Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crying Over Spilled Milk

We see a shot of a beautiful stained glass window. Where are Shawn with his motorcycle when you need him? Hooded Chloe comes up to the altar, “Please, Dear God, let the surgery be successful and let my face heal quickly so I can tell Brady I’m alive before he winds up married to Nicole.”

Nicole worries Brady is risking his life so he can be reunited with Chloe, “Then it will be so-long Nicole, hello one true love of my life.”

Stami comes to the door. He knows Nicole is still thinking about what he said. She has to sneak into the hospital and stop the surgery, “With this.” Stami holds up a paper bag.

Kate tries to convince the Four Mouseketeers they should not be going on the mission, “When John finds out about the mission, he’ll put a stop to it.” If he can sober up long enough. Kate picks up the phone. Shawn takes it from her.

Mimi comes into Belle’s apartment, “My whole life is over. I am about to lose Rex and if Jan dies I’ll go to prison for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer talks to Abby, “I’m so glad the doctors said you will be all right. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

Bo berates Hope about hanging up on Billie. Billie happily joins in. Hope says she thought Billie was exaggerating when she said it was an emergency. We’re really crying over spilled milk here. “They’re dead because of you, Hope,” says Billie.

“It’s not just that I want to be well again, but you have to save BB from winding up with that witch Nicole,” prays Chloe. “Witch” - you don't use the B-word when you're talking to God.

Stami shows Nicole what is in the bag – a full set of surgical scrubs complete with booties and a mask as well as a counterfeit nurses’ ID.

“You want me to pretend to be a nurse?”

“Unless you want Chloe back in Brady’s arms.”

“There is no way I can stop that operation,” says Nicole.

Billie pours it on, “That poor girl is in surgery fighting for her life and has lost her parents.” Hope stands right next to Satan for what she did. Bo was the only person in Salem – no the entire world – who could have gotten help there sooner.

Hope is sorry, but she says Billie is like the girl who cried, “wolf.”

Billie rants, “Two people are dead and a young girl is an orphan all because you begrudge me and my daughter having a small place in Bo’s life.” You go girl – lay it on thick.

Mimi thinks Tec somehow set them up to break into Jan’s house, “I know I shouldn’t have run away from the scene, but I was scared and that creepy guy was there. If Jan dies, I’ll wind up in the death chamber.”

Lucas says they all want Phillip home safe. Rex reminds Kate they are using John’s wonderful plan. Yeah, it was so great the ISA flushed it right down the toilet.

“No, you stole it,” says Kate.

Shawn says they’ve wasted enough time. They have to get going, “If we don’t leave Salem Phillip is going to die over there.”

Rex closes up the console. BB tells Lucas and Rex to talk to their mom as he and Shawn leave. Kate picks up the phone to call John. The boys stare.

Bo bawls out Hope. Billie piles on. Jennifer comes out and Hope runs over to her. Abby is stable. Jennifer sees something is wrong. Billie is having the time of her life. She tells Jennifer what Hope did. Billie is relentless. Hope is anguished.

Lucas asks Kate to listen to them before she makes the call. “OK, talk,” says Kate.

Lucas asks Rex to leave.

“Wait,” Rex protests, “She’s my mother too.” Lucas says he knows her better. Mom always liked him best.

Rex leaves and Kate and Lucas argue. Kate says it doesn’t mean anything to her if BB and Shawn get killed in the operation.

Belle tells Mimi to stop feeling guilty. Even though she is. Mimi says, “Once I start telling lies, I can’t stop. What am I going to do?” Uh, don’t start telling lies?

Shawn videotapes a message to Belle. He can’t tell her in person before he goes because she would try to stop him. If anything happens to him she’ll have this video and can see his tearful goodbye. If he dies, that’s a brain science wants to keep and study. The human race doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Stami says Nicole has never let anything get in the way of what she wants. Nicole asks “Who the hell are you?”

Stami thinks, “I’m Sami Brady, you slut, and I can’t believe I am helping you get your claws into Brady.” He tells her he’s the guy who’s going to help her get BB. He’s doing it because he thinks she’s despicable and being with her will ruin BB’s life.

Nicole says, “I’m not doing anything for you until I know who you are. Where did you get all this stuff?”

Stami says, “Let’s just say I have a good friend who’s helping me out. I have ways to get what I am after, but you, either you stop this operation or you will lose the man you love.”

Chloe knows Brady loves her for who she is, “but I also know if I went to him like this it would be just like when I had leukemia. He would drop everything to help me. I won’t be a burden to him a second time.” She lights a candle. Who walks in but Brady himself. He lights a candle. He asks, “Do you mind if I pray here?” Chloe turns away. “Are you all right,” he asks.

Lucas asks if it’s really OK with Kate if BB and Shawn get killed.

Kate spits, “Shawn doesn’t give a damn about Phillip. This is just another one of his schemes to get Belle, and I can’t believe you bought it. Let Shawn and Brady do it. Let them risk their lives.”

Lucas says, “The plan takes 4 people. Do you want Phillip home?” Kate stares.

Mimi doesn’t want to lose Rex. Belle says, “Then trust in your love. Tell him. Without trust and honesty there is no relationship.” Rex knocks and asks if Mimi is there. Belle lets him in.

He comes in and says he needs to talk to her. Belle leaves to give them privacy.

Rex has something to tell Mimi and STOP THE PRESSES, Mimi says she has something to tell Rex. He says she won’t like what he has to tell her.

Shawn packs. Belle is at the door. She comes in and sees him packing. Belle wants to know what he is doing. “I’m gong out of town for a few days,” says Shawn. Belle stares.

Chloe hesitates. Then she says she’s fine and runs off. Brady prays, “Dear God, how ya’ doin’ stranger, please watch over Phillip and bring him home safely. I know it sounds strange to hear me pray. I haven’t done it much since Chloe died. If she were alive we’d be engaged, maybe married. Building our future. I came to pray about Phillip, but it's all about Chloe. It’s always about Chloe. I wish she could come back to me. I know you can work miracles, but that is one miracle which is never going to happen.

“Being with me,” says Nicole, “is the best thing that ever happened to Brady. Why are you doing this?”

Stami says, “I hate BB and want to see him suffer.”

Nicole asks, “What did he ever done to you?”

Stami flashes back to all his/her arguments with Brady, “That’s personal, but Brady needs to be punished and the way to do that is never to have him get together with Chloe. Hooking him up with you will make it even worse for him.”

“So what you’re saying is you get REVENGE on Brady and at the same time, I wind up with him.”

“Yes, all you have to do is stop Chloe’s operation.” He hands the scrubs to Nicole.

Hope tries to explain herself. She walks off with Bo and tells him she is sorry. Bo says Billie is just determined to do everything she can to help Chelsea, “Let's not focus on what we can’t change.” Hope frets.

Kate says she wants Phillip home safe, but she doesn’t want to risk the lives of her other sons to get that. Lucas says Rex and he can’t let Phillip rot in some hellhole.

Stami says if Nicole isn’t on board he will have to find some other way to destroy Brady’s life and maybe hers too. They hear Brady coming in and rush Stami into another room.

Brady tells Nicole he’s leaving, while Stami listens.

Rex says he’s got to go away for a little while, “It’s like a field trip.” Where he is going is remote. He won’t be in touch by cell phone.

Mimi isn’t too shook up about this. Rex says, “You seem kind of relieved that I’ll be out of touch, Mimi. Is there something going on you don’t want me to know about?” Mimi stares.

Belle wants to know why Shawn is leaving. The dim little light bulb in her head comes on. He’s going to rescue Phillip. Shawn denies it. “Then,” asks Belle, “why are you going away?”

“Because of you,” says Shawn.

Chloe comes back to the candles. She prays, “When Brady knelt beside me it was all I could do not to let him see it was me. With your help that miracle will happen. I’ll finally be healed and Brady and I can be together all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Nicole says, “Maybe you shouldn’t rush into this. What if...”

“Listen,” interrupts Stami, “it has to be NOW.”

Nicole tells Brady, “I guess ‘be careful’ sounds pretty lame.”

“Not to me.”

“Come home to me, Brady.”

“I will and remember I have that surprise for you when I come back.”

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” says Nicole.

“I love you too,” says Brady. He goes upstairs to get ready. Nicole cries as Stami comes in.

“Oh, very touching – I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” he mocks.

“It’s true, says Nicole, “and he said he loves me too.”

“Yeah, but not more than anyone else. When he comes home, who’s he coming home to? You or the newly beautiful Chloe? You know what you have to do.”

Stami leaves. Outside he says, “How perfect. I got him.” Nicole watches him leave.

“What’s John gonna do when he finds out,” asks Kate.

“Hopefully,” says Lucas, “Phillip will be back by then. We’re running out of time. Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this mission, especially John. Promise you will look after Will.”

Kate says, “You can’t do this to Will. He hands her a letter for Sami, in case he doesn’t come back. He tells her it’s about Will. Kate takes the letter and promises him she will always watch over Will.”

Lucas promises to call Will. He leaves. “Oh, God please be careful,” whines Kate.

Mimi says she isn’t relieved Rex is going away. “It’s just we’ve both been so worried about what’s gong on with Phillip, Belle and Jan. Hopefully these things will be resolved for the best when you get back.”

She promises she will be waiting for him. “Unless I’m in jail,” she thinks.

Shawn says it’s hard being around Belle but not being able to be with her. So he needs to take off for a while and clear his head. That’ll take about two minutes.

Belle is peeved. She says he’s doing the same thing he did last summer, “You’re just running away form our problems. You are a coward. You’re not doing this because you love me. You’re doing it because it’s easier. And, as usual, you’re putting your needs ahead of mine and everyone else’s.”

“That is not true,” says Brainiac.

Belle goes on, “Phillip’s mom was right. You’re selfish and immature. She storms out.”

“When we return,” says Shawn, “you’ll realize I did this for you and our future.”

Jennifer doesn’t understand why Hope hung up. It’s “Gang Up On Hope Day” in Salem. Jennifer asks, “What if Chelsea dies? What if Abby has a permanent injury?” Jennifer runs off.

The nurse tells Billie and Bo Chelsea is out of surgery. They ask how she is. The nurse says they have to wait for Dr. Carver to tell them. Billie says that isn’t a good sign. If Chelsea was OK, the nurse would have told them instead of making them wait, “What if Chelsea’s dead,” asks Billie. Bo hugs her as Billie stares daggers at Hope.

FF on Hope the She-Devil.


Belle says, “Shawn and Rex are going out of town. Meems, is there something going on they aren’t telling us?”

“This is all your fault,” Billie tells Hope, “you have ruined that girl’s life.”

John tells Kate, “He got sucked into this so he would finance the suicide mission. Damn it to hell, they’re gonna get themselves killed!”

Phillip tells the creeps, “You haven’t gotten any orders and you don’t know what to do next.” The creep says through his ski mask, “Kill him,” and points his rifle at Phillip.


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Oh my. If you got the "mood ring" caption without needing to read the footnote, you are truly showing your age!

Loved the pictures, as usual. And poor Hope. Can tar and feathers be far behind?? HAHAHA

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