Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mrs. Robertson

Mimi works on a calculator. Her fingers fly. Her mind lags behind. Max comes in and tells her some guy wants him to restore a 60's muscle car. It would mean a lot of money, but he doesn't think he has time to do it. Mimi thinks she should give Shawn his job back. She can do the bookkeeping at home and stay out of Shawn's way.

Max asks, "Is this your way of getting him back into your life?"

Patrick leafs through a magazine. Doorbell. He answers the door to find Shawn Brady, diplomatic courier. "Mimi's not here," says Patrick.

"Thank God for small miracles," says Shawn, "I'm here to see you – delivery"

Claire is finally asleep. Belle sighs. Marlena asks if something is wrong. "Everything," says Belle, who is never prone to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion, "And it's time I do something about it."

Bo meets Hope at the pub. She's worried about Steve and Kayla.

Kayla lays in her coma. Patch wonders what he's going to do. He doesn't know how to save her.

John tunes in on the x-rated show at EJ's apartment.

EJ whips Kate onto the couch in a move Bruce Lee would be proud of. John settles in for the show and munches popcorn.

Sami comes out of her apartment. She hesitates in front of EJ's door.

EJ removes a bra. Kate's too.

Bo and Hope discuss Steve and Kayla. Hope tells him she agreed to buy the necklace. Bo freaks, "YOU WHA..." His cell phone interrupts the tirade. John tells him about the show, "You gotta get over here right away. Bring your raincoat." Bo and Hope take off.

Steve ponders. They wheel Stephanie back in. He staggers over to her and says Kayla is about the same. She apologizes for losing it earlier, but he has to do something.

Patch says he doesn't know what to do, "I'm not a faith healer."

"How do you know," says Stephanie, "Touch her. She'll feel you. Try harder. She has never gotten over you. She doesn't feel like she has a lot to live for right now. You are our only hope. Don't give up on us now." Steve stares. Stephanie asks to be taken back to her room.

John watches. All in the line of duty.

Sami knocks. EJ puts on his shirt and answers as Kate scampers into the bedroom. Sami asks, "What do the cops want with you."

John goes apoplectic, "Oh, Sami! What the hell are you doing? Things were just getting good."

Mimi says she still loves Shawn but isn't delusional. One out of two ain't bad. If Max doesn't give Shawn his job back she will quit.

Max is stunned by her sense of dedication to her new job, "I really think you meant that."

"I do," says Mimi, "Please give him a break for me."

Patrick opens the note. EJ has written, "This is our new method of communication – Shawn Brady. Primitive but reliable. I'm paying him $500 per delivery. You might want to give him another $500 to insure his loyalty. I'll be in touch."

"Did your dad put you up to this," asks Patrick.

Belle tells Marlena about Shawn coming over and her list of conditions. Marlena thinks that sounds fine. Belle thought about it but she can't ask him to do all those things when she doesn’t have a job herself. She has to get her life together. Belle says, "I am a single, unemployed mother, and, honestly, Mom, that scares me to death."

Marlena says, "If you think you're scared, what do you suppose it would be like to be in Claire's booties? "

Victor thanks Lucas for coming to the hospital. Lucas the slacker says he hasn't been able to hire a replacement for Carrie yet. Victor has a job for him, "Deliver this to Belle. Tell her it's from Phillip. If she finds out it's from me, she will never open it. Tell her Phillip sent it to you because he wasn't sure where Belle would be living."

Salem is teaming with couriers, but the intelligent ones work in New York City.

Hope rushes into the hospital. She has the necklace. Patch thinks it's nice and thanks her. He has another favor to ask. Hope frowns. Patch says, "It's for Kayla. Nothing is helping her. Stephanie thinks it's because she has lost the will to live. I want to try something. I want to sit with her and talk to her. I want to tell her things we did together. If her condition doesn't kill her, maybe I can bore her to death. Or maybe she'll decide she wants to come back. Could you get together with Bo and write down everything you can remember about us?"

Hope agrees. Bo and I will put our heads together. That's where the plan falls apart. Hope thinks maybe it will help Patch to remember too.

Shawn insists the note is from EJ. He asks Patrick if he wants to respond, "It'll only cost you $500." Patrick doesn't have a response, but gives him another $500 anyway. Mimi watches and scowls.

"Thanks," says Shawn, "But I have already been paid."

"Consider it to be a little bonus to keep you motivated," says Patrick.

Shawn thinks it over, "Well, my baby needs new clothes. And mama needs a new pair of shoes."

John pulls Bo into the Porn-Mobile.

They watch as EJ tells Sami he doesn't know what the police want. EJ wants to know what Bo wanted.

Bo is peeved, "I thought you said you had some hot stuff going on here"

"Calm down," says John, "You don't want to see Kate naked right after eating."

Sami tells EJ about her conversation with Bo. Bo flashes his teeth and yells for her to shut her mouth.

She tells EJ about his fingerprints being on the envelope, "But that's not the point. Obviously, my uncle Bo has it in for you."

EJ claims innocence, "Besides, I don't know why you care. After all, you did choose Lucas."

"I chose my son."

"We can debate that later," says EJ, "I'm busy."

"I'm not through talking," says Sami.

"If we have to wait for that to happen we'd better start decorating for Christmas," says EJ.

Sami sees the telltale bra, "Who is she, EJ? There is someone in your bedroom." Kate stares. EJ blinks.

Bo says he can't believe Sami just spilled the beans. Then he changes his mind and decides he can believe it, "What else have you found out?"

John gives him the juicy details. Bo thinks Kate can take care of herself. John insists Kate will be discreet if he brings her in on this.

Mimi stalks outside as Patrick gets a phone call. Shawn leaves. Mimi confronts Shawn, "What's going on between you and my brother?"

Shawn says, "We're just friends. Besides, he owed me for a job. I gotta run."

Marlena admires Belle for wanting to stand on her own two feet. She advises her not to put herself under too much pressure.

Belle thinks John and Marlena have been wonderful, but she needs a plan, "Phillip took care of me during my PPD. I didn't plan to get pregnant. I wasn't ready. So I decided to have a second one. I don't want to be the princess always running to daddy. You have a career, so you can't be babysitting Claire all the time."

Lucas rings the doorbell and delivers the envelope, "It's from Phillip." Belle stares.

Belle asks Marlena to check on Claire. She opens the envelope and reads the note, "Where did you get this?"

"From Phillip," he lies, "What is it?"

"It's signed divorce papers and a $100,000 divorce check. Thanks." Lucas says he's sorry things didn't work out. Belle is sorry things didn't work out with Carrie, either.

"Now we both have to raise kids on our own," says Lucas.

"What about Sami," asks Belle.

"Sami has EJ," he says, "And even though I don't like him very much, I have to deal with it."

Belle says, "It's none of my business, but I'll butt in anyway. Do you still have feelings for Sami?"

"She's the mother of my child," says Lucas, "I'll always care about her. I'll never get in a romantic relationship with her again, though."

"If I have learned one thing," says Belle, "And that's about all I'm capable of, it's to never say never."

EJ claims he doesn't know what Sami is talking about. Sami tosses him in to the slicer-dicer, "If you really cared about me, you wouldn't be sleeping with someone else. She's still here isn't she?" Sami heads for the bedroom.

EJ snags her and runs her to the door, "You need to leave." He dumps her into the hallway, closes the door, turns and chuckles.

Kate comes out. She wishes Lucas would give Sami the same treatment EJ just gave her.

"You're not leaving," begs EJ.

Kate says she is, "But I'm missing something."

Out in the hall, Sami inspects the bra, "Who monograms their bra... KATE!

Patch begs Kayla to hang in there. Kayla hangs.

Hope meets Bo back at the pub. Bo munches a hamburger the size of Texas. Hope tells him what Patch wants them to do. They go down memory lane together. Unfortunately, they drag us along.

Bo says, "Victor hired Patch to go to Cincinnati to scare Kayla."

Hope doesn't think that's a very good starting point, "Maybe we should start with when they fell in love."

"You're right," says Bo, "We should probably fast-forward, which is probably what the viewers are doing as we speak. Stockholm.

"That was a horrible time for us," says Hope, "Steve was here for me."

"I wasn't," says Bo.

"Things never change, do they," says Hope, "Patch convinced me not to give up on our marriage."

"Marlena was captured by Orpheus," says Bo.

"And Steve was on the run accused of killing Britta."

"But you and I found each other," says Bo, "You found the time to play matchmaker."

Flashback*. Hope and Kayla talk while Steve lays unconscious. Hope thinks the tougher they are on the outside the kinder they are on the inside. She thinks Steve is coming around to Kayla. Kayla cares about him. Hope tells her not to let him go.

*Otherwise known as a perfect zapping opportunity. Unless, of course, you are interested in watching Hope try to keep from toppling over under the weight of her big-hair.

Hope tells Bo Kayla never gave up on Patch, "And thank God he's not giving up on her now." Bo takes her hand. Smiles.

Patrick walks into the room. Mimi watches, "Hi bro."

"Hey what's going on," asks Patrick, "Get all your stuff moved in? I didn't expect to see you home so soon."

"I came home on my lunch hour to watch Days Of Our Lives," she says, "I needed a nap. I ran into Shawn outside. I saw you hand him a wad-o-cash. Where did you get the money?"

"I made good investments," he says, "I sold NBC when they renewed DOOL."

"You made enough to charter a plane," she asks.

"How did you hear about that?"

"AHA! So it's true," she says, "If I had listened to you my life wouldn't be a mess. I hope you are taking your own advice and not lying."

"You lie when you have something to hide," says Patrick, "I have nothing to hide."

"You're wrong," says Mimi, "I lie whenever my lips are moving." Patrick leaves. Mimi snoops in the drawer.

Max and Shawn meet at the hospital. Max wants to get past all the bad feelings. He offers Shawn his job back. Shawn turns him down, "I have another job." Max asks him to tell him about it. Shawn says he's working for EJ. The dimwit flashes his wad-o-cash.

"That's a lot of money for working on cars," says Max.

"They're paying me to stay away from the cars," says Shawn, "So I don't turn Victor's living room into a used car lot. I gotta go."

Victor runs into Shawn. He wants to talk. "We have nothing to talk about," snorts Shawn.

Belle tells Marlena about the papers and the $100,000 buyout check, "Phillip didn't send it – Victor did. I'm not going to let Victor interfere, but first I have to go cash that check."

Mimi tells Max the books are a mess.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you touch them," says Max.

Mimi notices there is something wrong with Max. He tells her about Kayla. Mimi just can't imagine what it's like to be in his situation. Hugs. Max tells her he talked to Shawn, and also about his job with EJ.

"That figures," says Mimi, "He took a job with the competition to upset you."

Max tells her about Shawn's wad-o-cash.

"What do you think it means," asks Mimi.

"I dunno," says Max, "I just hope Shawn knows what he is doing."

"We're in trouble now," says Mimi.

Victor wants to help Shawn out. Shawn says, "I don't need your money, your sympathy or anything else for that matter. You are no longer my grandfather." Victor breathes a sigh of relief as Shawn huffs off.

Stephanie comes up to Patch's carryout window. He tells her she was right. He will ramp things up to save Kayla, "You can count on me." Awwwwww. Stephanie's all better.

Bo and Hope complete the list. By the time they got back from their 'round the world cruise, Steve and Kayla were married.

Flashback. Bo wants space. Patch welcomes him back.

Bo thinks they didn't protect their families the way they wanted, "It's funny how we keep looking for their memories and keep finding our own," says Bo.

Sami meets Lucas and tells him about EJ and Kate.

Kate walks the street. She wanted to be alone in a familiar setting. John hijacks her and hauls her into the surveillance truck.

"Who the hell are you doing surveillance on," asks Kate.

"EJ Wells," says John.

The blood drains from Kate's face, "You were just watching everything!"

John says, "I turned the monitor off after a while, Mrs. Robertson."

"Damn you," sneers Kate, "Will it be good enough for the internet? So this is the thanks I get for lending you my equipment!"

"It looked to me like EJ was the one handling the equipment," says John, "I think there is a connection between EJ and the gloved hand. Keep your distance from him."

"Maybe I should help," says Kate, "If I'm working with him I'll be in a position to watch his every move."

"No," says John, "Besides, you've already tried that position. I don't want him to be suspicious." Kate agrees to keep her distance. She leaves.

John can't resist a parting shot, "Try to get some rest."


Kate phones. EJ answers. "EJ, we have to talk," says Kate, "John Black is asking questions about you. So much for John's theory about Kate being discreet. FF EJ.



Bonnie says, "I'm not gonna question my son like he's some kind of a criminal." Mimi says, "You just don't want to confront him because you're afraid to know the truth."

Billie asks, "Steve got me a necklace?" Hope says, "Yeah." Billie smiles, "I'm thrilled that he thought of me."

Patch tells Kayla, "There's a lot more kisses where those came from. All you have to do is wake up."

Shawn says, "The amount of money I'm gonna be making... I can take care of all my responsibilities." Bo asks, "How much is Wells paying you to work on cars?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You don't want to see Kate naked right after eating." HAHAHAHAHA!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Prevuze!

Is Kayla still wearing the oxygen mask in the preview for tomorrow?

6:35 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Either Kate is a ding dong or she too is conspiring with EJ - or perhaps the two aren't mutually exclusive.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely think Kate and EJ are in cahoots.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either way it is just plain stupid for John to have trusted her.

Monogrammed bras???!!! HA HA HA HA

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does John talk about "the gloved hand" as if all the characters on the show have seen it? It was only the TV audience who saw the gloved hand all the time.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

SO MANY great Prevuisms today - "EJ removes a bra - Kate does, too", the porn-mobile, waiting until Christmas for Sami to shut up and Hope's big hair just to name a few. HAHAHAHAHHA

And thanks for the flashback zapping opportunity warning.

GREAT Prevuze today - love the exclusive theme picture idea!!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

My Lord! All the Peeping John-a-thon pictures were hilarious. And Little Bo Peeping Tom was getting into it to boot. "Bring your raincoat." HAHAHAHA

But, of course, wouldn't this be the first time Kate didn't talk to EJ about breaking up Sami and Lucastin!

Why is Snarly accusing Sami of "spilling the beans"? What beans? He didn't tell her not to talk to anyone about his questions. He just grilled her about someone she thinks of (at this point) as a friend. Why wouldn't she go over and ask EJ what was up? TLT

Great Prevuze!!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Is Kayla still wearing the oxygen mask in the preview for tomorrow?"

Yes, but it's very becoming.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Kate walks the street. She wanted to be alone in a familiar setting." That really cracked me up.

11:53 AM  

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