Friday, April 22, 2005

All Roads Lead To Ogden

Nancy runs up to the hospital desk looking for Chloe. Chloe comes up and says she has been to St. Luke’s, “Brady was there. I wanted to talk to him so much just to let him know I was alive. But I didn’t. When he sees me I want him to see the woman he fell in love with. I just keep picturing walking down the aisle to him.”

Nurse Nicole is on duty, “That is not going to happen,” she thinks.

“It’s too late says Belle. They are gone.” Kate says she should have stopped them when she had the chance.

Belle freaks, “You knew they were going through with this plan? How could you?”

John asks the airport guard how this could happen, “Salem airspace was shut down. Well, I have a private jet and will go after them.” The guard reminds him there is a no-fly restriction.

Roman, Marlena and Jack are on the plane and homeward-bound. “I can’t believe we’re finally going home,” says Marlena.

“I told you this would happen,” says Roman.

Marlena suggests they should use the satellite phone to call the family. No, Roman thinks that would be a reasonable and responsible thing to do. He just wants to walk in on everyone so they can have all the fun of watching them have heart attacks. Jack agrees. Jack remembers this is Abby’s 17th birthday. Maybe he’ll be back in time for a party.

Abby wakes up in the hospital, “Where am I?”

Jennifer tells her she is in the hospital and was in an accident.

“Will I be all right?” Jennifer stares.

“Who is doing this to us,” asks Billie, as she holds up the terrifying bloody T-shirt.

“I’m gonna get some answers, and I’m gonna get ‘em now,” says Bo.

John tries to get past the guard. The guard won’t let him pass, “And if I may say so, you’re in no condition to go anywhere.” Low blow.

Belle lays into Kate for letting the boys go through with their plan. John comforts her. Kate stares.

“To think that in fewer than two hours I’ll be seeing John,” says Marlena. It’s just your standard puddle-jumping flight from Europe to Salem, “There are going to be so many happy reunions.”

Mimi says she is also angry with Kate. John tries to calm them down. Kate says, “I should have said something to stop them.”

Belle says to John, “None of this would be happening if she had acted, I hate her. You two aren’t together are you?” Kate and John stare.

Bo took the T-shirt to the lab. They have to find out if that was real blood, and then run DNA tests. He finds a luggage tag in the bag, “Humph, we have an address.”

“Maybe we’ll find her,” says Billie.

Bo says the address is in Ogden (Utah?). “It’s near here,” says Billie. Oh, that’s right, Salem is nestled right between Europe and Utah.

Bo says whoever sent this wants them to go to that address, “We’re waiting for the lab result. If it turns out to be Georgia’s blood we’ll come up with a plan.”

Billie overreacts, “What if it costs our daughter’s life? Are you willing to take that chance?”

Abby says, “I hurt all over.”

Jennifer is sorry.

“What about Chelsea and her parents?”

Jennifer gives her the bad news, “I’m sorry, honey, but her mother and father croaked. Chelsea’s injuries are more serious than yours. We need to pray for her.” In the meantime, she gives her Lambie.

“Remember when Dad brought her home for me,” asks Abby, “I wish he were here.”

“So do I.”

The plane continues its journey. Jack thinks, “Seventeen years old. I can’t imagine anything better than to get home in time to celebrate Abigail’s birthday.”

Jack imagines Jennifer making a cake and thinking, “The one surprise I couldn’t give Abby is her dad coming home.” Jack busts in and says, “Surprise!”

Back on the plane, Jack thinks, “Jennifer, I can’t wait to come home and surprise you.”

Marlena is wondering what it will be like to be with John again. She’s sure Roman is thinking the same thing about Kate. She wonders what they are walking into, “I think it’s going to be awkward.”

Belle asks John, “How can you even think of moving on with Kate?”

John says, “Your mother’s gone, honey. I’m still alive and I need to move on. I don’t know where I’d be without Kate. My life has been hell. Kate and I shared the same horrible pain once we lost Marlena and Roman. I’ve asked her to shack up with me permanently. I hope you can accept that.”

“I can’t. You’re making a huge mistake. You will both regret it.”

The nurse asks if Nicole is the new floater. Nicole hems and haws. The nurse will introduce Nicole to the people involved with the operation.

Jack stares out the plane window and imagines the reunion. Oh, the wonder of it. Then he imagines the real reunion with Jennifer.

“This time it WILL be for real,” he says.

Roman says Marlena should try to get some sleep.

Marlena says, “I can’t. Every time I close my eyes I see the video of Kate and John making love. And if we hadn’t seen them together we wouldn’t...”

“You’re right,” interrupts Roman.

Marlena asks, “How are we going to face them after what we’ve done?”

Kate asks if John wants to call their arrangement off. No, he wants her to move the rest of her things in, “I want you in my life. Not just until I am completely back on my feet. I want you in my life because I have fallen in love with you.”

Back at the apartment, Belle can’t believe this is happening, “Before Mom died I used to think things always worked out, but now I know that’s not true.”

Mimi says she’s going to look at Rex’ laptop and find out more about what the Fearsome Foursome is up to. Mimi scowls, “OMG this is incredible!”

Bo can’t find Hope and Lockhart’s car is not in the parking lot. Billie just wants to find Georgia.

The McDNA tests are in! The blood is a match.

Billie wants to check out that address with or without Bo.

Bo says, “You’re not rushing off again. You’re being irrational.”

Billie snaps back, “The hell I am. I am driving to Ogden with or without you. That is our daughter’s blood. Either she was in an accident or someone has hurt her. Haven’t we suffered enough?” Flashback to Georgia’s grave, “I will not bury my daughter again.”

“Well, you’re not driving to Ogden yourself. I’ll go with you,” says the idiot.

Jack’s imagination runs wild. The reunion is going well. The half naked couple covers up as Abby comes in. They escape to another room. Abby sees her presents and Jennifer rushes out with the cake, “You look disappointed.”

“Not at all,” says Abby.

“Well” says Jennifer, “I have a real surprise for you. What is the one thing you have wanted more than anything? Close your eyes.” Jack rushes out in a bow.

Abby opens her eyes, “Daddy!” Oh, the joy.

The nurse introduces Chloe to Nurse Nicole. Nicole fakes a nasal twang and says she has allergies. The nurse tells Nicole she sounds awful and should probably find a substitute for the big operation tomorrow.

Nicole says she will be fine and will be at the big event. “That was way too close,” she thinks to herself.

Nancy wants to know why Chloe is out of bed. She’s not sleepy. Nancy says, “You know you’re just worried about the operation.”

“Yeah,” says Chloe, “but I can’t stop thinking about Brady and seeing him today. I heard what he said – We’d be married by now and starting a family.” Nicole listens. Chloe continues, “After this surgery I will be ready to meet him.”

Nancy finishes the thought for her, “And I promise Brady will drop Nicole just like that,” she snaps her fingers.

“Yeah,” thinks Nicole, “but there won’t be any surgery.”

Roman says if they tell John and Kate they were together it will just bring trouble. Marlena says, “I can’t live a lie.”

Roman wonders, “Do you think they will tell us what they did?”

Marlena says, “I don’t know. I hate this position we’re in. If we say nothing we’re being deceitful. If we bring it up, it will be awkward.”

Roman pushes her, “Promise me you won’t say anything. What John and Kate don’t know won’t hurt them.”

John says, “I won’t lie to you. I still love Marlena and you love Roman. But I know they aren’t coming back.”

“Kate says I know, but...”

“I can’t live my life without you by my side,” says John.

“I know. I can’t help thinking about my sons right now.”

“Lets get this situation under control then we’ll talk about you and me, says John.”

Kate says, “I don’t’ know what I’d do without you.”

Mimi says, “This isn't about rescuing Phillip. Rex made a video for me in case he didn’t make it back.”

The lame video plays scenes of Mimi and Rex running across the screen like cartoon figures. After the two-bit intro, Rex comes on and says, “In case you haven’t gotten the message I love you and want to marry you, to love honor and protect you for all the Days Of Our Lives. I don’t care if we can’t have children. We’ll adopt.”

Mimi scowls, “Rex I don’t deserve you. What will you say when you hear the awful things I’ve done?”

Mimi imagines Rex coming home and finding her in chains, with a cop dragging her away. The cop spills the beans about the abortion because it’s Mimi’s motive. Mimi calls for Rex’ help. Rex says, “You lied to me. Who are you? I don't ever want to see you again.”

As the cop drags her out the door, Mimi screams, “I’m sorry.”

Mimi says, “I’m gonna lose Rex no matter what. I have to leave Salem... for good.”

Bo can’t find Hope. Billie says they can call her from the car. Jennifer just happens to walk out holding a cell phone. It’s Hope’s. She left it there so, conveniently, Bo can’t contact Hope to tell her about his stupid plan to go to Ogden. Jennifer advises Bo he shouldn’t go with Billie.

“Thanks Jen,” snaps Billie as she sticks the T-shirt in her face, “This is Georgia’s blood. She’s been hurt.”

Jennifer asks, “Hope has to know if he’s gong to run off and put his life in danger don’t’ you think?”

Jack daydreams. He meets Jack Jr. He tells Abby she has to blow out her candles and make a birthday wish. Abby says her wish already came true with Jack coming home. “It won’t be much longer now,” thinks Jack.

The guard at the airport says a private jet has just requested permission to land.

“Maybe,” says John, “the boys changed their mind.”

The nurse tells Chloe, “Dr Weiss is the best there is. He’ll look at the injuries with a sophisticated scanning system and if there is any problem, he’ll cancel the operation.”

“Thanks to me,” thinks Nicole, “there will be a problem.”

Nancy encourages Chloe to get back to bed.

Chloe says, “My face had better get back to normal so I can be with BB again.”

Nancy says, “It’ll all work out.”

“Not if I can help it,” thinks Nicole, “Now I just have to make sure the Dr. gets the wrong x-rays so the operation is canceled.” She starts going through files.

Nancy comes up behind her and shouts, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Billie rides the “Hope-hung-up-on-me” wave again, “I am not waiting one more minute. Bo doesn’t have to go, but I am going.”

Bo tells Jennifer things will be OK. “Tell hope if you see her.” You can bet on that.

“Hope isn’t gonna like this one bit,” says Jennifer.

Belle tells Mimi she can’t run away, “It’s not your fault. Jan fell and hit her head. Do what you tell me to do – follow your heart.”

Mimi watches the computer. Rex drones on, “I thank God for you every day, Mimi. I love everything about you. Your sense of humor, loyalty, goodness, that cute little way you wrinkle your nose every time you tell me a whopper, Remember how much I love you.”

Mimi whines, “If Rex gets killed it’s my fault. It’s God’s way of punishing me.”

“That’s ridiculous, says Belle, “We can’t blame ourselves, just pray for them to come home safely.”

John says they can’t ID the incoming aircraft.

Kate says, “I hope it’s our loved ones coming home to us.”

On the plane, Marlena says, “I can’t believe we’re finally home.”

We see a cornucopia of scenes from the plane, the airport and the hospital waiting room.


Billie tells Bo, “Let's go check out this lead and then you can go home to Hope.”

Jack comes in and finds Jennifer rambling, “...and he was the best husband anyone could ever hope for. I know he can see us now.”

Marlena says, “Roman, I’m... scared.”

Kate says to John, “The past is in the past, and I believe with all my heart that my future is with you.”


Anonymous a said...

Ohmyohmyohmy. This one was so chock-full of LOL moments I can't even get them all down: the SFT acting technique pics, Dirty Uncle Roman, McDNA tests, Salem nestled between Europe and Utah!

Not to mention TLT* moments: John going to stop the 4-Fs by going after them in his jet. (He going to shoot them down?) Belle being aghast that Skate are together. (Where has SHE been since Kate moved in last January?) Chloe jubilant that after "this" operation she can be with Brady. (Didn't the Doc say their would have to be a series of surgeries?)

I'm just waiting for Homeland Security to come along and shoot down that unidentified plane entering the "no fly" space. HAHAHAHA

*TLT - The Logic Thing

6:21 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm curious as to how Nicole is going to sabotage the big operation - exchange the sterile surgical instruments with contaminated ones??

I also LOL over the McDNA tests. Salem must have a 24 hr. a day lab devoted just to the Bradys. HAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the use of words such as "croaked" and "shacking up" are hopefully meant for us to laugh, not to believe the writers are that enept.

8:07 AM  
Blogger im4egypt said...


10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since I can't find anywhere on the site to email you, I just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your "talents" on this blog for awhile now and LOVE it! You're very creative and funny (without being mean-spirited like they are on many sites), so I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate it. You've given me many a chuckle and a couple of laugh-out-loud moments as well. Keep up the great work!

11:33 AM  

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