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Wimbledumb 07/02/09

Here we go again. There was no DOOL feed again today because NBC is showing Wimbledumb tennis tournament. NBC's decision to pre-empt regular programming in order to show the tournament has not been without controversy. You may have missed the news item yesterday reporting how angry fans stormed the NBC offices demanding the network abandon it's plans for the Thursday/Friday Wimbledumb marathon and return to its originally scheduled shows. In response to this protest, NBC executives have issued the following statement:

"The National Broadcasting Company is committed to maintaining consistency in programming throughout its broadcast day. For years it has been our practice to show "Days Of Our Lives" during the 1PM – 2PM (EDT)time slot. We have temporarily abandoned that schedule to broadcast the Wimbledumb Tennis tournament semi-final matches in their entirety. While we understand Days Of Our Lives fans will miss seeing DOOL episodes during those days, we feel that by broadcasting Wimbledumb instead of DOOL, we are not wavering from our commitment to make the 1PM – 2PM viewing time the most boring freaking hour on TV. If we can't bore them with DOOL, we're darn sure we can bore them with tennis."

NBC pointed out that Jeffrey Zucker, NBC President, was captain of his high school tennis team. Zucker also issued a statement:

"Tennis is groovy."

I also don't know what to expect for next week. As of right now, there is no official word on the planned date and time of Michael Jackson's funeral. I heard on the news last night it is scheduled for Tuesday, but haven't been able to find any confirmation of that anywhere. So all we know right now is unless they decide to stuff and mount him and put him astride Trigger, there will be a funeral at some point. Given the intense level of Jackomania* we're having to suffer through these days, it won't surprise me if that's an all-day affair, so we might be facing another DOOL drought next week, but I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

*It seems some Michael Jackson fans are now so distraught over his death, they are committing suicide. If that doesn't qualify for a Darwin Award, I don't know what does: CLICK HERE.

So there you have it. We are once again DOOL-less. I'm pretty sure there will be a feed tomorrow, and the ball will be back in our court, so to speak, to bring you every precious detail.

On a housekeeping note, I realize there is "garbage" at the top of the screen. I've been working to get it out of there, but I'm not sure there is anything I can do. I'll take another look at it today and see what I can do. Prevuze is one of the oldest blogs on "Blogger." After we began blogging here, Google bought the company that developed Blogger and changed (dumbed-down) the method of creating blogs. They allowed Prevuze and other existing blogs to stay on the old style, which I actually like better (Prevuze II is on the new and not so improved style). Anyway, recently Google has been "encouraging" me to switch over to the new style. My experience with this is that with Google, any change can prove to be a more painful experience than open-heart surgery at Salem Hospital. But now I'm beginning to think this may have something to do with forcing me to switch... Like, maybe this is Google's not-so-subtle way of saying it is giving up on supporting the old style. We'll see.

Friday is right around the corner, so go out and make it a good day and we'll see you tomorrow for a real update.


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Blogger Prevuze said...

GARBAGE UPDATE: Well, as you can see, I was able to get the garbage off the top of the page.

(And I'll bet you thought "GARBAGE UPDATE" was going to be some sort of DOOL update, didn't you?)

4:35 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Haha. I just found that suicide link earlier today. Ok, maybe a 'haha' is a bit mean. But seriously.

Go there, read any topic and realize how insane it is. People can't eat, sleep, scream at strangers, and so on. It's like the end of the world.

Well all that 'garbage' which I saw earlier, is gone on my end.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

unless they decide to stuff and mount him and put him astride Trigger...

ROFLMAO - I'm sure some of his "fans" would love that.

I've been wondering why, if Jackson was so beloved and such a huge fan fave, why his career has been in the toilet for the last few years. But, that's just me.

Anyway, back to the other topic de jour, Wimbledumb. Tennis has its place, but not during DOOL. I can miss the TV show, but I can't miss my Prevuze in the morning!!

Thank goodness the Prevuze crew can always manage to come up with something to entertain. Bless you!

5:10 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So, I went to the Michael Jackson link Klaus suggested. Here's what I found from a Jacko fan who calls h/im/er/self LOUF:

I feel responsible

I feel like we did this - we pressured him too much, we made him an idol and forgot he was just a man

I really feel like I want to get rid of all his stuff and never speak of him again.

I feel like we killed him, all of us, we should have just left him alone

My heart aches with guilt

Am I alone in feeling this way?

Gone too soon MJ xxx

* * *

It isnt right

We screamed for him, we feinted in front of him, we grabbed and tore at him and didnt give him a minutes peace.

What did we think was going to happen??????

Did any of really think he could manage 50 DATES!!!!!!!! The man could barely manage a 5 minute press release in London.


Wow. And we think there are people in Salem who need to get a grip.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Prevuze I did think the garbage update was about the show. Just can't help what pops in the old brain. Speaking of pop. I'm with applecheeks if he had so many fans why was his career in the toliet? I think it is more media than news worthy. I liked Ed Mcman better. Don't get me wrong he was a talented artist but,pretty weird,ya know? Missing Daze. c

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Jessi said...

well prevuze i was seeing the garbage at the top for a few days but after i read this i looked at the top and it wasnt there so whatever you did seemed to work.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OMG, are you serious? People are killing themselves over MJ? They must be relatives of those numbskulls who committed suicide so they could hitch a ride on the comet's tail before it got too far away.

And I think it IS the media who are making more of his death than normal people care about it, just like Elvis. Like the well-known talk show hostess who swooned that MJ changed her life when she danced around her room to his song "ABC". Changed her life? Isn't that just a tad unbelievable?

Loved the pic of Daniel groping Kate's a**. And altho I'm not at all a Chloe fan, this time Kate should get hers. Think of all the stuff she's done and gotten away with. Wouldn't it be funny to see persnickity Kate in the big house? HA

I laughed so loud at the image of MJ on Trigger I know my coworkers are suspicious. Thanks for the morning cheer, Prevuze. "You've changed my life!!" ;)

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Daniel to Chloe -

One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl,
Oooh, give it one more try before you give up on love
One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl
Oooh, I don't care what they say I don't care what you've heard

I could make you happy baby, satisfy you too
But how can I when you won't give me a chance to prove my love to you
Won't you give me just one little chance
I give you my guarantee that you won't be hurt again

I've got to give Kate credit. She was being rather prophetic.

Michael Jackson and Trigger - hmmm - exactly which one was the horse's a@@? I'm inclined to give Trigger a pass on that one.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous The Baglady said...

People have lost their damned minds over this death and funeral business! What would the world think if DOOL fans went beserk and began burning effigies of Wimbledumb players, and began jumping from buildings!? Sheesh, enough ALLREADY~!! (((Can you tell I am not in a good mood.? No DOOL for 2 day and how many more?)))
Betcha' I don't go crazy, though!

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I've retired - if I was still reading Prevuze at work ... well they'd know I wasn't working by all the laughter.

Finally one place that has not turned a child molester into a saint!

Prevuze is even funnier when the show isn't on - YEAH!!!!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Maureen said...

Well, the Staples Center in LA will be the place, Tues at 10AM, I presume Pacific time, which means 1PM Eastern, DOOL time-slot in this area!! Here we go again! 8v(

2:33 AM  

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