Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The 180°

Tek is a man on a mission. He runs around the church playing cop. He radios his men and says he was tracking the suspect but lost him. Apparently he wasn't playing cop too well.

The endless ceremony continues as father Jansen blesses the rings. Lexie looks on. Kate can't believe the wedding is happening.

EJ is philosophical, "We must accept the things we cannot change, Kate."

Austin slips the ring on Sami's finger as Carrie practically breaks into tears. Sami is really nervous. She drops Austin's ring, picks it up and struggles to put it on his finger. She freezes, holding the ring in front of his finger.

The audience holds its collective breath. Lexie watches. Sami whimpers.

Will cheers from the peanut gallery, "Go for it, Mom."

Austin says, "Samantha..."

Sami cries, "I'm sorry. I can't go through with it."

"What's wrong," asks Austin.

Sami bolts back down the aisle and falls. Lexie smiles her wicked smile. Roman tries to help her, but Sami screams at him to let her go as she runs out of the sanctuary.

Marlena asks what happened. Roman says he knew something was up. He tells Marlena about his conversation with Sami when they were standing in the vestibule.

Austin tells the crowd to calm down. He doesn't know what happened. He tells them not to go anywhere and insists they are getting married today. He goes to talk to Sami as Lexie watches with delight.

Kate tells EJ she prayed for this and her prayer has been answered, "I don't care why it happened. I'm not going to have that witch as a daughter in law."

Bo wonders, "Why do Sami's weddings always end up like this?"

"Better the wedding than the marriage," says Hope. The object lesson goes right over Bo's head.

Marlena worries. She thinks she should have spent more time with Sami during the last few weeks. She just doesn't know what could have caused Sami to do this.

"I am just as clueless as you are," says Roman. "And I have no idea why Sami did this, either."

John is with Tek. John says, "This is the second time St. Luke's has been targeted during a wedding. Who's behind it?"

Tek says, "I don't know. We have reason to believe everyone inside could be in danger."

Austin goes to the bridal room door. He knocks and asks Sami to open the door. She cries and tells him to go away, but then she opens the door and tells him he can't change her mind, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I did this – that I let it go this far. I don't deserve to wear this dress or have you waiting for me at the altar."

Austin says, "More than any woman I know you deserve to have your dreams come true. I love you."

"You can't," says Sami, "You have to get over any feelings you have for me. I am so embarrassed. I should be struck by lightning. I took sacred vows. I am so ashamed."

Austin tries to calm her down. He says this is a new start for them. Sami bawls. Austin tries to convince her. Sami twirls the ring and says she will never put it on his finger. She takes hers off and asks him to take it back. Austin stares.

Caroline feels so sorry for Sami. Shawn treasures the memory of their wedding, "It has nothing to do with the wedding. It's just that I'm getting so old I treasure anything I can remember."

Patch says, "From what I've seen of Brady weddings so far, this is pretty typical."

Bo asks Roman what John and Tek are doing in the vestibule.

Roman says, "How would I know? I'm just the commander." Bo tells Hope to keep her eyes peeled as he heads for the out of the sanctuary.

Stephanie says to Max, "From what Mom tells me this happens with Sami a lot. Should you be sitting next to me? Chelsea looks pretty jealous." Chelsea stews.

Phillip and Belle wonder what is going on. Phillip says, "I think Austin is the lucky guy today."

Lucas can't stand what this is doing to Will. Carrie says, "We still don't know what happened."

Lucas says, "She got stranded with EJ."

"You think something happened between them," asks Carrie.

"I don't know."

The brat overhears and says, "Maybe Sami realized that she's really not the woman my Uncle Austin loves."

Austin won't take the ring. He insists they are getting married. They can fix whatever is wrong. Sami says she isn't worthy of being his wife. Austin says he is ready to give her his heart. Sami refuses. She says she hasn't changed, "I am a fake. Not all the time, but doing the right thing is hard for me. I'm always afraid I'm going to lose somebody and I make choices that hurt people. I am not good enough to be married to you."

"You are acting out of fear," says Austin, "You think you won't be able to live up to your ideal of what a wife should be. I don't want a perfect woman. I want you."

"You don't even know me," cries Sami, "I am on my best behavior when I am with you because I want you to love me. If we got married you would see through that. I am not going to do that to you."

"We live and work together," says Austin, "I think I know you pretty damn well."

"The woman you talked about in those vows is not me."

"How can you say I don't know you," asks Austin.

Sami says, "I know you and I hope someday you get to be with the woman you really love." She hands the ring back and closes his hand around it, "I can't explain now. Please just give me some time alone... Please go away, Austin." She runs across the room and cries.

"OK," says Austin, "I will go for now, but this is not over." Austin leaves. Sami blubbers.

Roman, Bo, John and Tek have a confab. Tek tells Roman Lexie doesn't know who called with the threat.

John asks, "Why do I get the feeling you know more about this than you are telling us?"

Tek sighs, "Sami made a secret pact with Lexie. Sami promised to keep her mouth shut about our affair if Lexie would lie to Carrie. Sami blackmailed her into telling Carrie if she had a kid with Austin it would be born with birth defects.

Roman goes through the roof, "DAMN! I thought Sami had finally gotten her act together! I would guess that's why she called off the wedding."

John says he isn't concerned with that. He wonders how the mechanical voice knew Lexie and Sami had a pact.

Tek says he doesn't know. He asks them to keep what they just talked about a secret, "Lexie was warned not to say anything. She was threatened. They said they would go after Abe and Theo."

Roman says the bottom line is they have to find out who is behind the threats. He tells Tek to call the crime lab to go over the church. Bo and John go to look around.

The brat piles on, "Sami was Uncle Austin's second choice. Maybe she wanted him to be with someone who was his first choice."

"Go mind your own business," snorts Lucas. The brat turns on her heel.

Carrie says she can't believe the brat said that about Austin. Lucas says he doesn't care what the brat said, "I spoke to Austin about your relationship with him in the past and he said it was over. It's obviously over for you because we're married. He's moved on, too. That's why we're here. I just can't figure out why Sami left him at the altar."

Austin comes back into the sanctuary, "I have an announcement. I'm sorry to have to say this. As of now the wedding is off. Hopefully, that will change, but not today."

EJ says, "Try not to look too happy Kate, out of respect."

The crowd mills around. Kate hates to see Austin hurt, "But he will get over it and he'll be better off with a life that doesn't include a harlot as a wife."

"A harlot," says EJ, "You're right. With you as a mother, that would be one too many harlots in his life. We all have our faults. Beautiful as you are, yours are many, I'm sure."

Kate smiles, "Well, I think I could forgive you for that insult if you take me dancing."

"We'll dance," he promises, "But now, I have a friend to take care of – Sami. She is my friend and I have to see that she is all right."

"My mom is a freak," wails Will, "She blew it again. She will never change." Lucas assures him they will fix things.

Carrie hugs Austin, "I am so sorry." Lucas watches. For one of the few times in his life, he is speechless.

Carrie asks how Austin is doing. "I have seen better days," says Austin, "I tried to tell her how much I want to marry her but she is too upset." Carrie asks if there is anything she and Lucas can do. Austin says, "Give her a ride to her apartment. I will find a new place."

"You can stay with us," says Carrie.

"I'm not up for company," says Austin, "I'll stay at a hotel. Maybe tomorrow we can straighten things out."

Marlena wonders if something happened before Sami got to the church. She starts to go see her but Caroline suggests she give Sami more time.

Lucas says, "I don't know why Sami pulled this 180°." Austin says she thinks she isn't worthy of him, "Sami just needs some time."

"Just don't give up on her, OK," says Lucas.

Roman goes in to see Sami. Sami cries, "Daddy... Daddy..." Hugs.

Jennifer tells Frankie she's starving. He suggests Chez Rouge. They say their goodbyes. Patch tells them there isn't much point in hanging around.

Max says, "On the track you look good. Off the track you look amazing. Did you sign with Austin's new company?"

"I signed," says Stephanie, "I'm afraid you will have to eat my dust."

Belle tells Marlena they can talk tomorrow as she and Phillip leave.

Billie tells Austin she isn't surprised it happened but she is ticked off about the way Sami did it. Austin doesn't want to hear it.

Billie asks, "Is there anything I can do?"

"Help me figure out Sami."

Sami cries she tells Roman she is sorry, "I'll bet Kate is thrilled."

"Don't think about that right now," says Roman, "I have been drying your tears since you were a little girl. I guess that will be my job for life. Do you want to catch me up on this particular Patch of trouble?"

"I couldn't take the pressure," cries Sami, "Austin wanted a 'me' that doesn't exist. You know I can't change that much."

Roman sees through it, "Do you want to tell me what really made you run out?"

"I did tell you," she insists, "Austin and I couldn't spend all the Days Of Our Lives with me being someone I'm not.

"I think you did the right thing," says Roman.

"I had to," says Sami, "Now I'll never be with Austin and I'll never be happy."

"The secret to happiness is you have to be willing to be happy," says Roman, "You have never learned that lesson. You've always been in too big a hurry. You reap what you sow in this life Sami."

Roman leaves and hooks up with John and Bo. John asks, "Did Sami come clean?"

"Not even close," growls Roman, "She told me a bunch of stuff which is probably true, but nothing about why she blew off the wedding. Dammit! I just wish to hell I could tell Carrie what I know. What a sick thing for Lexie to be blackmailed into doing. I don't know if the truth would have made any difference but it's too late now. We have to keep the secret."

Bo leaves. John goes to look around. Roman sighs.

Patch offers Kayla a ride home. She tells him yes, and asks if the wedding made him remember anything. He says no, "I'm really tired of making you feel bad. You think we should cool it for a while?"

Kayla mumbles, "You don't think you're gonna get rid of me that easy, do you?" They leave.

Bo and Hope walk out. Billie follows.

Austin thanks OMB and Caroline for coming. They leave. Austin falls in a heap in a chair. Kate comes over and tells him she loves and supports him, "but what Sami did was a brave thing. Your marriage would have been a mistake."

Austin insists, "Things aren't over between us." He walks away.

Carrie overheard and asks Austin if he meant that.

Sami is back in civvies. EJ walks in. Sami stands up and whines, "Where have you been? I've been stalling this whole time waiting for you. I thought you would never come."

Tek and Eve talk. John asks what she is doing there. No response.

Lucas tells Will he is sorry. Will doesn't exactly take it in stride, "Nobody else I know has such a crappy life."

"We will get through this," says Lucas, "Even your mom."

"What if she doesn't," whines Will, "What if it's worse than ever?"

Austin tells Carrie, "I asked Sami to marry me. I'm sticking to it. But if after we talk she doesn't want to go through with it, I will have to go my own way." Lucas watches.

Sami has been waiting to tell EJ what happened. She tells him about the phone call – If she went through with the wedding the mechanical voice would tell everyone what she did.

"I wish I had known," says EJ.

"I didn't know what else to do," says Sami, "I went out there and thought I might get away with it. Then I saw Lexie. All I want is for my dad and son to be proud of me. Obviously, I think my dad has given up on me. But Will told me today he is proud of me. I couldn't risk losing him. If he found out he would never forgive me."

EJ hugs her, "Things look bleak and dreary now but they will work out. I'll make sure of it." Sami cries like a baby in EJ's arms. FF.



John stands with Eve. Marlena walks up, "Hi there. This must be the girl you've been dating. Nice to meet you. I'm Mrs. John Black." Eve turns to look at John.

Lexie tells Sami, "You should be very afraid that someone else knows our dirty little secret. And this someone can do a hell of a lot more harm than I ever could."

Bonnie tells Mimi, "I'm serious. Whoever took the trouble to switch those embryos is capable of anything."


Blogger Michelle said...

Loved the picture of Phelle being more compatible since Phil smeared his brain all over the Salem raceway...LMAO!

5:58 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Marlena thinks she should have spent more time with Sami over these last few weeks. Ya think!? How about spending ANY time with her?

LOL at the pictures, especially, by popular demand, the vaporizing actresses. But really lost it with the "I see dumb people". ROFLMAO

6:23 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

And to think I was worried that it would all work out and a week long vacation would take until mid November.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Some questions to ponder...why would it suddenly occur to Stephanie that maybe the Brat would be jealous of her sitting next to Max but it didn't when they first sat down? And how come the wedding music was blaring in the sanctuary but you couldn't hear it when Pard and Sami were in the vestibule?

I loved the Bellip picture and OMB treasuring anything he can remember. But I totally lost it when I got to the vanishing Brat and Hope. I couldn't stifle my LOL. HAHAHAHHAA

Excellent Prevuze today as always. :D

8:47 AM  
Anonymous PrezLeefun said...

I love the Hope and Chelsea captions. Those two should really gain some weight.

I didn't think they would fit this much stuff in one episode! Its a miracle.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFL at the pictures of Hope and Chelsea!

2:43 AM  

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