Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Both Barrels

Mickey and Maggie have taken the baby home to get him off the set. Jack thinks Jack Jr. knew he was his dad. Jennifer thinks it’s amazing to have laughter back in the family. Abby promises she will never take Jack for granted again. Small talk. Abby’s friends didn’t think Jack was cool, they thought he was crazy. Jack promises they will never be separated again. Group hug.

Belle and Mimi get back to the apartment. Belle is glad the authorities stopped John form going after the guys. The Fearsome Foursome had too big a head start. If it were up to Kate, Shawn wouldn’t come home at all, “I can’t believe my dad would have anything to do with that selfish witch.”

At the airport lounge, the waiter introduces the two couples; one celebrating their 50th anniversary and the other celebrating their engagement. Kate is embarrassed. John doesn’t care if the whole world knows. They toast “us.” Roman thinks that couple looks familiar. He and Marlena go over to congratulate them.

Kate goes to freshen up. Roman, of course goes over to the older couple, Judge Adams and his wife. Roman and Marlena tell them they were held captive by Tony. We go through the usual, “We thought Tony was dead” stuff. Roman congratulates them and promises to catch up later. Roman and Marlena leave. Mrs. Adams says, “I didn’t know they were still married.”

Roman gets a shot of tequila. Might as well. Kevin’s paying for it. John looks around the room.

Patrick and Hope talk. Patrick thinks Hope should feel better because the girls are OK. Hope obsesses over why she hung up on Billie after Billie totally insulted her, “I’ll never forgive myself.”

Patrick says he should have called Hope from the scene of the accident instead.

Hope asks, “What if Bo had picked up the phone?”

Patrick says, “All these what-ifs will drive you crazy.”

Hope wonders where Bo is.

Bo and Billie plan their attack on the house. They crouch behind the bushes with their guns drawn. Bo thinks they are rushing in too soon. They shouldn’t be there right now. “God only knows what they’ve done to her,” says Billie.

Bo tells her, “I’m trying to get you to open your eyes.”

Billie snaps back, “My eyes are open. Has Hope convinced you this is just another DiMera trick?”

Mimi says Belle used to love Kate. Belle says, “She used to love me. Now I can’t even look at her. I never used to believe the things Sami said about her but maybe they are true. Mom has only been dead a few months and now he’s moving on with her?”

Mimi says, “I can’t believe she would want Shawn to die.”

“She only cares about Phillip, Rex and Lucas,” says Belle.

Mimi tells her, “She never thought I was good enough for Rex. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to have her as a mother in law. But now I’m terrified Rex won’t come home and if he does, how can we have a future anyway?”

Belle says, “What happened to Jan was an accident.”

“There is no way to prove it,” says Mimi, “If Jan wakes up she will lie and, it serves me right for all the lies I have told. I know you think Rex will forgive me, but what is Kate going to do when she finds out?”

“I think she will try to turn Rex against you,” says Belle, “Who is she to judge anyone? Shawn thinks Kate wants Billie to be with his dad. Meanwhile she is going on with me about the sanctity of marriage. I can’t believe dad can’t see her for the hypocrite she is.” Dad’s a tripped out junkie.

Roman says the last time they were there he wanted to kiss her. Marlena says she wanted that, too. He kisses her. Marlena reels, “Roman, we can’t do that.” She runs off. Roman follows.

Kate comes back into the room. “I guess it’s time to go,” she says to John.

Roman apologizes. Marlena says, “Roman we can’t let that happen again. My future is with John and yours is with Kate.”

Kevin comes up and tells Roman the call will come through in 10 minutes. Roman apologizes for kissing Marlena. “That’s OK,” says Marlena, “It just can’t happen again.”

Meanwhile, Kate and John give each other a tongue-tonsillectomy.

Abby fills Jack in on what has happened while he was gone. “The Red Sox won the World Series, and guess what else?”

Hope is getting a bad feeling. Patrick wishes she would stop worrying. When he was growing up, Salem was famous for the great couples. She and Bo are one of them.

Hope runs through the inventory of great Salem couples. The couples are great because they stayed together.

Patrick asks, “What about Roman and Marlena?”

Hope says, “They were parted by death in a way. Marlena thought Roman was dead. Then John was Roman and...” Roman was Kris or was he, who knows, and, Oh, the confusion. It’s hard to believe Bo and Billie even fell in love in the first place.”

Patrick speculates, “Maybe they went home. Why don’t you call and find out?”

Hope calls. Patrick stares.

Bo and Billie bicker. Bo tells her, “You’re an ISA agent. You’re throwing your training right out the window.”

Billie rants at Bo, “Don’t talk to me about caring about our daughter. She could be lying in there bleeding to death right now!” Man, this poor schmuck just gets it from both barrels. One of them is named Billie and the other Hope.

Billie runs off. Bewildered Bo asks, “Am I talking to myself here?”

Mimi says Belle has to understand where Kate is coming from, “She’s terrified for her sons.”

Belle says, “Kate isn't worried about Shawn. She would trade Phillip’s life for Shawn’s in a heartbeat. I miss my Mom so much. Dad, Sami, Brady and I are such a mess right now. Right now? How about always? I know if she were here she would make it all better.” Hug.

Marlena can’t wait to see John. Roman says he will hurry and be right back. Marlena pines, “Oh John, I can’t wait to see you.” She sits down.

John finds his cane, “I’ll worship the day I don’t’ have to carry you anymore.” He turns and sees Marlena sitting there. Slowly, Marlena turns. She sees John. This is it. Finally. The spine-chilling reunion. They run to each other’s arms. Hugs and crying abound.

The place is dark. Bo says, “They could be lying in wait for us. On three.” Bo kicks in the door and yells, “POLICE!” The furniture is covered and the house is dark. Bo says, “It’s obvious no one’s been here for some time.” Billie wants to check upstairs. Bo tells her, “We’re not gonna find anything, Billie.”

Billie says, “You’re right, but somebody sent us here on purpose. We’re gonna search this place from top to bottom.”

“OK,” says Bo, “but whatever happens we keep our cool.” As if they had any to lose in the first place.

Hope gets no answer. She calls Bo’s cell. Again, no answer. Patrick suggests she ask Jennifer. Hope doesn’t want to disturb them, “He’s disappeared again and you know what that means. Something’s going on between him and Billie and they don’t want me to know about it.”

Jack rambles. He gives Abby the cake. He lights the candles. Jennifer says, “This is so surreal to watch the two of you laughing and talking.” The group blows out the candles. Yet another group hug.

Belle makes more tea. Mimi wants to cry when she thinks about the message Rex left. Belle says, “If I would have known Shawn would put his life in danger...”

Mimi interrupts her, “We can’t think that way. I just thought, do you think Shawn will wait to tell Phillip when he gets home or do you think he will tell him over there? And what do you think Phillip will do?”

John says, “Tell me this is real, Doc.”

“Oh,” says Marlena, “Just hold me.”

Kate comes in. SURPRISE-SURPRISE, “No it’s not possible. That can’t be Marlena. It is. It’s her. Oh.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “Hello beautiful.”

Roman,” Kate gets faint. He grabs her. Kate says, “This isn’t happening. Marlena’s dead. You’re dead. It’s impossible.”

“No,” says Roman, “It’s not impossible. I am right here. Just come here and kiss me.”

“Oh, you’re really back,” says John.

“I’m back,” says Marlena through the tears, “I’m back to stay.” Another tonsillectomy.

The birthday celebration continues. Jennifer goes to the cafeteria to get some plates and forks. “We don’t need no stinkin’ forks,” says Jack. They start eating with their fingers.

Jennifer bumps into Hope. Jennifer tells Hope about Jack. More hugs. Patrick looks confused.

Billie says, “Totally deserted. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure we got here. What gives?”

Bo tells her, “We’re not gonna help Georgia by making ourselves sitting ducks lets get out of here.” They hear a noise.

They position themselves outside a door. As they open it a voice inside says, “Momma.”

Belle doesn’t know if Shawn will tell Phillip, “but it doesn’t matter now. We can’t lose them. I already lost my Mom this year. I couldn’t bear it.”

The cake is half demolished. Jack says, “When you come back from the dead you can have your cake and I can eat it too.” Jack rambles. He’s going to college with Abby. He will be the school mascot. Abby asks what happened to him. He says, “Let’s table that,” and hugs her. Abby rambles. She finally gets around to, “I don’t’ think she was ever serious about Patrick.”

This strikes a chord. Jack says, “What, she was serious about Patrick Lockhart?”

“No,” says Abby, “He’s just been there for her.”

“You mean,” asks Jack, “like fixing things? Tell me more. How has Patrick been there for your mother?”

Jennifer doesn't know the details and doesn’t care, “Right now we have all the Days Of Our Lives left together.”

Patrick is happy for Jennifer. Maybe.

Hope wishes she knew where Bo was.

Jennifer tells her he went with Billie.

As they talk Jack walks up and sucker punches Patrick. They roll over the furniture and onto the floor.

A doll in the room says, “Momma!”

“It’s a sign,” says Billie. Sharp as a tack, ain't she?

Bo says, “That doll didn’t make the floor creak. Someone else is in this house.”

Billie runs into the room and falls in a hole in the floor. Oh, no, not another hole-in-the-floor-trick. Bo yells for her. Billie lies unconscious in the abyss.

John says says, “I feel like I’m in the middle of a hell of a dream.”

“It’s real,” says Roman.

“This is as close to an out-of-body experience as I’ve ever had,” says Kate.

“And we can all pick up where we left off,” says Roman.

John says, “The coast guard gave me your clothes. The blood, the DNA matched, help me here. I watched you disappear. Help me understand.”

“We have so much to explain,” says Marlena.

“Yeah,” says Roman, “And I’m sure you and Kate have an awful lot to tell us too.”

John and Kate turn and stare at each other.

Roman purses his lips.

FF on Marlena.


Brady says, “Ill see you boys on the ground.” He jumps from the plane, “GERONIMOOOOOoooooooo!” The others follow. Shawn says, “Hang in there Phillip, we’re coming to get you.”

Bo peers into the abyss where Billie lies. Meanwhile, Hope asks, “What is it about Billie Reed? Why is it every man she meets insists on being her knight in shining armor?

Roman looks at the Hope Diamond on Kate’s finger and says, “This is not the ring I gave you,” Kate turns and says, “John!”


Anonymous Emma Elliott said...

"Mom has only been dead a few months and now he’s moving on with her?”

Is that all? Hmmm, felt longer!

Another Great Prevuze! BRAVO!

5:40 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

You know, there might be hope for Belle yet. She not only admitted that maybe Sami had been right about a few things, she realized that Kate was a hypocrite. Too bad she didn't point that out to Squints.

Bo, "Am I talking to myself here?" Now he knows how Hope feels trying to talk sense to him.

Tongue tonsillectomy and double-barrel trouble!! HAHAHAHA

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Jenshoe said...

Love reading your previews everyday. Especially your little comments.

I am starting to like this new speak your mind Belle. You Go Girl. Finally someone besides Sami thinks Kate it up to no good.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Amen to all of the comments about Sami being right. I never have gotten over the fact that Roman, who also suspected Kate of framing Sami and sending her to death row, conveniently forgot about that AND married her?! I guess the viewers weren't supposed to remember that.

Good Prevuze and comments!

10:05 AM  

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