Friday, April 29, 2005

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

”Seeing Jack is enough to make a person believe in miracles,” says Hope.

“I just hope Jack gets over the idea of me hitting on his wife,” says Patrick.

Hope has a bad feeling about Billie and Bo.

Patrick says, “Hope, you can’t blame them for looking for their daughter.”

“OK,” says Hope, “Why couldn’t Bo just tell me where they were going?”

As the door closes, Billie begs Bo to open his eyes, “Oh why didn’t I listen to you. You warned me. Wake up, Bo, I need you.” She starts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

At the front, Shawn, Rex and Lucas stand watch while waiting for Brady to return. Someone comes. They all turn and point their artillery at him. Of course, it’s Brady, “I got a lead. Time is running out. We have to move fast and find Phillip tonight or he’s gonna die.”

Phillip asks if Stami is an American, “Are you with the military or ISA?”

Sami thinks, “How the hell can I tell you I’m Sami Brady?” Stami flashes back to his instructions. He tells the voice, “This is too dangerous.”

“This can’t be happening,” thinks Stami, “I can’t die.”

Phillip asks, “Who are you? We have to work together or it’s all over. What the hell are you doing here?” Stami stares.

Roman says, “Wow. Lemme get this straight. You two are engaged?”

“We had no idea,” says John, “We thought the two of you were gone.”

John tells Marlena after losing her he didn’t want to go on living.

Kate says, “Sharing our terrible grief is what brought us together.”

Roman says, “Well, obviously the two of you got real close while Doc and I were gone, so does that mean you want to stay together now that we are back?” Kate stares. John stares. Marlena cries.

Kate says, “Roman. You and Marlena are back. That changes everything.”

John says, “Mentally Kate and I were grieving and just wanted to pick the pieces up, so we hopped into bed and that really helped.”

“You would have done the same thing for Roman if the situation was reversed,” Kate tells Marlena.

“You thought we were dead,” says Marlena, “John I told you if anything happened to me you should move on with your life.”

“Hey, you’re alive. You don’t know how happy that makes me,” says John.

Kate breaks the news, “John just proposed to me tonight.”

“Well,” says Roman, “Doc and I have always had perfect timing.”

“It’s hard to believe you survived,” says Kate.

“Listen,” says Roman, “You and John and probably Marlena and I are in shock right now, but I do believe everything will work out.” The thunder rolls. “Well, speaking of timing.”

John says, “Let’s go home.” Kate tells him not to forget his cane.

Marlena says, “The last time I saw you, you couldn’t even use your legs. You were on the raft. You are making an amazing recovery.”

“I’m getting along,” says John. He flashes back to Stami giving him the drugs, “I just can’t get over this. You in my arms again. Let’s go home.”

Stami struggles. Stami prays, “Mom, Dad, if you can hear me in heaven right now, this would be a good time to help.” He says to Phillip, “Help could be on the way from Brady.”

Phillip says, “Brady Black? Who the hell are you? Brady Black is my nephew. Who are you?”

Stami says, “Everybody knows Brady. I’m guessing he’s got Rex and maybe even Shawn involved too.”

Phillip asks, “How do you know these people?”

Stami says, “I’m just someone who made a deal with the devil and got in way over her head.”

Phillip reels, “HER head? Are you a woman?”

The boys make plans. Brady says, “I’ve found somebody who may be able to help us.”

Hope called the police. They will look for Bo and Billie’s car and call if they find it. She tells Patrick, “I don’t know what Billie would do if Bo wasn’t there for her. She doesn’t have to worry about that, though. He’s there. Will it always be like this, Bo choosing Billie over me and my sons? He still has a place in his heart for Billie. I know Bo loves me but I also know he loves being her knight in shining armor.”

Patrick says, “I really think this is about finding their daughter.”

“Ever since they found out she’s alive everything has changed,” says Hope.

Patrick says, “You know I’m not your husband's biggest fan. But I admire him for his determination to find his daughter.”

“It’s just he’s caught in the middle between Billie and me and keeps choosing her,” says Hope.

Patrick asks, “Do you wish Georgia never came into the picture? When you heard about the bloodstained sweater did just a part of you hope that meant Georgia was dead?”

“Please breathe,” says Billie. Bo comes-to. Billie kisses him.

He says he’s OK. He asks what happened. She tells him he fell in. They try their phones. No signal. Bo says, “Try not to panic.” A little late for that, if you ask me. “We’ll be here for a while.”

“Who is this guy,” asks Shawn, “and how does he know where Phillip is?”

The guy comes up to them. Brady introduces him. Dan Matthews. Dan was a civilian contractor forced to evacuate when the rebels took over. He escaped when the others took his crew hostage. He knows where the bunker is. Brady bets that’s where Phillip is, too. After a microsecond of deep thought, Shawn heads for the bunker. Rex tells him to cool it. The action heroes need an action plan.

Stami can’t let Phillip know who he really is. Phillip says, “I know what you’re doing here and I know who you are.”

In the penthouse, John asks Marlena, “How’s the old place look to you?”

Marlena answers, “Like heaven.” John swerves. Kate and Marlena walk him to a seat. Marlena smiles and walks over to the pictures. John comes over and comforts her. “Happy tears,” says Marlena as she looks at pictures of the kids. She’s overwhelmed to be home. It isn’t real to her.

“It’s real,” says John, “You’re home Doc.”

Kate watches. Roman tells her, “We weren’t even able to spend out wedding night together, but now we can make up for it.” They hug.

“I wanna see my children,” says Marlena.

“I can fix that says John. Well get them all together after our little private reunion.” John collapses. Kate sends Roman up for John’s special pillow. And his teddy. Roman and Marlena share a “what’s-going-on-here” glance.

Roman goes into the bedroom. He finds Kate’s things, “Kate, don’t tell me I lost another woman to John.”

Downstairs John struggles. Marlena gives him a back rub, but the experienced Kate takes over. Marlena watches.

Bo is up and around. Fit as a fiddle, “Maybe if you climb on my shoulders you can reach the trap door.” Up she goes. She can’t quite reach it. She comes down and encourages him to sit down. He died five minutes ago, so she doesn't want him to strain himself too much.

Billie whines, “I got us right into another DiMera trap.”

They broke the cardinal rule, “Never go down a blind alley without backup,” they singsong in unison. Make sure your backup ins't an impulsive bimbo.

Bo says, “I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but I don’t’ think Georgia is in half the danger you and I are in.”

Billie says, “We’ll never get out alive. That’s probably good because Hope will go ballistic.” Always looking at the bright side.

The boys plan.

Phillip says, “I’m so damn thirsty. You’re undercover right, for the corps, ISA? What was the plan here? The escape plan?”

Stami says, “I hate to disappoint you soldier, but there is no plan.”

Phillip mumbles, “We gotta work together. I know how to get out of here. The first thing we gotta do...” Stami turns around and does a double-take when he sees the unconscious Phillip.

Roman lifts Kate’s nightgown off the bed. He flashes back to the evening he gave it to her. He asked her to save it for their honeymoon.

“Well John,” says Roman, “looks like you got to see her in this first.”

Roman comes down with the pillow. Kate situates John on the couch.

Marlena tells Roman, “Your wife seems to have the Magic touch.”

Roman says, “The two of them have definitely set up housekeeping.”

“My concern is the pain John is in,” says Marlena.

Kate goes to get John a drink. Marlena stops her, “Kate, I can handle getting my husband a glass of water.” This is starting to look like the Maggie-Bonnie thing.

Roman tells Kate to pack up and they can give John and Marlena some privacy. Kate protests. Roman says, “They don’t need us around here, and I want to see my own place.” Oops.

Kate breaks the news, “I hate to tell you this, but I sold your house.”

Stami tells Phillip, “If you have a plan to get us out of here, I’m all ears.” Phillip is unconscious. “Phillip, don’t’ die on me now. What am I gonna do?”

The guards talk. One says Stami infiltrated too easily. The other goon says, “I say we put them out of their misery.”

Brady tells Dan to go to the airport. Dan gives them the map and leaves. The boys sneak toward the bunker.

“Whoever is doing this is out to hurt us, not Georgia,” says Bo.

Billie says, “I hope you are right. What’s that noise?”

“Hissing,” says Bo, “Oh, man, not snakes again!”

Hope tries to call Bo’s cell phone. Not working. “I’m going to call the only person who might know where he went,” she says.

Billie smells gas. Bo sees the nozzle it’s coming through, “Great. Someone’s trying to asphyxiate us.”

The guard unlocks Stami’s chains. Stami snivels, “Please don’t kill me.”

Philip tells them, “Leave me alone. One of the goons hits him with his rifle butt. Stami begs, “Please don’t shoot me. Please.”

The boys have the bunker surrounded. “I hope it’s not too late,” says Shawn.

Roman goes off the deep end, “You did what?!

Kate says, “I felt I needed to move on.”

Roman says, “It didn’t take long did it? Since you’re so quick with decisions, here’s one for you. Who’s going to stay in the penthouse tonight, you or Marlena?”

FF on Kate with John and Marlena staring at her in the background. Inquiring minds want to know.


Roman says, “We've got news for you, too. Cards on the table doc?”

Billie asks, “What do we do now?” Bo says, “Try to figure a way to get out of this place.”

Belle tells Hope on the phone, “I hate to be the one to tell you this but Shawn went off to rescue Phillip. Shawn is in a war zone and I am scared to death.”

SuperShawn tells Brady, “Yeah, I’m going in after Phillip.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Well, that blissful reunion lasted all of about 20 minutes. I'm not sure what Pard is so shocked about, seeing Kate's things in John's room. He's just found out they are engaged and he & Doc have been watching them "together" for months.

The pictures were great. Four Mouseketeers! Just right for this Micky Mouse operation. HAHAHAHA

7:06 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah, Pard was going to be the understanding one.

I'm hoping we have a Marlena/Kate catfight in the mud just like Alexis/Krystal on Dynasty. HAHAHA

Great pictures and Prevuze!

7:13 AM  
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