Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Think You Can See What I've Got

Sami straightens up the couch. She finds Will's cell phone between the pillows. With complete respect for Will's privacy, she reads the message on it. Lucas has left a message saying he has gone on a date with Carrie at Chez Rouge. Austin comes back and he is starved. Sami tells him they have to go out. She doesn't have anything in the apartment to eat after fixing that fine dinner last night, which he missed.

Eugenia meets Lucas and Carrie at Chez Rouge. She's moonlighting there. Actually, Maggie asked her to fill in. She asks if this is a last minute business meeting.

"No, strictly pleasure," beams Lucas, "Carrie and I are on a date."

Billie is on the phone asking Roman to put out an APB on Bo.

The brat comes out dressed to kill. Oops, sorry, poor choice of words. Billie tells her she should stay home tonight. It doesn't look good for her to go out under these circumstances. The brat argues. She knows she doesn't deserve to have fun but she wants to get her mind off things. Billie says, "Think of how this will look to the DA and the judge."

Chelsea gives up the idea of a night on the town. She decides to stay home. Billie suggests they play poker. Then she flashes back to playing poker with Patrick. They are playing for matchsticks. Billie wishes they were playing for money. Patrick says, "I'm willing to raise the stakes if you are, but I'm not thinking of money."

"Rreeaallllyy... I'm game if you are," says Billie.

"Well," says Patrick, "Let's get rid of these matchsticks, and get down to business." Monkey business.

Billie suggests playing something other than poker – maybe canasta. The little snot thinks canasta is boring. Billie tells Chelsea she and Patrick used to play poker.

"You really miss him, don't you," asks the brat.

Patrick remembers Billie as he sits on the plane. She thought they had something special. She was wrong. They are finished.

Hope stares out the window and remembers Bo and Billie in bed. She remembers her conversation with Shawn. A passenger comes up and asks if the seat is taken. Elaine Whitman. She asks if Hope is OK, "You look like you have lost your best friend."

"You don't need to hear my life story," says Hope.

Bo tosses a beer bottle off his cycle. He growls, "How could you take off and not tell me where you are going, Hope?"

Patrick remembers playing poker with Billie. Strip poker. "Let's see what you've got," he says.

Billie sits there half naked. She looks down at herself and says, "I think you can see what I've got!" She wonders why she is all of a sudden losing. Patrick says he is more focused now. She shows him a pair of eights. Patrick puts down a pair of fives. Billie starts to celebrate. Then Patrick puts down another five. She loses.

"Never let it be said I'm a bad sport," says Billie. She starts to take off her top. She has another pair to show him.

Patrick says, "Now, you know what will happen if you do that." Off to the couch.

Back on the plane, Patrick says to himself, "I thought the next time I came back here I'd be bringing you with me. Now that will never happen."

Elaine suggests she and Hope get together on the island. Before Hope can answer, the landing instructions start. Hope flashes back to telling Bo she doesn't want to lose him. Bo vows things will be different, "If two people love each other enough they can make it through anything..." Hope stares out the window.

Billie tells the brat she and Patrick are through. The brat feels horrible about that. She doesn't see why Billie was so hot and bothered by him. Billie says, "For the same reason you were so hot and bothered by him."

The conniving little snot suggests there are other fish in the sea – like Bo. "Patrick was right," says Billie, "Your moral compass is whacked. Bo is married. The only reason you want us together is because it will help your court case."

"There are other reasons," says the snot, "He needs you now. Are you going to do anything about it?" Billie stares.

Bo rides. He remembers saying goodbye to Zack. Oh, the pain!

Carrie excuses herself. Eugenia smacks Lucas and smiles, "You dirty dog... You did it!"

"I am gonna do my best," says Lucas.

Marsha Kelly bumps into Carrie. They worked together at the hospital. "I hear you're dating Kate Roberts' son again," says Marsha, "I always knew you and Austin were soul mates."

Austin doesn't want to go out. Sami says they can order in. Austin changes his mind and says they can go out since she has been working so hard. Where in the world do you suppose they will they go?

Patrick gets up to exit the plane. Elaine tells Hope, "People Magazine's sexiest man of the year is sitting a couple rows in back of us." She looks back. "Oh, darn. He left already."

Mario greets his old buddy Patrick at the gate.

Hope asks the information desk about a rental. She wants something remote, off the beaten path. The attendant shows her a brochure, and points to a place with a private beach. Elaine comes up and says she will see Hope on the shuttle bus. Hope takes the beach house.

Billie tells the brat not to play on her feelings for Bo. They argue. "All you did was try to keep me out of jail," says Kate Jr., "If Hope thinks he's cheating with you its only because you've done it before. He's the only man you've ever loved. And let's face it, you've been with a lot of them." She certainly has a way with words, doesn't she?

"Wow," says Billie, "You really are something. When I think about how happy I was when we found you... You hurt people deliberately. I never thought you would talk to me like that."

The brat lies, "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Mom."

"Are you really," sneers Billie.

"Yes, I am," says the brat, "I realize we haven't had the greatest relationship. I care for you a lot. If I go to jail I'll never really get the chance to know you. I'm just saying if you love Dad as much as I do you should be together."

"It's not that simple," says Billie, "Bo loves Hope. They belong together."

The brat presses, "Are you saying he should be with someone who doesn’t trust him? Hope left him. Dad is all alone. He needs you. You should be there for him."

Bo rides. The cops hear a motorcycle in the distance. Somehow, they figure it has to be Bo. Pete says, "That must be Bo. The captain has an APB out on him." The cops radio in. The dispatcher says they will send someone else after Bo. "He better slow down, it's deadly in this fog."

Evil Knievel Brady crashes.

Carrie tells Marsha she is with Lucas, not Austin. Marsha says, "I still have a knack for putting my foot in my mouth, don't I." Carrie excuses herself. Marsha runs out to tell the town. Carrie and Lucas share an uncomfortable moment back at the table. Carrie doesn't want them to be nervous with each other.

"No," says Lucas, "Being friends makes everything easier."

Sami tries for reservations but can't get one anywhere. She doesn't want to go to Alice's. Austin falls into her trap and suggests Chez Rouge. He goes to dress. Sami says, "Perfect! Now Austin knows it was his idea, and when he sees Lucas and Carrie moving on, he'll know we have to move on too."

Billie says she is concerned about Bo but won't take advantage of the situation. Chelsea thinks she should be with him. Bo needs her, "If you want us to have a relationship, it would help if you and Dad were together."

"Chelsea," says Billie, "We were never together as a family."

"I would think of you both as my parents more if we had that," says the snot.

Billie's phone rings. Roman. He says he would go after Bo himself, but he needs to rest after his night of wild passion with Nicole. Yeah," says Billie, "I got a pretty good idea where he's heading. Thanks." She tells Chelsea she has to go find Bo. Chelsea smiles as Billie runs out.

A man gives Hope a flower which is a sign of rebirth and redemption. Maybe it will help redeem this show. He tells her with his exotic accent, "When someone give this flower to a beautiful visitor like you, it has a special meaning, would you like to know what it is?" Hope stares.

Sami and Austin arrive at Chez Rouge. Sami asks Eugenia if her job at Titan fell through. A few snitty remarks and they head for their table. Austin sees Lucas and Carrie sitting at their table. He tells Sami, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you set this up." Sami? Set something up? Never!

Carrie and Lucas stare at Sami and Austin. Austin orders wine. Sami says, "This was a bad idea, lets just go."

"No," insists Austin, "Let's stay and have a nice dinner."

Sami says, "Let's just ignore the fact that Carrie and Lucas are on a date."

Austin asks, "What makes you think they are on a date?"

Lucas apologizes to Carrie. He suggests leaving. Carrie says she won't let Sami or Austin ruin the evening. "That's good," says Lucas, "I'm having a great time. I have a confession I want to make. You were my first real love, Carrie... I think I just broke the cardinal rule of dating and scared you away."

"There is a more important rule," says Carrie, "...to be honest. You haven't scared me away."

"I come from a corporate world," says Lucas, "When you negotiate you have to hold information back." A couple months at Titan and he's a corporate tycoon now.

"This isn't negotiating," says Carrie. It isn't entertainment, either. "Would you like to dance?"

Sami and Austin watch. "Maybe they aren't on a date," says Sami.

Eugenia walks by and overhears. She is all-too-happy to tell Sami, "Yes, they are on a date. Lucas told me so himself."

Billie stews as she drives. She tells herself to slow down. She ignores herself. "Oh, no," she gasps, "Bo's motorcycle." She brings her car to a screeching halt.

Sami suggests they go. Austin wants to stay. "Even with Carrie here," asks Sami.

"Lucas is here to," says Austin, "I can handle it if you can."

"What are the odds of running into them," asks Sami.

"In this town," says Austin, "pretty damn good." They toast moving on.

Lucas tells Carrie, "It looks like Sami and Austin are on a date, too."

Mario asks why there is no woman with Patrick. "The opposite sex is a sore subject with me, Mario. There is no one in my life and I figure my house down here is a good place to be alone." They walk behind Hope.

The exotic stranger says, "If a visitor to this island receives this flower from a native she will find love during the stay. It is written. I've never seen it fail."

"I bet you give this to every woman who comes down here," says the skeptic.

"It only grows for a very short time. It is a very rare thing to receive one," says the stranger, "Love is gonna find you while you are on this island." Hope stares, and then dismisses it and walks on.

The brat watches the shopping channel. She searches for her credit card, but finds a picture of Zack, "I never meant to hurt you. I can't make it up but I am trying to change. Then she finds a picture of her and Billie and Bo. "I know this is right."

Billie searches in the snow. She hears a gunshot, and rushes in that direction.

Bo takes a shot of booze, and then fires at a line of beer bottles sitting on a log. Something in the woods behind the bottles rustles and drops. He rushes to see what he hit. "BILLIE," he gasps.

Billie looks up and chokes, "Who the hell do you think you are – Dick Cheney? "


Shawn asks Mimi, "Are you getting cold feet about marrying me?" Pan in on Belle.

Hope tells Patrick, "Bo moved on to someone else, so there is really no marriage for me to go home to."

Lexie watches Tek do a striptease. He comes over to her table as the crowd cheers.

Fireworks go off. Frankie says, "I thought it was us." Jennifer says, "Yeah, me too." Frankie says, "I guess we're not the only ones celebrating tonight." He moves in for the kiss.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze makes even the dregs of this show funny, but I really guffawed at the last line. I can just see Prevuze's wheels turning the minute Bo shot Billie....what a perfect set-up. HAHAHA

And truer words were never spoken by Austin, "In this town [the chances of running into people] are pretty darn good." They should be since the producers are too darned cheap to spring for more than one restaurant set per episode.

If I ever had a perfect stranger sit down by me in a plane and immediately start prying into my personal life, first thing I'd do is press the call button!

Rock on, Prevuze.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I definitely LOL over the Cheney line. I will be all day.

And the "sacred flying motorcycle ceremony"! HAHAHAAHAHHA Bo and Shawn go thru motorcycles like water. Why doesn't the entire town of Salem band together and make it illegal for either of those two bozos to even own one?

Great Prevuze today! I will have to go back and reread later for some more chuckles.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Nicky said...

The poor vice-president. These days all you have to say are the words "Dick Cheney" and you get a big laugh. Who does he think he is - Dan Quayle?

9:06 AM  

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