Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Immaculate Conception

Carrie answers a knock thinking it's Sami but it turns out to be Billie and the brat. The hens cluck wondering why Sami is not there.

Billie says, "She knows something bad will happen at the altar and she's just trying to spare herself."

"There is nothing that could keep her from this church except an act of God," says Carrie

The brat asks, "Well what kind of act of God do you think will stop her this time?"

Screaming Sami and EJ sprint for a door to get away from the latest act of God in the form of a downpour. They enter a nice house with all the furniture draped. Sami is completely unhinged. EJ says he will say it's his fault and swear his car broke down. Sami had checked the weather and found out there was only a 1% chance of thunderstorms today. EJ decides they can't go anywhere until the rain stops. Sami bawls, "Why did it have to rain today of all days?"

"Rain on your wedding day is good luck," says the ever-helpful EJ.

"Not if it stops the wedding," cries Sami. She runs to the door and curses Mother Nature. Mother nature responds by revving up the monsoon.

Belle reads the interesting little file. Shawn wants to know what it says. Belle says, "It says that Claire isn't Phillip's daughter. She's yours."

That got Shawn's interest. He looks at the file and declares it impossible. He wonders what the file is doing there anyway, "What kind of sick joke is this? At least we know one thing; I'm definitely not Claire's father. We would have had to... We talked about it and we dreamt about it, but this is impossible."

"Right," says Belle, "Except... maybe when we were stranded in the barn."

"I don't remember much about that night," says Shawn.

Belle speculates, "Maybe somehow we did..."

Shawn huffs, "I would think that's the sort of thing you would remember."

"All I know is I was completely out of it," says Belle.

"Right," says Shawn, "Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary happened that night."

Mimi comes into the room with Phillip following her. Shawn apologizes for scaring her. Mimi senses something is going on and asks Shawn what it is. "There is something wrong," says Shawn, "Very wrong."

"Do you want to explain that in English," asks Phillip.

"I guess it won't hurt since Max has all his racecars locked up." Shawn hands him the file, "This."

"What are you doing with Claire's file," asks Phillip.

"I dunno," says Shawn, "I sure want to find out."

The brat hates the dress Sami has selected for her to wear. Carrie keeps trying to call Sami, but always gets her voice mail. She wishes she had EJ's number.

"Maybe they got lost," says the brat.

"On the way to St. Luke's," asks Billie.

"Lost accidentally on purpose," says the brat, "EJ is hot, Mom."

Sami asks for the phone. She gets a signal and calls Carrie. Carrie answers. Sami starts to tell her about being trapped in the storm but the signal dies. She throws the phone at EJ.

EJ ducks and asks, "Who are you, Russell Crowe?"

Sami says she isn't going to be happy until she is standing at the altar. EJ reminds her she is forgetting about her burns. Apparently they disappeared as miraculously as Chloe's. "That's good news," says EJ, "And I have more good news." He uncovers a ham radio. EJ thinks he can figure out how to use it. If he can, he believes they can contact the Salem PD. Sami squeals and hugs him.

EJ works on the radio. Weeeeeouiiieeeeuuuu. Big band music comes on. Sami is worried everyone will think this is just another Sami McWedding fiasco.

Back at the henhouse, Billie says if something serious had happened they would have heard form the police by now, "Don't get me wrong but maybe Sami not being here was the way things were meant to be. It's Sami's dream wedding but not Austin's. Maybe fate is finally giving my brother a break."

Phillip looks at the file, "This is ridiculous. I don't know where this came form but Claire is my little girl."

Shawn says the file shows his DNA matches Claire's. Mimi is beginning to see a way out of her predicament, "Rreeaallllyy," she says, "Do you think it's true?"

Billie says, "We both know Austin still loves you."

Carrie says, "I am married to Lucas in case you forgot, like I did on the rooftop."

"He married a dream," says Billie, "He has an idealized vision of you, so it's obviously a dream. You're not happy. Austin isn't happy, and neither are Sami and Lucas. What the hell are you guys doing? I know Austin would rather be marrying you today. He doesn't know why you broke up with him! This is eating you up inside. You need to talk to somebody. Talk to me."

"I did some very stupid and selfish things," says Carrie.

"Let's not talk about your entire life," says Billie.

Carrie says, "I hurt a lot of people. I never want to do what I did again, unless, of course, I can catch a few moments alone with Austin up on the roof sometime."

Billie asks, "If Austin loves you, do you think he should marry Sami? He's a stand-up guy and he made the commitment, but he doesn't really love her."

"It's too late to be having this conversation," says Carrie, "I wrecked my chances for Austin and I to be together all the Days Of Our Lives."

Billie says, "Even with Sami on her best behavior, and we know that never happens, I give this marriage a year max. You and Austin belong together and Sami and Lucas belong together. Don't play the martyr. Listen to your heart. Do the right thing before it's too late."

Sami wishes she at least had a towel to dry off. EJ can't get anything on the ham radio except old music. Sami opens an old trunk. She finds, "beautiful old stuff." Sami pulls out a navy uniform.

"It's a WWII commander's outfit. EJ tries it on and, of course, it fits like a glove, "Do I look like a war hero from bygone days?" Sami stares at her hero.

Shawn claims he and Belle never had sex.

Belle isn't so sure. She brings up the burning barn incident. Phillip ain't happy. Shawn claims they would have remembered something like that. Mimi flashes back to her conversation with Bonnie.

Shawn is sure it never happened. Belle wants to know why the transplant worked. Phillip reminds them Zack is related to him, too. Mimi wants to know who left the file. Phillip accuses Belle of wanting it to be true. Belle starts to respond, but Phillip stifles her, "I'm telling you right now, someone has it in for us. I believe it's the same person who switched the embryos. I'm gonna make it my job from now on to find out who's behind all this."

The brat looks in the mirror. Aside from the fact she has no reflection, she thinks the dress looks pretty good on her. Think again. It looked better on the hangar."

Carrie insists she and Austin are finished, "I guess Belle and Phillip will be here soon."

The brat says, "Oh, I wouldn't count on that."

Big band music plays as captain EJ asks Sami to say something. Sami drools, "You don't need me to tell you how good you look in that." She finds a wedding dress inside. She thinks the trunk is telling them a story. "I like swing music," says Sami.

"It's lovely if you're into romance," says EJ.

Sami pictures the bride walking down the aisle; then, their first dance. That great 1940's icon Harry Connick, Jr. sings "Just Thinking of You' in the background. Sami and EJ dance, stare and smile.

Billie and Carrie are curious. They want to know why Belle and Phillip wouldn't come to the wedding. The brat says Belle and Phillip didn't look like they were on the way to a wedding when she saw them at the hospital, "I'm going to go check on Shawn even though he hates me." She leaves.

"That girl," says Billie, "The wheels are constantly spinning. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop."

"Prada, no doubt," says Carrie.

Lexie examines the file. She says she will check it out. Phillip insists there is nothing in there that can be true. He thinks whomever did this is the same person who switched the embryos. Belle says it sounds like he's concocting a conspiracy theory.

Phillip says, "A conspiracy theory makes more sense than immaculate conception, doesn't it? Someone has a grudge against us. If the three of you want to sit there and do nothing about it, that's fine. But I'm not gonna stand for it."

Belle thinks this is unreal. Shawn says the Brady's have had enemies for years. Ditto the Kiriakis'. Dr. Tramp is stunned by all this. She says she shouldn't be, because her father is Stephano. She goes to alert security and check out the information in the file. Outside, she reads the file again.

The brat phones the hospital, "This is Chelsea Brady. Can you tell me how my dear brother Shawn is doing?"

Lexie stomps into the hall. The nurse tells her about the call from the brat. Lexie takes the phone and the brat asks how Shawn is doing. Laconic Lexie says, "Fine."

The diplomatic little imp says, "Are you telling me the truth? You hesitated."

"A situation has come up," says Lexie, "It's not health related. Don't concern yourself. Talk to Shawn and ask him to explain."

More dancing. A kid's voice on the ham radio crackles, "Come in! Come in!"

EJ and Sami rush to the radio, "EJ here – downtown Salem."

"I'm Joel," says the kid, "I live in Saginaw."

"Listen, Joel," says EJ, "We need a bit of a favor. We're stranded in a storm. We're at Maple and 6th. Please call the Salem police department and have them send a squad car. It's important, Joel."

Joel says he will try. The signal fades. EJ assures Sami Joel will call the police. Sami thinks he's just a little boy and won't be able to help. "Everybody was right I'm never gonna get to marry Austin am I," she whines.

Billie and Carrie wait for Sami to show up. Billie thinks Carrie doesn't know what to root for – a wedding or a no show.

Carrie asks, "Are you saying I should follow your example – you and Bo?"

"This situation is different," says Billie, "Austin loves you. Bo loves Hope." Her voice cracks, "Sometimes it's hard to figure out what the right thing is." Billie goes to find Chelsea.

Carrie makes a phone call, "Marlena, it's about Sami. I sure hope you can help me."

Phillip asks if the nurse saw unauthorized people going into Shawn's room. She has only seen family members, but will ask if anyone else saw something.

Mimi says she is a Lockhart – not a rich mogul. She doesn't have the same worries about having enemies, even if Phillip and Shawn do have those fears, "Whoever is out to get us failed. The plan backfired. All I care about is that you are OK. So I think we should forget about the file. Let's move on."

"I wish it was that easy," says Belle.

Sami paces and looks at her watch.

EJ suggests a game. Sami's not in the mood. She wants to get married. She throws a fit and says it's the worst day of her life. Except maybe for that death row thing. EJ tells her one day she will laugh at this.

"What," says Sami, "When I'm a bitter lonely old maid?"

EJ suggests, "Try to relax."

"I don't wanna relax," yells Sami, "I would have my hair done by now and my makeup would be perfect. I had the most beautiful veil – you should see it, but now no one will." She asks for a handkerchief. EJ can't come through. She goes through her purse looking for one. She finds a note from The Hand, "Whoever has been writing the notes wasted their time because I ruined my own wedding. It's all I have ever dreamed of. No one can say I didn't try. All I have ever wanted was to marry Austin since I was 15 years old. And now I will never be Mrs. Austin Reed." BAWL.

There is a knock at the door. Sami charges over and opens it.

Carrie continues her conversation with Marlena. She tells her she was hoping maybe Sami had contacted her.

Sami hugs the officer and squeals with delight. Officer Peters introduces himself. Sami is so excited, "You don't know how glad I am to see you!"

"I don't know why," says Officer Peters, "You are under arrest for trespassing."

Billie wonders why the brat is so happy. She thinks she is up to something. The brat swears there is nothing to worry about. She claims she did a good deed. Billie can't believe it. "It's going to make all the difference in the world," says the little snot.

Belle comes up to Mimi to talk but Mimi ignores her. They both go back to Shawn's bed. Shawn asks Belle, "What are you thinking?"

Belle says, "I don't think I can just move on like Mimi says until we know who is behind this."

Lexie comes back. She says she spoke to the lab and the techs say the information in the file is legit. Phillip won't give up. He asks if Lexie talked to the actual lab tech who did the tests. Lexie says, "The actual lab tech is off today."

How ccoonnvveenniieenntt. Phillip jumps on that. Lexie says there is something they can do to clear this up. She will run the tests again. FF Belle.



Officer Peters says, "That perp I brought in was telling the truth." John contorts his face and asks, "What the hell? You just arrested Samantha Brady?"

Sami yanks at her cuffs and says, "Will you kindly take these handcuffs off of me so that I can go get married?"

Phillip and Belle walk in. "OMG," says the brat, "You two are still together? Belle asks, "What are you talking about Chelsea? Why wouldn't we be?"

Marlena says to Carrie, "So I guess a part of me wonders if you are hoping this wedding doesn't happen."


Anonymous Gina said...

It took Mimi about 5 minutes to forget about her promise with God. I bet god didnt forget. I don't get where they are going with Sami and EJ. I thought EJ would turn into Austin or Lucas when they danced.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Harry Connick, Jr the great 40's icon...hahahahahaha.

I realize they had Carrie call Marlena rather than just walking out to the sanctuary to talk to her and/or Roman so they wouldn't have to pay the entire group of wedding guests to show up in a scene that would only last a minute in this episode; but why didn't they postpone the whole thing to the next episode? It didn't make much sense for Carrie to call Doc and get her right away when Sami had just tried and only got her voice mail. DAYS logic at its best.

Great pictures, as always!

6:37 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'd like to know who's going around Salem keeping all of the old wedding dresses, costumes and uniforms in trunks clean and pressed. Just once I wish they'd pull out old clothes and have them realistically musty, crumpled and chock full o' spiders.

I LOL over the brat not having a reflection and Jr. not needing embalming. After the Shawn "forbidden link" the other day, did anyone else in a sleepy pre-coffee state try to click on Claire's confidential file to see what surprises Prevuze had in store for us there? HAHAHAHAHAAHA

Great Prevuze!!!!

7:10 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I admit it, I tried to clicked on the picture of Claire's confidential file! Love all the Prevuisms today!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Michelle and Bulldog (and probably others) need to drink more coffee before reading Prevuze. Or, I dunno, maybe you had too much and need to back off. Actually, it would have made a better pic to have it so you could click on it and show it's 'contents.' Maybe next time.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you applecheeks. It seemed stupid that Marlena wasn't there.
I just wish Sami would come to her senses and stand Austin up. Sami is a nasty, nasty person but at least she realizes it. Austin and Lucas are both jerks but they think they are perfect. Let Carrie the twit have them both.
Loved Prevuze's today - a good laugh with some very witty lines.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog that dr. looks just like Joe Liberman.

10:37 AM  

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