Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Epitome Of Dull

Sami and Will are at the pier talking about her shooting EJ as Arianna listens in shock and awe.

Kayla shows up at Stephanie's place. Stephanie tells her Melanie found out about Chloe cheating and will probably stop the wedding.

Well, the wedding starts and Melanie butts in, "I need to talk to Chloe - alone."

Rafe hands in his resignation and his buddy wonders why he's doing it. Rafe says it's for the woman adolescent posing as a woman he loves.

EJ signs his release papers. Dr. Walters cautions him to be careful. "I'll be the epitome of dull says EJ. A guy comes in and serves EJ with and injunction against him seeing his kids.

Arianna watches as Sami talks about shooting EJ. Suddenly Sami and Will hear a noise. "What was that," asks Will. He and Sami go noise hunting but Rafe interrupts with a call and asks her and Will to meet him at the Hernandez Hovel. They leave.

"OMG," whimpers Arianna, "Sami shot EJ. What can I do?"

Maggie starts to go off and check on Melanie. Victor encourages her to butt out. Maggie doesn't like the way he's telling her what to do.

Carly watches... Daniel and Phillip wonder what's up.

Chloe defends herself as Melanie lectures her for cheating. It's a good thing virginal Melanie is perfect so she can fulfill her role as the chief of the Salem morality police. Chloe begs forgiveness. Unfortunately for Chloe, there are two types of people in this world. Forgiving people and Melanie.

Stefano is upset EJ got served papers. Lexie leaves as Stefano tells EJ this will have a good outcome. EJ says the recording can't be used in a criminal court, but can in a family court.

Sami and Will join Rafe in the Hernandez Hovel. Rafe confirms he resigned to protect Sami. Protect yes. Support no. "No one," says Rafe, "can ever find out Sami shot EJ."

Stephanie and Kayla talk about the switcheroo and her concerns Nathan might dump her. Kayla thinks things might be better if the wedding doesn't happen.

Chloe continues to whine and beg. Melanie continues to whine and accuse. She finally decides she'll keep the secret, "Because you broke my heart and I don't know what else to do." Melanie don' wan' no stinkin' thanks, though.

"I'd be in great shape if I ran like my mouth." - Melanie Layton Kiriakis

Lexie joins Stefano and EJ again and tells Stefano to calm down. Stefano backs off and leaves to get the car. Lexie asks about EJ's memory. "I remember everything," says EJ, "Well, I remember everything I can remember, anyway. Sami is doing what I would do. I kept her daughter from her so she's reciprocating." Lexie thinks that's not good for the kids.

Arianna sits on the bench outside the pub, hyperventilates and tries to figure out what to do. She decides to call EJ, but then changes her mind and decides to tell him in person.

Melanie tells Daniel everything is OK, "I just needed to get some things off my chest." No comment.

The ceremony proceeds. Daniel vows to remain the only guy in Salem who doesn't know Chloe pre-cuckolded him. Chloe promises to keep the sleazy affairs to a minimum. The JP makes the pronouncement.

Phillip turns to Melanie and says he guesses she didn't blab. Melanie says she didn't, "Which makes me just as bad as my mom."

Arianna runs into EJ's room to find it empty. Dr. Walters tells her EJ has left. The empty room tipped him off.

Lexie, EJ and Stefano are back in the rumpus room. Lexie leaves and EJ flashes back to Sami's rant at the wedding.

Back at the loft, Sami's on the phone with Caroline. Rafe and Will agree to watch out for each other as Sami comes back. Rafe reiterates he quit his job to (say it with him) be there for Sami. "It's hard to wrap my head around this," says Will.

"Right," says Sami, "I'm not going to let you do it, Rafe. So... it's a shame you already quit your job and we're penniless."

Kayla says Nathan loves Stephanie and wouldn't leave her. Stephanie worries about the what-if situation, though. Like what if he finally wakes up and realizes who it is he's living with.

Maggie is happy for Daniel. Victor hopes Daniel is ready for the heartburn to come his way. The crowd lines up to congratulate the couple. Daniel interrupts Carly and Melanie and asks if everything is OK.

Sami and Rafe are alone. Sami says she won't let him throw his career away. You know... the one he already threw away. Rafe says he loves her and that will pay the rent, buy the food, buy the gas and let them tuck a little savings away.

Stefano continues to insist EJ will get his kids back. EJ misses them and hesitates to say it, but misses Samantha, too, "I lost her and I caused me great pain. Especially the bullet she put in my head."

Nicole and Brady sit on the park bench and decide they need to deal with Vivian. Victor, of course overhears and Brady makes excuses. He says he's sorry Vivian wasn't' there. Nicole goes off to say goodbye to Chloe and Daniel.

Victor starts to chastise Brady for still being with Nicole as Maggie interrupts and judges. She asks Victor to take her home.

Melanie says she and Carly just had a disagreement. Carly says they should all talk about it later. And you can bet they will.

Nicole tells Clhoe she really dodged a bullet, unlike EJ.

Stefano thinks EJ's desire for Sami proves he suffered brain damage. EJ says a bullet is exactly what he deserved, "I ripped her heart out."

Stefano wonders if EJ deserves never to see his kids again, "As they are being raised by that murderous whore!"

Sami wonders how Rafe feels about her being an attempted murderer. "We're in this together," says Rafe.

"I totally wrecked our lives, didn't I," asks Sami.

"Well," says Rafe, "I'll agree our life is a train wreck."

Maggie invites Victor to stay for tea. Victor agrees, but says he doesn't want to overstay his welcome. Maggie suggests he just let the Nicole-Brady thing play itself out. Victor isn't sure it will.

Stephanie decides the baby probably is Daniel's.

Carly looks for Melanie. Phillip says she got a text from Daniel asking her to see him before he leaves.

Chloe and Daniel pack for the plane. Melanie arrives. She and Daniel talk alone. Daniel asks if Melanie and Chloe worked things out. Melanie lies and says they did. Daniel makes a sales pitch for Melanie and Clhoe's relationship. Melanie falls apart, "Dad..."

"Is there something you need to tell me," asks Daniel.

"Yeah," says Melanie, "There is. And I'll tell you as soon as November sweeps rolls around." She says she just wants him to be happy as Chloe walks out. Daniel leaves and we rehash their previous conversation. "If you ever hurt my dad again," says Melanie, "I'll destroy you." Daniel comes back and the happy couple leaves.

Nicole and Brady arrive back in Vivian's room. Nicole makes a sales pitch for marriage. Brady says he gets what she's up to. He's at least read that much of the Guy Manual. He moves in on her.

Maggie says if Victor thinks Nicole is going to screw up Brady's life, Victor should step in, and beat Nicole to the punch.

Phillip finds Melanie in Daniel and Chloe's apartment. She tells him the newlyweds have already left. "I've been through a lot in my life," says Melanie, "And I'm just now realizing sometimes you have to lie for love."

"Right," says Phillip, "And I realize sometimes you have to lie to keep your sorry cheatin' a** out of hot water."

Rafe continues to insist things will work out for Sami, and they need to focus on Sami and the kids and not the career he's tossed down the toilet, "I'd die for you." Of hunger, probably.

EJ vows to find a way to protect his kids. Stefano tells him to rest and leaves.

Lexie answers the door to find Arianna. She says she's there to see EJ. Lexie says it's not a good time, but EJ overrules. "What's going on," asks EJ.

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Anonymous Betyar said...

Thanks for today's recap Prevuze! I really miss it first thing in the morning. Lately my feelings about Norris are much like Sami's were right before she tried to off EJ....Ooops, I hope Norris doesn't read Prevuze, we might never get our Satellite signal back! :)

I finally broke down and watched all this week's eppis...what a load of crap! My favorite was seeing pissy off EJ...not enjoying his book is he?! Glad to see the EJ drama pick up second favorite was seeing pregnant ClHOe in her all white virginal wedding gown! I thought one only wears white at their first attempt at marriage...this is marriage #3 for Chloe, is it not?

...and from today's eppi "Nicole tells Clhoe she really dodged a bullet, unlike EJ."...she might have dodged the bullet, but the gun's still loaded. I was so ready for the baby dady drama to start unfolding... (:

Rafe tells Sami...."I'd die for you."..."Of hunger, probably." LMAO! Good one Prevuze! Given the threats Sami lashed at EJ, not to mention the current economic climate, I woudn't be surprised if we're soon to see the Brady-Hernandez household in line for public assistance, or loading up on supplies from the Salem food bank. LOL!

Have a good Thursday gang!

12:05 PM  
Blogger MissScarlett said...

This episode really is the epitome of dull..ugh!

we rehash their previous conversation. "If you ever hurt my dad again," says Melanie, "I'll destroy you."
I smell destruction lurking just around the corner!

Dear God, how much more Safe discussions must we endure about the protection and the love?? I've been a Safe fan from the beginning but it's getting pretty tiresome..lets's move on to whatever evil awaits Rafe at EJ's hand, please?

I must say, however, that EJ is pretty sexy with the haircut/cane look he's sporting since coming home. :) Thanks for the daily laughs!!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Wait, so Ari GETS to the door and EJ is in the living room?? What, does Sami/Will/Caroline/Kate/whoever run the car right through the DiMera front door AND over Ari?? lmao, please though, how in the world is this going to go down?

Don't worry, my word verification is telling me it's "surabl". DOOL is "sure able" to find a way to run over Ari before she tells EJ.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Hey, look, someone on Days is taking responsibility for their actions-and it's EJ!! Certainly not Sami, or Chloe, or anyone else. Loved the phone call between Sami and Caroline. The kids wore out their welcome at the pub, huh? Well, since they've been living there practically since birth, it's no wonder. Do all 4 of them have to sleep in the same room (or, God forbid, bed) at Hernandez Hovel?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Oh, excrement! As we feared, this will drag on longer and longer least until the last day of November sweeps (if we're lucky). And, other than wasting time, what was the point of Melanie pulling Chloe aside and lecturing her YET AGAIN on the terrible, awful, horrible thing she did to Dr. Gropesalot?

I am with Miss Scarlett, liking the EJ buzz-cut. So much better than when his hair is long, oily and usually straggling over his forehead. Sorta like Philip's.

And before I'd read KatieR's comment I'd remarked to my dog that I'd thought Arianna was going to get squished before she could tell EJ. Maybe she'll ask him what he'd do if he found out, he tells her some gruesome story, and she decides she has to think about it before she tells. Whatever. Get on with it.

LOL at Bulldog's group picture and Chloe having the IQ of a salad bar.

Thanks, Prevuze!

2:57 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Nothing really to comment about except the next word verification that popped up is dazin.

As in, "I be watching Dazin a straight-jacket if this ClHOdan story line doesn't wrap up pretty soon!"

3:00 PM  
Anonymous LemonGrass1985 said...

"I'll be the epitome of dull says EJ.Ahh, EJ, that position has already been filled. ie: Rafe.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Arianna runs into EJ's room to find it empty. Dr. Walters tells her EJ has left. Prevuze! You missed the opportunity to say Elvis has left the building.

The crowd lines up to congratulate the couple. Is there really a crowd or the pitiful little group of Mags/Vic/Bricole/Phillip watching? I thought that was about all that were going to show up.

"Yeah," says Melanie, There is. And I'll tell you as soon s November sweeps rolls around." Can someone find that gun Sami tossed into the river and just shoot me now? Because it will be at least that long before Daniel finally gets a clue.

I am grateful, at least, for the Steponme/Kayla scenes as I can zap thru that monotony.

Loved the salad bar picture, too, Prevuze. The recap really helped me get thru the loooong afternoon! :D Tomorrow: TGIF.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Finished watching today's episode and have a couple of additional comments.

I thought Nicole "had a plan" if Melanie showed up. Was it to stand there with her jaw on the floor?

Just a day or two after EJ was so fragile he was practically on his deathbed, he's not only going home but the bullet wound & surgical scar is completely healed.

At least that's what it looks like. They never show a really good close-up of EJ's right side.
But I think he'd at least have a bandage over the site of the incision.

That's all. I promise.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Rafe says it's for the adolescent posing as a woman he loves.

I think Rafe is highly enamored of the adolescent’s great pair of hoots.

Rafe interrupts with a call and asks her and Will to meet him at the Hernandez Hovel.

Rafe wants to tell Will that he set him up with a paper route so he can help pay the rent. H E double hockey sticks, someone in that household needs a job.

Rafe confirms he resigned to protect Sami. Protect yes. Support no. "No one," says Rafe, "can ever find out Sami shot EJ."

Give me a break. Rafe isn’t protecting Sami. He’s obstructing justice by covering up her crime. On top of that, Rafe hauls Sami’s minor son into this whole mess. By setting such an upstanding, shining, virtuous example for the youth of America, Rafe is a lock for the title of surrogate father of the year – not!

"Because you broke my heart and I don't know what else to do."

Yep, everything is about Melanie.

"I lost her and I caused me great pain. Especially the bullet she put in my head."

It’s hard to disagree with Stefano on that one.

"If you ever hurt my dad again," says Melanie, "I'll destroy you."

Nice kid.

"I'd die for you." Of hunger, probably.

The rest of us will just die of boredom. Is it possible we can get yest another round of how much Sami loves Rafe because he quit his job for her? I've been having trouble sleeping, and another session of mutual a$$ kissing will send me to dreamland.

Applecheeks, if we got a good look at EJ’s surgical scar, you know it would be smokin’ hot just like the buzz cut, the eyes, the bod, etc. – I think you catch my drift. Hmmm - maybe those images are keeping me awake.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Wait, so Ari GETS to the door and EJ is in the living room?? What, does Sami/Will/Caroline/Kate/whoever run the car right through the DiMera front door AND over Ari??

DOOL 101 - nothing happens that quickly. Before Ari gets to spill to EJ, Rafe and Sami are going to find out that Arianna knows about Sami's attempt to debrainificate EJ. Apparently, we can also look forward to a Sami/Arianna CATFIGHT!!!!! I know how much Prevuze enjoys them! Chloe and a salad bar - LOL!!!

5:52 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

Melanie tells Daniel everything is OK, "I just needed to get some things off my chest." No comment.

No things to comment on huh? - - too easy (much like Chloe, Nicole, Sami, Kate ____fill any name in here)

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...


7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta say -- I hope Chloe drops that kid sooner rather than later because I will not be able to stand watching her constantly grab her stomach like she's afraid the kid is going to fall out for much longer!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Thanks Leslie for the catfight vid...that's gonna be must watch TV!

On the other hand, watching Sami being cruel to EJ makes me want to vomit! What has he done this time to deserve it? The hypocracy is too much! I think I have to take a break from DOOL if we're subjected to SAFE boredom and EJami nastiness. This time I'm team EJ all the way! I hope he gets his kids back. Too bad Ari's gonna get killed, at least she was someone he could depend on. But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so I'm hoping EJ starts to fight back for once.

Any news on Norris's whereabouts???

11:17 AM  

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