Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fair And Very Great Lady

Have your box of tissue ready, folks...

The G-Man and the super-spy sit side-by-side as they travel back home to their respective families and loved ones.

Rafe and Shane are on a plane.
They're headed back to Salem.
Once again they're coming home
Dragging their tails behind them.

Shane wonders how he could have let a wonderful woman slip away. Rafe reminds him, "I heard you tell her you thought her price was too high." Rafe decides he's going to go home and fix things with Sami.

Carrie and Sami are in the pub. Carrie wonders about Sami's double boy-toy arrangement.

Nathan and Stephanie are on the park bench. He thanks her for going to the funeral with him.

Maggie is in her kitchen. Melissa comforts her.

Bo is with Kayla in his living room. They argue about the dubious choices Bo has made lately. Hope shows up. Stares.

Bill and Jennifer come in to see Mike in the hospital. Mike announces he has a burst spleen, but wants to get out and see his grandmother. Jennifer and Bill give him the bad news.

Roman and Kimberly join the crowd in Bo and Hope's living room. Kayla, Kimberly and Roman get uncomfortable and leave. Hope wonders where Carly is and Bo tells her she's at the hospital. Hope says she's there to see Bo before she says goodbye to Alice.

Rafe says, "Things have never been easy with Sami. There were several occasions I would like to have wrung her neck."

"Why didn't you," asks Shane.

"Because," says Rafe, "Things may not be easy, but Sami sure is."

"Her behavior is not your problem," says Shane, "Your problem is you can't stop thinking about her."

"When it comes to us," says Rafe, "she has a habit of making the wrong choice."

"Like what," asks Shane.

"Like... she chose me."

Sami tells Carrie nothing is going on between her and EJ, "I have my own bedroom."

Carrie reminds her, "You got pregnant with him when you didn't have any bedroom. You can't keep this up. If you have feelings for Rafe and EJ, you have to decide."

Melissa and Maggie talk about Alice and Mike. Maggie assures Melissa Alice isn't gone, "She lives on in our hearts and we have to carry on her legacy — Courage... love... dignity... Christmas bulbs...

Justin finds Adrienne outside. They share an uncomfortable moment renewing their rocky relationship. Adrienne asks if he's seen Hope.

Hope asks, "Will you please say a few words at Alice's funeral? Very few."

Bo agrees and asks why she came over, "Are you all right."

Hope is never all right, "No."

Bo says something he has never said to her before, "Talk to me."

Hope whines, "I just don't think I can make it through this day without all of my family."

Angst in room 207. Mike can't believe he came all this way and missed Alice. Bill tells him the services are today. Lexie comes in and says she can't let him out of the hospital to go to the funeral.

Justin says he hasn't seen much of Hope lately. Kayla butts in Justin time for Justin to leave for a meeting. Kayla and Adrienne talk about Stephanie and Nathan. Kayla says, "She's crazy about him."

"She's crazy with or without him," says Adrienne, "But you don't know the half of it."

Nathan joins Stephanie Maggie and Melissa in the kitchen as they prepare food for the wake. Nathan and Maggie leave each with a load of goodies. Melissa and Stephanie stay behind and decide to get acquainted. Then they head out with their own loads of food.

Bo says Hope isn't alone today. She has her family and that includes him. Hope stammers, "Would you sit with Ciara and me today."

Since it's a funeral, Bo decides things can't get much worse, so he agrees. Hope leaves. Bo stares.

Kayla wonders if something is going on. Adrienne flashes back to listening to Stephawhine's admission that she stopped taking her birth control pills, "Uh... Things have been... intense."

Kayla freaks, "What did Stephanie do? Do you know something?" Adrienne insists she doesn't and leaves

Mike has a meltdown. He grabs the bed rails and shakes himself back and forth insisting he feels just fine. If he had another spleen it would have exploded by now along with the first one, "I CAN'T BE TRAPPED IN THIS BED!"

Lexie agrees and gets a straight jacket to keep him trapped. Mike reels Jennifer in, hugs her and apologizes for his tantrum. She assures him Alice was at peace, but wouldn't have been if she had seen that little juvenile display.

Hope comes into the living room and announces it's time. Maggie, Melissa, Laura and Marie all leave with her. Lucas finds himself alone, but that's OK, since he's used to having women walk out on him. He picks up a picture of Tom and takes it as he starts to leave the room. At the door, he turns and takes one last look at the empty room.

Sami says she wants and loves Rafe, but EJ is the father of two of her children. Carrie asks, "Lucas is also the father of two of your children. Are you living with him?"

"I may be a whack-job," says Sami, "But I'm not stupid."

Caroline interrupts with Allie, "It's time to go say goodbye to precious Alice."

Allie chimes in, "My name is Alice."

"You were named after a great lady," says Caroline.

Shane says he's seen Sami in action. Rafe rants about her and EJ, "The SOB is a DiMera just as slimy and crooked as his old man."

Shane has some advice, "Watch your back and get Sami away from the DiMeras — that includes EJ.

The crowd from the funeral gathers in the cemetery. Bo says, "Pastor McMartin led a nice service." Hope and Justin make eyes at each other.

Abe tells Kayla Theo would love to have seen her.

Carrie greets Lucas. Julie and Doug join them and say hi to Allie. They all talk about remembering Alice.

Justin joins Hope and asks how she is doing. Hope says she's keeping it together. Big hug. Caroline scowls and pokes Bo, "She should be in your arms Bo... your arms."

"You're right," says Bo, "But I guess I caught a break today."

Shane and Rafe DE PLANE, DE PLANE. Shane suggests Anna might do the right thing. Rafe wishes him luck with his family. He wishes Rafe good luck with Sami.

Sami rushes into the rumpus room. Kate is with Johnny who has a fever. Sami thanks Kate for taking care of him. Kate says she knows they have their issues, but she loves children, "I guess you must be doing something right."

The crowd gathers around Alice's casket. Caroline speaks. She says Alice was a dear friend whom she could turn to.

Julie says Alice didn't approve of all her life choices, but she never stopped loving her.

Doug says "Alice was a fair and very great lady who convinced me to be the man I needed to be."

Maggie says Alice encouraged her to step up and try harder.

Lucas says he wouldn't be alive today without her. He talks about finding out he was a Horton, "She was like royalty and to find out I was part of her very own flesh and blood was intimidating, exciting and rewarding."

Melissa steps up, "It was rewarding just to be in her kitchen and have her tell you what you were thinking before you even knew."

Nathan says Alice had the best advice about girls, "She always made me feel at home." Fade to a picture of Alice.

Sami joins Kate back in the rumpus room. She says Johnny took his meds and conked out. Unconscious — just the way Sami likes them. She tells Kate the funeral was beautiful. Kate asks if Sami saw Lucas. She yes she did, but didn't get to talk to him.

Back at the graveside, Bo tells the crowd Mrs. H was an example of how they should live their lives. He remembers her humor, "She always let me know when I wasn't right. Just the other day she... she always advised me to follow my heart."

Jennifer takes over, "That's just the kind of thing she would say. I never could imagine the day she wouldn't be here. She never said goodbye. It was always... 'Until we meet again.' Here's to your next adventure, Gran."We pan out to see the entire crowd and then back to the picture of Alice.

Mike sits in bed and stares. He remembers telling Alice about Carrie being married to Austin. He says he still loves her. Alice thinks being Chief of Staph would keep him busy, "I know you will do the right thing."

In turn, people put yellow roses on Alice's casket. Hope speaks, "I'm at a loss for words. There are so many amazing things to say. We all shared great memories today. To me she was the woman I wanted to be." Pan to Ciara. Hope continues, "She wasn't just the matriarch. She was a friend. We loved her and she loved us back unconditionally. I love you. Gran, and I know that you'll look out for us for the rest of the Days Of Our Lives.

Flashbacks cascade onto the screen. Alice and Tom hugging. Alice and Melissa... Julie... Alice and Tom dancing... Julie again... Christmas bulbs... Alice in her wedding dress... Lucas... a family hug... Jennifer... Alice turns to a picture of Tom, "Goodbye my darling, till we meet again."

Hope cries, "Goodbye, Gran."

Lucas puts the picture of Tom with her picture. We pan through the crowd and then back to the picture.

Sami opes the door at the DiMera mansion to find Rafe. Heavy breathing ensues.

People fie past putting more roses on Alice's coffin. We pan back to the picture of Alice and Tom.

Bo tells Ciara how pretty she was today. He sends her off with Doug and Julie and stares at Hope. Hope zones out.

Shane finds Kimberly, "Hey..."

Kimberly tees off on him, "Oh, no. you don't just sneak up and say 'Hey.'" She runs off.

Bo and Shane shake hands and Shane expresses his condolences. He hugs Hope and walks off leaving...

Bo and Hope...

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Anonymous Berg said...

I don't know whether to puke or to cry?

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Carrie wonders about Sami's double boy-toy arrangement.

It would appear that Sami’s motto is -

Double your pleasure
Double your fun
Play a couple of hunks
When thinks get heated – run!

"Things have never been easy with Sami. There were several occasions I would like to have wrung her neck."

"Why didn't you," asks Shane.

"Because," says Rafe, "Things may not be easy, but Sami sure is."

…and Prevuze pounces like a nimble jungle cat! One small opening by a writer – one giant leap for Prevuzekind! Sami takes “easy” to the level of an extreme sport.

Kayla says, "She's crazy about him."

"She's crazy with or without him," says Adrienne, "But you don't know the half of it."

OMG – spare Kayla! Spare us! Spare my batteries! ZAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

"Lucas is also the father of two of your children. Are you living with him?"

"I may be a whack-job," says Sami, "But I'm not stupid."


Alice’s funeral, Sami and Rafe, Shane and Kimberly – the juxtaposition of those scenes takes bizarre to a new level. I’m with Berg. I’m not sure whether to grab a box of tissues or a barf bag. What I am sure about is that Prevuze is spot on with the Sami/Carrie photo. Thanks for the recap Prevuze!!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated In Salem said...

Berg, I think the correct answer is puke.

Oh, Rafe is almost back in Salem- yahoooooo. I can hardly wait!!!


5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Alice stuff seems good and heartbreaking.
The rest : not so much...

6:05 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

If he had another spleen it would have exploded by now along with the first one.

Jeez, this wasn’t in italics so I was blithely taking a mouthful of liquid when I read it. Will someone pass me the paper towels, or at least a handful of the Kleenex you should have handy?

This does remind me of my first HUH?! moment today – Mike has a ruptured spleen? I’ve never had one rupture myself, but I would think he’d be in a lot of pain and wouldn’t be as peppy as he has been.

Shane and Rafe DE PLANE, DE PLANE.

What a groaner, Prevuze. LOL

The way they've played out Alice's passing is an entire HUH?! moment for me. I'm totally flumoxed. First of all they brought all these former characters back who have stood around and TALKED about all the great memories of Alice and yet there have hardly been ANY flashbacks.

Then we get this:
Bo says, "Pastor McMartin led a nice service." …S[ami] tells Kate the funeral was beautiful.

They held the service just a couple of hours after she passed away? And didn't even show it? The viewers just get a cheesy 10 minute grave-side send-off? I anticipated an entire show devoted to the service. Each character providing a little more of a memorial than a couple of sentences at the gravesite. A show filled with a LOT of flashbacks, not a few seconds of cascading snippets.

I'm from Missouri folks - don't tell me, SHOW ME.

Pardon the rant, but thanks for the heads up Prevuze. Maybe the next episode will have folks at the wake and flashbacks will happen then. Or not.

Until then, Hakuna Matata everyone.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Has Shane even met EJ?

More Rafe pimping.

More diluting Sami

More tuning out.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous WingNut '75 said...

Have your box of tissue ready, folks...

Prepped and ready, but...

I don't know whether to puke or to cry?

I'm right there with you, Berg - though I have to admit that I'm going to break my 2+ year long boycott and watch tomorrow's show...

Of course I'll probably spend most of the time wondering why in the world they're interrupting scenes of tribuite to "A Fair and Very Great Lady" with scenes of "A Dull and Extremely Boring Doofus" - a.k.a. Da' Rafester. Seriously - couldn't TPTB put their pimping of Safe on a shelf for one day to pay tribute to Francis Reid?

Okay - with my rant over, I did have a couple of HUH moments in regards to Alice's funeral...

First, Abe tells Kayla Theo would love to have seen her.

Where exactly is Theo? If Lexie is at the hospital (bodily restraining Mike from leaving), and Abe is at the funeral, did they leave him with a babysitter? In daycare? Couldn't DOOL spring for an extra $20 to bring in some kid to play Theo for the day? And why isn't Lexie at the funeral? Could't they make the hospital safe for the patients for a day and get her out of there and over to the funeral?

Second, Lexie comes in and says she can't let him out of the hospital to go to the funeral.

Seriously? You can't let him out of the hospital to go to a funeral? First off, a splenectomy is almost routine surgery these days. Second off, they want you up and around ASAP after surgery. It's not like Mike was asking to get out of bed to compete in a decathalon - he wanted to go to his Gran's funeral!

Third, Sami rushes into the rumpus room.

So let me get this straight - she takes time out of her "busy" schedule to go to the funeral, but doesn't stick around for the graveside service? Talk about ridiculous. But of course, if she had stuck around, the writers couldn't have set up the extremely contrived scene of her running into Doofus Rafe (and heaven forbid we have s show without some Hernandez family angst).

And finally (and related to #3 above), Sami opes the door at the DiMera mansion to find Rafe.

How did Doofus know to go to the DiMera mansion to find Sami? Wasn't she living in Marlena's penthouse when he left? And even if he knew she was living at the mansion, wouldn't he have assumed that she was at the funeral rather than at home?

I know, I know - I'm trying to apply rationality to the completely irrational world known as DrOOL, but really - is a bit of reality too much to ask for now and then?

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also liked that they had a 2 week run waiting for alice to die.then less then a hour to bury her.what was the point in bringing mike back.

im curious if they are still going to make will and chad gay.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Rikita said...

I just don't get why they insist on spending endless hours on the most boring couples in daytime when the rich history of the show is just standing around waiting for their chance to pimp them. What a waste. At least dear Alice got a little more respect than poor Mickey. An entire show or two devoted to her sendoff would have been appropriate though. Do they really think viewers who tuned in just for this event will get sucked into Sami's dull love triangle or Danloe's awful storyline? And Bope's dysfunction isn't much of a draw either.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that while TPTB did a great job of bringing back some important characters for the farewell to Alice, I am thoroughly disappointed that they still tried advancing other s/l during this and the previous epi when she died. To end the epi when she died with DANLOE was rediculous. But to have Justin & Adrienne return today after being MIA for a while, and to show shane & rafe again on the plane was a complete waste of airtime. This entire epi should have been about Alice and the Hortons. Nothing more would have been needed or missed.

KC and GT could have totally redeemed themselves after the lack-of-farewell to Mickey (and most characters written off the show), but they blew it again. Sad.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Before I get on my soapbox let me say the crisp new quality of the pictures is almost freaky, Prevuze! It's practically "DOOL in 3-D". HA

Now...I'm really getting sick of "the pimping of Rafe" phrase. What about the pimping of EJ? Or more accurately the brainwashing of the audience. We're supposed to just forget all the things EJ has done - you know, those minute little things like rape, shooting people, kidnapping, etc. Since he was "the hand" when he first showed up this includes kidnapping the beloved Kayla so she could remove Squints' kidney for Stefano as well as imprisoning Patch and Kayla and trying to kill them with poison gas. Oh yeah, he's a real winner. But the pimping of EJ because the EJami crowd has a crush on him is OK I guess.

I'm also stunned they didn't show a funeral for Alice. Which shows you can't believe anything Corday says. He promised a fitting tribute to the character and the actress. This was it? Hope with her hangdog face looking at Bo and Mike throwing a tantrum? (Which I'm probably gonna laugh at BTW. HAHAHA)

Geez. At least Prevuze can provide some much needed laughs (hakuna matata - altho it's a song I just HATE) and "She should be in your arms Bo...your arms." "You're right," says Bo, "But I guess I caught a break today."

Thanks for giving us a much needed break today, Prevuze. :D

8:36 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

I had my tissues ready - some years I even teared up at the christmas bulb episodes - but they brought in all those old characters (emphasis on "old" for a few of them) for a few seconds of flashbacks? What a waste.

I would have loved to see them break character & say something about FrancIs ReId too. She worked with some of those people for over 30 years, and that's all she was worth to TPTB?

My one regret is that I can't say I'll stop watching the show - I can't stop doing something I'm not doing.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great rants today. Can't add much to them. I will send out a warning to my pal, Bulldog. Duck and cover, baby. Duck and cover.

Or at least put on your full body armour and wading boots, because I have a feeling the EJami's are going to be pouring it on.


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

OK Bulldog-hope the armour is on!!!

Yes, EJ can be forgiven. And yes, it is solely because he is a gorgeous, sexy Brit. Can't lie. But EJ SHOULD be pimped because he is an interseting, if evil, character. GG brings nothing to the table. Yes, he is good looking-but no talent. JS can ACT-and since this is TV I prefer to see some acting!! Crazy, I know.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog i don't know what are you talking about : every character this week and the last week said to Sami that Ej was a "bad guy" so where is the brainwashing ?!
And people can speak about the pimping of Rafe which is true without always talking about Ej; there is not always some connection. Actually lot's of people are tired of the Rafe character but it doesn't mean they like Ej either !
Yes this episode should have been only about Alice. Just one episode : it was not hard writers !!!! sigh...

9:25 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Ok I did end up crying a little bit just reading about the service. I still can't believe they didn't have more flashbacks to show of Alice with the family.

EJ has done some horrible things on the show, but at least his character is interesting. Rafe is BORING!!

Thanks again for tuning in for me Prevuze!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

There is a good reason for Mike's strange return, and very few people will ever know about it. I read the below on another board:

"Roark Critchlow was delighted and happy to be asked to return, however he is in another TV series, and there was a scheduling conflict...he really wanted to be a part of it all, so....he filmed his scenes on a Saturday, came in on his day off, and so did everyone else involved....director, cameramen, set people, the other actors, makeup/hair. He filmed THREE shows in the one day..."

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Daysledoo said...

I think if you add up the amount of time we spent on one single Chloe de-bra-ification falshback we've spent more time watching that stupid flashback than we did watching great flashbacks of Alice. I'm so disappointed in TIIC for writing such crap. They interupted the tribute to Alice to give us Rafe?!?! WTH???

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yes, EJ can be forgiven. And yes, it is solely because he is a gorgeous, sexy Brit. I think the illogic of that pretty much proves what I said.

every character this week and the last week said to Sami that Ej was a "bad guy" so where is the brainwashing ?! And I believe every time someone said that to Sami she defended him. So she and the EJami's have all been brainwashed.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping the next eppie is ALL Alice! I just can't believe this is it! Shocking, I know, but I truly believed that there was hope for TPTB...

To bulldog, some of us have no interrest in the Sami-show and even less in zzzz Rafe, so please take the old rape debate to SAFE or Lumi board where the people actually want to state their case.


11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Bulldog she just doesn't really care but face to her family she said there is nothing between them, that he has changed ect...she doesn't really believe it she is just in major is always the same thing since the day she discovered he was a Dimera. Nothing new, the writers are just so predictable..
So no maybe you don't like it but she is not brainwashed (don't worry for her) it is just deep down she feels..hey you can't help who you love. That is all.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Before I get on my soapbox let me say the crisp new quality of the pictures is almost freaky, Prevuze! It's practically "DOOL in 3-D". HA

Your comment may be unfair to others who cannot see any difference if they do not have those special, oh-so-ugly, 3-D glasses now required to read Prevuze.

Geez. At least Prevuze can provide some much needed laughs (hakuna matata - altho it's a song I just HATE)

The little devil on my left shoulder just said, "And I hope by us mentioning it she has it running through her head all day."

I had my tissues ready - some years I even teared up at the christmas bulb episodes - but they brought in all those old characters (emphasis on "old" for a few of them) for a few seconds of flashbacks? What a waste.

I've thought about the same thing and you are correct, some of the old actors haven't had substantial parts. So before I go on, I'll say this is total speculation and I don't know the case, but I guess I'm willing to cut them a break on this. I don't know the situation with all of the "old" actors, but taking Melissa Reeves as an example, I recall she left the show voluntarily and sort of "retired" from acting. So what if TPTB asked Melissa to come back and she said, "I'll do it, but I'm not into acting any more, I have other interests, and I don't want a big or substantial part."

Or what if another actor said she would come back but was committed to another show and couldn't take a big part? Again, I don't know this to be the case, but I think with at least some of them it's likely and I'm just happy to see some of the old ones back.

I do, however, agree the show could have done a better job with the flashbacks.

Anyway, I have to have my hat re-blocked because I've been talking through it again.

P.S. Just read Donna's post which pretty much confirms all this for Roark Critchlow - "Mike."

11:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Poor Bulldog, my faithful, consistent picture submitter. Every bone in my body wants to stand beside you as you face the torches and pitchforks of the angry mob, but I must remain impartial. If I took sides, it would simply be unprevuzelike. I admire your stance, but for now it appears you must remain a voice in the wilderness.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll stand beside you Bulldog, I agree 100% to what you said. Not that I don't like EJ, I do, and it's because I do that I think he should be paired with a much better class of woman, what does Sami bring to the table as a partner? That's why she should be with Rafe (or Lucas).

WHoa, good thing I ducked just now, those Ejami's are in a frenzy!

12:27 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

i'd agree that ej has been pimped a lot, and so has rafe--but neither of them to the extent sami has been in the last few years. i think that's what happens when the writing is too inconsistent and shoddy to support proper character development. it really doesn't matter what kind of a person rafe, ej and sami are today--they could all do a 180 and be the opposite tomorrow--provided it's part of da plot.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Sorry Bulldog, always enjoy the banter back and forth with you but until they bring back Sami - instead of this "thing" in her place, and make any one more interesting - I stand firmly on Team Ejami. Everything else is a sleep away from a coma.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that bad. I'm hoping there's more on Monday. It would have been nice if they had just suspended the other stories for a couple of days. I watched this somewhere and Bo called Julie Ciara's Grandma, which bugged me.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Bulldog - Since you know where I stand, I will spare you and not pile on. Although I'm not going to join you in the defense of Rafe, you go girl and stand by your man! Just be glad the faithful are a civilized bunch of people. However, I can't say the same thing about those on other sites. While cruising around the Internet, I read a comment left by an incredibly delightful woman labeing James Scott/Ejami fans as "cougars on crack". Nice!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog-this is the US of A and you are certainly entitled to your rants. Although I may not agree with your stance (only because Rafe is like watching paint dry) I will defend to the death your right to express it. That being said,
To Anonymous--it's gotta be hard to explain to your kid that the lady that's been married to Grandpop all these years is Aunt Julie and not really her Grandmom.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Late to Prevuze today, but loved ALL your "civilized" banter ladies! Cougars on crack! LMFHO!!! (just to make it clear, the F stands for "Freaking")...I'm trying really hard to be good and let the little angel on my right shoulder guide me today...don't want to ruin Prevuze's NC17 rating...Ha, ha, ha!!!

Kayla says, "She's crazy about him." "She's crazy with or without him," says Adrienne...I wouldn't call her crazy, I would say she's more of a low life selfish bi...DARN IT! I think the little devil has overpowered the angel AGAIN (:

"Carrie wonders about Sami's double boy-toy arrangement"...Carrie has nothing to worry about in comparison to Sami!...How does Sami get herself into these situations??? Honestly, she should have become a nun when she had the chance to :)

Have a great evening everyone!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous LemonGrass1985 said...

EJ is getting pimped? Yes, 12/29 is proof of that. Putting your daughter's bloody clothes in a river is another example. If that's pimping, I'd love to see Rafe survive that kinda "love".

Viewers love EJ cuz he's evil and James Scott has the ability to bring it with his character. GG has the ability to memorize lines. James Scott doesn't need pimping, GG needs all the help he can get.

Back to the show. I can understand why Carrie would love Rafe, he's a dark haired version of Austin.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonym the thing is : the writing for Sami is awful. Pretty much everybody agree with it but there are still some of us who have hope for her and see some glimpse of likability when she is with interesting characters.
But what the other female characters would have to offer as a partner, where are the better class of women ?! I don't see them..maybe you do..but me i see nothing..

4:47 AM  
Blogger Em said...

I don't know if I'm even posting this comment in the write post but about Carrie judging Sami's Rafe & EJ juggling act...Okay Carrie. What about Austin. I mean Mike. I mean Austin. No wait. I mean Mike. I mean Lucas. No Austin. (btw...don't forget the major crush on Lawrence. You know - the guy Carly stabbed to death? - long time fans will remember that.)

8:23 PM  

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