Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good Lord Almighty!

The air conditioning is still off in the sweltering apartment. Beads of sweat form on Mimi's forehead like a DOOL plot ever so slowly oozing out of a TV screen. The intrepid babysitter comforts Claire as Bonnie comes to the door and asks if she is alone. Mimi is upset Bonnie woke up Claire. Bonnie has been on the phone with Patrick and wonders what is going on. Mimi tells her she is babysitting. Bonnie helps herself to a beer from the fridge. She thinks leaving Shawn with Belle is a bad idea. They argue. Mimi tells her she is never listening to her again.

Belle isn't feeling any better. Much to her dismay, the world continues to turn anyway. Shawn wants to help. He'll call her parents or Phillip or Carrie or Sami... Belle just wants Shawn.

Sami sleeps. Sami dreams. Austin joins her in bed. He tells her she looks sexy as he morphs into Lucas. Dreamin' Sami says, "Lucas, I want you so much." The feeling is mutual.

Lucas sleeps. Lucas dreams. He calls for Carrie. She jumps into bed with him and promptly turns into Sami. Dreamin' Lucas says, "I'm so glad to have you back."

"Lucas, I need you."

Carrie joins Austin on the roof. They maul each other. Carrie protests. Austin needs her. Carrie needs him. We need a break.

Carrie's robe comes off. She stops him and reminds him he just gave Sami a ring. He doesn't understand why she married Lucas. He tells her he loves her, she loves him, "We were meant to be together."

"I am married," says Carrie, "You are engaged."

"Your point," asks Austin, "We have deeper feelings for each other than anything we have for them. Admit it, we belong together."

Sami continues to dream of Lucas. Lucas dreams of Sami. In his dream, Sami says, "Lucas, no man ever made me feel the way you do."

"I am so stupid," says Lucas, "You and Will are my life. We belong together for all the Days Of Our Lives. I should never have let my mother come between us."

Sami says, "She thinks I am no good for you. She is probably right. I let revenge take over my whole life. I was so devastated when you left me, but that is no excuse for what I did. I am so sorry. If Will and I had lost you in the desert... can you ever forgive me?"

"Stop it," says Lucas, "We have to put that behind us. We need to learn how to forgive each other for our mistakes. I know now I should never have married Carrie."

Sami says, "Lucas, I only chased after Austin because I thought I couldn't be with you again. You are my one true love."

"And you are mine," says Lucas, "I think fate wants us to be together. I know our son does."

"We always seem to find our way back to each other, don't we," asks Sami.

"I'm not going to fight it," says Lucas, "I love you so much."

"Oh, Lucas."

"Oh, Sami."

Oh geez. Carrie and Austin keep it up.

Bonnie decides to keep her advice to herself. Mimi wonders why Shawn hasn't called. She checks Belle's computer for a message. She stares into the monitor and says, "OMG, I don't believe this."

Bonnie looks over her shoulder and chuckles with delight, "Good Lord Almighty!"


Shawn comes back into Belle's room hospital. Belle says the cramps aren't as bad. The brain cramps continue. Dr. Ross takes body fluids to the lab. Belle tells Shawn she is thinking about what a good dad he will be. Shawn thinks he should call Mimi. Belle doesn't want him to. The phone will wake Claire. Shawn suggests calling Phillip. Belle throws a hissy fit, "I don't even want Phillip to know I'm here."

Bonnie reads what Mimi has found on Belle's computer, "Who puts all this personal stuff on a computer?" Mimi thinks maybe they shouldn't be reading this. Bonnie rationalizes, "Why did Belle leave it on here if she didn't want anyone to see it?" Mimi tries to stop her. Bonnie says, "Do I have to remind you Belle is after your husband. This is war and Belle is your enemy. The CIA would read this. The ISA would, too, if their agents could read. Don't be a sap. If you want to keep your husband, you have to fight. Look at this!"

Bonnie reads, "Ever since I found out I am pregnant with Shawn's baby, I am so happy. I know we are meant to be. I love Shawn more than ever."

Bonnie says, "Now you've seen it in black and white. Are you going to let this happen?"

Belle thinks Phillip doesn’t care, "He would probably be praying for me to miscarry if he were here. I think this baby is a sign we are meant to be together."

Sami and Lucas. Sami wakes up and looks around the room, "OMG! I love you Lucas!"

Lucas wakes up. Empty bed... "Sami? Dammit, why the hell am I dreaming about Sami?"

Sami twirls her ring. Lucas tosses and turns. Split screen. They both get up and go out into the living room. Sami quickly puts on her robe. Lucas asks if she had trouble sleeping.

"Yeah," says Sami, "It's hot, huh?"

"Incredibly hot."

It's hot on the roof too. Carrie backs off again. Austin says he cares for Sami but he guesses it's the same way she feels for Lucas. He and Carrie have a stronger connection. The only reason he chose Sami is because Carrie chose Lucas, "Tell me why."

"There is no point," says Carrie, "It doesn't matter any more."

"Whatever it is it matters to me," says Austin.

"It's too late," whines Carrie.

"Dammit," says Austin, "You're keeping something from me, and you need to tell me what it is."

Bonnie urges Mimi to read Belle's shameful little secrets, "She has declared war on your marriage. Are you going to sit there thinking you need a search warrant, or read what she has up her sleeve? If Phillip read this what do you think would happen then?"

"He'd go wreck another racecar," asks Mimi.

Bonnie reads, "I love Shawn so much I can't wait to have his baby. I hope it's a boy like Shawn... or girl – that would be OK, too." Her odds are pretty good there. "It would be so wonderful if we could finally be a family and live happily ever after."

Bonnie lectures, "You can't let this happen, Mimi. If you lose Shawn you will regret that mistake for the rest of your life."

Mimi reads on, "Belle thinks this pregnancy is God's way of telling them they need to be together. This is a nightmare."

"No," says Bonnie, "This is the best thing that could have happened."

Belle remembers the night they spent wondering if Claire would reject the liver transplant. Shawn had lost Zack and Belle did not know if Claire would survive. She remembers that night they had the same dream about Zack telling them they are meant to be together. She believes this baby is connected to what Zack said.

"It's too late for us," says Shawn.

"You and I are having a baby," snorts Belle, "Part me part you."

"I look at it as a wonderful gift," says Shawn, "And I pray you won't lose it."

"I've already lost it," says Belle, "Oh... you mean the baby. I won't lose the baby, but you have to promise you will always be there for us."

"I will," promises Shawn.

Sami fixes warm milk. Lucas thanks it's weird to want warm milk on a hot night like this. She wonders what's wrong with him – he's breathing heavy, "It looks like you just..."

"I did three sets of push ups," says Lucas, "That's it. What about you?"

"What about me," asks Sami, "I work out."

"It looks like you've got some goose bumps," says Lucas, "You only get them when you uh..."

"I'm trying a new moisturizer," says Sami.

"You're milk is boiling over," says Lucas. They bump into each other as they maneuver around the kitchen. He offers her a bottle of water. Sami drinks.

Lucas sees the magnet from Mirror Lake. He can't believe she still has it. They agree they had a great time there. Lucas remembers it was hot there too. Sami didn't mind. Lucas remembers they found a way to cool off. Flashback to romping on a public beach and claiming it's the happiest they have ever been. "I love you," in unison.

Sami says she is sorry things didn't turn out. At least Will has one great memory of them. Lucas says it meant a lot to him, too. Sami says, "You know I haven't thought about that in a long time but..."

Lucas says, "It seems like it was yesterday, doesn't it?" Near kiss.

Carrie says she is just upset that she can't have kids. Austin doesn't buy it. She tells him Lucas was so sweet after her appendectomy. She thought it was her only chance of having a baby so she married Lucas. Austin thinks she chose having a baby ahead of being with the man she truly loves. He says she never should have married Lucas. Now she can't have children.

"Everything has changed," says Austin "There are other ways to have a family. Why would you consider having a family with Lucas when you want to be with me?" Carrie dives in.

Shawn and Belle kiss. The nurse comes into the room, catches them and leaves. Shawn pulls away, "We can't be unfaithful!"

"We have already been unfaithful to each other," says Belle, "I wish we could turn back the clock."

Mimi says, "My best friend is pregnant with my husband's baby and you say that is the best thing possible?"

"I'm hoping it will light a fire under your butt," says Bonnie.

"I'm used to that," says Mimi, "You know the old saying – liar, liar, pants on fire."

"He is your husband," says Bonnie, "I'd say that is a pretty good hand you are holding."

"You'd think he would have called me by now," whines Mimi.

"Maybe she has already lost the baby," says Bonnie, "That would help your cause."

"I wouldn't wish that on anyone," says Mimi, "I'm calling the hospital." Mimi calls and asks about Belle.

The nurse says, "She and her husband are waiting for test results."

"Oh, good," says Mimi, "Phillip is there."

The nurse says, "I thought her husband was named Shawn. I just assumed they were married by the way they were kissing."

Mimi hangs up and pouts. Bonnie wonders why she is upset. Mimi wails, "Because that woman assumed Shawn was Belle's husband. They were kissing!"

"You can't take this lying down," says Bonnie.

Mimi heads for the hospital, "I'm Bonnie Lockhart's daughter and I'm gonna make you proud!"

Belle says, "We can't go on like this. Mimi and Phillip deserve to know the truth. I think they already know. We have never stopped loving each other. Not really. And even if we wanted to try to stop it we couldn't. And that's just the way it is." Shawn kisses her.

Sami... Lucas... closer... closer... Lucas has to go check on Carrie. He knocks on the bathroom door. No answer. He goes in. Empty. "She's not in there," says Lucas, "Where is she?"

"I wonder what is taking Austin so long on the roof," asks Sami. They put two and two together, "LET'S GO!"

Austin and Carrie heat up. "I want you so much," says Austin.

"I want you too," says Carrie, "Make love to me." Austin spreads a blanket and smiles. It's time for some beach blanket bingo. FF.



Mimi says to Shawn, "I know how important honesty has always been to you, so I say it's time we were honest about everything. What do you say?" Belle stares open-mouthed.

Austin tells Carrie, "Us together... It was always meant to be." The rooftop door opens as Carrie and Austin writhe in naked repose.

Lucas says, "You have turned your life around. You've changed." Sami yells, "I am still the same lying, manipulative bitch that I have always been!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mimi letcuring someone about being honest makes my head spin.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Good Lord Almighty! This was one of the funniest Prevuze posts ever! The comments, the pictures...truly one of the best!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I've lost track...where is Phil? Is he still in the hospital?

I loved all of the pictures, especially of Belle needing attention and the Claire/Belle resemblance. HAHAHAAHA

"Like a DOOL plot ever so slowly oozing out of a tv screen". Love the descriptive imagery. Prevuze has done it again!

7:06 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'm shocked that Belle can figure out the 50/50 odds. Oh, wait...that was Prevuze. Sorry. HAHAHAHA

Fabulously funny Prevuze today.

Bulldog, I think Phil was at the VA getting his brain prosthesis re-fitted.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I think Phil was at the VA getting his brain prosthesis re-fitted."

He's well on his way to becoming the bionic man with the moronic wife.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow - things are actually happening on the show. that's different.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great edition.

Why is Belle making Shawn promise to be there for her?

2:15 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Why is Belle making Shawn promise to be there for her?"

Belle is in love. Not to mention selfish and immature.

3:37 AM  

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