Monday, April 25, 2005

The Rock Of Gibraltar

Nancy confronts Nicole. She saw her trying to peel a label of the file. She's going to call Dr. Weiss and report her.

On the plane, Jack wakes Cassie. He tells her this is Abby's birthday.

Abby asks where she is. Jennifer tells her she is in ICU. Abby thanks Jennifer for being there. She loves her so much. “Likewise, I'm sure,” says Jennifer.

Abby says she had a dream, "It was the best dream. We were all together. I didn't have to make a wish because it had already come true. We were all there. I wish all wishes could come true.”

“I pray this plane has our sons on it,” says Kate. She tells John, “You shouldn't have come out tonight. Let's go back to the penthouse.”

“No,” says John, “We'll stay here and watch that jet and find out who's on it.”

“We're almost home,” says Marlena.

“Good ole Salem, USA” says Roman, strategically leaving out the state.

Marlena says, “It's been nearly a year. Now we're so close I can't wait one more moment.”

Roman says, “I'm gonna grab hold of Kate and never let go.” He detects some concern in Marlena, “What is it?”

“I just feel there have been so many changes. We don't know what we're going home to. I feel disconnected.”

Dr. Roman says, “You can talk to me about anything.”

“Roman, I'm scared.”

Kate can’t stand seeing John in this kind of pain.

He tells her, “As long as I have you with me, I can get through anything. I love you Kate.”

Kate says, “After Roman died, I told Phillip I couldn’t imagine loving another man, but he told me I was so full of love [Kate's full of something. It might not be love, though.] I shouldn’t let that part of my life go. He wondered if there could be anything between you and me. I didn’t know because I was so filled with grief.”

“I noticed you didn’t say anything when I said I loved you,” says John.

“I know,’ says Kate, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

Kate says, “I just can’t stop thinking about the boys being at the mercy of Shawn’s insane plan. It gave me hope because you had such strong feelings for me. You were very brave and I was a coward. Because I have loved you for a long, long time but I couldn’t admit it. I just put the thought aside. But the truth is that the past is in the past. We can’t change that. But our future is blessed and I believe that my future is with you.”


The group on the plane anticipates their arrival. Roman asks why Marlena is scared.

Marlena says, “We’ve been gone so long I don’t know what we’re coming home to. Thanks to Tony we’ve had graphic picture so of what John and Kate have been up to. They thought we were dead. It’s natural they would turn to each other for comfort.”

“I‘m glad we know about them,” says Roman. I’d hate coming home and find out later. Doc, it was rough rollin' back into Salem years ago and finding out you and John were living what was supposed to be our life. Then we made a mistake. We went on as if nothing had happened. When I found out you had feelings for John it threw me off.” And I’ve been off ever since.

Marlena says, “This time will be different. We have each other.”

The pilot comes on the loudspeaker and tells them the plane has clearance to land. The plane heaves and bodies go flying.

Jennifer is on the phone with Maggie. Maggie’s happy to take care of Jack Jr.
Besides, says Maggie, “Being here has a benefit. This is a Bonnie-free zone. Jennifer asks for an overnight bag. Mickey comes out and asks if Abby is OK. Maggie says they are keeping her for observation.

Mickey asks, “Do you think if Jennifer would like us to take the decorations down? Wait. I have an idea. If Abby can’t come to her own party...”

Maggie finishes, “We’ll take the party to her.”

The nurse comes into Abby’s room. She says Chelsea is awake and asking for Abby. Abby asks the crucial question, “Does she know her parents are dead?”

Nurse Nicole coughs.

Nancy nags, “You shouldn’t be at the hospital with germs like that. What are you doing with my daughter’s X-ray?”

Bo lectures Billie. He says he shouldn’t be leaving town without telling hope.

Billie thinks it’s OK, “If we waste any more time, I’ll never forgive myself, Bo. It’s Ogden. Right outside of Salem. Our daughter might have been right under our noses all this time. Let’s check it out and then you can go home to Hope. Please?”

Abby and Jennifer come in to see Chelsea.

Chelsea says, “They won’t tell me anything about my parents. When do I get to see them?” Abby stares.

The pilot says, “Sorry about that folks, the air is a little choppy up here.”

“I just had an awful Days-a vu about escaping the island and drowning,” whines Cassie.

Roman asks if Marlena is OK.

Marlena says, “Just when you say it’s going to be all right, that happens.”

“Hey,” says Roman, “The nightmare we’ve been living is just about over. For real this time.”

“Thank you for being here,” Says Marlena.

“I didn’t have much choice,” laughs Roman, “I would never leave you.”

“There was a time I thought we would never get off that island. If we wouldn’t have been in the situation we were in, I never would have made love with you,” says the guilt-ridden Marlena, “I love John so much and I love you too.”

Roman says, “I know exactly how you feel. Because I feel the same way. We were together for months sleeping in the same bed. I don’t like the thought of being separated from you, but I want to get home.”

“Roman what are we going to do?”

The plane lands. The pilot tells the group, “We might have some explaining to do about your lack of identification.”

Roman asks Jack, “Can you drop Cassie by the pub on your way?” Apparently, Jack has a limo waiting. Roman continues, “Cassie try to explain to pop what happened and I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

Marlena asks if they will just let Jack and Cassie walk off the plane.

Roman says he will deal with immigration, “And this gives you and I a few more moments to prepare and then we’ll go back to our real lives. Are you ready?”

John gets a call, “Damn, yeah, yeah, yeah.” He tells Kate the Fearsome Foursome weren’t on the plane that just landed.

Kate says, “That means they’re gone and we can’t stop them. Phillip is in a combat situation. How can we expect them to compete with a war?”

“Let’s go home,” says John. They start to walk out, but John collapses. Oooos and Aaahs from the crowd of gawkers in the airport.

Nicole says she was replacing the labels because they’re the wrong colors.

“My husband color-codes his files, too,” says Nancy.

“Is your husband Craig Wesley,” asks Nicole, “Oh he is my hero.”

Nancy hands her the file. Please take care of my daughter tomorrow she leaves. Man, is she ever easy.

As Nancy walks off, Nicole thinks, “Oh, Nancy Chloe’s surgery is going to be a real nightmare.”

“Bottom line,” says Bo, “Hope and I almost broke up. I can’t break any more promises with her.” But I will. Just you watch.

Billie says, “I need to know you’re with me, Bo, or I can’t do this.”

It’s time to break the horrible news to Chelsea. Jennifer says, “Sweetie your parents...” But in true DOOL fashion, Chelsea instantly falls asleep. Jennifer takes Abby out.

Jennifer thinks the nurses are waiting to tell Chelsea about her parents after she gets stronger.

Abby says, “She’ll never see her parents again except at the funereal.
We never even got that with Dad. He’s not coming back is he?”

Jennifer says, “There were times I wanted to believe he was, but he’s not. He’s gone.”

“No DiMeras in sight,” says Jack as he enters his house. Mickey is sitting on the couch. Jack says, “Mickey!”

Mickey says, “Jen’s not here, Jack... OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!

Jack says, “I’m here alive in the flesh. Long story short I was held hostage. What’s wrong?”

Mickey says, “Jack I’m afraid there was an accident. Abby. But she’ll be all right.” Jack rushes out. Mickey gives him the car keys.

The flummoxed Mickey stands at the door doddering as Jack heads for the hospital.

Marlena asks, “What if it’s not as we imagined?”

Roman says, “You’ve got a big case of the jitters. And I’m just the guy to fix that up.” He fixes a couple of drinks. “To us and going home.” Let’s get plastered we’re probably gonna need it. “We haven’t been separated in... How long has it been?” Interminable for your audience.

The pilot gives them clearance to leave the plane. So much for Roman dealing with immigration.

Off they go.

Kate asks how John feels. “Better, thanks.”

Kate says, “I think we should go home.”

John says, “There’s something I want to ask you first.”

Kate wants to go. John says, “No, all of a sudden I’m in a really big hurry to do this.” I’m about to collapse. We’re in the middle of a busy airport, what time could be more romantic?”

Nicole changes labels. The nurse grabs the files form her, “The anesthesiologist needs to review all the records before the surgery tomorrow.”

Nicole asks, “Should I, oh, what the hell, I’m desperate and he’s the only one who knows what to do here.” She dials the phone.

“You’re on your own,” says Bo, “and I’m not. I’m not free to go running off any more.” Even though I do it every other day.

“Oh,” says Billie, “so you’ll be at home holding Hope’s hand so she won’t be jealous.”

Bo says, “She has reason to be Jealous.”

The sarcastic Billie says, “A moment of silence for Hope’s suffering. If this had happened to you, I’d be there for you. Turn the car around I’ll go by myself. Who needs you?”

“Good question,” says Bo, “Georgia does. Our daughter needs me.”

Nicole flashes back to when Stami told her to be a nurse. No one answers the phone. Nancy comes up behind her talking to a nurse. She’s in agony waiting for the surgery tomorrow. Nicole eavesdrops. Nancy says, “Chloe has had complications before. What if the Dr. Slips or gets tired?”

Nicole thinks. She picks up a scalpel, “This isn’t the time to be squeamish. It’s the only way Brady will ever be mine.”

Bo pulls up to the place in Ogden. He has a bad feeling about this, “We just happened to have the address delivered to us, it’s the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. It feels like a trap.”

Jack comes up to Maggie in the hospital. Maggie is shocked, “HOW...”

“Two words,” says Jack. Bad writers. “Tony DiMera.

Abby always felt like Daddy was somewhere out there waiting to help them, “I guess it’s because I know where he is – in heaven. He’s at peace and I can talk to him. He can hear us, right?”

“I don’t doubt he can hear us,” says Jennifer.

Abby says, “I just want to be able to talk to him.”

“Listen,” says Jennifer, “let’s just say a prayer, OK? Lord we thank you for all the blessings you have given us. I pray you will heal Abby and help Chelsea. We want to thank you for Jack.” Jack walks into the room. “He was the best father and husband anyone could ask for. We know he can see us now. We will always love him.”

“Roman,” says Marlena in the airport, “we’re home.”

Roman says, “Now we just have to find John and Kate and give them one hell of a surprise.”

Kate thinks they should go home.

“You’re making it tough for me to propose,” says John.

Roman and Marlena will talk about how to break the news in the cab. Unfortunately, they don’t have any money, and cabbies usually want payment.

Kate asks, “Propose?”

“Ah,” says John, “Now I’ve got your attention.”

“Propose what?”

John says, “What does a man usually propose? I was going to make this more romantic, but I cannot wait to do this any longer.” He pulls out a ring with the Rock of Gibraltar mounted on it. “I wouldn’t have made it if you weren’t by my side. Kate Roberts, will you marry me.”

“Oh yes,” says Kate. They attack each other with Roman and Marlena in the background.

“Oh look,” says Marlena, “That couple is so much in love they are kissing in the airport. That’s romantic. It’s also convenient. They may just give us a lift home.” Marlena heads toward the couple. Roman chuckles and follows.


Nicole says, “I have to make sure Chloe never wants Brady to see her again.” She jams the scalpel into the counter, “Oops.”

We see Brady as Chloe’s voice says, “Brady what is it?” A figure looks into a mirror and screams, “OMG!”

Jennifer turns around, “Oh my gosh! It can’t be.”

Kate tells John, “I know my future is with you. We’re going to be happy.”

“OMG. I don’t believe it,” says Roman.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

I have two words for today's Prevuze - "good writer".

LOL's: on the road again, R2D2, Kate is full of something, and the "two words".

TLT's: How does Nancy know what the nurse is doing from across the room and with the nurse's back to her? Abby just got out of major surgery, how can she be up and around in a wheelchair already?

6:30 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm still LOL over R2D2, too! HAHAHAHA

And also the very true comment that Roman was thrown off and is still off! :p

Terrific Prevuze!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Roman was thrown so far off he became John. Or was it he was thrown so far off he was Kris and he became Roman? I don't know. I can't keep up with it. When they publish a "Who's Who in Salem," they really mean WHO IS WHO.

8:05 AM  

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