Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The No-Tell Motel

There is a knock at Shawn and Mimi's door. Bonnie. She came to plan the wedding of the century. Bonnie brought sketches of dresses. She invites Shawn over to look at them. Oddly, Shawn isn't interested.

Shawn offers to leave so Bonnie and Mimi can talk, "Why don't I step out and let you do your thing? This way I get out of doing dishes. Besides, the audience may have to suffer through this, but I don't." Kiss 'n go.

Outside, of course, Belle comes out of her apartment at exactly the same time. Dumb-da-dumb-dumb...

Inside, Mimi says, "I really wish you wouldn't have done this, Mom."

"Why," asks Bonnie, "I'm the mother of the bride. I'm supposed to be helping you." Hmmm... I looked up 'meddle' in the dictionary and it didn't say anything about 'helping.' Then I tried 'manipulate.' Nothing about 'helping' there, either.

Mimi says, "I know but... Belle and Shawn were talking on the roof. I overheard them. Belle told Shawn she is still in love with him."

Bonnie freaks, "Wrong time to quit smoking again. OK, it's time for damage control. You have to marry Shawn ASAP. We cannot give those two a chance to get back together again." Mimi looks away.

The roof... Shawn wants to rehash last night. Same-O. STOP THE PRESSES! Belle has made an important decision.

Kate visits John in jail. She tells him Frankie's on the case. John is grateful Kate is there. Kate tells him, everyone say it together, "I'll always be here for you. So how did this happen?"

"I was framed," says John.

Kate asks, "You mean Lois didn't commit suicide?"

"No," says John, "And if I don't get out of here, Marlena will be next."

Alex tells Marlena he didn't sleep well. He couldn't stop thinking about poor Lois, "She was a very sick woman. I feel like I failed her."

Marlena thinks John giving her the truth serum put her over the edge, "From what I can remember about psychology, obsessed people can fool others in pursuit of their crime."

Frankie and Jennifer feed their coffee addiction. Jennifer is uneasy having Chelsea in their home. The brat comes downstairs. She didn't sleep well. She appreciates them letting her stay there. She can't be around Patrick right now. He exposed her cover-up and the demon truth made it worse for everyone. She wants to talk to Frankie about her case. Someone pulls up. It's Hope. The brat is just thrilled. Jennifer sends the little snot and Frankie to the kitchen to talk so Hope won't nuke.

Jennifer serves coffee. Hope tells her she and Bo aren't together any more, "He's gone." Jennifer stares.

Bo dreams in the motel. He remembers Billie bringing him there, undressing him and putting him in bed. Billie watches him sleep from a chair.

"I still love you," mumbles Bo.

Billie gets up and sits beside him. Bo slurs, "I'll always love you Fancy Face."

"You always will, won't you," says Billie, "You and I are just friends." Bo dreams of happy times with Zack and Hope. They can count on being together always.

The brat wants to know how bad it can get for her. Frankie says, "The parents of the victim can swing a lot of weight. It would help if Bo is on your side, but I wouldn't count on that. If he is forced to choose sides I'm afraid he won't take yours."

The conniving little Zackwhacker says, "We'll see about that."

Jennifer says Hope and Bo need each other more than ever right now. Hope couldn't take it any more. She tells Jennifer about Bo barging in last night. Jennifer insists, "He is grief stricken. He is afraid of losing you, too."

"He lost me," insists Hope, "I don't see how I could ever take him back."

John says, "North is just twisting things around. He's good, but I can stop him. I gotta get out of here first."

"I don't think it's going to be as easy as you think," says Kate. She holds up the newspaper for John to see.

"OMG," he says.

Alex hopes Marlena realizes how disturbed John is. He flashes back to choking Lois.

"To think I was married to him," says Marlena.

"He was a mercenary for Stephano DiMera," says Alex, "He can't put that behind him. Even though you can't remember, the man was married to you. I'm sure he was nice to you then, but he's changed. But now, you and I will be together for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"Let's not talk about John any more," says Marlena, "Let's talk about our future."

That reminds him... He shows her the newspaper. "GASP!"

"Mimi hates lying to Rex... uh, I mean Shawn. Bonnie tells her she has to, "You can have everything you ever dreamed of, but you just can't blow it."

Belle has decided she can't keep lying about her feelings for Shawn. Shawn says, "There is no future for us."

Belle stands firm, "I cannot do it. I cannot live like that."

The little snot calls Billie's cell phone, "I just talked to Frankie. It's really bad. I could go to jail for a long time. You have to help or my life is over. You have to split up Bo and Hope. She's out for blood. The only chance I have is if you and Dad are together."

"I can't talk right now," says Billie, "I don't want to wake up your dad."

Alarms go off in Chelsea's scheming little brain, "Where are you?"

"He got upset," says Billie, "I got him a room." The brat is delighted. Billie says, "I slept in a chair."

"Mom," she says, "What were you thinking? This is your chance to be with the man you love. It's my chance too to have my parents back together finally."

Billie can't talk about it, "I gotta go." She hangs up, sits by Bo and watches.

Jennifer counsels Hope, "Do not close the door on Bo. I would give anything to have Jack back right now."

"This is a different situation," says Hope, "Jack didn't betray you."

"I'm not saying what he did was right," says Jennifer, "But he loves you. You need to forgive him."

Hope's cell phone rings. It's Penny the cop checking on Bo. She knows he was in a bar fight and wants to know if he's OK. Penny wasn't there, but they told her a woman took him home.

"It wasn't me," says Hope, "I appreciate the call."

Hope tells Jennifer what happened, "I'll give you one guess who the woman was!"

The headline blares, "DOCTORS TO RENEW WEDDING VOWS." Marlena can't believe this. Alex says he wanted to surprise her. He wants the whole world to know. The article says they are going on an extended second-honeymoon. Marlena likes it. She can't wait. Neither can Alex. He loves her so much, "In fact, I have another surprise for you."

John reads the story, "Alex is going to take her away so he can kill her! I have to stop them."

Frankie arrives and asks for a minute alone with John. Frankie tells him, "There is a hitch, and I don't think you're going to like it."

Caroline arrives with the community wedding dress. Mimi decides to try it on again.

Shawn tells Belle he is sorry. She can't believe it, "You're really gonna marry Mimi?"

"Yes," says Shawn, "She is planning the wedding with her mother right now. Belled decides she should go down and help since she is the matron of honor. Shawn leads the way. They open the door. There stands Mimi in the dress. Belle stares as the blood drains from her head.

Hope can't believe Bo was out with Billie at a bar. The brat listens and loves it. Jennifer tells Hope not to jump to conclusions. As far as Hope is concerned Billie can have him. Jennifer doesn’t buy it. She defends Bo. Hope needs to go to him and talk to him.

Hope's cell phone... "Yes... Excuse me? Which motel? No, I am sure my husband made the charge, but thanks for checking." Hope hangs up, "That was the credit card company calling to verify the charge at the Parkway Motor Motel... The No-Tell Motel. What if he is with Billie?"

Jennifer insists, "He's not with Billie."

"He was more concerned about Billie and Chelsea when our son died," says Hope.

Jennifer tells Hope she has to go to the motel so she will know for sure he is not with Billie.

The brat eavesdrops and thinks, "OMG! How perfect is this?"

Bo dreams of tender moments with Hope as Billie watches. "Forget it, Chelsea," she says, "It's never gonna happen." Her phone rings.

Chelsea tells her, "Hope is coming to the motel. This is your chance. If she finds out you slept together or thinks it, you can be with Bo. Then he'll do whatever it takes to keep me out of jail. It's the only way!"
Billie says, "If Hope sees us here together their marriage could be over."

The brat can hardly contain herself, "That's what I'm saying!"

Frankie tells John the judge will grant bail under the condition he stays away from Alex and Marlena. John protests as the guard lets him out. He thanks Frankie and tells him to relax.

"Something tells me he's not gonna listen," says Frankie as John runs off.

Alex hauls out a big box. Marlena opens it and gasps.

Alex says this is her wedding dress. She is thrilled. He encourages her to try it on.

Belle bolts. Caroline goes after her. Shawn stays downstairs as Kate arrives. Shawn says Mimi is having pre-wedding jitters. Kate goes in to talk to her.

Kate wants to know what the problem is. Mimi tells Kate about what Belle said up on the roof.

Belle paces on the roof. Caroline comes up. Belle tells her she told Shawn she still loves him. Shawn told her to forget about him. "He's right," says Caroline, "No matter how much this hurts you have to accept that it is over between you two. For everybody's sake, you have to let him go."

"That would be the unselfish and mature thing to do," says Belle, "What... are you nuts?"

Mimi tells Kate she eavesdropped on the roof.

Kate says Mimi has to marry Shawn right away.

Mimi stammers, "OK but..."

"No buts," says Bonnie, "What Shawn doesn't know won't hurt him."

Of course, Shawn walks in at this moment and stands there with his jaw on the floor.

Caroline tells Belle to respect her marriage vows. Belle bawls.

Shawn is awestruck at the sight of the wedding dress. Of course, he sees Belle in the dress, "You look beautiful." Better start building that cage, Mimi.

Kate says, "You can see by the look on that man's face he is head over heels in love with the woman in this dress."

Alex hides his eyes as he walks by Marlena in the wedding dress, "I can't see anything. I know it's bad luck for a man to see his bride in the wedding dress before the wedding!" Oh, the connection! How do the writers come up with this stuff!
John busts in and sees Marlena in the dress, "You can't go away with him! What is that bastard up to now?"

Marlena says, "I want you to go right now."

Alex listens and thinks, "This is shaping up even better than I planned."

Chelsea paces, "God, please let this work. I will do whatever it takes to split up Bo and Hope for good."

Billie unlocks the motel room door and undresses, "God forgive me." She slips into bed with Bo. She caresses his face.

Bo imagines Hope. He rolls over and kisses her, "I love you Fancy Face."

Hope and Jennifer arrive. Hope says, "Bo must have been drunk. He didn't even close the door."

Jennifer says, "So go right on in."

Hope opens the door and stares into the room, "Bo?" Yikes! FF on the stunned Hope.


Belle tells Shawn, "You still want to be with me. Just admit it."

Bonnie says to Patrick, "You'll be coming home every night to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that?"

Hope tells Jennifer, "It is over between us. I can't ever take him back."

Alex tells John, "Get out!" John plants a right-cross on Alex. Marlena asks, "How could you do that?"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Community wedding dress", LOLOLOL. On DAYS, the groom seeing the wedding dress before the wedding may be bad news, but if the AUDIENCE sees the wedding dress before the bride is actually walking down the aisle - then you can kiss the wedding good-bye. Won't happen. Kaput. That's all folks!!

Thanks, Prevuze.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Chelsea must be the first successful case of human cloning - she's an exact replica of Kate.

Some couple renewing their wedding vows is a big headline? How desperate IS this town for news!?

And, finally, I think what Belle can't believe is someone didn't immediately do what she wants. It's gotta be a first.

Great Prevuze today. I LOL over the Austin picture. HAHAHAHA

7:50 AM  

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