Thursday, August 31, 2006

That First Sami Post-Wedding-Fiasco Night

John slaps Eve's autopsy report on Abe's desk and gives him the details. It's nothing they don't know already. A couple of gunshot wounds did her in, "Forensics did make one interesting observation. Her badge is missing." Abe and John speculate on why this might be.

"Regardless of the motive, we have a cop killer out there," says Abe.

Tek runs in, "A cop killer? What happened?" John tells him about Eve.

Lucas consoles unshaven Austin, "I've been there. That first Sami post-wedding-fiasco night is tough. I didn't see this coming. Sami is usually the one left at the altar. Don't tell me you're falling for the 'I'm not worthy' rant, are you?"

"I don't know."

"I know Sami is insecure but not when she's marrying the man of her dreams. I don't know what's going on here."

A note lies on the floor just inside Sami's door.

Sami sleeps and cries. A figure walks into her apartment and sneaks across the room. He stands over a crying Sami, who looks up and goes wide-eyed. SCREAM!

Tek and John talk about Eve's death. "Two bullets at close range," says John.

"I'm surprised you didn't know," says Abe, "It happened on your watch." Tek explains about the suspicious figure at the church. He says he left detective Post in charge and went to meet a friend. Abe smirks, "So you left the investigation to meet Lexie. Isn't that right?"


Scruffy Austin thinks Sami wasn't thinking straight.

"When does she ever think straight," asks Lucas, "She's changed, though, because of you."

Austin drones, "What the hell happened?"

"I don't know," says Lucas, "I jut got a thought. Maybe it was a test, to push you away to see if you will come back begging. She thrives on that kind of thing. She's so insecure. You know she has always been jealous of Carrie."

"I did beg and plead with her," says Austin, "Something made her have doubts. It wasn't a game."

"I shouldn't mention this," says motormouth as he mentions it anyway, "I'm thinking about EJ. I wasn't going to say anything as he says it anyway... I have a feeling he is really starting to get to her."

EJ says he didn't mean to startle Sami. She says she had a nightmare. She dreamt someone was trying to kill her. She bawls in EJ's arms.

Tek admits he went to see Lexie. Abe couldn't care less. Tek goes on to say Sami got another threatening call telling her not to marry Austin, "She and EJ went over to Lexie's house and threatened her."

Abe either misunderstands or someone got his lines screwed up, "What reason would Lexie have to threaten Sami?"

John says, "Partner, there is something you have to know."

Austin wants to know if Lucas thinks Sami is falling for EJ. Lucas says it's just a feeling he has, "EJ is always around. It's like he pulls a rabbit out of the hat for her whenever he's there. He's the night on the white charger for her. It makes me sick."

Austin says, "You sound like you are jealous of him."

Lucas rambles on, "You remember he told you to treat her right. He said he'd be watching you. What the hell did he mean by that, huh? Then he offers his apartment so she can shack up the night before your wedding. She could have stayed with her mom or a lot of other people."

"I know it was ridiculous," says Austin.

"That eliminates any possibility you will ever be a DOOL writer," says Lucas.

"It gave her peace," says Austin, "You think he worked his English magic so she would leave me? You remember the night before you were going to marry her, Sami spent the night with Brandon? The truth was she only had eyes for you. I just don't see how you can say that about her again. They are friends, nothing more."

Lucas just doesn't give up, "You got to admit they were gone a long time before the wedding. I wonder what really happened."

Sami tells EJ that was the worst nightmare of her life. She dreamed someone was chasing her with a knife. EJ assures her she isn't going to die and anyone who tries to kill her will have to get through him first. EJ gives her tea. He says it is his nanny's secret recipe. Sami can't believe he had a governess.

"A regular Mary Poppins," says EJ.

Sami thinks EJ makes a lot of things better, but he can't do that for her life. Sami says 'Mary Poppins' was her favorite movie. She talks about her childhood with John Black, "The truth is he was a great dad to me. It's a long story. He and my mom had an affair. They had Belle and my twin brother and I started feeling unwanted. I have a lot of happy memories, but their affair made it impossible for me to trust people."

"You trust me don't you," asks EJ.

"Yeah, I do," says Sami, "So... I told you about my childhood but you never say anything about yours."

"I just told you about my nanny," says EJ, "I was lucky. There was no crisis this tea could not make better. It's special. Try it."

Sami gulps, "Wow, that is good. What is in it?"

"A spoonful of sugar..." Sami laughs. EJ goes on, "A number of different ingredients, the primary one being love, and obviously a little sap, too. At least that's what nanny used to say." He serves the breakfast he brought over for her, I prepared 'la specalitie de la maison' – toast."

EJ says he should have knocked first. Sami says she remembers locking the door. He, of course, used his spare key. He apologizes. Sami can't believe she didn't get married yesterday, "Austin and I didn't spend last night together and we will be alone for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"Are you sure it's over," asks EJ.

Tek says Lexie wanted to come clean but got a threatening call herself, "The mechanical voice told her something bad would happen to you and Theo."

Abe goes apoplectic, "My life is in danger and so is her son's because of her stupidity and she didn't warn me!"

Tek defends her. Abe is peeved that Lexie confided in Tek but not him. Tek thinks Eve's death is related to the phone calls, "There is a real danger out there."

Abe hyperventilates, "I should have remembered from her past she can't be trusted. She's a DiMera and is capable of anything."

That did it! Tek grabs Abe's throat, "You SOB! Don't talk about her like that, or I will kill you!"

Austin rambles about Sami's pre wedding hijinx with EJ. He thinks something besides EJ stopped her from marrying him.

Lucas has another random thought, "Maybe she thinks you are still in love with Carrie."

"I love Sami," says Austin.

"Not as much as you love Carrie," says the little social engineer.

"Carrie is your wife," says Austin, "There is no point in talking about this."

"You gotta tell Sami if you want her to be your wife," says Lucas.

Lexie comes into the pub. She orders coffee and egg croissant to go. Then she walks over to Austin and Lucas' table and tells Austin she is sorry about what happened at the wedding, "I'm probably not the first person to tell you this, but Sami leaving you at the altar is the best thing that could have happened to you."

"Except for you leaving me at the table right now," says Austin.

Sami insists it's over between her and Austin, "If Lexie tells, Will will never forgive me." Sami is convinced Lexie made the call, "She's a DiMera. That family makes me look like Mother Teresa. Aside from you and Tek, nobody else knew about our little arrangement."

EJ can think of a couple people who wouldn't want Sami to marry Austin, "Myself for one." Sami soaks in the effect of the nuclear blast.

Tek threatens Abe. Abe warns him to let go. John tries to mitigate things, "It's a real bad move, Tek, you're gonna lose."

Tek slowly saunters out. John says, "Abe, you gotta get beyond this."

"You're right," says Abe, "At this moment Tek Kramer is the least of my problems." Roman comes in and announces the case just got more complicated. He's been going over the surveillance tapes from the church, "We might have a shot at the killer."

Abe asks, "And... Did you find anything?"

Roman says, "I'm afraid I did. Something you're not going to like."

Austin insists he's in love with Sami and Sami is in love with him.

"She has a strange way of showing it," says Lexie, "You're lucky you didn't marry that witch." Lucas suggests she let it go. Lexie ignores him, "If either of you had the slightest inkling... Sami can't be trusted OK?"

"The slightest inkling of what," asks Austin, "You know something you're not telling us. What would that be?"

Sami is shocked. EJ explains. He thinks her marrying Austin wouldn't make her happy. Sami says she thinks it would have. EJ thinks Sami shouldn't have to be someone else, "Austin thought you should be your sister."

Sami whines, "Why do people have to keep reminding me she is the love of his life?"

"You need to settle down with someone who loves you," says EJ, "And that man is not Austin."

"Is that all," asks Sami.

"What do you mean," asks EJ.

"Nothing," says Sami, "I don't know what I mean."

EJ takes it to a new level, "You want to know if I'm falling for you." Sami assesses the effect of the second nuclear blast in a row.

Lexie backpedals. She insists there is nothing she is holding back. She was referring to the way Sami blackmailed her. She knows what she did was wrong, but they had no idea how Sami tormented her.

Lucas says Sami was worried about Abe. Austin presses. He thinks Lexie is hiding something else. Lexie says it is her medical opinion that Sami is pathologically disturbed.

Lucas says Lexie isn't a shrink. Lexie says she knows the signs of a mentally ill person, "After all, I live in Salem. I see them every day." Austin shuts her up. He's not listening any more. He's glad she had the decency to stay away from the wedding.

Roman shows Abe and John the tapes of the wedding. We watch Lexie walk in. We follow her through the church. Then we watch her leave. "What the hell," says Abe.

Roman makes one of his usual brilliant deductions, "Her actions aren't those of a guest who arrives late and leaves early. I have to treat her as a suspect."

Abe understands, "We all know the DiMeras hate the Bradys and Lexie hates Sami. Could you please just remember that Lexie is Theo's mother?"

"I will treat this with the utmost care," says Roman, "Which is why you should complete the investigation."

"Are you falling in love with me," asks Sami. EJ stares.

Sami discovers the note. EJ picks it up. Staredown. Sami doesn't want any part of it.

"You can't be serious," says Abe. Roman thinks Abe is the only one who can do this. John agrees. Roman says they need someone Lexie will trust. Abe doesn't think this is a good idea. Abe thinks they are suggesting he start dating Lexie. Yes they are. Abe sighs.

Lexie tries to wiggle out of things. She claims she was just saying Austin deserves to be with a woman who truly loves him, "That woman is out there."

Lucas' mouth is on autopilot, "My brother is not giving up on Sami."

EJ says he will get rid of the note. Sami stops him. She decides she has to know what it says and asks him to read it to her.

"You don't have to do this."

Sami is numb, "Yeah, I do. Besides, there isn't anything left to take away from me, right?" Au contraire, mon cher.

EJ reads the note, "Samantha: Congratulations. You did the right thing by not marrying Austin. Now there is just one last act you must carry out to keep your secret safe. You must hand over custody of will to Lucas."

Sami blows her stack, "WHAT?! I am not giving up my son! I can't! I won't!"

Abe thinks this is crazy. Roman puts on the sales pitch, "If she wanted to kill a cop maybe she had Eve right where she wanted her."

Abe says Lexie isn't capable of murder. Roman says they have to eliminate her as a suspect and find out why she was sneaking around the church.

"So what if she's not guilty," asks Abe, "Do I just toss her out like yesterday's news."

"That is your call, partner," says John.

Roman says he needs Abe's help. He plays his trump card, "If you don't want to do it for the force or for me, do it for Theo."

Austin swears he won't give up on Sami. Lexie says he will regret it for the rest of his life, "She doesn't deserve you. Let her go."

"Goodbye, Lexie."

Austin leaves. Lucas turns on the oral afterburners, "That was a nice try, but they will get back together today. There is nothing you can do about it."

Sami freaks. She's not giving up her son, "He's my little boy. I can't lose him."

"Look at me," says EJ, "We're going to figure out a way out of this. We will get through this together."

"How," asks Sami, "All they want to do is see me lose everything."

"I'm not going anywhere," says EJ, "I'm going to be here for you." Closer... Closer.... Kiss. Sami pulls him in. FF on the note.

Prevuze wishes John Aniston a quick and full recovery from his recent heart attack. We want Victor back soon, making life miserable for Salemites. Click Here for the story.

Roman says to Marlena, "Listen to me, OK? What kind of a message is that going to give your daughters if you don't do this?"

EJ says, "You never did answer when Lucas asked you to tell me how happy you are in your marriage." Carrie says, "Didn't I?" EJ says, "No, you didn't."

Sami says, "Carrie is in love with you. You are in love with her." Austin says to a blonde (this is possibly Carrie, but it's hard to tell), "It's about time we got back together the way it was meant to be." Carrie and purses her lips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures today but especially the John and Marlena one about her being separated and him not!LOL The Brady pigtails was good too. Of course it just makes me laugh to see a woman that age with pigtails!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Anyone else would be suspicious of Abe's immediate 180 but this is Lexie - not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I love all of Prevuze' different descriptions of Lucas' motormouth. HAHAHAHA

Great pictures today, especially CrazyDazy's Brady one and the news bulletin of the end of the world. HA!

Great Prevuze!!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Ditto on the above comments. All the pictures were great as always.

Yesterday the concerned quartet agreed that they "couldn't tell anyone" about Lexi's secret because it would hurt people....especially Abe and Theo. Just hours later Squints is spilling his guts to Abe about Lexi's secret faster than you can say, "confidential information".

3:08 PM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Abe either misunderstands or someone got his lines screwed up, "What reason would Lexie have to threaten Sami?"

I think he is referring to the phone call Sami gets at the wedding which Abe must perceive as being the reason that Sami went to visit Lexie to begin with.

It sort of makes sense, I think. :)

5:57 PM  

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