Monday, August 21, 2006

Who Are You, Joan Rivers?

Half dressed Austin pours coffee and goes to answer a knock at the door. Carrie and Lucas come in and ask where Sami is. He tells them she slept at EJ's. Lucas raises his eyebrows in judgment, "Oh!"

Sami tosses and turns. Half dressed EJ comes into the bedroom. He messes with Sami's hair. She smiles and says good morning. Passionate kiss.

Bo brings Hope coffee. Billie and the brat walk into the waiting area. Mimi comes out and tells them there is no change, "He's still stable, but I thought he would have regained consciousness by now."

"It will take some time for the toxins to clear his system," says Bo, "We just have to be patient."

Phillip says, "He must've had a lot to drink before I showed up." Bo tells him not to blame himself. Phillip offers to take Belle home. Belle don' wanna. This sparks an argument. Belle isn't leaving until she knows Shawn is OK.

Billie wants to go. Chelsea wants to stay. She knows Shawn hates her, but she doesn't want to see him die. He pulled her out of the sewer and saved her life. She wants a chance to make things right for him.

The nurse tells Bo and Hope they can go in. Hope bolts, "I can't go in there. It feels too much like the night Zack died. I can't go through that again." Bo assures her that won't happen. He coaxes her into the room. Inside, Shawn's machines whirr.

The brat whines around about Shawn never forgiving her. Billie tells her to be positive, "Shawn has so much to live for. He has a new bride and a baby on the way."

"He's got a lot more to live for than that," says the brat.

"What do you mean by that," asks Billie.

"Nothing," she says, "I gotta go do something for Shawn." She disappears on the elevator.

Hope tries to get through to Shawn. She asks him to squeeze her hand. Nothing. She begs him to fight, "Your dad and I both need you." Kiss. Bawl. She turns to go but Bo asks her to stay. He sits down and gives it a try. He tells Shawn they are there for him and love him. He has a lot to live for. Bo is proud of him and knows Shawn hasn't heard that enough. He wants Shawn to come back and give him another chance to say it. Shawn lies there like a wax dummy without the wax.

Phillip reminds everyone it's the McWedding day. "The only thing I am focused on is Shawn," says Belle.

Sami realizes she is kissing EJ. She reels back and apologizes. She thought it was Austin. EJ doesn't mind at all. Sami can't believe how late it is. She rushes out in a total panic.

Carrie tries to call EJ's apartment but no one answers. Austin starts to go over there, but Carrie stops him. She reminds him it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on her wedding day. Lucas seizes the opportunity to rev up his mouth, "When it comes to weddings, Sami creates her own bad luck." He volunteers to go over and check things out.

That leaves Carrie and Austin alone. "I know that look," says Carrie, "Are you afraid something is going to go wrong today?" Austin stares.

Sami rushes around. Lucas comes to the door and asks what is going on. The ever-observant little busybody says, "You missed a button."

"It's not what it looks like," says Sami.

EJ says he turned the phone off because he gets a lot of calls from Europe, and wanted to make sure they weren't disturbed on the night before Sami's wedding, "We slept late."

Lucas the church-lady purses his lips and wrinkles his nose. Sami shouts, "In separate beds, Lucas!" She tells him she can't go over to her apartment because it would jinx her McWedding.

Austin insists everything will be fine. "What about EJ," asks Carrie.

"I trust him," says Austin, "And more importantly, I trust Sami."

Carrie offers to help Austin get ready. He tells her she can help pick out cuff links and studs. He asks about her bridesmaid's dress, "Bridesmaids typically don't like their dresses."

"True," says Carrie, "But this one's OK. Although Sami made it clear she didn't want anyone upstaging her, especially her matron of honor."

Austin says, "So... What color is it... lime... avocado?"

"Who are you, Joan Rivers?"

He reaches for the box, "Let me see." Carrie throws a block. Austin's mood changes, "I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like you are the bride." Oh, the despair!

Austin says he didn't mean to bum her out. She insists he didn't. Today her sister is marrying the man of her dreams. She thinks Austin will be a wonderful husband, "You're dependable, faithful..."

Austin interrupts, "I don't know how you can call me faithful."

"I thought we weren't going to talk about that," says Carrie.

"We can't pretend it didn't happen," says Mr. Faithful.

"It should never have happened."

"But it did."

Austin says he is going to try to make Sami very happy. Carrie is sure it will be a beautiful McWedding.

Blithering Sami rushes around to get ready. Everyone tells her to relax. She worries about her hair. Lucas says the hair stylist will be at the church. He promises everything will be fine.

Lucas leaves. He has to give his mouth a rest every once in a while. EJ says, "He seems very concerned about you. Do you really think he wants this wedding to go forward? You two seem very connected."

"We have a son," says Sami, "Lucas is thrilled about this. Now his brother will be off the market."

"You think he has that little faith in his marriage," asks EJ.

Sami says, "Austin and I will be happy and Carrie and Lucas will be happy. A part of me will always love Lucas. Every time I look into Will's eyes I see him. I am so excited I get to marry Austin today. With me and Lucas it's like a love-hate thing. When we're together we're either at each other's throats or... I will spare you the details. It's better for us to be just friends."

EJ asks, "Do you think a man and woman can be just friends?"

Sami reminds him, "We are just friends."

"So we are," says EJ.

Mimi suggests Belle go sit with Shawn. She thanks Mimi and charges into the room. Phillip stares. Hope tells Mimi that was unselfish. Mimi says she would do anything to help Shawn get better.

Belle walks into Shawn's room and tries to get through to him. She begs him not to leave them.

The brat walks off the elevator with the file. She heads into Shawn's room. Billie watches and wonders. Inside, the brat watches Belle and Shawn and takes another look at the file.

Carrie and Austin hug. Austin starts to kiss her and she pulls away. Lucas comes in and tells them Sami overslept. Carrie goes over to EJ's apartment to help.

Lucas decides to be helpful, "Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into? I know you know it's not easy living with Sami."

"Sami is Sami," says Austin.

Lucas says, "She can drive you crazy one minute; the next you're in love with her. I can understand how you feel about her. She can be impossible to stop caring about."

Austin says, "I dunno, Just listening to you talk about Sami it sounds like you are still in love with her. Are you?"

Sami is freaking out on the phone with Will, "What do you mean Noah's mom can't pick you up? Doesn't she know it's my McWedding day?" Sami turns and explains the situation to Carrie and EJ. Carrie will go pick up Will and EJ will help get Sami to the church. Carrie assures her everything is fine. More panic as they all run out the door.

Belle tells Shawn they all need him. The brat listens as Belle talks about the baby she is carrying. She promises she will never let anyone take the baby away from Shawn, "I can't settle for just friendship when we have had so much more. Even though you are married to Mimi and I am married to Phillip, I know we are supposed to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. Almost losing you just makes things so much clearer. I can't spend my future trying to talk myself into being away from you. You have to get better so we can find our way back to each other. There has to be a way."

Bo comes in and discovers the brat. He yanks her away from the curtain and across the room as she conceals the file folder. Bo says, "What are you doing? Stay away from him!"

The viewers chant, "Kill! Kill! Kill! "

The brat walks out crying. Billie wonders what's up. She says she's upset about Shawn. Billie asks about the file. The brat says it's part of her work, "It has to do with something you said about doing good deeds. I want to prove I can do the right thing."

The Doc gathers everyone around and says Shawn is improving, "His condition is still serious. Even if he regains consciousness there may be brain damage."

"Thank God," says Mimi, "A full recovery." Hope runs off.

Billie says, "I wish there was something we could do."

"Maybe there is," says the brat.

Hope lights a candle and prays, "Dear God, it's been a long time since I've talked to you. Since the time I was with Belle and we were praying for Claire to find a liver donor. I never thought that would be my little boy. Taking one child to save another. How do you make a decision like that? I am grateful for the time we had with Zack. I miss him every day. Everyone says time heals, but every day that passes takes us farther from the time we were with him. I know I could never survive losing another son. Please... Shawn is such a good person. His child will need him. I am begging you not to take him from us. Let him be OK. Our family has suffered so much loss. If Shawn dies, I'm afraid our family will die with him."

Bo watches. Staredown.

Lucas says he is not still in love with Sami. She broke his heart with her lies. What they had is over. Austin buys it. Lucas says he loves Carrie and she's the one he should be with. He says Austin can handle Sami better than him, "One thing's for sure, with Sami life will never be dull."

Sami and EJ sit in his car. Red lights flash. Sami wonders if anything else could go wrong, "Why did you have to drive so fast?"

Belle is gone. Chelsea sits by Shawn. She says she knows he hates her but she hates what happened to Zack, too. She knows she can't make up for that, "But what I can do is this." She puts the file down on the table beside Shawn, "Zack is right. You and Belle belong together. Hopefully this can make that happen."

Austin is all set to go. Lucas says he wants what is best for Austin. Austin wants Lucas marriage to be everything Lucas wants it to be, too.

"Good luck," says Lucas, "With Sami you're going to need it."

Sami rants. EJ swears he can talk his way out of this. Sami tells him just to take the ticket and she will pay for it. Then she has an epiphany, "Did you do this on purpose?"

EJ asks, "What?"

Sami says, "You don't want me to get married today!"

Bo tells Hope Shawn will be OK. He promises, "Come on, let's go see our son." He reaches out. Hope takes his hand. Shawn's candle burns.

Mimi worries. Phillip tries to calm her down. He says Shawn is a fighter. Hugs.

Belle sits off to the side and watches, "I just hope it's gonna be enough."

The brat tells Shawn he has to know what's in the file. It will give him something to live for. She leaves. Shawn stirs. He looks at the file.



Sami tells EJ, "I have been through every single possible worst-case scenario a bride can go through on her McWedding day... Oh, God, I hope I didn't just jinx myself."

Mimi prays, "I'm the one who deserves to be punished for lying to Shawn about Claire all of these months." Phillip walks in. God booms, "I didn't think anyone could do it Mimi, but you've even put me through hell dragging this out."

Hope asks, "Don't you have a McWedding to go to?" Bo asks, "Does that mean you aren't going?"

Belle holds the file and says to Shawn, "It's a file with Claire's name on it... OMG."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

ROFL - Shawn's bird-brain flu! The best was saved for last. Also got big kicks at Bo's words with Hope, Chelsea's knuckle sandwich, and Lucas the "church lady".

"Shawn should have regained consciousness by now." If DAYS adhered to medical reality, yes. But the writers go by the laws of soap reality - he'll regain consciousness when they have wrung every bit of interest completely out of the situation. HAHAHA

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Gina said...

So Carrie thinks Austin is FAITHFUL? Has she has amnesia now too?

6:50 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Is it my imagination or has it taken DAYS about three or four weeks to cover like two or three 'real life' days at most? Is this whole week going to be the McWedding day? Hmm.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Is it my imagination or has it taken DAYS about three or four weeks to cover like two or three 'real life' days at most? Is this whole week going to be the McWedding day? Hmm."

So, VB, I see you've noticed the plots are going a lot faster these days.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

You can tell there are new writers, the Joan Rivers remark was pretty clever. I'd have thought it a Prevuism but it wasn't in italics.

I almost did a coffee spit-take with the Prevuism, tho, of Jr.'s normal condition being brain damaged. HAHAHAHHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze, you got an otherwise dismal Monday morning off to a great start! :D

8:58 AM  

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