Tuesday, April 26, 2005

French Fries Smothered In Catsup

Nicole messes with the files, “Everything is set for tomorrow, Chloe’s big day. I have to make sure she never wants Brady to see her again. Oops.” She jams the scalpel into the counter.

Meanwhile, the grotesque Chloe says, “Brady I’ll finally be back the way I was and we can be together.”

Nancy reminds Chloe there is risk. She’s told Chloe 100 times BB loves her the way she is. She encourages her to call Brady.

Jennifer prays. Jack stands behind her holding a birthday cake. Jennifer and Abby hug. Abby sees Jack, “Daddy!”

“I know, says Jennifer, “I wish he were here too.”

“He is here, Mom.”

Jennifer tells her, “Just get some rest.”

“Not before she’s had her cake,” says Jack.

Jennifer turns around, “Jack, Oh my gosh. It can’t be.” Big reunion. Abby watches almost in terror, “Daddy is it you? I knew you’d come home to us.”

“It’s me,” says Jack.

“It is you!” Group hug.

Kate can’t believe John just proposed. John is confident everything will be great for them. He’s going to take care of her. She believes he is the most amazing man and will never let her down.

John says, “I never thought I’d fall in love again after Doc.”

“Me neither,” says Kate, “Roman and Marlena are gone. My love for you is real.”

John asks, “I’m not pushing you, am I?”

“I want this more than anything in the world,” says Kate, “You’re the only man for me now. I can’t wait to marry you.” They kiss.

Marlena tells Roman people help fellow travelers. They see the couple is at it again. Roman suggests they call a cab and pay the driver when they get to Marlena’s house. Good idea, but conveniently Roman’s satellite phone battery is dead. Maybe the kissin’ couple will let them borrow a cell phone. Marlena goes to ask.

The Devereaux clan shares a happy reunion. Jack flashes back to Madison. Jennifer wants to know what’s wrong. “I’m just making sure it’s the real you. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you all about it later." Jennifer will just love the part about Madison. "Right now there is something else I have to do.” Smooch.

Roman doesn’t want to call John or Kate.

John puts the ring on Kate’s finger with the help of a forklift. Kate knows they will be happy. Kate is worried about Belle, “I think she will have a hard time accepting me, especially if she breaks up with Phillip.”

“As soon as she sees how happy you have made me she will come around,” says John.

Kate says, “I hate for Phillip to come home and find...”

John shushes her, “Let’s just bring him home first. Let’s go on home.”

Marlena asks why calling John or Kate would be a mistake.

Roman says, “I think breaking the news should be done in person.”

“Especially,” says Marlena, “if they have moved on without us.”

Jennifer wants details. Right now Jack just wants to savor the moment. He says Mickey told him she and Abby were at the hospital. He turns to Abby, “I’m so sorry about the people in the car with you. I’m glad you’re going to be OK.”

Abby says, “I never felt better. Let’s go home now.”

Jack tells her she’s staying right there, “Look at you. You are a young lady. What happened to my little girl?”

“Can you believe she turned 17 today,” says Jennifer.

Jack says she should make a birthday wish.

“My wish already came true,” says Abby, “It’s the best present I ever got.”

“I’m never going to be separated again from you. Never,” says Jack.

Chloe tells Nancy, “I won’t be with Brady while I still look like a monster.”

Nancy says, “None of it matters anyway. Did he stop loving you when you had leukemia? No. He was there through all of that. You do remember that don’t you?”

Chloe remembers. She flashes back to Brady telling her the way he feels won’t change. He loves her. Chloe picks up Brady’s picture.

One of the nurses tells Nurse Nicole she has been taken off the surgery schedule tomorrow. Nicole protests, “No you can’t do that!”

Roman tells Marlena John loves her and Kate loves him, “Let’s go home and you can see for yourself.”

A guard runs up to Roman with a message from Shane Donovan. Shane has to talk to Roman. Roman decides to wait for the call. They head up as we pan in on John’s cane.

In the airport bar, John apologizes. He knows how much Kate wanted to get out of there. He used to come here with Doc. She used to go crazy over the french fries here. He flashes back to a scene in the airport bar just before their honeymoon. Kate asks if he is all right. He just needs to sit down. They go sit, and none other than Marlena and Roman walk in.

Marlena spaces out, “I used to come here with John all the time when we were using his private jet.” She has the same flashback. John gropes her and makes a scene in the airport. Marlena says, “Oh, I wish Shane would call. I just want to get home.”

“We’ll give him 30 minutes,” says Roman, “Then we’re outta here.” Roman sees someone across the room, “OMG! I don’t believe it. Look who’s here,” says Roman. Are you sucked in by this? I’m not sucked in.

Jennifer asks Jack what happened to him. Jack says, “Long story short Tony DiMera held me captive.” Jennifer reacts to the fact that Tony is alive. Jack continues, “He was alive, but he’s dead now. There’s no way he could be alive.” Wanna bet? “Roman, Marlena and Cassie are alive. We think Victor and Caroline were there too, and we don’t think they made it out.”

Dr Weiss gives Chloe a sedative. He’ll see her in the morning.

Chloe says Nancy should go home. Nancy says she had planned to stay. Chloe says, “Why, so you can try to talk me out of having the surgery?”

Nancy relents, “OK I’ll go, but remember you still can change your mind.”

“I know mom.” Nancy leaves. Chloe pops the pills.

Nicole says her allergies aren’t that bad. She wants to work tomorrow. She says she needs the money. Her mom is sick. Sob story. Nicole masks up as Nancy comes to the nurses’ station. Nancy says, “If she’s sick, I do not want her anywhere near my daughter!”

Jack tells them about the fire in the castle and his escape. Maggie walks in. She asks who else is alive. Jack runs through the ever-growing back-from-the-dead inventory. “Well,” says Maggie, “as one of the thousands of Salem residents who have come back form the dead, I guess anything is possible.”

Roman, of course, does not see John and Kate. Instead, a man walks up and Roman introduces him as Kevin Jackson. Kevin is a former detective who took disability when he was wounded in a shootout. He just started working here for extra money, “The old pension only goes so far.” He tells Marlena about the shootout. He is only alive because SuperRoman was so brave. Roman asks for a few minutes with him in private. Marlena leaves. Roman hits Kevin up for cash, “Listen, Pard, I’m in a bind, could I borrow $20?” When Roman calls you ‘Pard,’ hide your wallet.

“Say no more,” says Kevin, “I’ll seat you in my section.”

John is going to pass on the food. He doesn’t have the munchies at the moment. He tells Kate the ISA will try to intercept the boy’s plane when it lands. He orders the finest champagne.

Kate wants to celebrate, “You are the one good thing in my life.” Yeah, forget her sons. They kiss.

Roman is going to have whatever they have on tap. He orders french fries. He tells Marlena, “I think that’s what we had when we were here before. “

Marlena doesn’t remember being there with him before.

He reminds her. She flashes back. Blah, blah, blah. In this revisionist flashback, he tells her about the french fries there. He’s introduced her to anchovy pizza and french fries smothered in catsup, “There might be hope for you yet.”

Marlena asks, “Have you noticed all of our memories have to do with food?”

“All my good memories have to do with you,” says Roman.

“I thought I came here with John first.”

“It’s one of the many things you did with John that you did with me first, up to and including marrying him,” says Roman.

Nicole insists she just has allergies. There will be no risk.

Nancy threatens, “If anything happens, you will never work in nursing again.”

“I can live with that,” thinks Nicole.

Nancy leaves. The other nurse tells Nicole how ugly reconstructive surgery is.

Nicole wonders, “OMG! can I go through with this?”

Chloe dreams. Brady tells her it’s time to take the bandages off. He cuts them off. He carefully unwraps them. Ho boy, avert your eyes and prepare for the worst.

Brady reels in shock. Chloe asks, “Brady what is it.”

The diplomatic Brady says, “It’s just gonna take some time.”

Chloe demands, “Brady give me the mirror.”

Chloe looks into the mirror, “AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! OMG!” She turns and cries. “No,” she says in her sleep.

Chloe tosses and turns. In her dream Brady tells her he will always love her no matter what. He kisses her and we pan out and see the beautiful Chloe. “Brady,” she calls in her sleep, “Now everything’s all right. We can finally be together again.”

Outside the window Nicole stares at the scalpel, “You’re not giving me any choice, Chloe. If I go to hell at least I’ll have Brady while I’m on this earth.”

Mickey walks into Abby’s hospital room with Jack Jr. Visiting regulations are pretty liberal in this hospital. Jack meets Jack Jr. Jack can’t believe it. Oh, the bonding.

The french fries come. Marlena does the honors with the catsup.

The champagne comes, “I never thought I’d be happy again,” says Kate, “Now I have a future to look forward to.”

John says, “I look forward to spending the rest of the Days Of Our Lives in love with each other.”

“This has to be forever,” says Kate.

The waiter quiets the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have two couples here celebrating special occasions. One couple is celebrating 50 years of marriage, and the other couple just got engaged.” He asks them to stand up.

Pard and Marlena can’t see as John and Kate stand up and take their bow. Roman shrugs his shoulders to indicate he can’t see what’s going on.

John and Kate sit down. “That was very embarrassing,” says Kate.

“I don’t care if the whole world knows,” says John, “Here’s to you and me, kid.” That one will win the Emmy for the worst Bogie imitation of all time. They toast. They kiss.

Roman thinks the couple looks familiar. He’s not sure if he knows them. They decide to go over and congratulate them. John and Kate kiss as Marlena and Roman work their way through the crowd. FF on Roman pointing at the lovebirds.


Belle tells Mimi, “Kate isn’t a bit worried about Shawn. She would trade Shawn’s life for Phillip’s in a heartbeat.”

Billie tells Bo, “Don’t talk to me about caring about our daughter. She could be lying in there bleeding to death right now.”

Hope tells Patrick, “Something’s going on with Bo and Billie and he doesn’t want me to know about it.”

Jack runs up to some guy and says, “Get your hands off my wife!” He slugs him and the guy goes tumbling over the seats in the waiting room. Jennifer yells, “Oh, Patrick!”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

How many of you think it's actually going to be Skate that Pard goes over to see? And how many KNOW it's going to be the 50 year anniversary couple? You betcha'!

Nurse Nicole's action picture was great. And speaking of Nurse Nicole, what is Nancy afraid of? That the nurse with infect Chloe with hay fever?

Also loved the "help of a forklift" comment. HAHAHA

7:10 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The moving picture was great! So was the "butt ugly" comment. HAHAHA

I still don't get Pard's logic that they just have to show up unannounced. Of course this is the brilliant mind that never did one thing toward getting them out of the castle either.

2:24 PM  

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