Monday, August 28, 2006

The End Of Time Approaches

Bonnie the candy-striper pesters Lexie about Shawn's condition. She has kept calling Mimi, but can't reach her, "So I thought I'd get the scoop straight from the horse's mouth... so to speak." Lexie tells her Shawn was feeling much better when he went home, "But he needs peace and quiet and rest. Bonnie doesn't understand why he went on a bender. Lexie points out he has a history with alcohol, but Bonnie shrugs it off as being something that happened when Jan was around. She wonders if Shawn's drinking had something to do with the IVF SNAFU.

Fortunately for Lexie, Tek comes in. Lexie excuses herself and goes over to talk to Tek. He tells her he doesn't have any new information about the case, but he thinks she is onto something with the Brady connection.

The audience stands at the church as the bridal march plays. They stand... and stand... and stand... throat clearing... staring... nothing...

Kate thinks this is beginning to look like another Sami wedding disaster, but doesn't want to get her hopes up.

Lucas revs up his mouth. He leans over and tells Austin he knows Sami can't wait to marry him.

Austin asks, "Then what is going on back there?"

Back there, Roman tells Sami she doesn't have to go through with the wedding if she doesn't want to. Sami is very distant. Roman asks again. Sami says she knows what she wants to do.

The crowd waits. Kayla tells Patch she should have known this would happen. She thinks the crowd showed up at the wedding for the same reason people go to disaster movies.

Kate whispers to EJ, "I was annoyed with you at first for not keeping Sami away from the church, but now I'm going to have a front row seat for her downfall."

The brat whispers to herself, "I can't believe I took the day off to come to this stupid wedding. It's probably the only day off I will have all summer."

Sami says she is just nervous. Roman says it's a big decision. Sami claims she loves Austin and wants to get married. She wants to go on with the wedding. Roman hugs her as Sami cries.

Frankie and Jennifer wonder what's going on, but decide the wedding will go off without a hitch. After all, Sami doesn't have any husbands lurking around out there who might show up to put a damper on things like Jennifer's wedding.

Sami appears at the sanctuary door. Loose lips Lucas goes into action. He leans over to Austin and says, "Sami always knew how to keep a guy waiting."

Sami smiles and walks down the aisle in slow motion. Her heart pounds. She practically hallucinates. The audience distorts. It's like John Black on a bad trip. Roman hugs her and gives her hand to Austin.

Austin asks Sami if everything is OK. Just peachy. Father Jansen starts the ceremony. Sami puts on a brave face. Lucas stares at her.

Tek speculates. He thinks Tony may be involved. He has connections outside prison, "It could be anybody, though, since Roman and Bo have put so many people behind bars." He thinks Sami's wedding is a place for things to come down, "It might be a ploy to get all the Brady's together in one place."

"Sami's wedding is a lot more logical place to get Brady's together than at a Mensa meeting," says Lexie.

Tek tells Lexie he has sent plainclothes officers to the church and is on the way himself. He promises Lexie he will let her know how it goes.

Father Jansen rambles on about Austin's virtues. He turns to Sami, "As for Samantha..." he clears his throat, but talks about her tender heart and her love for Austin.

Kate stews. The totally conspicuous plainclothes heavies walk in. Father Jansen talks about Sami's transformation, "Samantha has embraced God's plan for her and that is a true..."

"Miracle," says Sami. The audience chuckles.

"I was going to say blessing, Samantha," says the good Father, "You are now about to reap the rewards of God's blessing."

Lexie gets a page and picks up. Tek tells her the ceremony has begun and so far things are quiet. She tells him to be careful. "It's nice to hear you care about me," says Tek.

Lexie picks up a bullhorn and announces, "Of course I care about you, Tek." Abe listens and gives her a look that would kill a cow. An unfaithful cow.

Lexie tries to explain. She says she is concerned about Tek. Abe rants. He doesn't care about Tek or her feelings for him. She insists she is not still seeing him. He says he has moved on and she should too, "I don't believe you, anyway. You are free to cozy up to anyone. It's not like we have any ties."

"We have a son," whines Dr. Slut, "That should count for a lot."

"Your actions made it clear Theo doesn't count," he turns to a nurse and tells her he's investigating the file. The nurse says she was on duty, but doesn't know anything. Abe wants to speak to the doctor who was on duty that night.

"That would be me," says Lexie, "So I guess you will have to spend some time with me anyway."

Father Jansen prays, "May we bear witness to their love..."

Marlena comes to the podium for the responsive reading. After Marlena finishes, Will goes over and reads Paul's definition of love from First Corinthians. "There is something else I'd like to say," says Will, "I'm really happy for them. I'm glad Austin will be my stepfather. I've grown up. I see now that my dad and mom love each other, but that's not meant to be. I can see how happy Austin makes my mom and I think she makes him happy, too. A lot of times my mom hasn't made the right decisions. A lot of times she didn't handle things so well. This past year she has worked hard to not let stuff get to her. I didn't think she would be able to do it but she has. She has become the person my dad and I knew she could. Turning your life around isn't easy but mom has done it big time."

He walks over to Sami takes her hand, "I hope you and Austin have a long and happy marriage. You're the best." Hugs and tears.

Abe questions Dr. Carver. Lexie has no idea how the file wound up in Shawn's room. No one realized it was missing until Belle found it. She doesn't know what time that was.

Abe drones, "Could you check your records for that, doctor? I guess this incident doesn't say much for hospital security."


"These things happen sometimes," says Lexie.

"As the doctor on duty, did you notice anything unusual that night?"

"Yes," says Lexie, "A couple came in to have a baby. He was the actual father and she was the actual mother. Dr. Berman was here also."

"I'll talk to him, don't worry," says Abe, "So you don't know anything?"

No," says Lexie, "And I have no knowledge about how the file got in Shawn's room either. I think someone wanted Shawn to see the information in it. I checked with the lab and they claim the information is legitimate, but Shawn and Belle claim it couldn't be true."

"Do you know how long the file was there before Belle found it?"


"Could you provide me with a list of personnel on duty and visitors?"

"Doctors and hospital personnel," says Lexie, "but not visitors. Let's see, Shawn's parents were there... Belle, Phillip... Billie Reed and Chelsea..."

Abe asks to see the file. Lexie touches his hand as he gives it to him. Abe pulls away and asks if she has a copy of it. She says she does. "In that case," says Abe, "I'm going to take it and analyze it for prints."

He starts to leave. Lexie says, "Hey do you think we could..."

He cuts her off at the knees, "I'll get this back to you as soon as I can." He asks for names of everyone who has access to the files.

Bonnie overhears and asks what's going on. Lexie tries to brush her off, but Bonnie presses. Lexie blabs it all, "When Shawn was here, Claire's medical file was found in his room..."

Bonnie asks, "What?"

Sami and Austin share their personal vows. Austin talks about when he came back to Salem. He never dreamed they would be together like this, "I couldn't be happier."

Kate stews, "I couldn't be unhappier and soon you will be joining me there, Austin."

Austin says Sami has never given up, and watching her has inspired him. He knows she is a loving and responsible mother. Will is a proud of her, as he is, "I stand here before God, our friends and family to say how honored I am that you have agreed to be my wife. Chuckle - I will do my best to respect our differences - chuckle. I will love and support you and I hope we will be happy all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami's voice cracks, "Austin I – I don't think I can do this."

"Mumble mumble mumble," says the crowd.

Kate is delighted, "My God, I don't think this wedding is going to happen."

Austin tells her she doesn't have to be nervous. Sami agrees it's nervousness. "Just say a few words and we'll move on," says Austin, "Four words will be fine – 'I love you, Austin.'"

"I want to do this," says Sami, "Austin, you believed in me when no one else would. Even when I made dumb mistakes you were willing to give me another chance. You were understanding and treated me with respect. You are a really good man. I haven't met a lot of real life heroes but you are one of them. Just like my dad and my mom."

Sami turns to Roman and Marlena, "I admire you both so much. And. of course, we have to talk about Will. I am so proud of the man you have grown up to be. You still have faith in me and I want to make sure you never regret that. Austin, I am so glad to be marrying you today. I want to make sure I never disappoint you."

Austin takes a trip into Fantasy Land, "There is no chance of that."

Bonnie spills coffee as she presses for details. Lexie tells Bonnie Mimi and Belle both know about the mix-up. Bonnie panics and runs out screaming.


Abe has a firm grasp of the obvious, "This is a hell of a mess."

"Bonnie could make it even messier," says Lexie, "Shawn doesn't need the excitement." She asks Abe if he has to go. Abe has to get back and change for the reception. "Be careful," says Lexie.

"What," says Abe, "Are you afraid I'll get beaned with the bridal bouquet?"

"No," says Lexie, "But it is a Sami Brady wedding, after all."

Abe sighs, "I was hoping Carrie and Austin would get another chance. Things just don't work out that way."

Dr. Tramp whines, "They can."

"Not for us," growls Abe, "Carrie and Lucas are married and in just a few minutes, Sami and Austin will say their vows." Abe leaves.

Lexie schemes, "I wish there was something I could do to stop that."

The oh, so inconspicuous plainclothesmen stomp around like a heard of buffalos as Abe checks their positions. Tek is on the phone, "Keep your eyes on all the entrances, windows too. We don't know who we're dealing with or what his MO is."

John looks toward the back of the sanctuary and grunts, "What the hell?"

Marlena asks, "What?"

John shrugs it off, "Nothing."

Austin and Sami join hands. Austin repeats his vows. Then Sami.

Father Jansen asks the big question, "Does anyone here know of any reason why these two should not be united in holy matrimony?"

Interminable wait...






Tek arms his pistol. He runs around the church pointing it at nothing in particular.




Everyone waits for an answer. Kate has an answer. She whispers to EJ, "How about everyone?" EJ asks if a Sami wedding has ever made it this far. "No," snaps Kate.

The universe expands, contracts, and expands again. The end of time approaches... "Very well," says father Jansen. He asks for the rings. Lexie sneaks in the back of the sanctuary and has a staredown with Sami. FF Sami.


John says, "This is the second time St. Luke's has been targeted during a wedding. Who's behind it?" Tek says, "I don't know. We have reason to believe everyone inside could be in danger."

Patch says, "I'm really tired of making you feel bad." Kayla mumbles, "You don't think you're gonna get rid of me that easy, do you?"

The brat says, "Maybe Sami realized that she's really not the woman my Uncle Austin loves."

EJ walks into a room. Sami stands up and whines, "Where have you been? I've been stalling this whole time waiting for you. I thought you would never come."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyday I check Prevuze to see if Steve and Kayla are on. I wish they would give them a real story line like it used to be.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'll echo Prevuze's sentiments of a few episodes ago - this McWedding is dragging on longer than the 100 Years' War!

A lot of laughs today though, especially the Sami/Father Jansen exchange about miracles & blessings and the ceremony's looooong pauses.

Snakes on a Diploma was a hoot, but the print was so tiny I couldn't make out a couple of words. We visually challenged folk need bigger type Prevuze. ;-)

6:47 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"the print was so tiny I couldn't make out a couple of words"

Hmmmm... the point of the diploma was the snakes, not the print. You really weren't supposed to be able to read it. It was pretty silly, and Prevuze wants to remain the serious DOOL treatise that it is. However, if you must know, here is what the diploma says:

Be it known by these letters that on the 33rd day of May, 1995, Lexie M. Carver, also known as Dr. Slut, received the designation of Doctor of Medicine thus granted by Flybynite University.

Signed by Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Dr. Demento.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who tried and failed to read all of the diploma! HA

I loved the image of Tek running around with his pistol out for no reason. You'd think by now Father Jansen would just ban all of these non-Mensa Bradys from any type of gathering in that church.

I LOL over a gooned-out Steve and the audience distorting like John Black on a bad trip! HAHAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today!!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think Sami's preview is weird? What are they up to?

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I am off work today and am actually watching the show instead of just reading about it on Prevuze for the first time in forever. I am absolutely SHOCKED at how skeletal Kristian Alfonso is...someone needs to stage an intervention with her ASAP. I have not heard any mention of this in Prevuze, which usually comments on how skinny Chelsea is, but this is SO much worse!!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Does anyone else think Sami's preview is weird? What are they up to?"

Your guess is as good as ours. We don't make 'em up, we just report 'em.

...Well, OK, sometimes we make 'em up, but not this one.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I have not heard any mention of this in Prevuze, which usually comments on how skinny Chelsea is, but this is SO much worse!!"

Good point. Maybe it's just that Chelsea is so snotty we like making her a target all the time. Hope, OTOH, has some redeeming characteristics. Not that any come to mind at the moment...

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must have supereyes as I read the diploma. Of course, I can't make a thing out at long distances!lol Anyhow, Prevuze was great as usual. Loved John Black and his bad trip.
I have not watched Daze for at least 3 years. In a bored moment I searched to see if the same things were still going on and found this site. It is scary how much is the same. I am addicted to Daze again though, but only through Prevuze, I'd never bother actually watching the show. Sad to hear about Kristian though. She was a beautiful woman too.

6:26 PM  

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