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Brady and Nicole sleep post-romp. He wakes her. He kept trying to wake her up. She tried to wake him up, but he said another woman's name — Vivian.

Vivian hallucinates she sees Gus.

Maggie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion upset about Victor scuttling Melanie and Phillip's plans to buy a home. She tees off on him and Victor becomes amused.

Daniel gets an eyeful of Chloe before the wedding. And a mouthful, if you catch my drift.

Melanie flashes back to hearing Chloe cheated on Daniel. She calls daddy Dan and says they have to talk.

Nathan and Stephanie discuss Chloe's cheating. Stephanie thinks he's worried about Melanie.

Daniel suggests Melanie come over for breakfast. Melanie says she has to talk to Daniel alone. Today's your lucky day, Daniel.

Nicole says if Brady releases Vivian she'll come after them. Brady says that's why he needs a plan. Nicole hyperventilates as she speculates what Vivian will do to them.

Hallucinating Vivian flashes back to Gus' resignation, "I knew I could count on you. But why can't you hear me?"

Gus entertains some hot babe and music blares. Apparently Gus is experimenting with the opposite sex.

Vivian wants to know what all the racket is.

Victor strings Maggie along and refuses to let her get to him. Mags storms out.

Daniel tells Melanie he's busy, but she insists they meet, "just promise you'll talk to me before the wedding." Daniel promises as Chloe comes up.

Stephanie isn't concerned Chloe's little affair will upset Melanie. Nathan knows Melanie isn't one of Stephanie's friends but reminds her Melanie is his friend. Benefits pending. He says he's sorry he kept this big secret from Stephanie, who understands. Translation: understands = seethes.

Daniel tells Chloe about having to meet with Melanie. Chloe suggests a few comforting words form her dad to calm Melanie down.

Maggie arrives home. She senses something is wrong with Melanie. Melanie insists she's just tired. And conflicted. "If you're conflicted maybe moving out isn't the right thing to do," says Maggie.

Melanie thinks it's the right thing to do, "All good things come to an end, right."

"If you're moving out."

Brady tells Nicole to relax. Nicole worries a friend might be trying to contact Vivian. Brady insists she has no friends.

Except Gus the Salem stud. Tootsie sees a picture of Vivian. "That's my madame," explains Gus, "I miss her terribly." Toots thinks Vivian looks like a lunatic.

Vivian listens and calls for help.

Nicole serves pineapple juice mimosas. She thinks things have degenerated between her and Chloe and she won't be a bridesmaid. She also thinks she shouldn't show up at the wedding with Brady on her arm. She remembers Vivian and worries about her well-being. Brady gets an idea and leaves without telling Nicole what he's up to.

Daniel asks little dude about names, "How about Jake?" Chloe votes for Daniel Jr. she gets a call... bad news.

Nathan tires to smooth things over. He tells Stephanie she's amazing. Stephanie thinks there shouldn't be secrets between them.

Maggie wants to know what's upsetting Melanie. Melanie tells her something happened at the hospital. She found out a patient is lying to her husband about something that could hurt him. Maggie reminds her of the doctor patient confidentiality thing. But fortunately there is no rookie semi-nurse-patient confidentiality thing, so Melanie decides to tell.

Vivian rambles. She begs Gus to get her out. Tell me you can hear.

"Loud and clear," says a strange voice.

And it's food poisoning all around in Chloe's family. Too bad they ate at the pub. Chloe doesn't want to delay the wedding but wonders why nothing ever goes the way they want it to. Daniel reassures her.

Nathan says Stephanie can tell him anything. He'll blow up afterward, but that's beside the point. Stefano says she tries not to be insecure about Melanie, but it doesn't work out that way. She says she's worried she's going to lose Nathan. She flashes back to talking to Kayla. Nathan says she's an idiot for even thinking that. And an idiot in all other respects, too. Hugs.

Maggie wonders if what Melanie heard was out of context. Melanie decides it's possible, but asks if Maggie has ever found out something she wishes she hadn’t found out. Maggie says she did and didn't handle it right. She warns Melanie to get her facts straight before confronting anyone. Melanie decides she's right and says she knows what she has to do.

Brady arrives in Vivian's bedroom. He tells her to sit tight. Vivian asks, "What am I gonna do, go jogging?" Brady flings the bluetooth as Victor comes in and asks whom he is talking to.

Daniel leaves. Chloe tells junior s/he has the most amazing daddy. Nicole shows up. Chloe is pissy, but Nicole asks her to hear her out.

Stephanie meets Kayla in the pub. Kayla says Sister Anne had to reschedule. Stephanie throws a tantrum and tells Kayla Nathan found out, but doesn't know who it was with. She wonders what good could come out of telling Nathan now.

Melanie shows up at Stephanie and Nathan's apartment.

Brady insists he was talking to himself and says he's in there packing Vivian's things. "I have a favor to ask of you," says Brady. They go downstairs to talk.

Nicole comes with a peace offering. Chloe says this doesn't change anything. Nicole shucks and jives and says she wishes she could have a do-over for that day, "You are the only real friend I have and I am thrilled for you. I wish you all the joy in the world." Chloe wonders if she can trust Nicole not to say anything about her cheatification.

Nicole swears, "But I have learned secrets like this always come out. No one will hear it from me."

Kayla says Chloe's secret may not be as safe as Stephanie thinks it is.

Melanie rambles about her friendship with Nathan. Nathan says they'll always be friends. Melanie accuses him of lying to her.

Brady asks Victor if he can have Vivian's room now that she's gone, "Nicole will be moving in with me."

"Say wha..."

Vivian yells for help.

Gus rants at Vivian's picture, "Another potential mate sent screaming to the hills, and only because I expressed my devotion to you." Maybe Gus is a switch-hitter.

Nicole suggests being in Chloe's wedding. Chloe OK’s it.

"I'm back in," squeals Nicole.

"That's the same thing Phillip said," says Chloe. She says Melanie is now the matron of honor, however.

Daniel shows up at Maggie's place asking for Melanie. Maggie says Melanie was upset, but doesn't know where she is. She suggests Daniel could give her a little guidance.

Melanie says Nathan is lying about not wanting to hurt her. She reminds him the birth control episode blew up in her face, but now she knows he's done something to her father and her, "And now you're going to fix it."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help me out please.
I have lost track of who knows and how they found out about Chloe and Phillip's romp in the sack.
Just how did so many people find out??? I can't keep track of everyone's rambling about something that is none of their business.
How did all of these people find out?

12:10 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Let's see, Anonymous, hmmmm, I started to list out how and when folks found out, but even I lost the thread on that part.

Although I haven't read this posting of Prevuze (going to save it for tomorrow morning "just in case"), the last I knew Chloe, Philip, Stephanie, Kayla, Father Matt and Ian know that the affair was between Chloe & Philip.

Those who know that Chloe had an affair, but not with whom, are Nicole, Nathan, Carly and now Melanie.

Did I leave anyone out?

How did people find out? The way they always do. Except for Chloe's deliberate confession to Father Matt and to Nicole, everyone else found out by overhearing one or more of these idiots talking about it OUT IN PUBLIC or with their backs to a door where anyone could (and did) walk in to overhear.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Daniel gets an eyeful of Chloe before the wedding. And a mouthful, if you catch my drift.

Unfortunately, I do.

Nathan and Stephanie discuss Chloe's cheating.

Like it’s any of their business. I get that Stephanie is afraid that Melanie will take Nathan from her, but if she's really that neurotic, Nathan should head for the hills.

Gus entertains some hot babe and music blares. Apparently Gus is experimenting with the opposite sex.

DOOL wants to keep its PG-13 rating.

Stephanie thinks there shouldn't be secrets between them.

Like trying to get pregnant without telling the father to be?

Maybe Gus is a switch-hitter.

…so was Mickey Mantle. Think of all the home runs he hit. Actually, I’m thrilled that Gus sorta likes women. He can sweep Stephanie off her feet and get her out of Salem pronto. That would be Guphanie. I like it!! If Gus is into threesomes, Melanie could join them. Hmmm - Melguphanie. Now let’s add Rafe - Rafmelgupanie. Since he’s not around much anyway, it would just be greedy of me to throw Roman into the mix. Call me greedy. Rafmelgupanieman anyone?

Thanks Prevuze!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Hmm, thanks for the recap! :) I tried to watch DOOL on SOAPnet last night but fell asleep about halfway through. So Melanie confronted Nathan, huh? Interesting...I'm also wondering why they even made Chloe mad at Nicole in the first place. In DOOL land that was 1 day their time. She sure forgives easy. Clhoe's just an easy girl I guess ;)

Who knew Gus liked the ladies? That was the most interesting part of the whole eppi, lmao. I was like, "Seriously? Why'd ya even bother w/all the stereotypical comments then?"

6:31 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Leslie, love that last name - Rafmelgupanieman. Has a sort of Rastafarian ring to it.

I know Vivian has done some horrible things, but forcing her to watch DOOL without a zapper? I believe Brady has gone over to the REALLY dark side. HAHAHA

…reminds her Melanie is his friend. Benefits pending.


Stephanie…understands. Translation: understands = seethes.

Because, of course, him keeping this secret from her is NOTHING like the secret she’s keeping from him.

I realize Prevuze is giving us the Cliff Notes’ version, but was there any explanation why Gus is choosing to romp in the mausoleum?

And it's food poisoning all around in Chloe's family. Chloe…wonders why nothing ever goes the way they want it to.

Old Wise One: Because, dear child, that's the way HE wants it.

Chloe: HE being the good Lord above?

Old Wise One (who has watched DOOL a long, LONG time): No, child. HE being the producer who doesn't want to pay to have Nancy & Craig come back to see their daughter's wedding.

There you have it. Today I got my morning snark even if it is from yesterday's show. And yesterday is the past. But I haven't seen the show yet so it's in my future. And today's show will be my future future even if it's Prevuze past. Uh.....

Have a good day, everyone. I need to go see someone about some aspirin.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Dear Prevuze,

Please come back to us. I don't want to watch the show (I do believe that it's against the Geneva Convention) and I don't want to surf the other site that "claims" they are an open forum but in fact crucify you should you dissent from their opinion in any way. And thus bistows upon you ridiculous infractions when others who sway with popular opinion but blatantly go against the forums own rules are free to say and do whatever they want. AHHHHHH!!!!!

I want to be free to express any opinion I want to - no matter how RIDICULOUS it is. And I want to make all the anti Rafe comments I want and still feel the love from those that don't agree with me. This site is so awesome, that when you don't have days ahead - your loyal subjects wait patiently. Okay maybe not so patiently but wait nonetheless.


7:06 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Well...I haven't seen yesterday's show, so the past is still in the past...and if today's show promises to be as bad as yesterday's, I think I'll pass and take a chance on seeing it in the very distant future. DOOL is getting so annoying lately, that my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows are starting to blend in together. Yesterday aspirin would suffice, but today I'll need something stronger...for my tension headache, Advil...for my mood swings, Prozac...for my PMS, Midol...for my back ache, Vocodin. Oh goodie, it's cocktail time! And just for the fun of it I think I'll down my meds with a tall glass of wine...that ought to do it! I should start feeling better in no time. NO Prevuze and having to watch DOOL brought me to this...bad idea!

Have a good day everyone!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Oooops...sorry, I meant to say "for my back ache, Vicodin", ya see...I'm starting to slurr my words already...

7:25 AM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

I'm just hanging in there for the whole ClHOe/Daniel/Philip/Melanie/Carly/Stephanie/Nathan/Kayla/Father Matt/Nicole saga to see Melanie slap ClHOe. Better be careful, though. She might knock a hand off that pregnancy pad and cause it to go flying. I have to assume Days is too cheap to get something to strap the belly to Nadia, and that's why she won't take her hands off it.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I was so glad to see a recap this morning. Norris and chicks must've worked their magic?

Enquiring minds want to know...I am a day behind in watching, too, but are they finally on a different day?? Because the last I saw Chloe was still in the same purple dress with dangly purple earrings she wore to the baby shower and Kayla's wearing the same top she was when she arrived in town! Both must be getting a little gamey by now. Heck, Bricole have been to bed twice since that baby shower.

I don't understand why Melanie ran to Nathan and accused him of lying to her. I'm lost on that one.

LOL over Victor trying to escape and was going to make the exact comment Applecheeks did about the cheapos not wanting to pay for Craig and Nancy to be at the wedding. So obvious!

Thanks for the recap, Prevuze, you made my day! :D

8:31 AM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Okay Prevuze, I was going through some old captioned-pictures of yours, and now I'm certain everyone in my office must think I'm crazy, lmao. I tried my best to stifle my laughing, but it didn't matter, some of these captions are just ridiculously hilarious, and when you read 15-20 of them at a time, they sort of multiply on top of each other.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Betyar, are you sure you are not Viv-in-cognito??

11:44 AM  

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