Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eve of Destruction... Destruction of Eve

Belle and Phillip arrive back at their apartment. Phillip says Abe is investigating the file SNAFU.

Belle asks, "Do you really think someone is out to get us?"

Phillip asks, "What else could it be? If you haven't been with him he couldn't be Claire's father."

"Well," says princess Belle, "I wouldn't be incapable of a virgin birth. I wonder what Shawn thinks about all this?"

"I suspect he's sleeping," says Phillip, "He won't be surprised about them calling the wedding off. Sami is the kind of girl who has no idea how to handle success."

"I think she's still in love with Lucas," says Belle.

"That would be a good reason not to marry someone else," says the blockhead. Make that blind blockhead.

They go back in the apartment to find Maggie in a mess. "Oh no, she got you," gasps Belle.

"It was a full scale attack," says Maggie, "That baby has quite a pitching arm." Maggie claims they both wore each other out and Claire is now asleep.

"Claire is a picky eater," says Belle

"She doesn't take after you," says Maggie.

"When I was little I was a human garbage disposal," says Phillip.

"Well Claire didn't inherit that gene from either of you." Dead silence. "What," asks Maggie, "Did I say something wrong?"

Bonnie rushes into Mimi's apartment and yells, "Lexie told me Shawn saw the file that says Claire is his daughter." Mimi shushes her.

John wants to know what officer Evil Michaels is doing there.

Tek says she's on his investigation team. Eve says she found a couple of footprints outside the church. John asks to see them.

EJ comforts Sami. Sami thinks she humiliated Austin and can't tell him why. She thinks the mystery caller was Lexie and maybe she should have called her bluff and married Austin anyway. EJ says it's not a bluff and whoever is doing this is deadly serious. He asks if Sami told Roman about the mystery phone call. She tells him she didn't.

EJ says Sami should be proud of what she did, since she walked away for the sake of her son. Sami says, "Every time I get close to someone, I end up doing something that ruins it and I don't know why."

"I believe that's a question for your mother the psychiatrist," says EJ, "Don't try and analyze yourself. On the other hand, according to Einstein the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results."

EJ offers to drive her home, but Sami reminds him his car is broken, "Who would think that getting thrown in jail with a couple of prostitutes would be the highlight of my wedding day?"

EJ imitates the look on officer Peter's face when he found out Roman was Sami's father. Sami giggles as Marlena walks in. Marlena asks, "What's going on here?"

John says, "The footprints are a good clear set. Good job, Eve. We need to keep this quiet for now." Eve assures him she can be discreet. Tek leaves.

Eve says she looks forward to working closely with John, "Very closely."

Sami tells Marlena EJ was just trying to make her feel better. Marlena asks to talk to Sami alone. EJ leaves. Marlena says she is surprised Sami is so upbeat. Sami assures her she feels awful and there is nothing between her and EJ, "He's my friend. The only one I have in this town."

Marlena asks why Sami called off the wedding. Sami says she loves Austin enough to let him go. She had reservations about marrying him, "When he put the ring on my finger it seemed so final and I realized I wasn't ready. And we probably never will be."

Marlena says, "Sami, that's very grown up. I think maybe you could have found a moment alone with Austin to share that information though." Marlena asks if anything else is going on with Sami. Sami picks up her ring and asks why she can never be the first choice.

Marlena says Lucas and Austin cared enough to propose to her. Sami reminds her she ruined it every time, "Guys fight over Belle, Carrie and you."

"That proves it once and for all – guys are stupid," says Marlena.

Sami wonders what's wrong with her. Marlena assures her she is beautiful, intelligent strong.

"I'm not strong enough to do the right thing," says Sami, "I am the bad seed."

"You are not."

"Me and Eric were like cast offs," says Sami.

"Eric who," asks Marlena.

"It's no wonder he doesn't want to live in Salem," says Sami, "I shouldn't need my mom all the time to make me feel better, but right now it does make me feel better to have you here."

Marlena says she is glad she is there. She asks if anything else is going on. Sami says there is nothing else. She wants to be alone. Marlena understands. She will be there for her and loves her so much. "I love you, Mom." Hugs.

Marlena leaves. "Well," says Sami, "Now it's time for the real moment of truth."

EJ comes back in. Sami asks, "EJ, will you help me end this night right?"

Bonnie wants to know why Mimi shut her up. Mimi tells Bonnie Shawn is asleep in the bedroom. "You mean he's not with Belle and Claire living happily ever after," asks Bonnie.

"He doesn't believe what is in the file," says Mimi, "Shawn and Belle don't think they ever had sex."

"That's because doing it with Belle would be the same thing as never having sex," says Bonnie, "I remember the worst sex I ever had, and that was 15 years ago. But I digress."

Mimi says, "They think someone is playing a sick joke on them."

"Those pesky writers," says Bonnie, "At least we dodged another bullet."

"No," says Mimi, "We dodged a guided missile. As far as they are concerned Claire belongs to Phillip."

Belle tells Maggie they are just tired. Maggie couldn't believe what happened at the wedding. She thought Austin would be the one to call it off through. "Do you know why Sami got cold feet?"

"No," snaps Phillip, "And we don't care." Maggie decides she had better go.

After Maggie leaves, Belle asks Phillip, "What upset you?"

"That Claire didn't inherit her eating habits from us," says Phillip, "It's been a long day. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed." He staggers upstairs as Belle thinks. Smoke rises.

Eve says she wouldn't ask Officer O'Malley if it wasn't important. O'Malley agrees. He will cover for her. She can go home early and get ready for her hot date with John.

Eve goes over to John and he says he'll be at her apartment to pick her up and take her out. "Maybe we don't need to go anywhere," says Eve.

Marlena walks up, "Hi there. This must be the girl you've been dating. Nice to meet you. I'm Mrs. John Black." Eve turns to look at John.


The doorbell rings at Lexie's house. She answers it to find Sami and EJ. She starts to slam the door but EJ blocks it with his foot and they invite themselves in. Lexie yells for them to get out. Sami confronts Lexie about the calls. Lexie says she doesn't get it. Sami screams, "You tell me who else could have called and threatened me except you!"

Bonnie can't believe it, "After worrying so much about this, it fizzles like a bum firecracker on the Fourth of July."

Mimi says, "Shawn and Belle think they never slept together. They have as much information as we do. Why the hell do we think they are wrong?"

Bonnie does a reality check, "Do you think they are wrong?"

"No," admits Mimi, "That's just the way my luck goes. Phillip thinks this is all made up."

Bonnie says, "As long as everyone believes they were never together you are home free and with a clear conscience to boot."

"I pray you're right," says Mimi.

Lexie says she showed up at the church to see if Sami had the guts to go through with the wedding. She considered incriminating Sami but had too much to lose, including her license to practice medicine. Lexie asks how EJ can stand to be with manipulator Sami.

EJ smiles, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

John reminds Eve not only are he and Marlena separated, but he also told her that. Marlena is shocked. She says she told him the separation was temporary. He tells her to stop acting naïve, "If you are free to hook up with your ex, I am free to see whomever I want. Tonight it's Eve." He walks Eve out as Marlena seethes.

Bonnie is glad everything is out in the open. Mimi says she bargained with God. She told Him she would tell Shawn the truth if Shawn recovered. She thinks God bought it but couldn't tell for sure since he was laughing so hard. Bonnie reminds Mimi someone else has told Shawn, "You are absolved. Free of guilt. What more can you do? You can thank God it's finally over."

"Now that the seed has been planted Shawn will keep thinking about it," says Mimi.

"That's nothing to worry about since Shawn has the attention span of a mayfly," says Bonnie.

"Phillip thinks the same person who switched the embryos is the one who messed with the file," says Mimi.

Bonnie gasps, "Are you saying he thinks someone did the on purpose?"

Belle and Phillip's apartment is dark. Phillip comes downstairs with Belle and says Claire is back down. Belle asks if everything is OK. "It's just the thing with the file," says Phillip, "It's not easy to know someone is trying to hurt us."

"Not easy," says Belle, "But we do know Claire is yours."

Phillip gets ideas, "Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?" Kiss.

"EJ believes in me," says Sami.

"If he really understood you he would drive away," says Lexie, "Which would be pretty damn fast right? Get out while you still can, EJ. Sami is a thrill you don't want."

"You don't need to worry about me, Dr. Carver," says EJ, "I am always looking for the next rush. It's no surprise I am attracted to Samantha." Sami drops her jaw.

John tells Marlena not to get the wrong idea about Eve, "It doesn't mean anything."

Marlena is shocked that John would be interested in Eve. She reminds him he has been sending her flowers.

"That should prove Eve doesn't mean anything to me."

Marlena speculates, "You're working on a case."

"What gave you that idea," smirks John, "I like seeing you jealous."

"I have ways of getting answers out of you," says Marlena. Kiss.

EJ tells Sami he finds her attractive, and he has told her that before. Sami says she always thought he was just being nice whenever he said that. EJ thinks he has found a kindred spirit in Sami.

Lexie jumps in, "Do you know what kind of fire is burning in her soul? If she has a soul. I feel sorry for you. When you offered that donation I thought you were one of the good guys."

"That doesn't stop him from being my friend," says Sami.

"You know what's interesting," says EJ, "We aren't that different – you, Sami and myself. We all like to live on the edge."

Lexie protests, "That doesn't describe me at all."

"Really," says EJ, "So what was that thing Sami had on you that she was able to blackmail you?"

John melts in Marlena's arms. Marlena asks, "Well, do you want to change those plans for tonight?"

"I can't."

"Well then," says Marlena, "I was right, wasn't I?"

"You're always right," says the diplomat.

"Well, there is that," says Marlena.

John explains this is about the evidence. With any luck he'll be able to prove Bo wasn't responsible, "You know, years ago, Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, you and me... we would have been working on something like this together."

"And probably using the same tired old script, too," says Marlena, "So, do you want me to put on my police psychiatrist's hat for you?"

Yes," says John, "And that cute little French maid's costume you wear sometimes, too."

"What would Eve have to gain," she asks.

"Money," says John, "And apparently she needs it desperately. I'm going to find out who she is working for."

Belle and Phillip lie on the couch. "That sex was so good I can actually remember it," says Belle.

Phillip can't believe yesterday at this time he was drinking with Shawn. He's glad he is there with her – and happy, "I have an idea. The state fair is going on. I think we should go." Belle says Claire has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so they can't go to the fair. Phillip suggests the carousel at the mall after they both take Claire to the doctor. Belle wants to know if Phillip really wants to go since this is a miserable thing for Claire to go through. She's not sure Phillip wants to see her like that.

Phillip says, "As a parent you take the bad with the good, the mother with the daughter."

"A Vivian Alamain only comes around once in a lifetime," says Bonnie. She and Mimi discuss who might have done it. Mimi points out Victor can be vicious, "Think of all the enemies the Brady's and Kiriakis' have. We Lockharts don't amount to enough to have enemies."

"OMG," says Bonnie, "You know who hated all of them? The DiMeras! Even through Stephano is dead and Tony is in jail, they have an organization. I don't like the sound of this. And you are stuck in the middle of it. You could be in terrible danger."

John assures Marlena he will be OK tonight. He's just going to try to find out who is lining Eve's pockets. He asks about Sami. Marlena thanks him for getting her to the church on time.

"Not that it mattered in the long run," says John.

Marlena is glad Sami called off the wedding. John caresses her. Another kiss. They leave before things heat up.

Lexie thought EJ was more of a gentleman than to say something like that. She insists she wasn't out for a thrill with Tek. She thought Abe was dead when it all started. Now Sami is threatening her again. Sami insists she didn't send the note. Lexie says she didn't make the call, "Be afraid... be very afraid that someone else knows our dirty little secret. And this someone can do a hell of a lot more harm than I ever could."

Sami says, "I didn't tell anyone else."

"You told EJ," says Lexie.

"He's my friend," says Sami, "And Abe knows better than anyone else – Once a DiMera always a DiMera. If you think you'll get away with these sick little games you have another think coming." They leave.

Belle looks at Claire in her crib. Phillip watches.

Bonnie tells Mimi, "This is serious. You and Shawn need police protection." Mimi thinks Bonnie has been watching too many Law and Order reruns.

Bonnie doesn't think so, "These sickos start out small but before you know it they are eating your liver with a nice Chianti. I'm serious. Whoever took the trouble to switch those embryos is capable of anything. Well, maybe except being a DOOL writer. It takes a real scumball to stoop that low."

Tek meets Lexie at the dock. He wants to know why she is upset. She tells him Sami got another call threatening to expose her secret. She didn't tell Sami about the call she got. Lexie thinks things are getting out of hand. She's worried about so many people who could get hurt.

Marlena and John walk outside the church. Marlena is chilly, "It might rain. That will make it cozy for your date."

"I hope so," says John.

Marlena didn't like that. John covers his tracks, "Studies have shown confessions are more likely during a rainstorm."

Marlena buys it at first, but smacks him once she thinks it over, "You made that up." Slap and tickle ensues.

Slap and tickle comes to an abrupt halt. HORROR!! John stoops down to examine the body. Cold and dead and full of bullet holes.

"This is turning into the Eve of Destruction," says Marlena.

"You got it backwards," says John, "It's the Destruction of Eve."

John gasps, "Oh Evey."

After reviewing episodes from the past several months, the NBC Quality Assurance Department has recommended the name of this show be changed from 'Days of Our Lives' to 'Plan Nine From Salem.'


Abe smirks at Tek, "So you left the investigation to meet Lexie. Isn't that right?"

Lexie tells Austin, "Sami leaving you at the altar is the best thing that could have happened to you."

Roman says, "We might have a shot at the killer." Abe asks, "And... Did you find anything?" Roman says, "I'm afraid I did. Something you're not going to like."

EJ tells Sami, "You want to know if I'm falling for you."


Anonymous Jazz said...

The photo of the confessed child predator is inappropriate here. Please take it down. Thank you.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

We are sorry if we have offended anyone and have now moved the photo to a censored site where it is your choice to view it or not. We deliberately did not publish this photo until we learned the creep's confession was completely bogus and he had perpetrated what is possibly the biggest scam on law enforcement agencies ever.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous billyjill said...

"And that cute little French maid's costume you wear sometimes, too." Oh man, I'm going to have nightmares forever. And wow, did Marlena have an actual conversation with Sami??

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow nice to know we still have free speech...isnt you choice to view or not to view?

7:15 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Having seen the offending photo pre-censored site, I just thought it was hilarious!

Bulldog is on another roll. Austin freaking at the sound of a motorcycle and the folks behind Stephanie complaining about "big hair" were both a hoot.

Prevuze was no slouch with the separated at birth and Marlena pictures.

But the last, and the best, was DAYS renamed "Plan 9 from Salem". OMG! Prevuze nailed it on that one. HAHAHAHAHAHA

7:29 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

What applecheeks said!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Well I loved the forbidden picture. As well as Will's mod fro. HAHAHAHA

And I LOL over John and Marlena, etc., investigating something together using the same old tired script. And as much as I hate to admit it I, too, would hate to go to a wedding and get gypped out of some cake! HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today, as always!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

How cool that the guy from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire reads prevuze! I'm in good company.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As a parent you take the bad with the good, the mother with the daughter."


8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey vampire bear - that was hilarious! Jazz!!! HA! Made my day.

I love prevuze - but how do you get access to the show day early - is it satellite?

thanks for always writing the best summaries! I always ck your site with my am coffee!

10:35 AM  
Blogger sweet sally ann said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous kiley said...

I have been reading this for a while now... we moved and I nolonger have DVR (sad sad day) I absolutly love it!!! But I have a question if anyone can answer it... when they talk about Caroline and OBM do they mean grandpa shawn? what does it stand for?? Although I caught on the "the brat" the first
Love reading this keep up the great work!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Kiley: "What does OMB stand for?"

Yes, OMB stands for Old Man Brady. It's easier to type than Grampa Shawn and makes it easier to know whether Prevuze is referring to Shawn the Older or the Younger.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey did anyone else hear that john aniston had a heart attack and has been in the hospital.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"but how do you get access to the show day early - is it satellite? "

Yes. The Global network broadcasts each show a day in advance.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Kiley said...

Thank you very much kuto I guess I if I would have thought about it more I might have figured it out.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool.salem said...

very dearest prevuze, wow, full house huh?? looks liek your same group of devotees, plus one or two!

wow thank goodness for prevuze (back here in ft lauderdale :-D) with the hurricanes and storms there can be some considerable DOOL programming interruption...we just missed tuesday because of ernesto!! then today soem silly plane's landing gear caught on fire!! NO!! WE WANT JOHN MAR CUDDLING!! WE WAITED ALONG TIME!!!

but we don't miss a beat, hardly, because we have prevuze...ohthank you prevuze

yes there are STILL SOME people with tv 'antennaes' and NO SOAPNET!! i want soapnet>:(>:(

actually, its always nice to have something to look forward to in life, like soapnet or like HOW MUCH STOOPIDER CAN THEY BE THAN WHEN THEY GOTTED CLAIRE BABYS FILE AND SED OH WELL PROLLY A HOAX!!!

thanks prevuze always a joy to drop in and read the post of the day before, or something just PUHLEASE blind my eyes from tomorrows ep, i am stoopid like like Marmar (all this time i had no idea john was slinking around town with this young blonde floozy!!)(i mean, she still doesnt get it- john LOVES her and would NEVER!!)lol


11:52 AM  

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