Thursday, April 28, 2005


The big reunion continues in the airport, “I can’t believe you’re here says John.”

Kate had given up hope. They want to know how Roman and Marlena survived.

Roman tells them about the trawler, “They were holding us captive on it and then took us to the castle where Tony held us prisoner.”

John says, “Tony? No that’s impossible. We’ll just hunt him down like a dog...”

Roman says, “It's done, John. This time he’s dead for good.”

The Fearsome Foursome flies into the jaws of death. They bicker. Rex berates Shawn, “The only reason you want to bring Phillip home safe is so Belle can break his heart.”

The bearded, suffering Phillip asks for water. The goon torments him. Phillip says, “I’m dehydrated. If you don’t’ give me water I will die.”

Mr. Nasty says, “That’s the whole point.”

Stami has arrived at the scene where Phillip is held hostage. He’s in his fatigues, “Where am I and what the hell am I doing here?”

Jack walks up and sucker punches Patrick in the hospital. They pull them apart.

Jennifer asks, “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you,” says Jack, “letting that snake back in your life?”

Bo tells Billie someone else is in the house. The impulsive nitwit runs into the room and falls into a hole. Bo chases and yells for her.

John says, “I can’t believe my bastard half brother did this to us again.”

“Tony is dead, John,” says Roman.

John says, “We’ve had this conversation before.”

Marlena tells them they aren’t the only ones who were in the castle.

Roman says Jack is alive.

Marlena says Cassie was with them.

Kate is thrilled, “Cassie alive?”

“Our daughter is alive,” says Roman.

Meanwhile, back at the torture chamber, the goon says, “You can have water as soon as you answer our questions.”

“I’ll give you name, rank and serial number,” says Phillip, “or I’d rather die.”

“Then,” says the goon, “you will get your wish.”

Stami stands at the door and thinks, “I have to do this to get my REVENGE, so what do I have to lose?” Your life, toots. Stami knocks.

Shawn and Rex argue as the engines drone in the background. Brady tries to bring some sanity into the situation, a losing proposition. Rex hated leaving Mimi. Shawn hated leaving Belle.

Brady says he didn’t have to lie to Nicole.

“Yeah,” says Lucas, “if you die she gets the Kiriakis fortune.” Lucas and Brady argue.

“We’re all risking our lives and we’re just edgy,” says Brady.

Rex tries to convince Lucas Sami didn’t mean to do what she did. Maybe he should give her a second chance.

Lucas is sick of her stunts, “I love her but she is pathological and I’m not going there again. I have Will to come home to. I’m here to bring Phillip home. When Belle sees Phillip she will have second thoughts about you, Shawn.”

The guys decide to stop arguing. The pilot comes out and tells them he can’t land the plane. They have to jump. Oh, joy.

Hope holds up her badge and yells, “DETECTIVE BRADY, Stop.”

Jack says, “Abby told me how Lockhart played you while I was gone. News flash, Hope, Tony never died. He survived and Lockhart is still working for him.” He turns to Patrick, “You set me up.”

Billie stirs, “What happened?”

Bo says, “You ran into a dark room and fell into a hole, you impulsive bozo,” or something to that effect.

Bille asks, “Can we hold the I told you so's?”

Bo says, “You almost wound up dead.”

“Almost doesn't count, Bo,” says Billie, “Is the lecture over yet?”

Bo asks, “Are you sure you’re OK?”


“I’m coming down to get you.”

“No,” says Billie, “Don’t!”

Kate wants to go see Cassie. Roman says tomorrow morning will be better, “Then we can take Rex.” Kate is sullen. “OK,” says Roman, “what is wrong here?”

“Rex is out of town on business,” says John. Way out of town.

“John,” says Marlena, “tell me about Brady, Belle and Sami. How is Sami since the wedding was canceled?”

John asks how Marlena knows the wedding was canceled.

They tell John Tony tortured them with every bit of bad news going on in Salem. We flash back to Roman and Marlena watching John and Kate on TV in the castle. They discover John and Kate have
moved on.

John wants details on Tony’s death.

The pilot will land alone and tell them he had engine trouble. The guys can meet him later to get outta Dodge, once they have rescued Phillip.

“No one ever got hurt jumping,” says the encouraging pilot, “It’s the landing that kills you.”

“Somehow I will get out of here, Belle, and get home to you,” thinks Phillip. He flashes back to their wedding night. He toasts her, “To the Days Of Our Lives.” Back to reality. The guard says, “Stop talking and I will give you some water.”

The defiant Phillip says, “Give me water and unlock the chains.”

The goon asks, “How stupid do you think I am?”

“More stupid than you look,” says Phillip. POW!

A figure opens the door for Stami, “Come in.”

Stami enters. S/he looks around, “Love what you've done with the place.”

The guard points a gun at Stami.

Stami turns around, “WHOA!”

The guard asks, “Who are you what are you doing here?”

Jack tells them about the freighter, getting captured again and being taken back to the castle, “Lockhart helped,” insists Jack. Hope asks if he has proof. Jack says he can’t prove it.

“Because it’s not true,” says Patrick.

Jack rants, “You are part of Tony’s plan.”

Hope asks if Jack is sure Tony is dead.

“As sure as I can be, without having the body right in front of me.” He goes on to tell them Cassie, Roman and Marlena are alive, but he doesn’t think Victor and Caroline made it.

Hope believes Patrick. He saved their lives. She wants hard evidence Patrick worked for Tony. She also wants Jen to tell her where Bo and Billie went and why.

Billie says if Bo comes down they will both be trapped.

Bo has an idea. A rat crawls over Billie’s shoe. Billie looks up and sheepishly says, “OK take your time. I’ll be fine.”

“OK,” says Bo, “this might take awhile.”

“Great,” says the less than enthusiastic Billie.

“You didn’t see Tony’s body,” asks John.

“No, that’s a fact,” says Roman.

Marlena thinks Tony’s dead. John is skeptical. Roman joins the Tony-is-dead party. Kate is glad they escaped. She’d hate to think of any of their loved ones having that kind of death. John thinks something is wrong.

Marlena tells them about Victor and Caroline.

They all hug.

The guard roughs up Stami.

Stami asks, “Didn’t you get your orders?” Inside, motions the guard. He tells the other guard Stami is an infiltrator.

Stami protests, “We work for the same guy.”

“Who,” asks the goon.

Stami says, “I don’t know his name. He calls me on the phone. He ordered me to come here. How else do you think I would have these clothes?”

They chain Stami, “This is what we do with spies.” The guards leave.

Stami asks Phillip, “What other things do they do to spies?”

Phillip says, “They kill them.”

Stami says, “Thanks for breaking it to me easy, Phillip.”

Phillip asks, “How did you know my name, who are you?”

“The person who’s going to die with you,” thinks Sami.

Rex isn’t too excited about the jump. The pilot gives them instructions. The boys pray, “God please guide us and bring us home safely with Phillip.”

One after another, the Stuporheroes jump, “GGEERROONNIIMMOOooooo

Did you ever wonder why paratroopers yell “Geronimo” as they jump? Legend has it a group of original paratroopers training for duty during WWII took a break one evening and went to see the 1939 movie Geronimo. One of the group, Private Aubrey Eberhardt, had his first jump the next morning. His buddies asked if he was scared. He said no. To prove it he would yell something at them as he was falling. Having just seen the movie the word he chose was the name of the brave warrior, Geronimo. The tradition stuck.

Hope says Bo promised him he wouldn't run off with Billie again. And the poor twit actually believed him. Jen tells her about the DNA tests. Hope is skeptical. Jen says Bo insisted on going.

“Of course he did,” says Hope, “Billie can play him like a fiddle.” I think Hope is more concerned about them fiddling around.

Jack tries to defend Bo.

Hope is frustrated, “Why is it every man she meets insists on being her knight in shining armor?”

Bo has made a rope out of sheets. He yells down to Billie, “I’ll pull you up.”

Billie says, “Oh you’re a regular knight in shining armor.”

Bo pulls. As she starts up, Billie says, “First floor ladies lingerie.”

Stami struggles. Phillip tells him not to try. He will just tear up his wrists. “I can’t die here,” says Stami. He flashes back to a tender moment with Lucas. The collapsing bed. Talk of the wedding. Stami cries. Phillip asks if he will be all right. Yeah, I was just remembering things.

“I guess it's true,” says Phillip, “when you are about to die your whole life flashes before your eyes.”

“Just the good parts I hope,” says Stami.

“So now what,” asks Stami. Phillip says it’s curtains. Stami whimpers.

The Stuporheroes have landed. Brady tells them to stay there while he does reconnaissance work, “If I’m not back in 20 minutes take off without me.”

Brady leaves. Shawn wishes him luck.

Jen has no idea where Bo went. Hope knows the DiMera’s are behind this.

Patrick doesn’t know where Bo and Billie are. Hope tells everyone to stop bickering. Hope needs to tell Bo about his parents before he finds out from someone else, “Billie won’t be happy until they both wind up dead. I swear to God if something happens to Bo, I will make sure that selfish, manipulative witch pays.”

Billie shouts, “We’re almost there.”

“What's this WE stuff,” asks Bo. Suddenly, I mean, didn’t we all see this coming, he slips and falls into the hole. Billie calls for him, “Please wake up, Bo.” She hears a grinding sound, “Oh no, the trap door’s closing. Bo, you were right this was a setup. Oh, no.”

John says Caroline was like a mother to him. He bonds with Roman. John says they have a lot to catch up on, “Let's head back to the penthouse.”

“Well, Mrs. Brady, let’s go,” says Roman. He kisses her hand and sees the ring, “Wait, what the hell is this. This is not the ring I gave you.” Kate stammers and looks at John for help.

John says, “I gave it to her. We’re engaged to be married.”

FF on the shocked Marlena.


Billie says, “Wake up Bo, come on I need you.” She rolls him over. Blood and gore, “Oh God!”

Brady tells the others, “We have to work fast and find Phillip tonight, or he’s gonna die.”

“Let’s just say I’m someone who is in way over her head,” says Stami. Phillip asks, “HER head?”

Patrick asks Hope, “Did just a part of you hope that meant Georgia was dead?”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Whoa! Not only DAZED commentary and great pictures, but history lessons. This is a full-service site!! Great Prevuze as usual.

Stupor-heroes. LMAO! That will keep me chuckling all day.


6:14 AM  
Anonymous jenshoe said...

Thanks for the history lesson today. Who thought you could learn something watching a soap opera.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze is just a fountain of information. Or maybe a fountain of something else, but we appreciate the comments. And as far as I can tell, the paratrooper story is true.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah, I liked the Geronimo info, too! (And I got a chuckle that the real Geronimo's picture was included.) And also Billie being accurately described as an "impulsive nitwit". HAHAHA

My question is, if this is all Shawn's stupid idea how come HE isn't the one going out and doing the scouting? I'd tell him to go out and check things out and see ya' later - if you return.

Excellent Prevuze!!

7:55 AM  

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