Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bonded Over Booze

Vivian lies in the sarcophagus and contacts Gus. Gus thinks he's hearing things.

Daniel is with Maggie talking about Melanie. Phillip joins them. Maggie gets a call and leaves. Daniel and Phillip talk wedding. Daniel wants to talk about Phillip's relationship with Clhoe.

Meanwhile Nicole disses Melanie to Chloe.

And the ever-effervescent Melanie confronts Nathan about Chloe cheating on Daddy.

This isn't about a dysfunctional family, it's a dysfunctional town.

Stephanie and Kayla talk about Stephanie's future with poor Nathan. Kayla tries to give some sane advice, but you usually have to give that to a sane person.

Nathan bobs and weaves and tells Melanie to talk to Chloe about this. Melanie don' wanna. So Nathan comes clean and says Chloe cheated on Daniel.

Maggie joins Phillip and Daniel and says she has to run. After she leaves Daniel and Phillip go back to the Chloe thing. Clueless Daniel is so glad Phillip was (say it with him) there for Chloe. Boy, was she ever there for him.

Nicole tells Clhoe things are getting better for her, but she withholds details. Chloe tells Nicole her parents can't make the wedding, and frets about other things that might go wrong. Nicole reassures her. Hugs.

Victor asks, "You and Nicole have what...bonded over booze? She's going to lead you straight to hell and watch you burn." Brady insists he's in control, but won't say more, except to tell Victor he would approve of the project, "I'm using Nicole." Victor should be able to relate to that.

Vivian begs Gus to listen to her. Gus tries to drink away the voices in his head.

Kayla says Adrienne told her about Stephanie's birth control scheme. Stephanie gets defensive and Kayla gets overbearing motherly. Stephanie admits she made a mistake. Kayla lectures, "You are a beautiful, educated, honest tramp but suddenly feel like you have to cheat to get a man. What is going on with you?"

Nicole leaves. Chloe decides nothing will go wrong. Translation: Three mile island decided that years ago and we all know what happened.

Daniel and Phillip talk about life and babes. I mean babies. Phillip wishes him happiness, not to mention continued cluelessness.

The poo hits the fan in Nathan's apartment. Melanie falls apart and questions him about how he heard and how much he knew and why he helped hide the lie.

Gus agonizes as Vivian calls. Augustine FINALLY figures it's coming from a speaker. Vivian is sooooo relieved.

Victor likes the idea of Brady being in control of something, but advises him it's not a good idea to have Nicole around. "She's just a tool," says Brady. Frankly, Brady's kind of a tool himself.

Daniel and Nicole arrive. Victor leaves to tell Henderson hide the silver. Daniel speculates Brady and Nicole are "together."

Stefano has a little tantrum as Kayla asks if Nathan knew if she was trying to get pregs. She says he did. Kayla asks her to have confidence in who she is, a doormat with no self respect. Make that a loose doormat with no self respect.

Kayla leaves as Adrienne arrives. Stephanie says she thought she could trust Adrienne.

Phillip shows up at Chloe's place, "We almost wrecked our lives." Instead they just made a train wreck.

Melanie's sanity has left the building. She lectures Nathan, "I thought I meant something to you."

"You do," says Nathan, "You're my backup sex-buddy in case Stephanie and I break up."

Stephanie gives Adrienne both barrels. Adrienne says telling Kayla was necessary. She says she was worried and thought Stephanie needed a mother. Stephanie needed a shrink.

Victor finds Maggie in the park. He tells her he has an issue with Brady and he thinks Brady's life is a mess, "He's gotten back with Nicole."

"OMG," says Maggie, "It's more serious than I thought."

Brady and Nicole tell Daniel they are back together. Brady gets a call and leaves. Nicole thanks Daniel for coming through for her when she stayed with them. She congratulates groom-to-be Daniel and leaves.

Brady comes back and Daniel tells Brady he thinks Nicole is bad news. Brady insists he has things under control.

Vivian tells Gus she's been kidnapped and is in the sarcophagus, "You've got to get me out."

Stephanie tells Adrienne they aren't friends anymore and leaves.

Brady tells Daniel his relationship with Nicole is just a work thing. Daniel leaves. Nicole wanders in. Brady tells him things are cool and they are in the perfect place to monitor Vivian.

Vivian tells Gus Brady put her in the sarcophagus, "It's worse than an Edgar Allen Poe story. Worse even than watching DOOL."

Chloe wants the past to stay in the past. That way the future can be the future, the present can be in the present and DOOL can be on whatever time it's on, which nobody has ever been able to figure out.

Roman Brady: Wishes he needed a cure for
erectile dysfunction.

Nathan says his feelings for Melanie are... friendly. He says what happened with Chloe is between her and Daniel. Melanie wonders if the baby is Daniel's. She points out that Chloe cheated on Lucas and now has cheated on Daniel. Ya think maybe we're seeing a pattern here? "I'm going to find out the truth before my dad makes the biggest mistake of his life," says Melanie, "and I don't have much time. And you are not my friend. You are not the man that I... I don't know who you are."

Phillip and Chloe talk about being friends and family. Kissin' cousins, so to speak.

Stephanie shows up and Melanie tells her she has a few questions about Clhoe's affair. She tells Stephanie even tho she's a bitch she deserves somebody with a spine and leaves.

Nathan tells Stephanie this is all his fault.

Maggie says Nicole won't be any help to Brady right now. Maggie thinks Brady breaking up with Arianna made Brady more reckless, assertive and headstrong. Victor worries that Nicole will destroy him and he may go back to drugs. Maggie thinks there are two ways to approach this. Interfere and alienate Brady or step back and be ready to butt in if necessary. Maggie, of course, is the butt in type.

Gus wonders if Vivian doesn't deserve this. Vivian reminds him Maggie was a threat to her marriage, "Are you gonna get me out of here or not?"

Maggie realizes Victor isn't going to stand back and wait. Victor asks her to keep an eye on Brady too. Maggie agrees and Victor leaves.

Brady escorts Nicole into Vivian's old room. Uh... Perhaps "escort" isn't a good word to use around Nicole.

Vivian begs Gus not to leave her. "You've made your bed, now you have to lie in it," says Gus. Vivian throws a fit.

Stephanie tells Nathan Melanie is wrong. She says it wasn't Nathan's job to be a tattletale. Nathan worries that Daniel and Chloe's marriage will blow sky high. Stephanie promises things will work out.

Phillip finds Kayla at the dock. They talk about Melanie and Stephanie. "Stephanie found out who you were. It's just a matter of time before Melanie does, too," says Kayla.

Daniel is at the hospital, but remembers he has to go back to the apartment.

Chloe dresses for the wedding as Melanie shows up.

Chloe answers the door, "Hey, Melanie, what are you..."


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Anonymous I Challenge You To A DOOL said...

I admit it: Sami-free episodes are a relief! I didn't realize how sick I am of her, EJ, Rafe, blah blah blah. Sorry EJami/Safe fans.

THanks for the recap, Prevuze!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

I totally gotta tune in for this eppi! No Rafe-EJ-Sami, AND I get to see Melanie deck Chloe? bwahahaha, yes! ;) What simple pleasures DOOL gives us.

Word Verification: Demityin, after screaming "Damnit not again" at the screen so many times, it's devolved into "Demityin".

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved Gus's(sp) comment "you made you bed now lie in it" Great post, just wish it was tomorrows. love you prevuze!!!!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Once again I'm going to save this precious post until tomorrow morning.

I did cheat and look at the pictures.....ratty underwear....both a eeeuuuwwwww and LOL moment.

I've already forgotten the second one. Ah well, something to surprise and delight me again tomorrow.

Thank you, Prevuze!!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMO even without the Ej/Sami/Rafe mess this show is mega giga uber boring..actually Ejamisafe story is maybe dumb and really badly written but it is maybe a little and i mean a little less boring than the other stuff..and i don't like their it tells i guess..

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Prevuze for your update.

I hsve to rant for a few. EJ getting shot by Sami and her leaving him to die to boink Rafe is beyond disgusting. I hope Ej gets his kids. If there are no kids in Sami's life I bet Mr FBI leaves her sorry a$*. For those whose want SAFE i hope you got your wish. They had such a great reunion. Boinking why we see Ej dying. So romantic. lol. Rafe is boring. Even when he and Sami boink its boring, forced. How can some people love this. GG may be nice to look at but seriously face it he can't act. I hope Emily comes back and Rafe throws Sami away like yesterday's trash. Than she comes back to Ej and he also dumps her like trash.

I don't like her anymore.

When she shot Ej it closed the lid on my opinion of her. She aint worth a pot to p*#& in.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A day without Sami, Rafe, and the rapist? It might actually be worth watching.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I got home late so, of course I HAD TO read Prevuze's recap...I know I should save it until tomorrow morning so I have something to look forward to(like applecheeks), but the last Anon comment really pissed me off. SOO sick of people calling EJ a rapist. It's old news!!! like back in 2006...why can't some people comment on something we might actually give a damm about?

But I must say I agree with Anon at 2:17, when they said that despite the badly written s/l, EJ/Sami/Rafe are still the best this show's got going for them...

How long before we get sick of the Nicole/Brady s/l? A month? if they last that long...Brady's cold and callous, there's NO romance there! None!

The Chloe/Dan s/l is next best, but at this point it's sad, because Daniel's gonna get hurt when he finds out...right now there's no balance on the show of sad/happy s/l's. No happy couple I look forward to draw me in to WANT TO watch the show.

At this point I'm way past caring about Nate & Mel...Nate has become a clueless idiot. I used to think he'd be good for Mel, but she deserves a better guy than least one that can think on his own 2 feet!

So let's see...other than Vivian's sarcophagification(which has gone a bit too far IMO) there's little in the way of entertainment to hold my interest longterm.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh pleuussse Sami is a rapist Ej by the way is not (coersion it was, rewatch if you don't believe me) and Rafe oh.. Rafe is worse than a rapist in a soap opera : the guy is just ultra boring no matter what he does and uber pretentious and extremely cold and THAT for a tv character it is worse than everything (ah and the evil deeds can be rewritten on a soap also whereas when the acting and the writing for the character is just one-note and bad there is no come back from

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

So Nathan comes clean and says Chloe cheated on Daniel.

Nice guy. If Nathan wouldn’t rat out Chloe, did Melanie threaten waterboarding?

Gus tries to drink away the voices in his head.

Sounds like a workable plan.

Chloe decides nothing will go wrong. Translation: Three mile island decided that years ago and we all know what happened.

We got Jane Fonda and The China Syndrome.

Melanie falls apart and questions him about how he heard and how much he knew and why he helped hide the lie.

How’s this for starters – it wasn’t any of Nathan’s damned business.

"She's just a tool," says Brady. Frankly, Brady's kind of a tool himself.

You think, but make that a hunky tool! LOL!!!

Stephanie tells Adrienne they aren't friends anymore and leaves.

OMG! This means that Stephanie is going to unfriend Adrienne on Facebook. Grow up Stephanie!

Roman Brady: Wishes he needed a cure for erectile dysfunction.


"I'm going to find out the truth before my dad makes the biggest mistake of his life," says Melanie.

Too late. Daniel already slept with Carly and fathered Melanie.

Gus wonders if Vivian doesn't deserve this.

I would like to say that Gus is the only smart one, but this is the same guy that chases away women with a candlelit shrine to Vivian.

Since I’m a day behind on my DOOL viewings, the day behind recap concept is working great for me. Ratty Jockey shorts and Oedipus complex – LOL!!!!!! I’m looking forward – yeah right – to finding out if the Chloe/Daniel wedding makes it any further than the recent Sami/EJ attempted nuptials. Let’s just hope Daniel doesn’t take a bullet to the noggin, but what about Melanie? She would be an excellent substitute! Thanks Prevuze, and TGIF/TGFP!!!!!!

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally, an episode without the lying, child stealing, murderous, rapist (Sami) or her boring, lying, child stealing, hypocritical, boy toy (Rafe) and their victim (Ej). Sure, all those adjectives describe Ej too, but, lets face it, the guy is not boring. He is more interesting lying in a coma on a bed for weeks at a time than Rafe is at his best.
Anyway, when will these s/l’s get better? I’m so bored with all of them. Give us some conclusions, PLEASE! At least we will not be tortured with that same repetitive Sami/Ej/Rafe s/l for a day. I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow, though.
Thanks, Prevuze for the recap.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Betyar, I agree with the Anon you disgreed with, and I don't agree with Anon at 2:17 at all. EJ/Sami/Rafe is the worst storyline going on right now. Even worse than the Daniel/Chloe/etc/etc which I find dull. Except for that slap. That was awesome.

And yes EJ's a rapist. So's Sami. From now on we should refer to the triangle as RRR. Rapist-Rapist-and-Rafe. I actually wish for MY sanity they'd ship EJ and Sami off to Switzerland. Then they can use Rafe elsewhere. The kids can stay. They're always with Caroline anyway.

Alright, now lets drop the subject, okay? Prevuze isn't supposed to be a battle ground for a stupid triangle that's pitting us against one another and ruining DOOL. That's what all those other message boards are for.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

It was tough, but I managed to wait until this morning to read Prevuze.

Frankly, Brady's kind of a tool himself.

Yes, but a handsome and (finally) fun to watch tool. When tools go bad – yeah mama! And, I note, this echoes Leslie's comment. Great minds (or something like that). HA

I have two big questions about the big MelChloNateDanSteph mess:

1. How are TBPB going to play the wedding? Will Chloe be able to talk Melanie into keeping quiet so the wedding will happen (with all the "does anyone know" angst), thus condemning us viewers to more months of aimless conversations between people who should mind their own business? Or, are we finally going to be put out of our misery and have Daniel find out? The upside to the latter is the anticipation of eventually seeing self-righteous Melanie have her tatteling lead to her own marriage blowing up in her face.

2. At the end Prevuze noted that Chloe was "getting dressed for the wedding". Does that mean we actually see the wedding dress? If so, that answers question #1. The DOOL Wedding Dress Curse will have been invoked and the wedding won't happen (or else the marriage won't last a week).

Since this is Friday, I may have to break down and read the recap of today's show today. Doubt I have the fortitude to hold off until Monday. Thank you Prevuze for helping me stay sane.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I did save Prevuze for this morning. And since I'm also a day behind in viewing I guess that puts me in the muddled middle. I say that because I agree with the person who asked yesterday who knows what about the affair. When I asked my question yesterday about why Melanie went over to accuse Nathan of lying to her I couldn't figure it out. Then when I watched it that night I was like "Oh. Yeah! She overheard him talking about it." I'd forgotten that altogether. HAHAHAHA Maybe instead of Alzheimer's I'm just getting Daysheimer's.

Good grief, as huge as they're making Chloe right now I hope she shopped at the Ye Extra Large Maternity Bridal Shoppe. This is just the fastest SORFAS I've ever seen.

I also agree with you, Betyar, about the Vivian thing going on too long. That's exactly what they did when Carly was buried alive and how I figured it would be again.

LOL over Brady Brady being a tool and poor ol' Pard's problem. Thanks for the great recap and Happy Friday on a HOLIDAY weekend everyone!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love how they think of new storylines

Lucas- cloey cheats on him.Everyone in town knows about except for him.they are about to get married then she goes to Daniel.the guy she cheated with

Daniel- cloey cheated on him everyone in town knows about it except for him.they are about ready to get married.

yep different story line lol

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

KatieR, I like your idea for the tripple R's...that's actually a pretty good name for the EJ/Sami/Rafe dabacle..." Rapist-Rapist-and-Rafe!!! I think we've got a trifecta going!!!

However I must disagree about sending EJ & Sami to ANY location in Western Europe right now...the show would suffer without them. As we witness daily, the show is getting more and more boring. Yet we have some characters who are saving DOOL, ie. Brady. Even though he's callous we can enjoy his acting because it's entertaining. A stong A-type personality in a man is always enjoyable to watch. EJ has that type of personality; when he choses to use it, he's great. Strong men are what this show needs...they know how to lead(that's why they call it a "male lead role"...hint, hint!)...Rafe(IMO) lacks that characteristic which could set him on top. The problem is that EJ often screws up, which gives Rafe the opportunity to take the lead from him. Sami can't stand weak men, because she's not weak herself. Weak men bore her to death and they destroy her spirit...better off without them. A super-couple is always made up of two stong individuals...that's why they're referred to as a "powerhouse" in any situation. That's what DOOL is lacking at this time...they need it to be successful.

Have a great Friday everyone!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Betyar, you're right, they prob do need to stay, but we gotta put each one in their own storyline. Heck, I'll go out on a limb and say Sami and Gus, EJ and Maggie, and Rafe and Vivian. ;) It's too bad Brady and Sami are related; though they're only 2nd cousins. Heck, that's actually even legal. And we all know DOOL doesn't care about legality. They already had a bro-sis relationship.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Anonymous above,

Shouldn't that read Rafe and the TWO rapists?

Anyway, sounds like a dud of a episode, but what else is new?

I'd just like to add: Go Melanie, slap the stink off Chloe.

9:27 AM  

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