Thursday, February 23, 2006

He's The Love Of Your Life – One Of Them, Anyway

"OMG," says Mimi, "There is so much left to do." Shawn assures her they will be ready and WILL get married.

Mimi wants to know where the addresses are for his family. Shawn tells her they are on his computer. She wants real addresses, not email addresses. The spat escalates. They go at it like they are already married.

Bonnie comes in and asks what was going on.

Mimi says, "I'm sorry, Mom. Getting married this fast was a really bad idea."

Belle goes into the Java Café. She confronts John with the newspaper, "This can't happen. You have to stop this." John contemplates life.

Marlena wants to make sure Alex is all right after being hit by the John Black Express. Alex says, "I have a hard head, so I will be fine. I love that you worry about me."

"John is being so goofy who knows what he will do next," says Marlena.

Alex says, "I won't let anything or anyone take me away from you. Can we please talk about planning our marriage and taking you away on a long extended romantic extended honeymoon? I guarantee you will enjoy it more than you know."

Doorbell. Alex has a surprise for her. Calliope. She has missed Marlena so much.

"Do I even know you," asks Marlena.

"Have I aged that much," asks Calliope.

The brat remembers Patrick making reservations to Morgan Island, "This is so perfect. If I can just get Hope there then all my problems will be over. I know exactly how to do it." She knocks on Abby's door carrying flowers. She tells Abby she didn't go get her clothes. She drove by and saw Patrick's car and didn't want to see him. She doesn't know if she ever wants to see him again since he exposed her foul deed.

Abby asks, "Were you going to let your mom go to jail?"

"She wouldn't have gone to jail. But I will. Besides, Patrick has the hots for Hope."

"I thought he was dying for you," says Abby.

"Don't remind me," says the brat, "Where are your mom and Frankie."

Abby says, "They were too cheap to put them in the show today, so we're playing like they are at the store. What's with the flowers?"

"They are for Hope," says the little snot.

"I think that is a nice gesture."

"I would like to talk to her but Hope wants nothing to do with me," says the scheming little worm, "I lost Zack too. Hope acts like I did it on purpose. I would give anything to undo it. Hope doesn't believe me. She never will."

Bo is outside the pub. He calls Hope and gets the answering machine. Hope watches as he begs her to pick up.

Bonnie tells Mimi this had better be a joke. She doesn't want to hear pushing up the date is a bad idea. Mimi says, "Things are completely crazed... At least I am, but, then, that shouldn't be a surprise."

Bonnie says, "Just let me and Kate's checkbook take care of everything."

Mimi changes the subject, "Mom, why are you made up like that?"

Bonnie removes her shawl and reveals a gold dress which could light up a small metropolitan area, "Its' amazing what a super-duper deluxe treatment at Glorianne's can do to a girl." Well, she should get over there right away, then.

Patrick shows up at the door. He came to say goodbye.

Bo begs hope to give him a chance. Hope cries and listens. He hangs up. Hope breaks down.

Abby assures the brat Hope knows it was an accident. Abby encourages her to go over there and talk to Hope. The brat can't. Abby volunteers to do it herself. "You would do that for me," asks the conniving little snot.

"Of course," says Abby, "You don't deserve to be in jail. Unfortunately, though, there is no death penalty for hit-and-run."

"You are the greatest," says the little brat, "I appreciate this. Even if it won't do any good."

"Eventually it will," says Abby, "Hope is a good person. In the long run, she won't want to punish you."

The brat says, "It might be too late by then unless... I was going to suggest she get away."

"Where would she go," asks Abby.

"Someplace quiet," says the brat, "I know where I would go. I just read about this private little island – Morgan Island. It is so beautiful there. It's like a retreat. Maybe hope could start to heal there."

"I guess it would do her good to get away for a while," says Abby.

She goes in for the kill, "But how can I tell her?"

Abby takes the bait, "I'll tell her when I give her the flowers. I'll go right now."

Abby leaves. Kate Jr. says, "OMG, I never thought it would be that easy."

Belle is really worried. She doesn't trust Alex. She heard about John getting arrested.

John says, "Lois didn't commit suicide. Alex is responsible."

"I knew he was dangerous but not a killer," says Belle.

"Your mother could be next," growls John.

"Amnesia," says Calliope, "I thought that could only happen on soap operas."

"Only the really bad ones," says Marlena.

Calliope says, "Eugene misses you... but you wouldn't remember him. You are going to snap out of this any minute now."

Alex has hired Calliope to be their wedding planner. He had no idea she was a friend of Marlena.

Calliope says, "Oh, yes. We were very close. I could tell you stories... You were best man at my wedding..."

Marlena does a double take, "Best man?"

Alex has to go run errands.

As soon as he leaves, Calliope freaks, "What are you doing with him? I know all your husbands and he ain't one of them."

"You know all my husbands," asks Marlena, "You must have an incredible memory. Alex and I are going to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Patrick says he is leaving Salem. Mimi thinks this is crazy. Bonnie already knew. Mimi is upset because Bonnie didn't tell her, but wants to know what is going on, "Is it because of Billie?"

"It's because of a lot of things," says Patrick.

"Let him go says Shawn," says Shawn, "He worked for DiMera, you know."

Patrick says he can understand why Shawn feels that way. He isn't even staying for the wedding. He wishes Mimi luck. Hugs.

Bo thinks things over at the pub, "I'll make things right with you, Fancy Face."

The brat plots, "Hope has to go off somewhere with Patrick. Do not let me down, Abs."

Hope goes through Zack's stuff. The doorbell rings. She hopes it's not Bo. Abby. She gives her the flowers, "They're from Chelsea – kind of a peace offering."

Hope asks, "And these are supposed to make up for killing my son?" She chucks them in the wastebasket.

Belle asks, "You think Mom's life is in danger?"

"Not at the moment," says John, "Or I wouldn't be sitting here. Alex plans to go through with this sham of renewing their wedding vows and take her away. That's when he will make his move. I won't let her go away with him. This wedding will never happen. I just have to prove he killed Lois. Your mom doesn't trust me any more. I have to chill until I get the goods on him. Chilling is really tough for me – you got any 'ludes? "

"Maybe I can help," says Belle.

"What you can do is not worry," says John.

"Be careful, OK?"

Always," he says. Belle leaves. John starts to go but sees Bo. He sits down with him, "I need some help."

Calliope can't believe Marlena is choosing Alex over John or all her other husbands.

Marlena is sure John isn't the one she wants to be with, "He scares me. I think he is obsessed."

Calliope says, "He is still obsessed with you. And that is a bad thing because..."

"Because, in this case it has turned violent more than once. And something really awful happened."

"Well then he was probably provoked," says Calliope, "It can't be easy for him to see you with a new man."

Marlena says, "Oh, that's no big deal. Eventually all my husbands go through that. Calliope... If John sent you here, you have to leave and not come back."

"That's so cold," says Calliope.

John tells Bo he is convinced Alex is up to something, "Alex murdered Lois and tried to pin it on me."

Alex sneaks around the morgue. He opens Lois' drawer. He uncovers Lois' corpse and says, "Lois, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but... we need to talk."

Bonnie has wedding cake samples. She has hired a wedding planner, "She's the best money can buy and she will be here any minute." Bonnie samples the food. Shawn wants to know if she should be eating this stuff with her heart condition. Bonnie assures him she has a clean bill of health.

Patrick wants to know what's up with the heart condition. Bonnie shrugs it off. Shawn has to check in with his mom. Patrick asks him to give his best to Hope. Mimi tells him if he wants to postpone the wedding, it's OK with her. Shawn wants to go though with it. He thanks Bonnie and scoots.

Hope tells Abby she is wasting her time if she is doing this for the brat. Abby didn't mean to upset her, "Chelsea isn't the only reason I came over.” She suggests Hope get away for a little while.

"That's funny," says Hope, "I was thinking the same thing. I don't even know where to go."

Abby tells her about Morgan Island, "I think you should check it out."

"Maybe I will," says Hope, "It sounds like a great idea. Thank you."

Calliope insists John didn't send her. She can't believe Marlena feels this way about John, "He's the love of your life. One of them, anyway."

Calliope has another appointment. She promises not to mention John as she crosses her fingers. She leaves. Marlena hyperventilates.

Bo is on leave from the force and can't help John. John understands, "Family first. That's why I have to get Marlena away from North."

Bo asks, "How are you gonna prove to Marlena that this North character is a murderer?"

John says, "Well, I'll get Marlena away from him... one way... or another."

Alex rambles on, "Lois, don't go thinking I'm losing it. I know you are dead. I put you here. You left me no choice. You said way too much to John Black. At least now I know you won't say anything again. And no one will know what I am up to until Marlena has paid the price."

Patrick has to be going. He wishes Mimi happiness. Mimi wants him to stay in touch.

"Bye, Mom."

"This isn't goodbye," says Bonnie, "You will be back – and soon."

He leaves. Mimi can't believe it. Bonnie can't believe Mimi is talking about postponing the wedding, "If you tell Shawn he is Claire's father, you will destroy your happiness and send me to an early grave."

Calliope arrives. Bonnie and Calliope look at each other and say together, "OMG! Love your outfit!"

Bonnie says, "Mimi, with Calliope and me, what could possibly go wrong?"

Patrick arranges a one-way flight.

Abby returns. The brat wants to know what happened. Abby tells her Hope is very upset. She was receptive to the idea of Morgan Island. "You didn't tell her it was my idea," asks Bratula.

"Of course not," says Abby.

"I think we shouldn't tell anyone about the plan," says the brat, "My dad might try to stop her."

Abby promises, "I wont' tell anyone. I don't think she will go, though."

Chelsea thinks, "Well she better go. My entire future depends on it."

Shawn is at Hope's house. She tells him she's thinking of going away for a while. She can't spend another night alone in the house.

Shawn suggests, "You can stay with Mimi and me."

"Thanks," says Hope, "But I don't qualify to live at the loft – my IQ is too high."

"Where will you go," says Shawn.

"Somewhere quiet," says Hope, "I heard about this place – Morgan Island. Sounds perfect."

"Morgan Island," says Shawn, "Let's see... is that 'New Salem' spelled backwards? "

Marlena looks though the peephole. It's Belle. She storms in and waves the newspaper in Marlena's face, "I saw the announcement in the paper. I'm sorry, Mom, but this wedding cannot happen."

Bo tells John he can't get through to Hope. He isn't giving up. Bo wants to know how John will prove to Marlena that Alex is a ne'er-do-well. John gets a call, "Well, Bo, with any luck, this phone call could do it." He answers the phone, "Black... John Black. Good news... I'll be right down." He hangs up, "That was the morgue. With luck the autopsy report will prove Lois was murdered and didn't commit suicide."

"That's great," says Bo, "And, gee, who is it again they think the murderer might be? "

Alex says, "Lois, it's just a matter of time before... let's just say... What's going to happen to Marlena would have made you happy. Sorry you won't be around to enjoy it." FF on the evil Alex.


Tek mumbles, "Just tell me you don't want me and I'll go. You can't, can you." Lexie says, "No."

Shawn tells Hope, "You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you?"

Flash to Shawn telling Bo, "No wonder Mom wants to get away." Bo asks, "Get away? Where is she going?" Shawn says, "Like you care."

Marlena tells Belle, "You need to listen to your heart."

John yells, "He's going to use the law to keep me from protecting my wife, but I tell you one thing, Abraham, I WILL PROTECT HER."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

crazydazy is famous now. way to go!

5:22 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

OMG! Brokeback Speedbump is going to have me laughing all day. So funny.

And, talk about the understatement of the day....Marlena, "John is acting so goofy." Goofy?? I'd say more like psychotic.

Great pictures everyone - Prevuze & crazydazy.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

As usual I will be LOL all day over Squints having to give up his drugs and asking for some "'ludes". HAHAHAHAHAHA

So this Morgan Island is now taking the place of the Horton cabin? I guess everyone decided after all of the falling-off-cliffs,unexpected births, blizzards, tornadoes and attacks of various kinds maybe that place was cursed.

Great Prevuze and pictures today! Thanks for my daily laughs.

7:34 AM  

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