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Really great pictures today - Diogenes, Patrick's sweatshirt - Shawn & Medusa. And, I'm with anonymous, the "Jethro cipherin'" comment just cracked me up.

Thank goodness for Prevuze. Now I can say, "I'M ALIVE, I'M ALIVE!!" I wasn't too sure up until now. HAHAHAHA

9:37 AM  

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