Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Cavalier Captive

Hope paces in the waiting room. Patrick comes in and asks about Abby. Hope tells him Abby is out of danger but Jennifer blames Hope for hanging up on Billie. Patrick says he was there and doesn’t blame Hope at all.

Billie worries about Chelsea. She can’t imagine what she is going to do when she learns about her parents. Bo tries to be positive.

Billie just won’t let go of the fact Hope hung up on her, “You know what was hard – being so helpless. If Hope had only given you the message.”

Bo says, “Billie this tragedy has brought up thoughts of Georgia. When this is over we’ll start looking for her again.”

Lexi comes out and Billie asks how Chelsea is. Lexi stares.

Belle wonders what if Shawn doesn’t come back. Maybe they should tell the police what Jan did to Shawn. Mimi doesn’t think that’s a good idea. If they told the police about that, the police would know she had a motive. Which I thought they already did anyway. Mimi tells Belle Rex is going out of town

Belle says, “Shawn is leaving town, Rex is leaving town, Meems, is there something going on they aren’t telling us?”

Rex finishes his downloads. The guys talk about what Mimi and Belle think about them going out of town. Lucas and Brady arrive. “Hey, guys,” says Rex, “we’ve got a problem.”

Sami puts on her makeup and becomes Stan, “Brady won’t be able to rescue Phillip, and if he does make it back he won’t be with Chloe. REVENGE is so sweet. Let’s see who’s next on my agenda. He opens a paper. “Phillip?”

Pan to Phillip thinking something strange is going on, “I gotta get out of here before it’s too late.”

Kate flashes back to her conversation with Lucas. John is playing with his computer. She asks how he is feeling. He’s dealing with the pain. He has discovered his ISA computer has been broken into. He’s ordering a full-scale investigation.

“No,” says Kate, “You can’t do that.”

He asks, “Do you know something about this, Kate?”

Innocent little Kate asks, “Why would you think I know anything about that?”

John wants to know, “Why did you react the way you did? I know you don’t want to endanger Philip's life, but if you know who’s hacking in tell me now.”

“Oh God,” says Kate, “just hold me. I may have done something really terrible. I think I let our sons put themselves in terrible danger.”

Rex went to a classified website, Hmmm... I wonder if Prevuze should be classified. “John may know and it looks like he’s called for a full-scale investigation.” They decide they have to go now. Rex twiddles to see if he can throw John off their trail.

Mimi thinks Rex and Shawn going away is a coincidence. Belle is suspicious, “If he and Rex are leaving at the same time and if they won’t tell us where, hello... they’re going to rescue Phillip! This is a suicide mission. We have to stop them. Come on.”

Phillip struggles. A creep walks in. “Rough day,” asks the cavalier captive?

“Maybe for you,” sneers the guard.

“No,” says Phillip, “I’m talking about you. I’m getting strange vibes. You haven’t gotten any orders from command and you don’t know what to do next, do you?” How on earth would Phillip know there are no orders coming in?

The guy slugs Philip. So much for being cavalier.

Phillip says, “I guess I hit a nerve, huh.”

“Bad news,” the creep tells his compatriot in private.

Stami contemplates his assignment. He reads on. Wait for instructions. Be patient. All will be revealed.

Hope thanks Patrick but says it’s her fault. Hope is even joining in on the Hope-bashing-festival, “Do you know how many of these calls I’ve gotten form Billie? Then the next thing you know Bo’s on a plane with her.”

Patrick says Billie not getting in touch with Bo didn’t make the difference.

Hope asks, “Why are you taking my side?”

“I’m not taking sides, I’m just telling you how it is.”

Hope says, “I just wish Jen and Bo could see it that way.”

Patrick brought Lambie for Abby. He’ll talk to Jennifer about Hope when he sees her.

Hope says, “Thanks. We just have to pray the girls will be all right.”

Lexi says Chelsea survived the surgery, “She is not out of the woods. It will be a difficult recovery IF she pulls through.”

Hope overheard what Lexi said. Hope says she’ll pray Chelsea will be all right.

That was Billie’s cue to rant, “How can she ever recover from this? You have ruined that young girl’s life.”

Bo tells Billie to cool it.

Billie ramps it up, “Because of Hope's ridiculous jealousy two people died tonight.”

Bo says, “Billie, don’t talk to my wife that way.” Billie stomps off.

Bo tells Hope Billie is reacting to what happened tonight.

Patrick comes up and says it was not Hope’s fault. Bo doesn’t want Lockhart’s two-cents-worth. Patrick wants Bo to step up and take responsibility for his actions. Bo wants to take it outside. Hope referees.

Lexi gets a page, “It’s Abe, I hope he’s OK.” She leaves.

The girls come into the apartment calling for Rex and Shawn. They aren’t there. Belle says if Shawn was going to put his life in danger he’d have left a note. She remembers he gave her a key to grandpa Tom’s trunk. That’s where the message might be. Flashback to the tender moment when Shawn gave her the key to the trunk.

Belle and Mimi open the trunk. Belle goes thorough the memorabilia in there, “Look, Shawn saved everything.” Stained glass, broken motorcycle parts, everything. She finds a videotape. They pop it in the recorder and watch.

Shawn pours his heart out on tape. He’s sorry he can’t tell her before he goes, “I’m doing this for you – us. If anything happens to me, if I get captured or killed, you’ll go to our special place and find this and I can say a real goodbye.”

The boys get to the airport. Brady will check with the pilot to make sure they are cleared for takeoff. Will is with Maggie and Mickey. Lucas starts to call him. Rex asks, “Isn’t Bonnie with them, too? That should be interesting.”

“He wouldn’t be there,” says Lucas, “if Sami hadn’t abandoned him. I’m going to call. This might be the last time I hear my son’s voice.”

Bo sees on his cell phone he missed a call from Shawn. He goes over to the pay phone to return the call. Can’t use a cell phone in a hospital, you know. So how did Bo know he got the message if his phone was off?

Shawn stutters, “Thanks for calling. I was just calling to say hi. How are you and Mom?” Bo tells him about the accident.

“That’s awful I’m really sorry. Well look Dad, I know you must be busy there. Is Jennifer OK?”

Bo says, “She’s pretty upset.”

“Just give her and Abby my best,” says Shawn.

Bo hears a plane in the background, “Shawn where are you? What’s going on?”

BB says, “If my dad catches us our asses are grass.”

John asks what Kate means by that, “I don’t have to ask you who hacked in do I? Are Rex, Lucas and my son on the way to try to rescue Phillip? DAMMIT TO HELL they re going to get themselves killed.” John mumbles. John gestures. He makes a call to try to stop them.

“I love you,” Shawn says on tape, “I always will. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you what I was dong before I left. Me, Rex, Brady, Lucas all have a [cockamamie] plan to rescue Phillip. I’m doing this because I love you. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me. You make me a better person. If I die, I have no regrets, knowing you will always love me. My life is complete. So, then I’ll be in heaven* and be waiting for you, and I will never stop loving you. Goodbye Belle.”


Mimi notes, “Rex could die too.”

Belle, a woman of action says, “Not if we have anything to do with it. Come on.”

Shawn says he’s on the roof and a plane flew over, “The reason I called is I wanted to thank you for the talk we had up here. I want to set new goals, do new things.”

Bo says, “That’s great, but you aren’t taking anymore risks, right?”

“Yeah. Listen, my cell phone battery is dying, so tell Mom I love her.”

“All right, bye,” Bo says into the dead phone. He goes back to Billie and asks if everything is OK. She says, “I hope so.”

Shawn hates to lie to Bo but, “at least they won’t worry till I get back.”

Stami thinks, “The whole world knows Phillip is being held hostage. What if my cover gets blown? This could be dangerous.”

The creep comes in and announces the DiMera castle has gone up in flames. Meanwhile, Phillip struggles. One of the links of his chains is pulling apart.

Lexi argues with Abe, “I didn’t mean
to sound like I have a job and you don’t.” OMG, his manhood is challenged, “Honey. I was in surgery. Don’t hang up.” Silence.

Patrick tells Hope Bo takes Billie's side whenever she and Bo have and argument about Billie.

Bo is concerned about Shawn’s phone call, “Shawn sounded more like himself, though.” I don’t really agree. I thought he sounded fairly sane.

Billie says, “Hope will be happy to hear that.”

“I’ll tell her later,” says Bo.

Billie says, “Hey you can’t count on later Bo. Look what happened tonight. No girl Chelsea’s age should be alone.” Billie flashes back to Georgia’s gravestone, “I know I haven’t been around lately and I’m going away for a long time. Oh, Georgia if only you had lived. We’d have had the most amazing life. You me and your daddy.”

Billie says, “I can’t stop thinking about Georgia.” Bo hugs her. Hope watches. The tympani’s roll.

Brady tells the gang the jet’s been grounded.

“It’s a done deal,” says John, “I just used my last favor. The ISA is grounding all the planes out of Salem. How could you let him do that? If they make that flight we may never see them again.”

Belle and Mimi come in, “You have to stop them, Dad. We found a video. We know what they are up to. I want Philip rescued, but what if they all wind up dead.” They all head for the airport.

Patrick tells Hope, “You can’t change what happened. The best thing you can do now is leave.” Hope scowls.

A nurse hands Billie a bag. Someone left it for her at the front desk. She looks inside and stares at Bo.

Stami gets a call, “I have your next assignment,” says the disguised voice.”

Stami says, “If you want me to go after Phillip you can forget it.”

The guard has discovered Phillip's weak chain, “Where do you think you are going?”

“Holding him makes us a target,” says the creep, “There’s only one thing we can do... kill him.”

The voice on the phone tells Stan to look outside the door. Stan finds a box. He opens it. Military camouflage. The voice says, “That’s your disguise and you’ll have all the firepower you need.”

Stami says, “This is too dangerous.”

The voice says, “This is the price you pay to get your REVENGE.

“OMG. This could be suicide,” thinks Sami.

The creeps load up to kill Phil.

“I reversed the order to ground the plane,” says Brady, “Money talks.”

John rushes into the airport and they tell him the plane is taking off.

Lexi tells Abe she will be home soon. I thought he hung up. Oh well. They can relax and listen to music and he doesn’t need his eyes for what else she has in mind, “Oh, well, if you’re tired I won’t wake you when I get in. Good night. I lov...” dead phone, “you.”

Hope peers though the window. Patrick has suggested going for a ride or a cup of coffee. “Let’s do it,” says Hope.

Billie takes the contents out of the bag. It’s a T-shirt with a tag that says, ”Georgia.” It is also covered in blood.

FF on the bewildered Bo.


“Who is doing this to us,” asks Billie. Bo says, “I’m gonna get some answers and get ‘em now.”

Mimi says, “No matter what I do I’m gonna lose Rex. I have to leave Salem... for good.”

John tells Kate, “I want you in my life because I have fallen in love with you.”

Roman tells Marlena, “What John and Kate don’t know will not hurt them.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Hope in the cross-hairs! How appropriate. HAHAHA

Well, so much for Billie's committment to "be there" for Chelsea through her long and difficult recovery. She's going to dump her responsibility as quick as Bo does and they'll both be off on another wild goose chase while Chelsea/Georgia languishes in a hospital without parents.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So in this episode Lexi has changed her method of frightening the poor people in the waiting room. She's gone from coming out and declaring "I'm sorry we lost her!" (without explanation) to just staring.

Some medical crew! HAHAHAHHA

8:47 AM  

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