Friday, October 01, 2010

The Prosaic Necessities Of Crypt Life

Nicole and Brady are in the mausoleum. Nicole thinks they need to talk about what Brady did to Vivian, "You put a living human being in a coffin."

"No," says Brady, "I put Vivian in there." Brady tells her it was done on the spur of the moment. Nicole thinks for the first time she has the upper hand on Brady.

Stefano asks who shot EJ. EJ says he knows, as his machines go berserk.

Back in the Hernandez hovel, Sami says, "Rafe, we're living in sin and I'm afraid the kids will know."

"If you hadn't spent a lot of time living in sin, most of the kids wouldn't be here," says Rafe."

Rafe says Daniel has inspired him to marry Sami ASAP. He says he's been checking out the Green Mountain Lodge for a honeymoon spot, "What do you say? It would be like a second chance for us." Sami flashes back to the shooting and whimpers. Sharpie Rafe senses something is wrong.

EJ huffs and puffs, "I have something to tell you... I shot myself. I tried to blow my brains out because I thought that would do the least damage."

Sami says nothing is wrong and she needs to focus on the future because that's where they will spend all the days of their lives. Rafe tells her she can trust him, "If you tell me something I won't freak out like you do." Sami just can't tell him this time.

Stefano denies that EJ could have shot himself until EJ reminds him it was Hope who taught him to shoot.

Melanie shows Maggie the new house she and Phillip are considering. "You look so happy I want a picture of that smile," says Maggie.

"I don't have my camera," says Melanie, but I can download a picture of my from my Internet porn movie if you like." Phillip walks in and announces they didn't get the house. Melanie gets shook and leaves. Phillip follows. Maggie notices the house they wanted has been on the market eight months and wonders how there could suddenly be such interest in it, "Did someone not want them to get it."

Victor is on the phone closing on the house in question. He hangs up, "Somehow I feel guilty. Damn you, Maggie!"

Nicole revels on the fact that the shoe is on the other foot. She says she has to rat Brady out for his own good. Brady shows off the sarcophagus and all its accoutrements, "It has all the accommodations for dealing with the prosaic necessities of crypt life. Vivian wanted me to put her in here to atone for her sins."

"Liar," snorts Vivian.

"Liar," snorts Nicole.

Brady comes clean and tells her Vivian was going to put Maggie in there.

"Now I get why you did this," says Nicole.

Sami grabs another round of brewskis for Rafe and her as they bicker. Rafe decides he won't push any more. Oh, so now Sami wants him to push. I guess you have to use reverse psychology on Sami since her brain apparently doesn't have any forward gears.

EJ runs through the things he did after the wedding leading up to his suicide attempt. Stefano totally denies EJ did it and says he can prove it.

Phillip is with Melanie at the pub. She wonders if someone doesn't want them to get the house.

Victor shows up at Maggie's looking for Phillip and Melanie. Maggie tells him they're not there, so he invites himself in anyway. "I was pretty sure I hadn't seen the last of you," says Maggie.

And I'm hoping to see a lot more of you," says Victor.

Maggie thinks he's acting like a two year old. Victor insists he's young at heart.

Nicole decides Vivian deserves this, "She even deserves it for the dress she wore to her own wedding, but if you do this it will kill you inside." Brady thinks Vivian should stay in there. Nicole wishes she had done this because it will eat away at Brady, bit it wouldn't bother her. Brady thinks he's become tougher than he once was. If he really wanted to prove he's tough, he should have stayed married to Clhoe.

Sami is so guilt-ridden about living in sin that she and Rafe start a sin session on the couch. Roman interrupts. He says he's on his way to interrogate EJ. In Salem it's proper police protocol for the assistant commissioner to stop by his frolicking daughter's place to tell her who what he's up to. Sami tells him EJ remembers nothing.

Stefano points out there was no gunpowder on EJ's hands and the bullet's trajectory proved the wound couldn't have been self inflicted. Also the gun was never found. EJ begins to get ideas about who might have shot him.

Victor thinks Maggie is being hurtful, "You're right. I'm ruthless, but it's beginning to bother me." Maggie leaves as Phillip and Melanie return. "Why the long faces," asks Victor.

It's Halloween," says Melanie, "I'm going as a horse."

"And I'm going as a horse's...," says Phillip. The horse must have an artificial leg.

"And I think you know why we are upset," says Phillip. Victor gets a call and leaves. Phillip and Melanie speculate Victor is snarfing up the houses they want because of Maggie.

Sami says EJ thinks they are married. She also says no one is supposed to upset EJ. "I don't give a rat's ass about that," says Roman.

Now EJ thinks it's obvious Nicole shot him. Stefano says Nicole has an alibi — her FBI guard. He also thinks EJ is trying to steer him away from the two most obvious suspects, Will and Samantha.

Phillip gets off the phone and confirms Victor is on a house buying spree. Melanie says this is a built-in excuse for him to see Maggie.

Phillip suggests, "Maggie, you should use your feminine allure to distract him from his house-buying spree."

"I think it would be a better idea to back a car over him," says Melanie, "But it's sweet in a crazy sort of way. I know! Let's move in with him." Phillip rejects the idea. But Melanie yells for Victor to come back in for a surprise.

Brady argues against letting Vivian out. Nicole suggests finding a way to neutralize her. "I already have," says Brady, "How about if we make a deal?"

Stefano thinks the shooter was Sami. He also thinks Sami's alibi is bogus, "She also tried to finish you off when you were in your coma."

Roman turns to Rafe, "I'd tell you to keep an eye on her but apparently I don't have to do that." Sami scolds him for saying that as Roman bugs out.

Rafe says Stefano's suspicions about Will make sense. He asks her to do something few men have enough courage to ask, "Sami, talk to me... please."

Nicole don' wan' no stinkin' deal. She threatens to turn Brady in if he doesn't let Vivian out. Brady doesn't think she'll turn him in, "You love me, remember?" Brady turns on the charm. Vivian turns on the vindictiveness. "I'm saying Vivian in a crazy way gave us a second chance," says Brady as he moves in.


Nicole spews, "You sonofabitch!"

"Good girl," says Vivian.

Rafe says he knows Sami has inside info on what happened that night. Sami says she can't tell him the truth.

EJ demands to know what Sami tried to do to him. "Maybe you need to hear this," says Stefano, "She had your living will. You put her in charge of your life and she decided to pull the plug." Uh-oh. Suddenly Elvis thinks Samantha ain' nothin but a houn' dog.

"I think I know how you can pay her back," says Stefano.

Victor and Maggie are shocked as Melanie announces, "We're moving in with Papa Vic."

Victor growls, "Don't ever call me that again."

Melanie says she's glad someone is buying all those houses. She takes Victor's arm, "Do you know how to play mahjong? If I get too annoying you can just pop back here and see Maggie." If that's the case, Victor would have to move in with Mags.

Victor leaves. Maggie figures they're going to make Victor pay, "Victor has never seen cheerful like I'm going to be cheerful," says Melanie. Phillip asks if Maggie still wants Victor to stop over.

Outside, Victor grumbles, "This isn't over!"

Brady thinks this is role reversal, with Nicole calling him out on rotten behavior. He also says there is a part of him that saw she can fight for him. He gets closer. This time Nicole is more interested. But then she pulls away. Inside the sarcophagus, Vivian hopes Nicole won't fall for Brady's advances a second time around. Suddenly, Nicole changes her mind and attacks him like a hungry dog going after a steak dinner.

Nicole and Brady start to get down and dirty. "Helloooo," says Vivian, "I can see you."

Stefano thinks EJ is in a position to put either Samantha or Will in jail. Roman arrives to interrogate.

Rafe insists Sami can tell him, "You know I love you and would do anything for you."

"Even get off my case?"

Rafe presses, and Sami agrees to tell, "I know who shot EJ."

"Who," asks Rafe.


"No," says Rafe, "I asked who shot EJ... not who shot JR."

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Anonymous Betyar said...

Thanks Prevuze...unfortunately I made the mistake of watching today's eppi...Gag! Puke! Barf! at the SAFE couch-beerfest/gropefest from hell...can this soap get any more sleazy??? If this is the kind of romance KC promised us, I'll pass!!!...I'd rather switch places with Vivian, at least until something worthwhile happens on Days. Let's all hope it's sooner than later!

Stefano's an ass, by the way. Sami didn't WANT TO pull the plug on EJ. She definitely didn't want to kill him. I think that's clear to most of us, except to Stefano's disturbed mind. She was only doing what she thought was the humane thing to do for EJ. It can't be an easy decision to have to pull the plug on anyone. I know, I know...she shot EJ and all...but all that BS Stefy was feeding EJ at the end was pure evil.

My word verification today, "liket"...since we're talking about the current turn of events on DOOL...No, I don't liket at all!

Anyway, have a good Friday everyone!

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Sami's brain not only doesn't have any forward gears her tear ducts must be supersized. How anyone can conjur up as many tears (at will) as she does is beyond me. Must be nice not to have a dry eye problem.

I started to write that Nicole would be smart enough to recognize what Brady Brady's doing but then remembered she fell for Rafe's act, too, when he was trying to find the tape.

Poor Vic! With Melanie moving in he might want to join Vivian in the sarcophagus.

Thank you for posting the episode, Prevuze. I haven't seen yesterday's yet so I'm in for a double DOOLathon this weekend. Have a nice one everybody.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I can at least end my day on a positive note - Prevuze recaps!

I did see most of the episode today at lunch although I chose to take my dog out to do his chores during the "SAFE couch-beerfest/gropefest" as Betyar termed it.

If EJ thought he'd shot himself it would answer my questions on why he hadn't been asking "Who shot me?"

I can buy the fact the cops ruled out attempted suicide because there was no weapon near him. But not for a minute do I buy the fact that the SPD ruled it out because of the "trajectory" of the bullet or of the absence of gunpowder residue on EJ's hands.

When have they been smart enough to do anything like that? But, more importantly, Stef & Kate moved EJ to the hospitqal. How would the cops know the trajectory of the bullet? Maybe a couple of rookies were on the case and they got 'er done.

Mansion, swimming pool, cooks, butler, maids. Yeah, Melanie's motives for moving back to the Kiriakis homestead are purely selfless. And, of course there's the network's motive of not wanting to shell out for another set.

Loved the late posting. Thanks, Prevuze!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Bulldog, I think the only person I've ever seen who cried more than current-Sami is Theresa from Passions. Sami's definitely got a lot more crying to do to catch up to her.

7:54 AM  

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